Spark (2020)

Spark Rachael Craw Spark Evie doesn t have a choice One day she s an ordinary seventeen year old grieving for her mother The next she s a Shield the result of a decades old experiment gone wrong bound by DNA to defend her
  • Title: Spark
  • Author: Rachael Craw
  • ISBN: 9781922179623
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
Spark Rachael Craw Evie doesn t have a choice.One day she s an ordinary seventeen year old, grieving for her mother The next, she s a Shield, the result of a decades old experiment gone wrong, bound by DNA to defend her best friend from an unknown killer.The threat could come at home, at school, anywhere All Evie knows is that it will be a fight to the death.And then there s Jamie irresisEvie doesn t have a choice.One day she s an ordinary seventeen year old, grieving for her mother The next, she s a Shield, the result of a decades old experiment gone wrong, bound by DNA to defend her best friend from an unknown killer.The threat could come at home, at school, anywhere All Evie knows is that it will be a fight to the death.And then there s Jamie irresistible off limits.
Spark Rachael Craw

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    123 Rachael Craw
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One thought on “Spark

  1. Melanie

    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsHere we have a beautiful and badass cover as well as an amazing story beneath it I dunno about you guys, but THIS IS TOTAL AWESOMENESS.Spark is a work of science fiction set in today s world Basically, there are these genetic mutations in some people s DNA that make them have special abilities Evie is one of those people Her aunt had it and so did her grandmother, and now, Evie has it as well She s a Shield, bound to protect her Spark, which happens to be her bes [...]

  2. Cait (Paper Fury)

    I have two opinions about this book TWO I know It s a little bit extreme Opinion 1 It used a lot of cliches and stereotypes and made me grind my teeth.Opinion 2 It had a FREAKING BRILLIANT plot twist that exploded my mind and made me tackle hug the entire 450 pages and promise to read all sequels forever after amen So I could really end the review herebuuuut, you want reasons I m happy to oblige Because I was raised to be nice like that It s basically a superhero storyd while it s unique yay , i [...]

  3. Fleur Ferris

    I was hooked from the very first page It s fast paced, action packed, the stakes are high, it has twists and turns that keeps you on the edge of your seat turning the pages The characters are fantastic and the romance is some of the sweetest I ve read I highly recommend this book to adults, young and old LOVED IT

  4. writtenbybee

    5 Sparking Stars Wow this book wasawesomeFan flipping tasticSpark was about these people who are calledShieldsthey were created by theAffinityto protect theSparksfrom theStraywho want to kill them.Evieis a normal seventeen year old girl who just moved to live with her aunt because of her mothers death Her body is changing though and she doesn t understand why After some changes her aunt realises that she is aShieldcreated to protect Kitty, her best friend.Jamieisgreat perfect Jamie is Kitty s b [...]

  5. Grace

    4.5 starsThis book was fantastic I happened upon it in the library when I was searching for a different book, but had to get it because it sounded so interesting It was not what I was expecting at all, but I loved what it turned out to be and am so grateful that I was able to read it The characters were all great Evangeline was definitely a strong kickass female lead that I had no problem relating to at all and the whole concept of the storyline was really intriguing and unique Even though the s [...]

  6. Renée

    First of all OH MY GOSH I HAVE JUST HAD THE WILDEST MOST EMOTIONALLY EXCITING READ EVER AARRRGGGHHHAFHLKJDSLHFKSJDHLKJFSHLKJHSDFKJHSLK takes deep breath okay let me try and form coherent thoughts now.Spark is the first novel in the Spark Trilogy by Rachael Craw Set in the near future, a government organised human DNA genetic modification experiment has gone wrong, creating what are known as Shields, Sparks and Strays The effects of these genetically coded humans are being tested and controlled, [...]

  7. Angela

    This book is fanfrickintastic news for New Zealand now Elizabeth Knox has some stellar company in the Recent Release Domestic Super Club And this is an author s debut Say WHA I realise I m gettin all colloquial up in heaaaa but you know untapped SciFi gives me the happy sweats What I loved about Spark Reading Spark and getting to know Evie took me back to a euphoric few days where I power watched two seasons of the cyberpunk sci fi series Dark Angel starring Jessica Hotness Alba on DVD Dark Ange [...]

