The Legend of Colton H. Bryant (2020)

The Legend of Colton H. Bryant Alexandra Fuller The Legend of Colton H Bryant From the bestselling author of Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Scribbling the Cat the unforgettable true story of a boy who comes of age in the oil fields and open plains of Wyoming a heartren
  • Title: The Legend of Colton H. Bryant
  • Author: Alexandra Fuller
  • ISBN: 9781594201837
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
The Legend of Colton H. Bryant Alexandra Fuller From the bestselling author of Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Scribbling the Cat, the unforgettable true story of a boy who comes of age in the oil fields and open plains of Wyoming a heartrending story of the human spirit that lays bare where it is that wisdom truly resides.Colton H Bryant was one of Wyoming s native sons and grown by that high, dry place, he neFrom the bestselling author of Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Scribbling the Cat, the unforgettable true story of a boy who comes of age in the oil fields and open plains of Wyoming a heartrending story of the human spirit that lays bare where it is that wisdom truly resides.Colton H Bryant was one of Wyoming s native sons and grown by that high, dry place, he never once wanted to leave it Wyoming loves me, he said, and it was true Wyoming roughneck, wild, open, and searingly beautiful loved him, and Colton loved it back As a child in school, Colton never could force himself to focus on his lessons Instead, he d plan where he d go fishing later, or he d wonder how many jackrabbits he might find on his favorite hunting patch, or he d dream about the rides he would take on the wild mare he was breaking At my funeral, you ll all feel sorry for making me waste so much time in school, he said to his best friend Jake and it was true.Two things got Colton through the boredom of school and the neighborhood K mart cowboys who bullied him His best friend Jake and his favorite mantra, a snatch of a saying he heard on TV Mind over matter, which meant to him If you don t mind, it don t matter Colton and Jake grew up wanting nothing than the freedom to sleep out under the great Wyoming night sky, to hunt and fish and chase the horizon and to be just like Colton s dad, a strong and gentle man of few words When it was time for Colton to marry and make money on his own, he took up as a hand on an oil rig It was dangerous work, but Colton was the third generation in his family to work on the oil patch and he claimed it was in his blood And anyway, he joked, he always knew he d die young.Colton did die young, and he died on the rig, falling to his death because the drilling company had neglected to spend two thousand dollars on the mandated safety rails that would have saved his life His family received no compensation But they didn t expect to they knew the company s ways, and after all as Colton would have said Mind over matter.In Scribbling the Cat, Alexandra Fuller brought us the examined life of a Rhodesian soldier now, in her inimitable poetic voice and with her pitch perfect ear for dialogue, she brings before us the life of someone much closer to home, as unexpected as he is iconic The moving, tough, and in many ways quintessentially American story of Colton H Bryant s life could not be told without also telling the story of the land that grew him the beautiful and somehow tragic Wyoming the land where there are still such things as cowboys roaming the plains, where it s relationships that get you through, and where a just, soulful, passionate man named Colton H Bryant lived and died.
The Legend of Colton H. Bryant Alexandra Fuller

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One thought on “The Legend of Colton H. Bryant

  1. Jacob J.

    Fueled by Mountain Dew and motivated by the purest intentions, Colton H Bryant wanted, above all else, to be just like his father This is what Colton was about, but not ultimately what The Legend of Colton H Bryant is about Perhaps this is because the title of Legend is much mythical sounding than a story of simple Wyoming frontier life lends itself to The legend herein is one of infamy a young man s avoidable fate due to unethical business practices as he innocently does his duty, trying to ma [...]

  2. Sarah

    Whoa I was not expecting this book I love Don t Let s Go to the Dogs Tonight, but this book reached another level of poignancy and relevance for me The only tricky part about it is how to convince other people that they should read a story about a cowboy in Wyoming, because it is not really about being a cowboy, and it is not necessarily a tribute to Wyoming That said, it should probably be added to your reading list, because Fuller tells a story that needs to be told, and she does so beautifull [...]

  3. Chrissie

    Although I enjoyed this book and can point at no glaring fault, my overall reaction to it was simply that I liked it No , no less This is a biography written by Alexandra Fuller about someone other than herself, her family or closest friends, as all of her other books are In those books her relationships with her parents, childhood memories and her emotional ties to Africa Zambia and Zimbabwe became so intimate they became my experiences In this tragic book about Colton H Bryant, who worked on t [...]

