The Courting Campaign (2020)

The Courting Campaign Regina Scott The Courting Campaign Emma Pyrmont has no designs on handsome Sir Nicholas Rotherford at least not for herself As his daughter s nanny she sees how lonely little Alice has been With the cook s help Emma shows the workaho
  • Title: The Courting Campaign
  • Author: Regina Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Courting Campaign Regina Scott Emma Pyrmont has no designs on handsome Sir Nicholas Rotherford at least not for herself As his daughter s nanny, she sees how lonely little Alice has been With the cook s help, Emma shows the workaholic scientist just what Alice needs But making Nicholas a better father makes Emma wish her painful past didn t mar her own marriage chances Ever since scandal destroyed hEmma Pyrmont has no designs on handsome Sir Nicholas Rotherford at least not for herself As his daughter s nanny, she sees how lonely little Alice has been With the cook s help, Emma shows the workaholic scientist just what Alice needs But making Nicholas a better father makes Emma wish her painful past didn t mar her own marriage chances Ever since scandal destroyed his career, Nicholas has devoted himself to his new invention Now his daughter s sweet, quick witted nanny is proving an unexpected distraction All evidence suggests that happiness is within reach if a man of logic can only trust in the deductions of his own heart.
The Courting Campaign Regina Scott

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    Regina Scott

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  1. Alice

    This weekend I took the time to finish a trilogy which I had started awhile back with the second bookuse I didn t know there was a first and third blondemoment and I wish I hadn t put these on hold They were wonderful Love Inspired Hostoricals quickly became my favorite source for clean Christian regencies when I read Engaging the Earl by Mandy Goff, and Regina Scott quickly became one of my favorite regency authors when I read The Wife Campaign These novels are full of wit, humor, mystery plot, [...]

  2. QNPoohBear

    Emma Pyrmont has escaped a terrible childhood with her foster family to join the household of the noted natural philosopher Sir Nicholas Rotherford as nanny to his small daughter Alice Emma adores the sweet young girl in her charge and wishes her employer would feel the same With the help of some meddling servants, she sets out to court Sir Nicholas not for herself, as the servants wish, but for his daughter She also hopes to show him the valuable lesson she learned, that everyone is loved by Go [...]

  3. Ruth

    3.5 Stars Three months earlier orphaned Emma Pyrmont fled London and her foster father s abuses for a position in the secluded Derbyshire countryside as a nanny Entering service is a step down in the world, but the sacrifice is worth it, allowing Emma to determine the course of her future, free from her foster family s abuse and manipulation Like her foster father, the master of the house and father of her young charge, Sir Nicholas, is a natural philosopher and while lacking the former s pencha [...]

  4. ASC Book Reviews

    Simply Charming This is the First Love Inspired book I think I have read and I really enjoyed it When I first came to find out about the Love Inspired books I was afraid they would be all lovey dovey with no meat to the stories Then I read the book description about The Courting Campaign I was greatly intrigued and I was not disappointed in the least I LOVE the way Regina writes and the pace of her story is fabulous with scenes seamlessly flowing in to others I love the way she entwines the pray [...]

  5. June

    Emma is a nanny for four year old Alice Her father, a scientist, doesn t seem to have time for Alice so Emma decides its up to her to get his attention for Alice She finds ways to manipulate him to spend time with Alice.Nick has made it his mission in life to invent a safety lamp for England s coal miners to use that won t cause explosions when they hit pockets of flammable gas With a little help from Emma and a few walks to clear his head, he s able to come up with a solution along with spendin [...]

  6. Sydney

    The Courting Campaign was very nearly what I expected no , yet also no less The novel is by no means a masterpiece it is not written well, it is very predictable, and the emotions, reactions, thoughts, and speech of the characters could be over the top and bordering on ridiculous However, it served its purpose as a light, warm hearted afternoon read, with just enough excitement surprises to keep the pages turning.

  7. Michelle

    This fell short in the chemistry department for me, because Nicholas was so stuck in his work that he couldn t see anything else He would interact a little and then go hide in his workshop Just not a very enjoyable hero dynamic for me, it might not bother someone else at all.

  8. Tena Rees

    Slightly dullThe hero Nick was an extremely dull character Don t see what Emma saw in him The sister in law Charlotte was annoying Not enough romance.

