My French Whore (2020)

My French Whore Gene Wilder My French Whore My French Whore
  • Title: My French Whore
  • Author: Gene Wilder
  • ISBN: 9780312360573
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
My French Whore Gene Wilder My French Whore
My French Whore Gene Wilder

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    436 Gene Wilder
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One thought on “My French Whore

  1. Evan

    Gene Wilder, we loved your wild eyed fervor as Dr Franken steen in Young Frankenstein We snickered at your sadistic glee as you dispatched spoiled brats in Willy Wonka We loved your naive bumbling in the original version of The Producers We shook our heads and laughed in spite of ourselves as you tried to pass for black while carrying a ghetto blaster alongside Richard Pryor in Silver Streak We cringed at what you might do to that sheep in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex We all mo [...]

  2. Joy H.

    _My French Whore_ by Gene Wilder first published 2007 Added Jun 23, 2008.I read this book around Jan 2009.I enjoyed this book immensely I think everyone would enjoy it.It s simple and sweet and entirely compelling.Leave it to Gene Wilder to write such a lovely tale At I found the following short description In 1918 when Paul Peachy s marriage is failing, he decides to join the army Since he speaks German he s sent for to help interrogate notorious German spy Harry Stroller Afraid of being sent t [...]

  3. Dantastic

    this book was the quickest read i ve ever had it was amazing, but don t let the title put you off the story is actually so good, you ll shit yourself but seriously, i read it at work one day yeah, the whole thing at work granted at 178 pages and printed on small pages, it s really like 140 pages, but a very touching workad itad it read it.

  4. T.R.

    Entertaining, hilarious, and romantic who could ask for anything I loved this tale of a heroic American World War 1 soldier who masquerades as a German spy and, in the process, falls madly in love with a French woman who has had to offer her body in exchange forjust about everything A wonderful, random find from the library D

  5. Chip

    I can usually tell where an author is coming from something like forensic deconstruction but Gene Wilder is a mystery He writes an excellent story with simple wit and much grace His prose is straightforward and powerful For anyone put off by the title, don t be the heroine of the story may have been one in the past but as a character in this story isn t at least not by my definition I read it in one sitting, and couldn t or wouldn t put it down I had hoped for a different ending, and would love [...]

  6. Heather

    A completely charming, tiny novel I ve always liked Gene Wilder and while I couldn t escape picturing Wilder as the main character Peachy , it didn t matter He won me over with his simplicity of style and the great pace of the story and dialogue Other folks have commented on wanting the story longer, but it s perfect It does it s job It transports the reader to another place and time It transports us to the feeling of living fast, with the constant fear of discovery about our fraud, and the exhi [...]

  7. Traci

    A sweet love story set in WWI about a coward who becomes a hero and falls in love with a whore.While reading this wonderful short novel you can t help but see Gene Wilder as Paul Peachy, the hero of the story It s written as a journal, a few days in the life of an ordinary soldier who for a short time, becomes a celebrated spy.

  8. Chana

    This is a romance in the true sense of the word romantic The writing is spare, stark, illuminated and deeply moving Paul Peachy, railway worker, amateur actor and unhappy newlywed, decides one day to join the army WWI, American army This story defines courage and love I can t tell you what happens but I can recommend that you read it.I did think this was a really good book, but in retrospect I think 4 stars, not 5 Probably 4 1 2 is the right rating.

  9. Tyler

    I read this on a two hour plane ride from Nashville to Houston It s decent for that purpose, and the fact that it was written by Gene Wilder is pretty awesome, but it s kind of thin sketch of a novel Fun in parts, but nothing terribly substantial.

  10. witchypoo

    This was a fun little farce Nothing terribly deep, but an amusing read The romance is sweet the military aspect was interesting A very short book I finished it in a day.

  11. Rose

    Very cute little book For anyone who has ever read the Scarlett Pimpernel would love this story by Gene Wilder.

  12. Meg

    I just finished reading My French Whore by Gene Wilder Yes, this is the same Gene Wilder from such movies as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Young Frankenstein,, and, Blazing Saddles When I first saw that he had written a novel I was intrigued, he is one of my favorite actors, but not expecting much Celebrities don t always make good authors just look at Dee Dee Ramones attempt at fiction But I have to say I was not just pleasantly surprised, I was blown away The book is clear, witty, tou [...]

