A Quest of Heroes (2020)

A Quest of Heroes Morgan Rice A Quest of Heroes A breathtaking new epic fantasy series Morgan Rice does it again This magical sorcerer saga reminds me of the best of J K Rowling George R R Martin Rick Riordan Christopher Paolini and J R R Tolkie
  • Title: A Quest of Heroes
  • Author: Morgan Rice
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook
A Quest of Heroes Morgan Rice A breathtaking new epic fantasy series Morgan Rice does it again This magical sorcerer saga reminds me of the best of J.K Rowling, George R.R Martin, Rick Riordan, Christopher Paolini and J.R.R Tolkien I couldn t put it down Allegra Skye, Bestselling author of SAVEDFrom 1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes the debut of a breathtaking new fantasy series A QUES A breathtaking new epic fantasy series Morgan Rice does it again This magical sorcerer saga reminds me of the best of J.K Rowling, George R.R Martin, Rick Riordan, Christopher Paolini and J.R.R Tolkien I couldn t put it down Allegra Skye, Bestselling author of SAVEDFrom 1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes the debut of a breathtaking new fantasy series A QUEST OF HEROES BOOK 1 IN THE SORCERER S RING revolves around the epic coming of age story of one special boy, a 14 year old from a small village on the outskirts of the Kingdom of the Ring The youngest of four, the least favorite of his father, hated by his brothers, Thorgrin senses he is different from the others He dreams of becoming a great warrior, of joining the King s men and protecting the Ring from the hordes of creatures on the other side of the Canyon When he comes of age and is forbidden by his father to try out for the King s Legion, he refuses to take no for an answer he journeys out on his own, determined to force his way into King s Court and be taken seriously.
A Quest of Heroes Morgan Rice

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    307 Morgan Rice
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One thought on “A Quest of Heroes

  1. Glen Stott

    Morgan has published many books and apparently has fans who really like them This one was a dud in almost every conceivable way I can t imagine what the good reviews were about The ones in front of the book were about vampires but not a single vampire can be found in this disaster so I m suspecting a bit of dishonesty here In the first sentence, you are aware that this happens on a planet with than one sun soon you discover it has two What an original way to tell us the story happens in a galax [...]

  2. David Ramessar

    To be honest I am just so happy to see that the community is a much better judge of good writing than It s mind boggling how many good reviews this and Rice s other books have received there The fact that these reviews are better written than the books themselves should tell you all you need to know.I ve asked myself quite a few times throughout this series if it s worth putting up with the horrendous writing to satisfy my curiosity of the plot lines The answer is a resounding NO, but as I had [...]

  3. Melissa

    Does everyone in the kingdom do nothing but scream at each other It seemed that every other word that came out of someone s mouth was screamed may contain spoilers Thor seems a rather simple, clueless character who is so plagued with confusion that I occasionally found myself infected When he wasn t confused and wondering why the other Trainees the ones who were actually chosen and invited to join hated and resented him it makes no sense it makes no sense for breaking and entering into the train [...]

  4. Stacey

    I don t understand why people are only giving this book 1 star As a huge fantasy fiction reader, I found it to be well written It may not be as complex as Tolkien or Jordan but that doesn t mean it s bad I found the story interesting, characters likeable and well hated as well I ve read a lot of the reviews on this book and most people are saying its too simple or too predictable In the words of Hemingway Do you really think big emotions come from big words As an aspiring writer, I give Morgan R [...]

  5. Ryan Mckee

    Very few books moved me to action like this one I wanted to find the author and let him or her know, that I did not want my money back, but that I was dreadfully sorry that my money in any way, shape, form, or fashion encouraged him her to continue trying to be an author.In a hurry to download some books before going out to sea for a few weeks, I bought the first three books based on reviews, and at the top of the list I downloaded them all, and with a very LOW standard I ve been reading whateve [...]

  6. Junkie for the Written Word

    2 14 13 If you have a nook these books are currently on sale for 2.99 I hope I like it, I bought the whole trilogy I m on page 49 and I would like to formally protest the way this book is formated Also, the last sentence I read was, Slow down boy she screeched, as he raced passed her, stirring dust into her fire.raced passed RACED PASSED Also the lead characters name is Thor I think there might have been a reason this book was 2.99 Perhaps I should change my custom of not reading any reviews bef [...]

