The Princesses of Iowa (2020)

The Princesses of Iowa M. Molly Backes The Princesses of Iowa What does it mean to do wrong when no one punishes you A smart and unflinching look at friendship the nature of entitlement and growing up in the heartland Paige Sheridan has the perfect life She s
  • Title: The Princesses of Iowa
  • Author: M. Molly Backes
  • ISBN: 9780763671617
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
The Princesses of Iowa M. Molly Backes What does it mean to do wrong, when no one punishes you A smart and unflinching look at friendship, the nature of entitlement, and growing up in the heartland.Paige Sheridan has the perfect life She s pretty, rich, and popular, and her spot on the homecoming court is practically guaranteed But when a night of partying ends in an it could have been so much worse crash, eWhat does it mean to do wrong, when no one punishes you A smart and unflinching look at friendship, the nature of entitlement, and growing up in the heartland.Paige Sheridan has the perfect life She s pretty, rich, and popular, and her spot on the homecoming court is practically guaranteed But when a night of partying ends in an it could have been so much worse crash, everything changes Her best friends start ignoring her, her boyfriend grows cold and distant, and her once adoring younger sister now views her with contempt The only bright spot is her creative writing class, led by a charismatic new teacher who encourages students to be true to themselves But who is Paige, if not the homecoming princess everyone expects her to be In this arresting and witty debut, a girl who was once high school royalty must face a truth that money and status can t fix, and choose between living the privileged life of a princess, or owning up to her mistakes and giving up everything she once held dear.
The Princesses of Iowa M. Molly Backes

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    174 M. Molly Backes
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One thought on “The Princesses of Iowa

  1. Mitch

    Congratulations, Paige Sheridan, you re officially one of the most repulsive literary main characters I ve ever had the misfortune of reading I mean, I don t have a problem reading about shallow, self absorbed characters who desperately need to be knocked down a peg or ten, but what you say and do is just unreal There s being clueless and obnoxious, and then there s you Unbelievable And your sudden epiphany ten pages before the end when you finally realize how awful you ve been, all so you can a [...]

  2. Giselle

    No matter what happens in life, use it Ultimately, The Princesses of Iowa is a book about life it s about nothing, and everything I was really taken by surprise at how much I became absorbed in this story It s filled with reality Real people, real emotions, raw moments, hard decisions, and true consequences.Paige is dealing with the aftermath of a drinking and driving accident She s changed, her friends have changed everything is different, especially her plans for her long anticipated senior ye [...]

  3. Laura

    This review originally appeared on Clear Eyes, Full ShelvesEvery now and then, a young adult book reminds me that I am not the target audience for YA authors.The Princesses of Iowa is one of those books.However, for the target audience of teen girls and their parents you know, the people who pay for the books that their teenage daughters read , I d say that The Princesses of Iowa is the perfect book Except for ONE MAJOR ISSUE that I address at the end of this review for the sake of emphasis.I sa [...]

  4. Lesley

    I love books that end up taking a completely different direction from what I expected The Princess of Iowa is exactly that kind of book It s a coming of age story of Paige the rich, popular girl shipped off to Paris for the summer by her overbearing mother after the scandal of being involved in a drink driving accident with her party going friends When Paige returns after the summer everything and everybody seems different and the only thing getting Paige through her days is a challenging creati [...]

  5. Rachel

    I will say I enjoyed the writing I m a sucker for nice, poetic description dispersed here and there and there were a few moments that caught me by surprise, in a good way.But overall, it s just not my kind of story Maybe I just can t get into petty high school drama, as this book was that and then some Then, on top of that, reading about Iowa City and creative writing teachers from the workshop a setting and situation I am very, very familiar with it just didn t work for me It s awkward to write [...]

  6. Best

    THIS REVIEW ON B S BOOK BLOG I received the ARC of this book from NetGalley and Candlewick Press.What does it mean to do wrong, when no one punishes you A smart and unflinching look at friendship, the nature of entitlement, and growing up in the heartland.This book was a love at first sight as well as at first read for me, meaning it is as good as it looks I was hooked from the very first page where Paige talks about last spring and the accident that changed everything in her life It s told in s [...]

  7. Paige

    This review has to start with, erm, a bit of a warning.My name is Paige.This seems irrelevant at first it s simply my name, what my parents decided to call me until you read the book blurb The main character s name is Paige Now, first, I have to say I like this there are hardly ever any main characters named Paige and Paiges in books when they show up, which is rare are usually mean, nasty girls.But this Paige is not But she starts out a mean girl.So right away, I had my assumptions on this book [...]