  9. Christi

    I would rather give this book 3.5 stars but as I can t, I will err on the side of mercy While it had it s flaws, I am thankful for a good, clean romance with a good, moral storyline, regardless of how well the story flowed I was glad to read of a young woman who refused to be a victim of her circumstances and, instead, did what she could to make the most of her life and be a force for good in the life of the little girl entrusted to her care.

  10. Rhonda

    The Courting Campaign touched me in different ways Reminds me how many simple things we take for granted that people did not have a 100 years ago Their are lot of coal miners in this area and yes it s still dangerous but so much safer than before Orphans are easy prey still in the world but they should not be That fathers spending time with their children can make a big difference in there lives.Emma is now a Nanny in the Rotherford house for three months Sir Nicholas has not met with her yet Em [...]

  11. Vidya Tiru

    The Courting Campaign A Love Inspired historical set in the Regency era, The Courting Campaign tells us the story of Emma and Nicholas, and little Alice too.Nicholas is intent on building a lamp that will be safe to use in the hazardous atmosphere in the coal mines to prevent accidents and injuries to workers everywhere and so because he feels responsible for the safety of the people who work in his family s mines His dedication to his work leaves him little time for family mainly, his daughter [...]

  12. Kathleen E.

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013The Courting Campaign by Regina Scott, 2013Emma Pyrmont has escaped servanthood in her own home in London to travel to the English countryside to take a position as nanny to a little girl Alice Rotherford s mother died when she was an infant and Emma desires relationship for this little girl, neither of them previously received Emma seeks to draw Alice s father to become aware of his daughter In the three months that Emma has been Alice s nanny, he has not visited the nu [...]

  13. Amy

    I won a copy of this book through the Firstreads program.Emma is a governess with a past, working for a gentleman in disgrace due to the failure of a recent scientific experiment.Nicholas devotes nearly all of his time to his laboratory experiments, hoping to redeem his reputation and make working conditions safer for miners on his land He neglects his young daughter Emma decides to use her scientific knowledge gained in the home of her evil foster father to help repair the relationship between [...]

  14. Janga

    The Courting Campaign is the first book in Regina Scott s Master Matchmakers series It is an Inspirational, and so it should be no surprise that it is a strictly sweet romance Although faith is an integral part of the book, it is not preachy in any way, nor are faith elements ever intrusive or distracting from the story However, readers considering the book should know that Emma believes in a God who has a plan for her life and prayer is a conversation she finds essential.Scott has created a cas [...]

  15. Anne

    A classically written Regency romance laced with intrigue and witty dialogue, The Courting Campaign held my attention to the very end The tale of Emma Prymont, abused orphaned turned nanny, and Sir Nicholas Rotherford, scorned scientist and uninvolved father, is a delightful tale of two people who are hiding from society and how they find their place, together.Emma ran away from her uncle s home to be employed as nanny to Sir Nicholas two young children and two nieces Because of her uncle s back [...]

  16. Abbie

    Emma is the nanny to an inventor s daughter She was raised by an inventor and has bad memories and wants nothing to do with getting involved with Nicholas but as she gets to know him she learns that he may be an inventor but he cares and his deep feeling of responsibility pushes him to work and not spend enough time with his daughter When Emma s character is questioned Emma and Nicholas have to work together to get to the truth and they both find themselves realizing they need each other This bo [...]

  17. Melanie

    Review on review RMVFLOIBReview on my blog christianbookshelfreviewsThe Courting Campaign is the sixth book I ve read by Regina Scott and definitely one of my favorites I loved how Nick was a scientist and in the midst of trying to make a new invention work that whole aspect was very interesting I also loved how in spite of Emma s background, she was able to overcome it and find a better life for herself Another thing I adored about this book was the father daughter angle It was neat to watch N [...]

  18. Brittany

    The Courting Campaign was such an enjoyable read Regina Scott did a great job of crafting a hero who was very scientific, but still approachable.Sir Nicholas Rotherford is a driven man He feels compelled to solve a scientific problem in order to assure the safety of the miner s who work on his land He is so driven in his need to help them, that he has neglected the relationship with his four year old daughter.Emma Pyrmont is his daughter s new nanny and she is determined to help Sir Nicholas bon [...]

