Dust World (2020)

Dust World B.V. Larson Dust World The Galactics arrived with their Battle fleet in Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell burners Earth joined a vast Empire that spans the Milky Way Our only worthwhile trade good
  • Title: Dust World
  • Author: B.V. Larson
  • ISBN: 1230000227804
  • Page: 264
  • Format: ebook
Dust World B.V. Larson The Galactics arrived with their Battle fleet in 2052 Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spans the Milky Way Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder.In 2122 a lost colony expedition contacts Earth, surprising our government ColonizatiThe Galactics arrived with their Battle fleet in 2052 Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell burners, Earth joined a vast Empire that spans the Milky Way Our only worthwhile trade goods are our infamous mercenary legions, elite troops we sell to the highest alien bidder.In 2122 a lost colony expedition contacts Earth, surprising our government Colonization is against Galactic Law, and Legion Varus is dispatched to the system to handle the situation Earth gave them sealed orders, but Earth is 35 lightyears away The Legion commanders have a secret plan of their own And then there s James McGill, who was never too good at listening to authority in the first place.In Dust World, book two of the Undying Mercenaries Series, McGill is promoted to Specialist and sent to a frontier planet outside the Empire Earth s status within the Empire will never be the same.
Dust World B.V. Larson

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    264 B.V. Larson
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One thought on “Dust World

  1. Mike (the Paladin)

    Well, here we go again This is the second volume in this series The Undying Mercenaries Possibly surprisinglyI still like it, 5 stars worth.What have we here Why we have first class, grade A brain candy Our Hero is advancing in the Legion and things that by all rights and according to all logic should get him killed permanently that s called being permed by the way, not to be confused with coiffure care James McGill is apparently one lucky guy.Anyway spared perming he and his Legion are now on t [...]

  2. Eric Allen

    I m not going to write out a full review for this one Why Because it s pretty much copy and paste from any other book B.V Larson has ever written It was enjoyable and entertaining, but if you ve reviewed one B.V Larson book, you ve reviewed them all I had a lot of fun with this one, and do enjoy this new series of his I recommend it to anyone who enjoys military sci fi The only real drawback to this series is the undying part Nothing murders dramatic tension faster than immortality Usually the d [...]

  3. Tendency

    Ugh Second verse same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.Basically the same as the first book, but on a different world and with of the main character being magically unable to do wrong and somehow possessing of a magic dick that gets him laid in all circumstances despite being a tool Eh.At least throw in a plot twist like the main character thinking his way out of something instead of just blundering magically into a solution.

  4. Don Viecelli

    From My Newsletter Number 80 This review is on Dust World by B.V Larson This is the second book in The Undying Mercenaries Series I have read by this writer I am currently reading Book 3, Tech World, which will be reviewed next I did not know until recently that the author had a series going The first story, Steel World, was one of the best science fiction stories I have read recently see My Newsletter 54 for my Five Star review.This book includes a Timeline of Events for the reader to catch up [...]

  5. Caleb M.

    I am thoroughly impressed with this book I enjoyed it leagues above the first book, which was really good in itself if a little uneven If All You Need is Kill and Starship Troopers had a baby, this is the book child that would be conceived One part military sci fi one part space opera with a whole lot of fun added in I highly recommend James McGill is a fantastic character I adore how he is respectful and rebellious all in the same breath and I think I would be hard pressed to find someone who d [...]

  6. Christopher Downing

    It s just really simplistic scifi writing Pulp scifi or popcorn scifi Shallow but fun for a while but perhaps the shallowness began to bore me.UPDATE I came back to this one and finished it, enjoying it this time It is simple military fun, but I was much in the mood for it this go round I am actually starting the next book in the series immediately following this one So there.

  7. Mathew

    And I m done with B.V Larson His main character can never do wrong, he has every woman falling over him The women in the stories are simpering objects crazy, simple, and only good for sex and the simple tasks the main character needs them to do I LOVE the fights and concepts If he knew a little reality about how humans interact and wrote that, these would all be five star books.

  8. Beau

    This series is just as much fun as the Star Force series I read by this author But it s than fun Sure, they go from one crisis to the next all the time That keeps the tension up And the story in each book moves along And the arc of the world they re in moves along with each book I can t wait to get to the end of book 5 I think I ll understand that basic conflict then If you re new to the Undying Mercenaries, there is a huge Galactic Empire One of the technologies Earth got from them is a reviva [...]

  9. Amir Sargent

    This book was the second book in the B.V Larson Undying Mercenaries series In this book, James has to travel with his legion to an abandoned Earth colony They were abandoned because Earth had sent them before the galactics showed up, and told them they were not allowed any worlds than Earth Earths government feared that if they found out, they would be destroyed The colony was ordered to go radio silent But now, the galactics know, and they are coming This book had just the right amount of actio [...]