  8. Alex

    At First Sight Paige Sheridan seems to have everything in life she s pretty, popular and well off, in fact, she just spent the summer before senior year in Paris But things are not quite as rosy colored once you look closer The previous Spring, Paige was involved in a drunk driving accident with her best friends Nikki and Lacey, and her mother exiled her to Paris so the scandal would die down quietly.Now that she s back, Paige expects things will go back to normal, with her and her friends at th [...]

  9. A Canadian Girl

    The Princesses of Iowa by M Molly Backes was a book that left me with mixed feelings On the one hand, the plot wasn t exactly what I expected, and the characters were hard to like But on the other hand, Paige s emotions as a teenager felt realistic.To be honest, I thought The Princesses of Iowa would deal directly with the consequences of the drunk driving accident that Paige and her friends were involved in Instead, Paige s incredibly shallow mother ships her daughter off to Paris in the middl [...]

  10. Arminzerella

    High school senior Paige Sheridan spent the summer after the accident in France, working as an au pair while things back home blew over It could have been worse Lacey had to endure multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, and physical therapy, while watching her family fall apart And Nikki felt so guilty and ashamed that she formed an organization DIEDD against drunk driving and staged a massive production prior to their Homecoming dance to make others aware of its dangers All three of the girls wa [...]

  11. Joanne

    There s so much going on in this book, but it s the kind of chaos that I m sure mirrors the lives of many teens who regularly face complex problems and issues Backes fearlessly covers topics like teen drinking and driving , descrimination, entitlement and also the kinds of pressures from friends and parents that can often be crippling for young adults Paige is entering her senior year after spending the summer away from her Iowa town, a summer where she was sent away by her parents after a horri [...]

  12. David Blanar

    Thoroughly despicable characters trapped in a homophobic web of misogyny, privilege and casual sexual predation Ironically, it is not poorly written but the underlying messages are depressingly regressive.

  13. Luke Reynolds

    Things were decent until Paige decided to join in the bullying of a guy everyone thinks is gay by calling him Fairy Spice Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen She s the girl we re all supposed to like.Other than that, this feels like one of those bratty teens behaving badly YA novels that weren t strangers in the mid to late 2000s The setting of a suburban Iowa which didn t feel like Iowa, and that s coming from a native with popular socialite girls dating football players and dressing well an [...]

  14. stephanie

    oh man, i am so glad i read this i was working on a quarterly read challenge, and one was to read a 5 star book by one of your friends i immediately went to A s page, because she so rarely gives out five stars, and she s sold me on a lot of good books i didn t feel the length, though i can see how other people, particularly teens, might i almost wonder if the book would be better marketed to adults as a teen in the middle of a lot of the drama and angst and self doubt, i can see why paige would [...]

  15. M

    Usually, when a book has unlikeable characters, I don t think it takes away from the story, or the experience of reading But every now and then, a book comes along in which the characters are so annoying, and learn absolutely nothing in the end Nothing changes about how awful they are, no one sees the light and tries to change Nothing truly life changing happens to them, either.Paige Sheridan lives in the kind of world that only feels like it exists in books People are obsessed with being prom q [...]

  16. Estelle

    Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogThere seems to be a growing trend in young adult fiction I ve been reading Taking the popular girl main character and giving her a conscience Sometimes this frustrates me because I was never the popular girl I was the bookworm The majorette in band A CVS worker who liked to work in the shampoo aisle The creative one The existing moment that makes me relate to a character that is so unlike me, who is in fact the people I usually completely write o [...]

  17. Maggie

    Re read February 2017 Still very much enjoyed it but I don t know if 2017 Maggie would give it 5 stars This book I don t even know why I finally decided to read this book It had been sitting on my Kindle forever and I ve been trying to read what s sitting on there, but seriously, I do not know why I decided to pick this one up, all I know is that I m so, so happy I did I don t know about anyone else, but there are books that I just love, books that if I had to only read one type of book for the [...]

  18. Karen

    I finished this book yesterday, but for some reason, despite the time I ve had to think about it, I m having a hard time gathering my thoughts on it I think it s maybe because this book deals with some hard issues and gave me so much to think about that even now I m still processing it all But anyway .Paige is a bit of a difficult character And I mean that in the best possible way She feels so real, for better or worse While I never disliked her, some of her decisions made me cringe big time, si [...]

  19. Kelly

    2.5 While I loved the writing in this one, as well as the characters who were just so damn unlikable, ultimately, this book didn t hold up over the course of its very long 450 pages Paige has a great voice in this book, and she s not a great person She s made a ton of mistakes, and she doesn t really feel bad about them She s stuck up, snotty, and very proud of her affluence and the fact she s had everything handed to her there s a particular scene where she goes to the coffee shop Ethan s worki [...]