  7. Catherine Ford

    Please follow the link for my full review bookrantorrave blog a The blurb doesn t seem too bad right I thought oh this may just be a nice story, a nice little epic fantasy novel To my horror, it wasn t At first I thought that perhaps it was meant for children, around the age of 10 But, in the blurb it does say it is for all ages, and this was confirmed when it was described how it felt to kill a man, and when brothels were visited, and crude jokes were made Nope, this book is not for ten year ol [...]

  8. Ðawn

    SPOILERS Freebie that had bad reviews Took a chance anyway and found that I enjoyed it.Do not go into this book expecting a tale of epic fantasy, amazing world building, major conflict or complex characters This book is a perfect low angst, sweet, entertaing read I rated it based on my personal enjoyment and did not attempt to compare it to other prominent writers of epic fantasy, nor should you because it is not that type of book.I really like the characters Thor is just so sweet and honorable [...]

  9. Keith

    A thoroughly generic assembly of tired fantasy tropes played straight without a trace of irony or originality, including but not limited to A good kingdom endangered by an evil empire on the other side of a physical and magical barrier A prophesied Chosen One complete with magic sword that needs to be lifted whose identity is painfully obvious The ignorant farmboy hero who desperately wants to be special and badass and whose value is overlooked by his dull relatives The spunky teenage princess r [...]

  10. Tobias Gavran

    I give to you, the story of Thor McLeod Spoilers might occur Queue Princes of the Universe by Queen You d think this guy would excrete lightning bolts, but you d be wrong He s just an all out Gary Stu The settingGary lives in the Ring, a circular patch of earth surrounded by the Canyon Think ASOIAF s The Wall, but round and in the form of a magical ditch The ring is divided in two West and East The Western Kingdom of the Ring is ruled by the MacGils who often find themselves at war with the McCl [...]

  11. Misha Husnain Ali

    Good things about this book 1 The plot is interesting and moves forward at a fast pace Bad things about this book 1 The plot can be a little contrived at times and a bit predictable if you have read any fantasy books before.2 Holy shit, does this book need the services of a decent editor Some instances of modern words pulled me right out of the story, such as crap noun and some instances of missing words refused to parse in that way she was like her missing word brother Roderick The author seems [...]

  12. Immanuel Jegan

    This book was terrible I was initially not going to be so mean in my review, but it did something at the end that was really unacceptable I ll get to that in a bit.Firstly, the plot started off fine But somewhere around the 10% mark it started fraying, and continued to do so until it fell apart The main character seemingly has every going his way Runs away from home, with no food or water and gets to where he wants to go with no problem He gets magic powers that no one else has Is able to perfor [...]

  13. David

    I got this book free from the store, and I can say that it wasn t even worth the cost of the electricity it took to download.The multiple spelling errors, missing words and generally sloppy editing were enough to set my teeth on edge while reading, however I have read some truely terribly edited books, and may have been able to stomach these issues if not for the lack of an engaging or even original plot.The content was so clich as to be painful, and the main character was one dimensional, confu [...]

  14. Toya

    I loved every page of this novel Morgan Rice takes the reader on a spectacular journey of magic, sorcery, and suspense As I read each page, I saw the characters play out their own movie in my mind and didn t want the pages to stop flipping I m sooooo looking forward to finding out what happens next in the saga of Thor, please finish book 2 A.S.A.P

  15. Kareem

    I thought something must have been fishy when I saw that Google Play gave it away for free Turns out I was right Spoilers As for the cover of the book, that castle is mentioned once in the entire story at the very end of the book Once And it wasn t even expanded upon, just vaguely hinted at The first few chapters were actually pretty promising I decided to ignore the whole two suns thing and I genuinely wanted to find out what was going to happen Thorgrin is obviously a sorcerer of some kind, bu [...]

  16. Brianna

    Pretty sure whoever wrote the rave review on Overdrive Media Console either A doesn t exist or B had a gun pointed to their head I picture the latter Always Sunny style Also, I love the fact that Rice has NO citations on WHO M thinks she he s the 1 BESTSELLING whatever As soon as the druid in Ch 2 said, You have your mothers eyes, I got pissed That s a line from Harry Potter A well known one at that.I also have a theory that Rice has or knows someone with above average computer skills Rice is al [...]

  17. Bryan Nyaude

    It sort of felt like I was reading an alternate version of the Games of Thrones in the beginning The main character could easily pass off as Arya Stark, but as you read on, it begins to build into its own story Aside from a few grammar errors and editing mistakes, this is a good read.