  19. Jane

    Book 1 in the Master Matchmakers SeriesSet in 1815 in DerbyshireNicholas is determined to invent a lamp that will benefit the mine workers His research and experiments take time away from his four year old daughter, Alice Her nanny, Emma Pyrmont, longs for the affection missing in her childhood Emma has never felt wanted or loved She begins a campaign, along with some of the staff, to make Sir Nicholas Rotherford realize that he has neglected his daughter long enough Of course, the staff has ano [...]

  20. Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)

    This book is perfect for romance lovers who like a good story that is kept clean There is a Christian theme behind the book, the main character, Emma, has strong religious beliefs They are a prominent theme in the way that she lives her life.Emma was an orphan She recently escaped from the clutches of a foster father who misused the orphans entrusted to his care She took employment as a nanny in a small village, far from London She has fallen in love with her charge, Alice, and seeks to bring he [...]

  21. Bari

    I ve read many of Regina Scott s books and I always enjoy seeing how she develops the characters in each story They aren t ever just cookie cutter characters but have distinct personalities that make each book hard to put down After reading The Courting Campaign I must say I m impressed with Ms Scott s research in the scientific realm She beautifully worked into the story the dangers facing miners in the early 1800s and Sir Nicholas Rotherford s efforts to invent a lamp that would work safely in [...]

  22. Judy

    The Courting Campaign by Regina ScottMaster Matchmaker s Series Book 1Sir Nicholas Rotherford was determined to find a way to help miners and redeem himself He feels his daughter Alice is well taken care of, so he can continue with he his research and experiments Her new nanny seems to have a different opinion then he does and she s not afraid to let him know what she thinks.Emma Pyrmont grew up as an orphan and when she did gain foster parents, her happiness was not their concern Knowing little [...]

  23. IrenesBookReviews

    The plot of this story is typical for the style of book, a nanny and her boss fall in love This book differs however, in that the characters are written with likable personalities and the conversations are exceptional I gave this book 5 5 stars The best part of the book was the setting I thought the author did an excellent job of describing the time period and locations You definitely felt like you were sitting right there with them I also really enjoyed the minor characters They played just as [...]

  24. Gina Hott

    Hott Synopsis Silliness It s just silliness The staff believing that she should angle for the master s hand Emma knows her place in this house is as the nanny not as the master s wife and if she ever were to forget then the widowed master s sister in law is surely there to remind her All Emma wants is to show Sir Nicholas Rotherford exactly what he s missing by skipping out on his daughter s life Emma loves Sir Nicholas s daughter so much she doesn t want her to grow up an orphan as she did.Hott [...]

  25. shay

    This was a very predictable story It was pretty easy to see what was going to happen throughout the book I was pretty disappointed when nothing happened with the child abuser or those children or young adults now Near the end there was some discussion as to what could happen, but that was it The expectation for justice was why I kept reading the whole time, especially since there was so much discussion about what was suffered There was A LOT of inner thoughts dialogue It got quite boring and I o [...]

  26. Brenda

    Score one for the Master Matchmakers.Sir Nicholas Rotherford was on a mission He was determined to create a light that could be carried into the mines At one time, he had been on a team based in London Yet he was falsely accused So he moved his family to Derbyshire where he strove to find answers.Emma Pyrmont obtained a position as a nanny to Alice, a spirited 4 year old after she left London hoping never to return Emma loved her position but it bothered her that Sir Nicholas did not pay attenti [...]

  27. Linda

    Another tour de force from Regina Scott, she does the most amazing job of combining Christian beliefs with a solid romance The back story is especially good for this title, using the scientific research for miner s safety lamps as the connection between the two romantic leads.Emma Pyrmont, orphan, hasn t been treated well, either at the orphanage or her foster family, but she still has the capacity to love, especially her charge, Alice, daughter of Sir Nicholas.Sir Nicholas Rotherford, widower, [...]

  28. LaVerne George

    The scientist as romantic hero Hours spent working in a laboratory, not practicing martial arts or swordplay Focused on the inner world of the intellectual problem to be solved and less on the world right in front of them It takes a special kind of woman to draw such men out Regina Scott shows us an accurate and intriguing portrayal of Nicholas Rotherford, a scientist on a mission, and pairs him with Emma, his daughter s nanny, who can see all Nick s father potential underneath the brilliant min [...]

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