Bones & All (2020)

Bones & All Camille DeAngelis Bones All Maren Yearly doesn t just break hearts she devours them Since she was a baby Maren has had what you might call an issue with affection Anytime someone cares for her too much she can t seem to stop
  • Title: Bones & All
  • Author: Camille DeAngelis
  • ISBN: 9781250046505
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
Bones & All Camille DeAngelis Maren Yearly doesn t just break hearts, she devours them Since she was a baby, Maren has had what you might call an issue with affection Anytime someone cares for her too much, she can t seem to stop herself from eating them Abandoned by her mother at the age of 16, Maren goes looking for the father she has never known, but finds than she bargained for along theMaren Yearly doesn t just break hearts, she devours them Since she was a baby, Maren has had what you might call an issue with affection Anytime someone cares for her too much, she can t seem to stop herself from eating them Abandoned by her mother at the age of 16, Maren goes looking for the father she has never known, but finds than she bargained for along the way Faced with love, fellow eaters, and enemies for the first time in her life, Maren realizes she isn t just looking for her father, she is looking for herself The real question is, will she like the girl she finds
Bones & All Camille DeAngelis

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    415 Camille DeAngelis
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One thought on “Bones & All

  1. karen

    i am on the Bones All street team BonesandAll tagging st martin s press hahaha come school me, young uns but jealous you should be i got this awesome bag that made me wanna eat people and THE BOOK now punctured with my teethmarks this book is SO MUCH FUN and i am thrilled to be on its team hashtagtasteslikepeopleSomeday I ll wake up and find they ve built a maze around me, and I will be of karen russell, kelly link, aimee bender i m looking at YOU this book is your JAM as long as i [...]

  2. Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!

    You can also read my review HERE There s no place for us in their picture of the world, if they knew what we were, they d think even hell would be a too good sentence for us I was warned But I still wasn t prepared Bones and All shocked me with its first chapter only From there, you have two choices as a reader, be turned off and stop reading or be intrigued and turn the next page I AM SO GLAD I chose the latter Because Bones All is a magnificent novel.I understand that this may not be for every [...]

  3. Mackenzi

    This Book Is Horrifying.And sick and twisted and demented and honestly one of the most messed up things I have ever read And I cannot emphasize how much I loved it Completely engrossing and unique, literary horror with a protagonist who manages to remain achingly sympathetic in spite of, you know, eating people Now pardon me while I turn all the lights on, lock all the doors, and trust no one ever again.

  4. L.

    I received an ARC of this book for a fair and honest review.Honestly, I m torn Completely so I started this book LOVING it I thought it was creepy, twisted, and horrifyingly amazing I loved the story, and I felt for Maren Then the book started to lose me The self journey discovery angle felt forced and listless, there was no definitive resolution as to WHY or WHERE this plot was going, and by the time Maren reached the supposed climax of the journey there were still pages leftr no reason The end [...]

  5. Bill Kupersmith

    Cover is great, especially when you re aware of the nature of that elongated object hanging from her bag But Bones All is not for every body, even tho the concept is much yuchier than the execution The preoccupation of the central character is handled with the delicacy of a Victorian author dealing with sexuality In fact, the object depicted on the cover is perhaps the yuchiest thing described in the book except maybe for the little bone in the babysitter s ear Much can also be made of the cover [...]

  6. Ellen Gail

    1.5 stars A huge disappointment.This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2015 A teenage girl who devours people whole if they feel too much affection for her Yes please, gimme And I did love the creepy aspects of the story It was horrifyingly gross and strange Unfortunately, that s where my joy with the story ended There was such a sense of cold detachment throughout the entire story And not a purposeful detachment, view spoiler like in the final chapter when Maren removes her shirt so she w [...]

  7. Katie

    3.5 5 While I adored the overall premise of eaters, I didn t enjoy the narrator and her views on death, women etc My next video is my travel vlog, but after that, I will have a spoiler free review up

  8. Liviania

    This is not a just one chapter book it is a one chapter book.I picked it up, meaning to read a couple of chapters before I went out since I was ready early enough that the stores weren t open yet And then I just kept reading, because I had been sucked into Maren s world.Maren s world is just like ours almost But it has people like Maren in eat People who eat people, when the right situation presents itself Maren eats people who fall for who, who get just a bit too close It s why she s moved fro [...]

