Hero (2020)

Hero Leighton Del Mia Hero Contains dark themes not suitable for all audiences Calvin Parish They call me Hero I defend I protect I ask for nothing in return and that makes me good Doesn t it That which makes me the ultimate p
  • Title: Hero
  • Author: Leighton Del Mia
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hero Leighton Del Mia Contains dark themes not suitable for all audiences Calvin Parish They call me Hero I defend I protect I ask for nothing in return, and that makes me good Doesn t it That which makes me the ultimate predator also feeds dark impulses I ve learned to control until I bring her too close For years I ve watched her from afar, but what started out as duty has become obsesContains dark themes not suitable for all audiences Calvin Parish They call me Hero I defend I protect I ask for nothing in return, and that makes me good Doesn t it That which makes me the ultimate predator also feeds dark impulses I ve learned to control until I bring her too close For years I ve watched her from afar, but what started out as duty has become obsession Cataline Ford I work hard I play by the rules I m content My scars are quiet and invisible, and that keeps me hidden Doesn t it One fateful walk home, I m taken by someone I didn t know I should fear Captive and afraid, nobody will tell me why I m confined to this hauntingly beautiful mansion I m given everything I have nothing He takes what he needs from me, and for that I hate him But I might have loved him once And just because you re reading this doesn t mean I survive him Hero is a standalone story told in dual POV.
Hero Leighton Del Mia

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    204 Leighton Del Mia
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  1. Lady Vigilante (Feifei)

    It s live amzn 1oaKScc 4.5 HERO STARSWhenever I see the words dark themes, non con, taken, captive etc it s like music to my ears Hey don t judge Besides this is for books only wink Anyways, I will be frank and say I was a beta reader for this book Nowadays I rarely beta because instead of reading for my own pleasure, it becomes a job and sometimes a not so enjoyable one Imagine my surprise and delight that instead of viewing this book as a duty, it quickly became a story I couldn t put down, an [...]

  2. Lisa

    You can read my full review at Sinfully Sexy.3.5 Twisted Superhero Stars At the end of every light, is a tunnel of darkness Anthony LiccioneWhat in the hell do I say about Hero by Leighton Del Mia I am not even certain that my mind has absorbed all that I have read This book is superbly written and very original with the intermingling of a captor captive story and a superhero story Waitwhat Did you just read that right Yes, yes you did Think about Superman or Batman and then add in some dark and [...]

  3. Christine Wallflower & Dark Romance Junkie

    4 Original Stars Okay so let me just stress how difficult it was for me to wrap my mind around this book I m not sure how much to say as I don t want to spoil for anyone, but I will say this Hero is New Rhone s saviour with the rising crime in the city, and the looming threat that is the cartel, Hero seems to be the towns only salvation Law enforcement sees him as an annoyance, a vigilante hell bent on showing them up The public idolises him, he does what Law enforcement has failed to do time an [...]

  4. Akanksha❤ Søren♰

    Talk about a shit book.DNF Rant time.Its like the author has read Consequences, Dark Duet and Batman and a little bit of X Men and decided to mash them up and write this horrendous book Meet Mutant Batman aka Calvin Parish no, he doesn t look that way They call me Hero I defend I protect I ask for nothing in return, and that makes me good Doesn t it Firstly, they are troubled by you.They didn t want your protection Not the police, nor the girl.Cataline Ford fucking weird.My scars are quiet and i [...]

  5. Khadidja

    4 Dark, Gritty, Twisted stars D this book is like a sexy version of batman , Calvin Parish Hero is a superhuero ,New Rhone s saviour but he s a nightmare to Cataline, there s two sides of him, the hero who protect, defend, ask for nothing in return, and there s his dark side , he abused cate many times After kidnapping her for her own safety and then he raped her it was So confusing, If you re thinking of flying, Sparrow, know that I will catch you There is no escape Fly until your wings fall of [...]

  6. Stacia (the 2010 club)

    Adult review for erotic content Warning some spoilers will be present.There are few story crimes greater than the one of wasted potential.What I expected Superhero by day Sadist by night.What I got Passing mentions of a superhero by day Manufactured Stockholm Syndrome by night.This was dark erotica with no real direction The book read like Batman fanfiction without the action and suspense I need to make a superhero shelf at some point because I don t have it in me to shelve this as sci fi This b [...]

  7. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤

    4 DARK STARSWow Hero is unlike anything I have ever read,it was weird This is an intense book It s difficult to tell you what the story is without giving it all away so I will try as much as I can to not spoilCataline had a tough childhood Her parents were killed in a fire when she was young and she was placed in foster care.She lives a quiet life and she secretly has a crush on her boss at the company she works at but she also daydreams about HeroNew Rhone s vigilante.Cataline s friend encourag [...]

