Expert Witness (2020)

Expert Witness Rebecca Forster Expert Witness After Hermosa Beach attorney Josie Bates successfully defended sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton against murder charges she took the girl into her own home Now just days before becoming Hannah s lega
  • Title: Expert Witness
  • Author: Rebecca Forster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Expert Witness Rebecca Forster After Hermosa Beach attorney Josie Bates successfully defended sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton against murder charges, she took the girl into her own home Now, just days before becoming Hannah s legal guardian, Josie Bates has disappeared and Hannah must enlist the help of Josie s lover, Archer, to find her The only clue to her whereabouts leads them on a road of intrigAfter Hermosa Beach attorney Josie Bates successfully defended sixteen year old Hannah Sheraton against murder charges, she took the girl into her own home Now, just days before becoming Hannah s legal guardian, Josie Bates has disappeared and Hannah must enlist the help of Josie s lover, Archer, to find her The only clue to her whereabouts leads them on a road of intrigue from the Hollywood Hills to the glitzy evangelical enclave of Orange County the seedy side of Los Angeles to the pristine and remote California mountains With Child Protective Services demanding Hannah be remanded to state custody, they delve into Josie s past only to find that the woman they both love was once a ruthless and hated defense attorney, that the system he believes in has released a double murderer, and that there is than one person who would be happy if Josie Bates was never seen again.
Expert Witness Rebecca Forster

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    411 Rebecca Forster
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One thought on “Expert Witness

  1. Quillracer

    I liked this entry in the series than the first three It had me on edge from almost the first page.Forster did a masterful job of giving readers two possible suspects in Josie s disappearance and keeping both equally viable throughout most of the book I was fairly sure I knew the real guilty party a little over halfway through, but Forster had me thinking I might be wrong until much later in the story.She also did a great job balancing scenes in Josie s POV with those of Archer and some other p [...]

  2. Betty

    Forster abandoned the legal thriller format for this, the fourth book in the series The characters are all there in what is far a straight psychological thriller Pretty gripping read and the different approach allowed for a greater focus on Archer and Hannah I had been pretty close to dropping this series this book made me decide to stick with it I do wish Forster would utilize a better proofreader This book wasn t as rife with errors as each of the first three, but there were still some pretty [...]

  3. Mum

    This story was annoying The constant scene switching, with headlines, the consistent, unnecessary violence at the end, and I figured out who did it within the first few pages The writing was not as even and well thought out as the previous three It was as bad as the others were good Bad enough that I am not anxious to read another of hers.

  4. Nicci

    Rebecca Forster knocked it out of the park again This was by far my favorite book in the Witness Series The relationship that formed between Archer and Hannah was so raw and real This book kept me on the edge of my seat I couldn t put it down I had to know who kidnapped Josie and why The way and why he did it was genius.

  5. Eydie

    This was probably my least favorite of the Witness Series When one figures out very early in the book who the bad person isen one is only reading it to see how long it takes everyone else to figure it out Just not a great read in my opinion.

  6. Jo

    Excellent read I ve greatly enjoyed every book I ve read so far in the Josie Bates series With The Witness , you don t know who the culprit is until the end of the book Very convincing, well developed characters and story lines that captivate I ll be recommending this one and Rebecca Forster to all my friends

  7. Carolyn Redfern

    I did enjoy this instalment of the Josie Bates booked but it was slightly marred as I guessed who the culprit was pretty early on in the book

  8. Vanessa

    I love this series It was a little choppy the way it kept jumping back and forth between scenes and characters I wish it had flowed better.

  9. David Ingmire

    This book was very tough to read I enjoyed the first three, but this story moved way too slow I still love the characters and will read book 5 shortly.

  10. Loves To Dive

    Josie Bates is an excellent attorney Once the biggest shark in a tank full of sharks, she decided to leave the high profile cases behind and be a small time lawyer That didn t work out as well as she hoped, but now, after a few high profile cases, she is hopefully settled in to her life in Hermosa Beach, California with her dog Max, her ward Hannah and her boyfriend Archer Then one night when Josie isn t home by midnight, Hannah decides things aren t right and heads off to get help from Archer A [...]

  11. Al

    Although the fourth in this series of five books thus far , this is the last of the five I ve read and the third or fourth I ve reviewed somewhere Despite knowing that many probably most of those who read this review won t have read all or even any of the other reviews, I find myself struggling to say something new I ve already said multiple times how much I love the main characters, Josie Bates and Hannah Sheraton I ve mentioned the most important of the secondary characters Hannah s friend Bil [...]