  9. MelissaI

    Took this book out of the envelope and began it before I even sat down, lol Totally needed this change of pace Something creepy, fun, horrific, and a very unique journey Love it Need just like it More thoughts to come soon as I ve finished my move Great book to read in between packing and RL Thank you a million for this fun, creepy and extremely unique read StMartinsPress StMartinsGriffin MacMillan CamilleDeAngelis and 2016Reads

  10. Deb

    I have mixed feeling on rating this one I loved the premise and the first 2 3 of the book but the last 1 3 and the ending fell a bit short for me, so overall I am giving it 3 stars I liked it but didn t quite love it.Maren is 16 and an eater meaning she actually eats people, devouring them bones all, when they get emotionally close to her It stirs her emotions and she must do the bad thing and consume them Because she can t control it, each time it has happened over the years her mother has pack [...]

  11. Erin (Bluestocking Bookworm)

    This is one of the first truly enjoyable books I have read this year I mean, I have read books that I liked, but I simply devoured Bones All Yep I went there Not entirely intentionally, but the pun has been made, and it shall remain.The prose is just stunningly beautiful We follow Maren, a sixteen year old cannibal, as she tries to find a place for herself in the world The observations she makes, the way DeAngelis pulls you into the world of Bones All even though it isn t that different from our [...]

  12. Vicki

    A coming of age story with monsters At an early age, Maren discovers she has an unusual problem if someone gets too close to her, she eats them Each time this happens as she is growing up, Maren and her mother pack up and move to another city When her mother finally abandons her at age 16, Maren goes off in search of the father she never knew and learns much than she bargained for Bones All is a quick and engaging read, though as other reviewers have pointed out there are some plot points that [...]

  13. Kimberly [Come Hither Books]

    Bones All is a coming of age story with cannibals Dark, but not graphic Disturbing, but not scary.For a different kind of YA novel, Bones All may be to your tastes All puns intended Bones All tries to be a lot of things Creepy and subtle horror Coming of age story Awkward YA romance Thoughtful exploration of female sexuality Darkly comic critique of American consumerism meat eating yes, really.With so many different things to accomplish, it s not surprising that Bones All doesn t manage to deliv [...]

  14. Susan (aka Just My Op)

    The premise of this book is certainly interesting a girl who first showed her innate cannibalism as a toddler in a coming of age story Her mother moved her every time Maren, ummm, ate someone, until she couldn t take it any longer and abandoned her on her 16th birthday.The book was entertaining This cannibalism wasn t part of some strange culture, a ritual, it was in modern day America.So, of course, there is a quest Does she belong anywhere or with anyone Suspension of disbelief is certainly re [...]

  15. Laura

    Bones All is this unique, cheeky, creepy little story about a cannibal Maren eats anyone who loves her, so no one can get too close or they re eaten Even on the first page, we start with Maren as a baby eating her babysitter who s only problem was she just loved babies too much Each time Maren eats someone, her and her mom pack everything and leave town Eventually when Maren is 16, her mother has had enough and abandons her She is left with nothing else to do, but search for the father she never [...]

  16. Nancy Reynolds

    This book is trippy and twisted, or my kind of book I do love books in the horror genre, but they seem to be hard to come by nowadays Camille De Angelis did a great job of weaving a tail of horror that kept me wanting to read She is definitely an author I will be watching in the future I would recommend this book to other fans of the horror genre Won from the website.

  17. Jules

    Before the end of the second page you ll know whether this grotesquely beautiful coming of age story is one you can read.Penny Wilson wanted a baby of her own in the worst way That s what I figure, because she was only supposed to watch me for an hour and a half, and obviously she loved me a little too much She must have hummed a lullaby, fondled each tiny finger and toe, kissed my cheeks and stroked the down on my head, blowing on my hair like she was making a wish on a dandelion gone to seed I [...]

  18. Kim

    As Maren would say, I made friends with this novel It s so good, you ll devour this book in one bite yes, I just went there FIRST IMPRESSIONEverything about this premise intrigued me I absolutely love HANNIBAL so all things cannibal catch my attention And as a devoted YA girl, how could I pass up the chance to read this one I was in love from the first pageOTThis is a story about self discovery for Maren, the main character She doesn t really know what she is or why she does what she does Whenev [...]