  8. Ryan Buckby

    evie doesn t have a choice actual rating 4.5Oh wow my mind has been completely blown this book was so good and crazy that it was a fast paced action story that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time i was reading it and i cannot wait to continue this trilogy Evie was a strong and kick ass main character who changed along with the story and i found out things the same time she was learning them herself, i love her as a main character and cannot wait to see her grow in the next book I loved [...]

  9. Phillip Simpson

    I loved this book Let s talk about the nuts and bolts of Mrs Craw s writing This is particularly relevant for me given that I ve just completed my Masters in Creative writing and have spent the last year dissecting writing, writers and the writing process Mrs Craw has a lyrical style 1st person POV works well with Evie the main character The voice is authentic and real The dialogue is sharp and consistent I know she is a big fan of Joss Wheldon s work and it shows in the dialogue at times I am a [...]

  10. Steph Cuthbert

    This was a re read.What a ride Spark packs such a punch, it always leaves me reeling Spark is an incredible and heady mix of kick ass, adrenaline fuelled action, beautiful and overwhelming teen angst, lusty times, laugh out loud moments, and feeeeeeels.I adore these characters so much The friendship between Evie and Kitty is everything that female friendship should be beautiful and vulnerable and supportive Jamie is oh so worthy of being the love interest in this story He is strong and loyal and [...]

  11. Ariana

    Take 1 Such a beautiful cover and aussie nonetheless I have a spot soft for authors from there, I usually love their books and I hope that it will be the case with this one too.Take 2 Pff Let s make this simple LOLLovely cover, beautiful description, I definitely can t wait to read it I would need half a neuron to rewrite the above, which I lack at this particular moment But hopefully Santa will be kind enough to bring me an atlas next to all the books I asked for _

  12. ~Tina~

    4.5 starsFantastic writing, great concept and amazing characters Really enjoyed this one and I can t wait to read the next installment

  13. Jananee (headinherbooks)

    The Rating 4 5The Overall, Non Spoiler Review YAY Another win for Oz fiction even though technically Rachael is from NZ but it was still awesome And another win for YA sci fi which I am finding that I love just as much as YA fantasy and I hope that all the future books I read can be as fun as this one This book had many wins it was fast paced, had a wonderful flow to the story, great family dynamics which is INCREDIBLY rare in YA fiction and a great romance that didn t overpower the plot but ins [...]

  14. Kelly (Diva Booknerd)

    divabooknerd 2014 06 sSpark was a mix of science fiction and contemporary, but felt like a unique spin on the superhero and savior role It was intense, and entertaining Not often does a young adult storyline take me by surprise, but Spark certainly did I adored Evie s character, not only has her world fallen apart with the loss of her mother, she lives each day with the knowledge that she never knew her father and the only family she has now is her Aunt Miriam, whom she now lives with The only [...]

  15. Libby Wyatt

    This was definitely one of the better reads of this month for me personally This was unique and oddly addictive I felt it had a Vampire Academy feel through a protector friendship between Kitty and Evie Though there were moments of confusion and predictability I did enjoy this thoroughly and was a quick read The romance I felt was a little forced and predictable but was cute in a sense The plot twist was almost predictable but it was good nonetheless Overall I really enjoyed this book and look f [...]

  16. Ella

    Ok, this was excellent I didn t think I d enjoy it this much but I really did And I just love the fact Rachael is a kiwi author because her writing is so good and she s such a lovely person but also because I read hardly any good YA books written by NZ authors and so I m just really happy ok I need STRAY like, NOW

  17. Eleanor

    So amazing I loved it, and can t wait to read the others I really hope that they will make this series into a movie, because it would be so popular

  18. Aentee

    This review is crossposted at my blog, Read at Midnight.I spent my formative years in New Zealand, I m a self identified Kiwi through and through When I heard that Spark was written by a Kiwi, and that it s a science fiction riddled with genetic hijinks, it was an insta buy Though I felt some parts of the book could use polishing, I love the creativity and uniqueness of the world building I unreservedly recommend it to everyone after a fresh take on scifi Firstly, an infographic, as I think it s [...]