  20. Jaime Arkin

    Solid 3.5 stars I ve been sitting on writing this review for a little while, though I m not entirely sure why I think it s because I m struggling with what to say about this book Did I like it sure Did I love it no In fact, when we talked about this book in the bookclub that I read it for, I stated that I hated just about every single character in this book Yet, still The story was engaging and made you want to read Paige Sheridan lives the perfect life she s popular and rich and she s been gro [...]

  21. Sandy

    I truly enjoyed the book as it dealt with the issues in an honest and open manner Paige has her senior year all planned out for herself but at the end of her junior year, a drunk driving accident occurs and her plans are trashed As a reader, you don t find out the whole details of the incident until the end of the book but small details are scattered throughout the story and as a reader you piece the puzzle together Paige, Lacey and Nikki dreams were to be homecoming queens together and these dr [...]

  22. Courtney

    Paige does everything right, until one day she starts wondering if maybe she s been wrong all along.Good grades, smooth hair, perfect eyeliner, just the right extracurriculars, the most popular and put together friends She s her mother s dream of perfection, bound inevitably, it seems for a spot on the senior home coming court.But now she s questioning it all Just before The Princesses of Iowa opens, Paige and friends attend a cool kids party where even the designated driver has a few drinks Nob [...]

  23. Suzanne

    I m inflating the rating on this one a little bit because it surprised me by its substance I was expecting of a pink book full of typical high school machinations and characters with obvious plot and character movement Heavier than but not hitting me over the head seems worth four.Princess is what Paige had always wanted to be with her two best friends Lacy and Nikki when senior year homecoming rolled around Instead she returns after a horrific summer of being an unpaid au pair for a miserable [...]

  24. Elisa

    I read the book for the FYA book club and would probably have stopped reading after the first few chapters if I had picked it up on my own The characters were horrible people Especially the parents That being said, I do live in Iowa and I am aware that here and probably every state in the US has people like this living there So, if you can get past not really liking who the characters are as people then Paiges story of self discovery is compelling.Plot Paige is going to be a princess This is wha [...]

  25. PaulaPhillips

    One thing about having a lot of books on your kindle is that you never know what you are in the mood to read and it may take you a while to get around to a book that s been sitting there waiting for the pages to open The other day I decided to go through my kindle list and pick up one that I had sitting there and grabbed The Princesses of Iowa Most of the time, I pick up a book I have a fair idea what it s about, but sometimes I don t and in this case I didn t In this book it starts off with a p [...]

  26. PhobicPrerogative

    some spoilers It would have been so easy to not bother with this story because of the protagonist who seems to have it all hot, popular, smart.However, a few pages in, I understood why Paige Sheridan was what she was with the mother she had, I could see why this girl had been moulded into what she was, an unlikeable, bratty girl who could be rather bitchy.I did get a bit lost during some conversations banter, and I thought that the story carried on for far too long I suppose writing a book for s [...]

  27. Gea

    Incredibly this author must live in a time warp of high school I don t think I have ever picked out a book with such a sweet looking cover only to be drawn into such a web of filth, sexual perversions, alcohol, smokingl of which we DO NOT want our teenagers to do What is wrong with this author The language is unfit for anyone to read, it is a narrative with quips and shortened conversations between the key character and herself It is not suitable for any reading audience because of the filth of [...]

  28. LoudVal

    Up to the last chapter, I was going to give this book a 3, but it squeaked by with a lackluster 2 stars right at the end.Despite bitching about her Summer spent in goddamn Paris in exile, Paige has a small spark that keeps me reading but for the most part she won t stand up for herself, except to say she s going to Northwestern, and it s killing me What s with this Seniors as princesses bullshit anyway view spoiler And I am so goddamn tired of these books that need to pair these girl leads off M [...]

  29. JR

    First, I know Molly we were in an improv comedy group together several years ago But honestly, and I swear, I would have loved this book even if I didn t know her I may not have picked it up if I didn t know her, but if I somehow did, I would have loved it anyway It s a beautiful, big book with beautiful, big writing, true characters, and a real setting It s about Paige Sheridan, a girl with a perfect life, a perfect boyfriend, and perfect friends, who is finally ready to embark on the triumphan [...]

  30. Emilia P

    Densely written and interwoven, with a light and gentle touch The storyline was not my fave not written with say, me in mind Mean Girls meets creative writing meets um something about gay stuff meets well, I don t know Basically, I have a hard time having tons of sympathy with the intelligent popular girl BUT that said, it was phenomenally well written, had a strong sense of place Iowa , great character interactions, a nice build to a satisfying and movie friendly conclusion, and a really intere [...]

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