Worlds That Turn On Their Own (2020)

Worlds That Turn On Their Own RemainNameless Worlds That Turn On Their Own Sterek Fanfic Words completeWhen Stiles had left Beacon Hills he d done it with every intention of never coming back Ten years later he finds himself forced back to his hometown Of course it
  • Title: Worlds That Turn On Their Own
  • Author: RemainNameless
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: ebook
Worlds That Turn On Their Own RemainNameless Sterek Fanfic Words 54954 completeWhen Stiles had left Beacon Hills, he d done it with every intention of never coming back Ten years later, he finds himself forced back to his hometown Of course, it s not long before things are just as they had been before that is, falling headlong towards disaster, and this time, stopping it isn t really an option.
Worlds That Turn On Their Own RemainNameless

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One thought on “Worlds That Turn On Their Own

  1. Loederkoningin

    Christ, but I of all people am on a Sterek role Day thief, often imitated, now almost duplicated.RemainNameless writing style in this one is, especially in the beginning, noticeably less herky jerky than in her other earlier works More ambitious and serious, if you like The plot, which follows Stiles reluctant return to his hometown, after he fled it years ago when a pass at Derek ended in disaster, allows for a melancholic undercurrent that I rather enjoyed What can I say I shamefacedly admit t [...]

  2. Nina

    Ouch, RemainNameless Ouch.I expected so much better from you.But then this is one of the older fics, so it stands to reason that it wouldn t be as good as, say, The Worst Thing I Ever Did which I really really want to reread, btw or No Homo.The writing is as smooth and eloquent as ever, and this author s knack for natural, intriguing characterisation is evidently innate, but a little after the halfway mark she started slipping and never really got back up.I felt, to put it simply, as if she were [...]

  3. R * A Reader Obsessed *

    I ll be quick about this This fic hurt And though I m all for a little pining, a little angst and miscommunication this was freaking ridiculous which made it frustratingly sad because when I think of the emotional pain these two self inflicted on themselves, it just pisses me off.Stiles has been gone from Beacon Hills for years He s effectively cut himself off from everyone due to of course, his assumed unrequited feelings for Derek However,the sheriff gets sick and Stiles comes home to take car [...]

  4. Meep

    Kept thinking I missed something It started off okay but attitudes changed on a coin toss.After ten years Stiles comes back and immediately has heart to hearts with everyone Derek is all growly go away, then pawing over him the next minute, then, then The Sheriff seemed to care about Derek than Stiles well being Things were thrown in there but not developed.And there s fairly random universe under his skin italics that felt an out of place attempt to make this a deeper story than it is.Then dra [...]

  5. Adrianamae, Marco"s fan

    One trope that I dislike is the miscommunication misunderstanding trope and if it is compounded by a Hot Cold relationship, fueling the angst and conflict, then the story doesn t work for me.

  6. Day-thief

    This is my new, non kinky favorite RemainNameless story Kept me choked up all the way through See, Stiles left Beacon Hills after having been turned down by Derek He hopes for a happier future somewhere else Doesn t keep in touch with anyone for almost 10 years 10 shitty years His father s heart attack brings him back for a couple of days After you left well, it wasn t good Not for a while And it s not your fault, I m not saying that, but it was interesting For a little while Some of dealt with [...]

  7. Cecile

    Note to self don t try out early works from writers Just don t This makes me sad because NH is one of my favorite fics and all the others from RN are just

  8. Nepreading

    Started out absolutely great with delicious angst and estranged cop Stiles having had a shitload of bad things happening to him, having to go back to beacon hills after ten years away, thinking Derek hates him Derek who s got this arranged marriage type relationship going on And Stiles pines and angsts and suffers and oh, grapefruktssked Lovely But then sort of inexplicable things happen The misunderstandings, the angst, the FEELS are somehow not explored enough, and also suddenly people are for [...]

  9. CB

    I read the author s No Homo about the same 2 main MC s Hale and Stiles and found it highly entertaining.Then I tried It s Called A Heart Boner and was completely lost There are so many references to people and places that seem to come from left field And lots of references to major incidents that have already occurred and have an impact on the story but are not explained.I tried looking through the other books but could not find an order and it seems like the same issue in the rest of the books, [...]

  10. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆

    Normally I can t stand when a couple have huge miscommunication issues, that keep them apart.Yes, it still drove me a bit crazybut it did not stop my enjoyment of this fic at all.This wasn t just 1 misunderstanding, but 1 big one, and several smaller ones, that re enforced the big one So much so, that Stiles left his friends and family and Derek, for YEARS.It was kind of sad, seeing him come home, and not really know his friends any.The story was very entertaining I felt hurt for everyone Everyo [...]

  11. Andrea D

    I am not quite sure how to rate this story.It had very strong parts I especially liked the beginning There it was vibrating with sadness hopelessnesswithout me getting depressed, but feeling for the characters.But it had also parts, that were notought trough view spoiler the abduction for example hide spoiler Things also weren t really clear and only kinda explained very late.Then again I loved the idea for Stiles to view spoiler become a werewolf AND being Dereks mate, although it all was very [...]

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