  8. ☆ Sammy ☆彡

    4 Uniquely Twisted StarsCataline Ford lives a quiet, uneventful life She works a normal 9 to 5 job, works out every day, keeps to herself, and doesn t date as she is waiting to meet Mr Right Her only indulgence in life is her boss, Calvin, Parish, who doesn t seem to acknowledge her existence One night, after heading home from work, Cataline is abducted and taken to a mysterious but elegant home She doesn t know who took her nor does she know the reason why Her only hope is that Hero, the town s [...]

  9. Vanessa

    4.5 Heroic Stars So, raise your hand if you ve ever secretly crushed on a superhero and wished that they were real and that they would swoop in your window late at night and whisk you away No Just me Lol Well, now you know my secret fantasy My bare hands have served me well so far They are my weapons My skin my shield, my strength, my lifeline, and Cataline, my motivation Hero was a bit of a difficult story to wrap my head around at first It totally stands apart from anything else that I have ev [...]

  10. Snow

    4.5 twisted strange love starsthis is the first book from this author that I have readd was very much surprised by the flow of the plot concerning the nature of the story.Dark Gritty.Twisted.Yet you can find the reasoning within and you do want the closure for yours and the characters sake.Catalinea shy young woman who lost her real family a long time ago, without the connection to her foster one, without anyone truly close to her,apart from her friend roomate and her work night turns out to be [...]

  11. ❤️*~JesseJess~*❤️ ~Give me your OTT alpha's and anti-heroes~

    Who rec d me this book Where you at Raise your hand Incredicble, awesome, perfect, 5 stars and then some You know what I liked most about this read That it had a f king superhero I don t really watch the movies any , my dad had a thing for them when I was younger and I know they are remaking a lot of them then remaking them again for some stupid a reasonBUTthis guys is dun dun dun AN ANTI HERO HERO You heard me right, Calvin is like Batman but dirtier, like a candlestick in in bum bum dirtier I [...]

  12. aksana-4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 -

    dnf at 35%This book is just weird.First of all it reminds totally of batman not just slightly I love all Nolan s batman movies and I sure I can repeat every sentence of all three movies DBut you don t need to love batman as much as I do to see the similarities like the city the heroine is living is full of criminals just like Gotham city hero is a masked citizen who takes justice in his own hands just like guess who batman hero lives in a mansion and has a butler who calls him master and his par [...]

  13. Jamie

    HERO is a dual POV, standalone erotic novel WARNING meant for a mature audience due to dark themes including non or dubious consent.OK seriously

  14. preppea

    I know I shouldn t love this as much as I do But there s just something about captivity stories that just hit the right spot for me It s dark and wrong and yet in removing all control it s also just so hot Especially HERO this story had the perfect combination of the wrong thing for the right reasons that made me able to love it even as I hated it, crave it even as I rebuked it Cataline lost her parents when she was very young and she s had only the bare minimum ever since A roof over her head, [...]

  15. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛

    4 SUPERHERO STARSARC kindly provided by Leighton Del Mia in exchange for an honest review Thank you for this arc First off this cover was my undoing It s pretty damn hot My cover hoe radar went off the scalesThen the words DarkEroticStandaloneSo I was hooked and landed twice This review will also be without spoilers as I don t want to wreck it for the readers when it s releasedI didn t find it dark as such unless I m immune to dark shit now, I found this erotica than anythingThey call me HERO, [...]

  16. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

    I wish I d written a rage review for this book, because its main characters should ve died I don t suggest reading this book if violently aggressive men, dubious consent, forced sex, anal play sex, bdsm, and violence, etc bother you Later edit Upon further contemplation, I ve decided this was 1 star for me The characters didn t draw me in in any way A good writer can make you sympathize with even a serial killer I really didn t care about these two I d like to reiterate that Calvin is psychotic, [...]

  17. S a r a

    DNF sorry, just wasn t for me Heroine was naive, stupid and weak H is an asshole to her and forces her to do things even though he is called the hero in the book, which doesn t seem fitting.

  18. Jessy (Jessy's Book Club)

    The night he took me from the street, I turned from person to possession Now I worry that when he entered my body and stole what I wouldn t give him, I became his possession from the inside.I ve been in a Dark Read kind of mood lately and this fitted in just right.Hero is the story of Cataline Ford She lives in the city of New Rhone where they have their own resident hero Sort of, no, just like Batman He rids the city of thieves, murderers etc The people of New Rhone don t know what to think of [...]