  19. Maddie (The Girly Geek)

    Initial reaction This book was exactly what I needed to pull me from the depths of my shameful reading slump I was looking for something exhilarating and intense, that was exactly what I got from Spark I was in a constant state of anxiety whilst reading this book and every page supplied me with intense action as well as emotional exhaustion I am filled with love for this book Thank you to the author herself, Rachael, for recommending it to me I m definitely out of my slump Now I just have to fig [...]

  20. Jeann (Happy Indulgence)

    This review originally appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Spark features an interesting concept about genetic mutations in a select number of humans, that determine their role to play people based on their DNA the Shield protector , the Spark igniter and the Stray the aggressor.Evie is the Shield who has just been sparked by her best friend Kitty, and she finds herself developing great reflexes, enhanced senses, a healing ability, the ability to see people s memories, feel peo [...]

  21. Sam Whitehouse

    Second read I can only describe my current state as me being the heart eyed emoji I love this story so much I had a stupid smile on my face for most of the reread but still felt panicked in the right places, even though I know all the twists and turns This book will be one of my all time favourites forever First read I cannot handle my love for this book I want it made into a movie and I want Liana Liberato and Lily Collins to star and I want the second and third books to come out now Time trave [...]

  22. Sass

    Rating 4.5 StarsI love this book Love The concept is interesting, the tension in the action scenes is killer, the friendship between Kitty and Evie is fantastic I m looking forward to hopefully seeing of that in future books where it s not tainted by the Spark effects I LOVE that the parental figures have a role in the book, even if Evie s mother has just died, her aunt Miriam and Kitty and Jamie s parents are very much a feature.The only reason that Spark doesn t rate the full five stars from [...]

  23. Laureen (Ms. Bibliophile)

    Evie is an interesting character, and I really loved the idea of Shields and how they came online as it were The intense emotions from Evie and Jamie were well done, and I loved how Evie was so committed to keeping her best friend alive The idea that Evie will have to relive those emotions over and over again with different people she is meant to protect is intense and I can t wait to read .

  24. Inês Matos

    WOW.WOW.WOW.I don t know why this isn t famous I found Spark by mistake when I was googling for other book and it is perfect I thought it would be about magic Spark reminds me of magic sorry but it is very sciency and it s so incredible because I can truly believe that it could happen in real life.Congratulations Rachael Craw It s in my top list

  25. Sophie

    Crossposted to Imaginary MisadventureSpark is a smart, thoughtful contemporary science fiction romance tackles questions of fate, choice and predestination within an original, well mythologised science fiction framework.I call Spark a romance, and it is, but the love story between protagonist Evie and her very attractive very tall very charming love interest Jamie isn t the central relationship of this novel Rather, the plot hinges on her friendship with his sister, Evie s childhood best friend [...]

  26. Sue

    Look out world, here comes Evie She s just discovered that her genes are the result of a cack handed scientific programme designed to produce genetically engineered protectors and killers, called Shields and Strays Evie is a Shield, and therefore has no choice other than to protect her Spark a person under threat from a Stray are you keeping up.Add into this the fact that Evie s Spark is her best friend, Kitty, and Kitty s brother, Jamie, is the hottest guy in town Jamie also happened to give Ev [...]

  27. Hazel

    What can I say about Spark by Rachael Craw, well nothing bad that s for sure, I absolutely loved this book Without a doubt I am very excited for the next in the series I recommend any fans of Divergent or The Hunger Games to read this novel as you cannot help but love it Spark is about genetically advanced people that have inherited the genes from previous generations that have been a carrier It s got a lot of big words and at sometimes it was hard to follow when things were being explained, but [...]

  28. Kish Kidd

    I absolutely LOVED this book I happened upon it in Dymocks in Hobart while my kids were choosing books, and was drawn to it It is the best read I ve had since Twilight, and this is saying something The writing is intelligent, witty, insightful, and very easy to read the story is captivating and exciting, and not so far from the realms of possibility The characters are distinctive, deep, and all completely loveable The love storyr those of us who are married with now teenage kids s like rememberi [...]

  29. Melissa Parsons

    Spark is set in a contemporary American setting, but with an alternate reality twist that makes you wonder if it could all happen somehow The book features a strong female heroine, a gorgeous hero inside and out and a supporting cast of well drawn secondary characters The reader is carried along into the action with Evie, as she seeks to process what is happening to her, and struggles with the why The romantic aspect of the story is deftly interwoven, but the narrative is carried by this unfoldi [...]

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