  10. papasteve

    People like to talk about world building in books storytelling I would say the world building is great in this series of books But I prefer to think of it in these terms did I find myself immersed in the book as if I were there in the story, a character unawares, so to speak That s the way I felt reading the first two book in this series I was there, watching it all happening, involved, but on the sidelines I think that s the mark of a good read how well does it pull you in This one did, and it [...]

  11. Charles Haworth

    Still superb pulp nonsenseImagine Starship Troopers without the political satire Add in the idea you can die and come back as a clone as a soldier Go into space and shoot things whilst having lots of sex Add a hero that is a natural soldier and a bit of a rebel that does not over intellectualize anything ever.Add beer and space gunsThis one is him going out into deeper space, being involved with the Galactics and sleeping with a space colonist whilst fighting squid beast slavers I know how good [...]

  12. James

    Alright I fell like since I ve read than 5 books of larsons the plot is the same First three times were exciting but it s the same character written in different stories No outside character development apart from main Same old surprises Still entertaining Damn you Larson.

  13. Trey

    Great 2nd book n seriesFollow the legionnaires of the future as the move from one world to the next, winning battles, losing battles, and trying to win a war of existence they re only beginning to fathom.

  14. Bill Scheidegger

    I was hoping the second installment would continue the high action content, and I wasn t disappointed This one was every bit as riveting as the first Again I can t wait to see if this level of intensity can be continued.

  15. Brian Anderson

    Dust worldGreat sci fi The character development is really outstanding I like the use of hard science within the adventure And the cultural distinctions depictions are believable and suspiciously relevant to current times and events.

  16. john hoxie

    A good continuation of the series Magill is still the main character Revive is still the concept If you enjoyed the first should like this.

  17. Michael Ford

    Quick and fun read This was a quick fun read that kept me coming back for Looking forward to the next book and what is next.

  18. Andy Klein

    An entertaining read with not much depth I sense a pattern Womanizing, moral soldier lands on alien worlds and miraculously saves the day while irritating his superiors.

  19. _

    This second installment in the Undying Mercenaries series is not as good as book one, but it still has pull The action combat is significantly less, but the intrigue of Galactic Empire politics is building The Earth is feeling the fallout from the last mission of Legion Varus on Steel World The economy is crashing, and the populace is pointing fingers and complaining Things look grim and the home planet is a hostile place to be, so the opportunity for a new mission for our favorite Merc, James M [...]

  20. Joe

    A real negotiater is born.A crazy kid with no fear and all self confidence some how feels for others than himself You are going to like reading the book.

  21. Zachery

    While James McGill may have matched the dumb jock stereotype in the last book, he appears to have undergone a partial lobotomy sometime before Dust World His company gets sent to deal with a lost colony Their ship is attacked by Squid aliens, who kill the alien pilots of their ship instantly showing that these aliens aren t a member of the Galactic Empire, as they reply to smaller even smaller threats with genocide.They have to pick between two worlds to land on One is an aquatic world, which li [...]

  22. Trey

    The first 2 books have been great for what they are A military space sci fi series that doesn t require you to think too hard and are relatively easy reads This is not a bad thing Sometimes I just want a series I can read through in a couple days and this fits that and ProsInteresting world building concept While the idea of a galaxy wide empire composed of hundreds of different races may not be realistic it is fun to read about The interesting part comes down to Earth s once resource fighting [...]

  23. Jim

    Here I Am, Dead Again I once thought being a soldier was tough but this guy has it really rough Specialist McGill has the unfortunate pleasure of getting killed, some times very gruesomely, and coming back to life with his memory intact That wouldn t be pleasant Bad enough getting shot and living through the recovery with the memory of that pain, but to die and come back again I dont know Makes for interesting reading though It seems to me that with their regeneration machine, the military would [...]

  24. Nicholas

    Not as great as the first novel It started out quite interesting, but sort of fell apart towards the end, followed by an extremely quick wrap up that left me thinking, Wait, why didn t Larson go into THAT It seemed like he realized how long and drawn out the story had become, and so quickly skipped through the denouement Larson also left a gigantic Chekhovian bazooka on the wall, view spoiler the teased possibility that part of the legion s ship survived destruction with duplicate copies of som [...]

  25. Aaron G Wright

    Loved it, great series I m a big fan of BV Larson s, I ve read all the Star Force series as well as Element X These two books were just as good if not a little better The first story Steel World , takes place on Earth the year is 2122 or so and follows the life of a young man who has to enter the present equivalent of the Army We go thru indoctrination, training and his first mission This is good well and will keep you interested through out Dust World is a continuation from the first book so yo [...]

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