  19. Alja

    Wait, what was the point of this book Because I didn t see any plot really actually I just didn t care about this book, so why would I bother to decipher the plot No but seriously, promoting vegetarianism through cannibalism Okay, but that s not the main problem here I mean, if you like being vegetarian vegan, go for it, I have nothing against it It s just that this book was boring.Except she s not Maren, I mean not Karen And that was one of the reasons this book was boring But okay, I admit, ma [...]

  20. Andjela

    This book sounded really weird, so, naturally, I had to read it But, as it turned out, it s just Bland.You wouldn t have though that a book about a girl who eats people could be so freaking boring , but, oh dear lord, I barely resisted DNFing it First of all, the whole premise of the book is unclear At first, after being repulsed by it, I was confused How is she eating people I mean the author doesn t go into details, thankfully, but it feels idiotic to think that it s plausible for one person t [...]

  21. Andria

    A weird, twisted, disturbing and oddly compelling Bildungsroman about a young woman trying to make her way in life despite her very unfortunate penchant for, well, eating everyone who has ever loved her Yes, she literally eats them, BONES AND ALL She s just a ghoul in the world There s a lot to chew on here, and I m not sure I ve digested it all yet sorry, sorry Along the way Maren meets others who share her dietary quirks, but unlike the men who either choose their victims indiscriminately or t [...]

  22. Lekeisha The Booknerd

    Read full review HEREI cannot express how much I enjoyed this book It is all things horror and interesting and creepy and awesome and touching and and and and For all of those those, though, I was left feeling confused I didn t like the ending At all I wanted from theses characters Which begs the question, will there be I m not sure, but I will be along for the ride.

  23. Cyndy Aleo

    Reviewed for RT Book Reviews Web Exclusive Review rtbookreviews book review bones and all4.5 STARS TOP PICK I cannot tell you how much I and my teen loved this book

  24. Stephanie Ward

    Bones All is a horrifying young adult coming of age novel that will leave readers both terrified and begging for Maren is the main character of the novel She s an odd pick for a leading lady considering that she eats people on occasion Strangely enough, Maren s story of how her mother abandoned her on her 16th birthday and, without knowing what else to do, she goes on a quest to find her father and ends up finding herself along the way too It sounds weird to say that I truly sympathized with Ma [...]

  25. Elspeth

    This novel was utterly horrifying It was also really fun In Bones All, Camille DeAngelis has written a cross between a modern coming of age story and a twisted tale of ghouls in the spirit of the Brothers Grimm This turns out to be an entertaining combination Maren grew up traveling around America with her mother, and ostensibly lives in the same world we do but she is not your average sixteen year old As a baby, Maren reveals that she has a bizarre ability and problem if someone gets too close [...]

  26. Elaine

    If there was one book I really wanted to love, it was this one Even though I told myself a few reviews ago I was going to swear off YA books for a little while But this concept of eating people A blend of horror, fantasy, and the literal growing pains of adolescence, how could I not want to read it Now I m kind of upset I did.There are a few problems with this story, all of them inextricably linked together and the first and most pressing issue is lack of characterization.Who is Maren Who is she [...]

  27. Wren

    I m kinda disappointed in this book You d think cannibals would be uber interesting, but this book falls short of my expectations I wanted so much from this book The concept was what drew me in, but the lackluster almost everything else just shooed me out.I meannnibals, right Supposed to be pretty interesting, you know Likes Lee was a normal weirdo with an interesting story He had an uncaring mother and loving sister I wanted about him He was much interesting than Maren He had a backstory And [...]

  28. Blake Fraina

    If I hadn t read the acknowledgements at the very back of the book before delving into this novel and learned that the author, Camille DeAngelis, is vegan, then I may not have known what to make of it In short, the protagonist, Maren, is a cannibal She started in infancy, by eating her babysitter every bit of her, bones and all and moved on to a string of boys, most of whom expressed some sort of sexual interest in her and possibly awakened her desire in return Sort of a different twist on the V [...]

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