  18. Erica Elder

    The books in this series are my literary equivalent of a train wreck Overall they are bad However, I cannot seem to stop reading most likely due to the fact that I ve made reading them into a drinking game.Rule 1 Drink every time there s redundancy in the writing, for example lines like, looked at him her with a new respect, situations in which someone owes d someone their life, or when someone thinks they are about to die Rule 2 Drink for errors including misuse of pronouns, names that are inco [...]

  19. Vito Gutilla

    Please Do Not Pay Money For ThisWow Just wow Forgive me I have to take a minute here Just.WowI have to rant for a sec Bear with me.The RantIt baffles me how a book this poorly written, derivative, unimaginative, and just plain bad could have sold so many copies So, so, so many copies It simply defies understanding to me Here I am trying to be an author myself, slaving away at my own fantasy novel while trying to make the characters deep, compelling, unique individuals, painstakingly handcrafting [...]

  20. Kirsty

    I scream, you scream, we all scream because this book is utterly frustrating I have many, many problems with this book The most glaring is that the novel is just plain dull The characters are flat, mono dimensional Author relies heavily on telling, and vomiting large chunks of exposition at you Dialogue is clunky in places, and just strikes me as being off in this particular book First off, the plot small town underdog discovers he has a fate that makes him special Never heard that one before, a [...]

  21. Joyce

    While I understand this is a book aimed at younger readers, I still found the plot simple and unimagineative To call Thor, the main protagonist, a character is an oxymoron as he seemingly has no character at all Aside from a couple moments of daring, Thor bumbles his way into fame and friendships, while spending the majority of his time asking himself rhetorical questions on long soul searching walks This author has seemingly gone out of her way to insult her audience There was clearly little ed [...]

  22. Mark Johnson

    The plot isn t so much bad as it is unbelievable at almost every turn The characterization exists, but it s weak The author violates show don t tell repeatedly in some pretty atrocious ways The author also contradicts herself, the main character experiences drinking ale for the first time, not once as is the usual case, but twice Impressive.More than anything this book needs an editor, and not just a proofreading, but someone to tell the author all of the many things wrong with it.It s not worth [...]

  23. Aaron Pinkwasser

    I had never heard of this book or author, but the download was both recommended and free on , so I gave it a go I m glad I did If you are an adult, looking for escapism on your train commute with a bubble gummy fantasy, then this fits the bill Yes, it is young adult fiction and maybe it isn t a literary masterpiece, but it was fun and easy to read and I felt like I was watching a movie as I read it It is fast paced, engrossing, and I couldn t wait to download the second in the series which is al [...]

  24. Sercan Vatansever

    Okuldan k saatlerim tam zmir in en yo un an na denk geldi i ve okulum, zmir in stanbul u olan Buca da oldu u i in ayakta da olsa bo bo etraf izleyece im yere kitap okuman n y ntemini bu kitab telefona y kleyerek bulmu tum Okuduk a bo bo etraf izlemenin daha heyecanl , daha ilgi ekici oldu unu fark ettim.

  25. Brewergnome

    Did not finish Two chapters in and there was so much trope and poor logic economics I just couldn t any And SO MUCH CHOSEN ONE DESTINY of kid with Teutonic name Also awesome caring Scottishly named king of awaesomeville versus the jealous mean jerkfaces of jerkville also scottish Bleh.

  26. Drew Errington

    It s like someone read Game of Thrones and asked themselves, How can i make this into a hamfisted Harry Potter knockoff.

  27. Laird

    I realize that I m probably not the target audience for this book, but it was free on Google Play so I thought I d try it out since I enjoy fantasy As I suspected, there was a reason this book was free.The book is pretty cliche, but I suppose it could have been saved if it had some editing done to it As it stands, it seems as if the book hasn t been edited at all For example, there are tons of words that are homonyms of the word that was intended It doesn t just happen once or twice The word sit [...]

  28. Alicia

    For how this book read, I would almost say it was meant for young adult readers, but the content says otherwise The writing style itself said young adult book to me, but the content did not There are several things I can picture parents not wanting their thirteen year olds to know about.Then there was the plot I believe there should be a beginning, a middle, and an end That just didn t happen here There was a beginning, there was kinda middle, but the end I got to the end of the book and I felt [...]

  29. Jason Foxworthy

    This book is definitely a work of fantasy fiction, in that is is pure fantasy that this book is worth reading The prose is simplistic and completely devoid of any elegance The story barely manages to keep the reader conscious.I finished the book in just several hours and I found myself wondering why I had wasted my time The book ends with about as much ceremony as a sneeze, except at least a sneeze brings a small amount of satisfaction after completion.The ending was so poor if felt as if it wer [...]

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