  4. Michelle

    My family found me crying uncontrollably on the couch during the last few chapters Perhaps this book touched a little too close to home for me I m from Wyoming I know first hand about cowboys, the land, and the draw of money I ve known lots of friends who have stayed there to accept those 60,000 yr jobs, just as Colton did, only to find themselves stuck in a job which just about kills them Everyone jokes about the smell of money when you drive by an oil patch Geez The first car accident I was ev [...]

  5. Ron

    This is a heartbreaker of a book that will also make you angry Based on a true story though the author herself says at the end that she took some liberties with the material, so it s hard to know how creative the book is as creative nonfiction Nonetheless, you come to know its central character, Colton, as a young man who s the product of an LDS upbringing in small town and rural Wyoming Not much of a student and pegged as a slow learner, he compensates for the meager hand he s been dealt with a [...]

  6. Sonia Reppe

    In this non fiction novel, Fuller somberly tells the story of an unsung American hero, Colton H.Bryant, a young oil drill rig worker one of many who support this country s oil industry, thereby providing much of the country s wealth You might call this a true crime novel the crime being capitalist greed and unfair treatment of workers or you might call it a modern western for all the broad sweeping Wyoming landscapes, and the timeless struggle of its inhabitants who appear as tiny dots against t [...]

  7. Andi Marquette

    I m also a huge fan of Alexandra Fuller I would probably read her grocery lists and find something deeply poetic about them She is, I think, one of the most lyrical writers I ve discovered, and this account of a third generation Wyoming roughneck only continues to cement my opinion.Most of her work deals with her life in Zimbabwe, so I was surprised to see this one but then I found out she was living in Wyoming, so it made sense Before I started reading it, too, I had a feeling she d get the We [...]

  8. Nicole

    Maybe it was the steady diet of John Wayne that I was fed as a child much to my distaste at the time but there is just something about cowboys Colton is a far cry from John, though He s an updated version, a modern cowboy, the kind of cowboy who breaks in his first horse at 12 and then goes to work on the oil rigs.Fuller s treatment of Colton was phenomenal She describes him in reverent tones, as befits a legend, and yet with the understanding that he was, like any man, flawed As a reader I, in [...]

  9. Randine

    oh my gosh what a wonderful story True story The main character made me wish I had had a son The author is a political animal Don t Lets Go To the Dogs Tonight so it s not just a piece about an outstanding young man in Wyoming it s a burn on the oil drilling industry in Wyoming where safety for the employees EXTREMELY DANGEROUS WORK is of absolutely no importance to the companies that drill When you think about all our rights and safety measures in the workplace I am a certified OSHA member you [...]

  10. Sharon

    I read this book because a friend recommended it on the basis of Fuller s excellent writing, which certainly deserves the praise It chronicles the history of a modern day cowboy on the open ranges of Wyoming The word legend somewhat overstates the story, because the series of vignettes that compose the book don t convey the sense of grandness or outrageousness one would expect from a Legend The account of Bryant s funeral made me feel like this person was extraordinary in a way that affected eve [...]

  11. Jeanette

    slim, beautiful true story that reads like poetry and conjures the modern american west like nothing else i ve read.

  12. Stormy

    This non fiction book should have a subtitle of A Wyoming Tragedy It starts Colton s narrative in Evanston and ends in the gas oil fields south of Pinedale In between, its narrative is so true that it cuts through my heart and anything I write is inadequate It s the story of my family, whether they live in Evanston, Mountain View, Kemmerer, or Star Valley Wyoming The author is an outsider, but she gets the culture and respects it in her telling.

  13. Garrett

    I have to say, I was a little disappointed in this one I m a huge fan of Alexandra Fuller s other two books because of their personal nature they re about her directly or her experiences with someone else in a personal way memoir, in short , the creativity with language, the sincerity and passion This one departs from that a bit, leaves the African continent, does not feature Fuller herself at all, and features a style of writing that is supposed to reflect the redneck, country boy aspect of her [...]

  14. Christina

    While I enjoyed this book, I would be hesitant to recommend it to others It s a odd little work of non fiction with narrative liberties comprised of short chapters usually 2 3 pages It actually felt like a series of super short stories that are put together to give you a snapshot of the life of Colton H Bryant a modern day cowboy, working the rigs in Wyoming I enjoyed learning about this little corner of our country and I thought her descriptions were very well written I could see it land, feel [...]