    DNF at 36%I was never a big fan of superheroes I m probably a minority here, but big men in tight spandex costumes wearing masks and trying to save the world from all evil just really don t turn me on Unless you re Chris Hemsworth saving the world in a Thor suit or nothing at all for that matter, but that s beside the point I can make an exception for Chris Hemsworth But only for him The truth it, I probably wouldn t have read this book had I known beforehand it was about a superhero It wasn t r [...]

  20. Jane

    I stopped reading at around 40% of the book because I realized how much I hated Calvin than I was supposed to love him, granted I never did finish the book, I just couldn t take it any He was took dark for me, his actions disturbing and in m opinion unjustifiable to any excuse he had to protect Cataline, who in my opinion was a poor representation of a heroine I was too disgusted with Calvin s behaviour, how he never he found himself ashamed of what he has done to Cat, how he violated her and h [...]

  21. Blair

    3.5 4 starsWhen i finished this book,i didn t know how to rate it.I was between 3 stars and 4 stars.Why Well because while i was reading it,sometimes i felt like mehBut then sometimes i felt like In the end i m giving it 4 stars.

  22. Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress#

    Why do I crave his approval, his affection Why do I want to hold the hand that holds me down Kiss a mouth that calls me slut And why does being his little slut excite me to the point of losing all my inhibitions I m just his prisoner, but he s my captor, my monster, and my hope all rolled into one.CATALINEI m her own personal monster, but tonight, admitting it to myself for the first time, I want to be her hero.CALVINYou see, there is a reason for why I love Dark Erotica You have an inner strugg [...]

  23. ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃

    3.5 starsGenre Superhero, captive romance.Cover 5 10Writing 7 10Heroine 5 10Hero 7 10Hotness 7 10Romance 7 10Ending 8 10Extra book Details Dual POV Approx 280 pages.Office worker, 22 year old Cataline, has crushes on both Hero and her boss Calvin Parish and unbeknown to her, both are the same man.Hero takes justice into his own hands, he s done what the NYPD and FBI can t, taken out one of the big guys.While Calvin Parish is a private man, almost intimidating, grim and also Cataline s boss.After [...]

  24. readtoomuch

    2.5 starsI m disappointed because I thought I would have enjoyed this than I actually did since the blurb and the premise of the story sounded interesting to me Unfortunately, I didn t feel any kind of connection to any of the characters so the most emotion I expressed were raised eyebrows at one point during the book.

  25. Michelle Schwartz

    Oh my goodness This has to be one of the best reads, as of late for me In my opinion, HERO is a modern day Beauty and the Beast Some may even say that it s a modern day Batman.I do not want to give away too much, so I will say as much as I can, without spoilers.Calvin Parish runs Parish media in a small town called New Rhonan Cataline Ford works as Calvin s personal assistant at Parish Media Cataline does not know much about him, but she does know that she sexy and she is attracted to him, even [...]

  26. Lorie

    Intelligent Well written Very Sexy.It s not a love story It s a story of love and what happens after.Hero is haunting, beautiful, elegant, twisted, raw, mesmerizing, and intoxicating.With a blurb like that, I have no idea what my expectations were but Hero completely exceeded them Hero is substantial, unique, and dripping with ORIGINALITY It s about good and bad, and the blurred lines between them Not everything is black and white Love can be good or bad and sometimes it lies somewhere in betwee [...]

  27. Millie

    Take a blender Mix Batman Nolan s one and a french movie called Les rivi res pourpres 2 Les anges de l Apocalypse and you got Hero.You know, when you read a blurb and think that book looks AWESOME and then you read the actual book and you re like WTF this is not what I read from the blurb , this book is one of them BOOKS WITH BLURBS THAT ATTRACTIVE YOU WANT TO READ THEM RIGHT NOW AND YOU END SO DISAPPOINTED YOU WANT TO SUE THE AUTHOR TO MAKE YOU BUY THIS THING.The superhuman who can t die becaus [...]

  28. ~ Cariad ~

    A solid 4 Totally Different StarsEscape Through Here For My Full Review cariads sizzling pagesspo come visit me Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages Facebook Twitter Sizzlingpages

  29. Sanja

    This is not usually my type of book.e dark romance novels the whole stockholm syndrome thing I Don t Get Itbut after reading the blurb something drew me to the story.Calvin ParishThey call me Hero.I defend.I protect.I ask for nothing in return, and that makes me good.Doesn t it For years I ve watched her from afar, but what started out as duty has become obsession.After this anybody would be hooked Hero was a bit of a difficult story,Calvin is not your typical damaged guy,he is something ,dark,t [...]

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