  13. Sandra

    Em primeiro lugar fiquei admirada ao ver a fotografia do autor na capa, o que s aconteceu quando peguei neste livro para o ler Nunca pensei que o actor do filme Uma mulher de vermelho ou Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory fosse o autor deste livro A simplicidade e a ironia s o os principais ingredientes deste maravilhoso romance N o , de todo, um livro muito bem escrito e uma obra imprescend vel, mas quem o ler ficar com toda a certeza rendido a Em cerca de 190 p ginas est o presentes uma var [...]

  14. J8J8

    A cortes francesa acabou por se revelar uma surpresa agrad vel um livro que aborda temas como o amor e coragem.Esta hist ria relata a aventura dum soldado americano chamado Paul pelas terras de Fran a aquando a 1 GM um livro simples, de leitura r pida muito r pida mas muito agrad vel de se ler.Pode dizer se que o livro encontra se dividido em 2 partes, sendo a primeira caraterizada por um grande sentido de humor, onde caraterizada e criticada a vida dos soldados e todas as suas dificuldades A pa [...]

  15. Natalie

    When this book came my way, I read the title, and was about to dismiss it, then I saw who the author was, and thought, really I had no idea that Gene Wilder was also an author So at that point, my original dismissal wavered, so I read the blurb, and my interest was piqued My French Whore takes us into the life of Private Paul Peachy, who, bored with life in Milwaukee, enlists in the army and heads to France to fight in WW1 Shocked by the death of his friends within minutes of entering the fray, [...]

  16. Beth

    I will preface this and say I did not read this book, I listened to it on tape on my way across the PA turnpike.The book takes place in Germany mid WWI The main character is an Paul, a German speaking American soldier who leaves his wife and up and joins the war He is fighting overseas when they capture the German spy, Harry Stroller Mr Stroller is a German spy, although Great Britain thinks he is a spy for them After interrogating Mr Stroller, Paul is captured by Germany during a battle Right b [...]

  17. Bill

    This debut novel by Wilder is a captivating story of love and heroism near the end of World War I Nondescript Paul Peachy, realizing that his marriage has floundered, enlists to serve in the military near the end of WWI, and is shipped off to France He soon discovers that he is a coward, not a hero, and begins to doubt the wisdom of his hasty choice As if that s not bad enough, he is suddenly captured, whereupon he makes another surprising decision to impersonate a famous German spy Since this g [...]

  18. Heather

    I loved this book It was somewhat surprising to me that I could love the characters in this book, given it s so short and compact His writing style was fantastic and I could visualize Wilder as the main character Especially when he would get caught up in situations where you could visualize the physical comedy that ensued Peachy, a young man from Milwaukee leaves his home for WWII and is captured by the enemy A split second decision to save his life, he starts to impersonate a famous german spy [...]

  19. David

    This was a sweet, slight, story set during World War I It was fun to read, and is well executed by Wilder Slight is the operative word, however The genre requires the lady mentioned in the title to have a heart of gold and Wilder does not disappoint For a war that was, by all accounts, a brutal, bloody, muddy mess there is an awful lot of fine dining, excellent wine and civilized conversation Why, there s not really anyone in this book who is even the least little bit nasty.If it were a dessert, [...]

  20. JD Calabrese

    Don t let the title turn you off from reading this book It s by far the best book I ve read this year, though it might have something to do with Gene Wilder being my favorite actor of all time Wilder s voice comes through and though sometimes it s hard not to read himself as the main character it doesn t take anything away from the story at all Maybe I m making another Wilder connection but My French Whore reminded me a lot of the Mel Brooks film To Be Or Not to Be I was surprised after reading [...]

  21. Tracy

    I was looking for a book written by a comedian for a reading challenge When I found this debut novel written by Gene Wilder I was very curious Gene Wilder writing a romance I had to give it a try and so glad I did My French Whore is a charming romance set during the end of WWI It was so easy to get completely immersed in this funny, sweet and clever tale of Pvt Paul Peachy s adventures as a German Colonel imposter and his romance with a French whore.

  22. stillme

    Being a big WWI fan, I thought this was going to be a lot better than it was It got to be a bit like a Monty Python skit towards the end but I believe the author intended it to be a serious love story unless it was all tongue in cheek, and I completely missed the point.

  23. Brita

    I thought, It s Gene Wilder he s a little ooky But it is not so good Then it just pissed me off cuz it is a really slim book and the only reason it was published is cuz it is Gene Wilder And then I felt like a sucker for reading it cuz it is Gene Wilder.

  24. AngieMon

    Oh Gene, you will always have a special place in my heart Great story telling, lots of laughs and plenty of love Great quick read.

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