  15. Lucy Gold

    Quite simply one of the best books I have ever read It s short, simply stunning and entirely moving And it s the only novel that has ever caused me to weep publicly I was on a train, it was a tad embarrassing I gave it to my very masculine little brother, he wept he gave it to his Greek best friend, he wept I gave it to my mum, who doesn t read much, she read it twice I gave it to my friend who is doing a pHD on poetry, he wept I gave it to another friend who is a doctor, she apparently recommen [...]

  16. Tracy

    4 starsI liked lots of things about this book the writing, the different writing style, the characters, the relationships, the story, the setting, the images it evoked as I read it Here s an example of her concise, yet evocative writing style It made me picture images and feel things in a strong way Sometimes I wanted to cry How did she do that with just a sentence or two It isn t just plain poverty an ordinary lack of money that keeps you on the wrong side of despair It s a whole raft of povert [...]

  17. Bart

    I loved this book It is the story of a young cowboy, for lack of a better term and, yes, apparently they do still exist growing up in hardscrabble Wyoming in the 1990s and early 2000s The book is the remarkable because its author was a total outsider when she arrived in Wyoming to live in 1994 An Englishwoman who grew up in Africa, Fuller s knack for capturing the spirit and sound of the rural West seems unerring to my admittedly non expert eye The book comprises a series of small, intensely pe [...]

  18. brian tanabe

    I finished this book last month but a book discussion lead by the author last night compelled me to write this review I am not an expert on Wyoming or the writings of Alexandra, but yet I do feel a gained knowledge simply because of my proximity to both I think she captures Wyoming and the modern cowboy quite effectively, both with some very rough edges I think Alexandra does an amazing job of painting the picture of Colton and his sphere of influence, so beautifully at times you think you are r [...]

  19. Jillian Goldberg

    This book was a huge surprise I had bought it because I am a fan of Alexandria Fuller s writing I knew that it was set in Wyoming and having little interest in that part of the country, I thought it would be dry and dull It turned out to be stunning a slow starter which gradually became addictive reading as the personality of the protagonist came into focus I was left sobbing through the last few chapters It is non fiction, and tells the story of a simple, unsophisticated country boy who goes to [...]

  20. Jan

    This is a real Wyoming story It s main character is a feller born in 1980, who lived a cowboy life in Evanston and surrounding areas It speaks of Freedom, Pinedale, Rock Springs and places I know It also speaks of life as I have seen it lived The author nails the truth about lusterless living in a windy, forsaken place It is sad I cried at the end and have been ruminating since It is sprinkled with Wyoming hick talk, which includes real profanity plus dang, heck, gallons of Mountain Dew and chew [...]

  21. Dave

    Not many books tell the story of workplace deaths This does, extremely well A true story written like a novel of a Wyoming kid with a family and a wife and friends who loved him who one cold night fell off a rig in the gas fields of Wyoming for a company that apparently had little real care for the safety of easily replaced modern day cowboys It s much about the too short life of this one, seemingly not unique person But, if it were not for lousy safety on the job, he would still be alive and n [...]

  22. Dimmie Zeigler

    Bo Fuller writes with tremendous passion the story of this young man working on the oil rigs in Wyoming She has started a movement of concern about the conditions these men work in and speaks fervently about this issue that she has taken to heart This is a well written true story that should spark fire for action in the reader.

  23. Sare

    Phase 1 Eh I m not so sure about this Her memoirs are a whole lot better.Phase 2 Well, I guess it s kinda cute I ll try and finish it.Phase 3 No dude, I m not crying, my salsa is just hot and making my eyes water.

  24. Joan

    A very personal tale about the life and early death of a well loved young man from Wyoming He was a country boy raised on horses and wide open spaces, who suffered death by oil rig in Wyoming s booming oil country The author creates characters that are quirky, real, three dimensional.

  25. Sara

    3.5 stars rounded up because of the difficulty of the task Fuller undertook and her drop dead exquisite writing A spare but warm book, with prose that takes your breath away at times.

  26. Carole

    A work of non fiction, with modifications, this is a story of the Wyoming oil and gas fields based on the true story of a young man who gave himself up to the life there as he modeled himself on his father Always unusual and bullied for it, this young man s irrepressible energy comes through in Fuller s vivid writing The stories are told in short sketches, but together build a picture of fierce loyalty to family and friends The landscape is a prominent part of the story, and while oil and gas ar [...]

  27. T. Michael Forney

    Fuller s writing is engaging, and so is this story I read this as a novel and was surprised at the end to find that it was a true story as it appears, are all of her books It wasn t until I hit the last 50 pages that I realized this was a very good story, and a very good book.

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