  12. Kat Collins

    Another brilliant legal thriller for author Rebecca Forster One of the things I loved most about Expert Witness is that it focused on Archer and Hannah and their relationship It was a refreshing breathe to delve into their worlds for a change As Josie goes missing, Archer has to step in as guardian for Hannah, a role he has been previously loathe to fill Not only are they frantically trying to find Josie, but because she is missing, Archer and Hannah also have to work together to protect Hannah [...]

  13. Debra Martin

    I m becoming addicted to thrillers and there is no one better that can craft a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, keep you awake at night because you just have to read one chapter and who will keep you thinking I ve got to read every book this author has ever written That s how I felt when I read Ms Forster s latest legal thriller, EXPERT WITNESS.Once again we are privy to Josie Bate s life before when she was a ruthless defense attorney and now when she uses her talent and comp [...]

  14. Lavinia Thompson

    It is the duty of an attorney to do all of the following To maintain inviolate the confidence, and at every peril to himself or herself, to preserve the secrets of his or her client Business and Professional CodeThat is quote with which Rebecca Forster ends her brilliant Witness series that follows the career of Josie Bates, a once notorious defense attorney who left behind a world of high profile clients to settle into a low crime rate city of Hermosa Beach In this final instalment of the serie [...]

  15. Robin Webster

    The tales of LA lawyer Josie Bates continues, as writer Rebecca Forester treats us to yet another adventure This time the formula changes somewhat for this book is not a Courtroom drama, instead Josie is kidnapped and shut up in a concrete bunker after a killer she had defended nine years earlier is unexpectedly released If you are a fan of this series, don t let the change in formula put you off This book is an excellent thriller that still contains many elements of a Courtroom drama It is writ [...]

  16. Colleen Coleman

    I thought that Expert Witness was the best book of all of the series A very GoodRead It is too bad that there are no in the series I could imagine this series being made into a TV show I found it to be a real page turner It was interesting to witness pun intended how the relationship of Archer and Hannah grew as they were trying to find Josie So many twists that I had a hard time putting it down It was a good change with this book not to have courtroom drama I did not try to guess who the kidna [...]

  17. VLynch

    I loved this book The relationship that developed between Archer and Hannah is so real and raw I have always been a big fan of Hannah, she is a character that as mother I have always wanted to hug and save In this book Hannah really shines in her own way She is a tough kid who has seen and been through than anyone should ever be and yet she is a softy under all those many layers This was my favorite book of the Witness series by Rebecca Forester It stands alone but the reader would enjoy this b [...]

  18. Michael

    Another excellent work by an excellent up and coming author that is destined to be one of the greats I don t give out 5 stars freely but I can t give any less here This book had all the twists, turns and surprises that I love in a Mystery Thriller Whodunnit I strongly recommend this whole series for anyone who shares my love for a good old fashioned mystery that will keep the pages flying and you guessing until the very end The characters are real and likable and each possesses a unique personal [...]

  19. Marieanne Fabiano

    I don t see how Forster can top herself after this book I gave it 5 stars because it was captivating I could not put this book down I also must add that I was able to figure out who done it at the 35% mark I even told my friend Peg who loaned me the book my suspicions just so that I could say out loud how smart I really am 0 Anyway, there isn t much I can say about the story line of this book without giving too much away In Expert Witness, Josie has been abducted and it s up to Archer, Hannah an [...]

  20. Brenda

    I enjoyed reading this book I read all four of Rebecca Forster s Witness books in a row I like serials because I feel like I get to know the characters better, and I like to see how they develop from book to book This was the fourth book, and usually by then I can see a pattern, and figure out where a writer is going Not this time, each book in the series was just different enough to keep it interesting.

  21. Jackie

    Rebecca Forster truly out did herself on this one Her books alone have made me a fan of the legal thriller genre I enjoyed all of her Witness Series books but Expert Witness is definitely the most suspenseful well written and that s saying a lot since they re all really great I don t give five stars too often but I d give this book six if i could READ IT

  22. Tiffany

    I like the fact that this wasn t from a legal perspective I also liked how there were so many twists it wasn t your typical hero scenario at the end Honestly, I did peg the villain from the beginning so, although it was a good read, I personally feel like the author could have done a better job at disguising the villain.

  23. Ron

    Might be the best of the Witness series The plot heavily involve both Archer and Hannah in trying to find out anything thst would help find the missing Josie Bates Very suspensful with lots of great characters showing up throughout the story.

  24. Beverly Mccollum

    This is the fourth book in this series and it s quite entertaining A quick read and further info on the major characters really enhances the experience I feel as if I am invested in these flawed and courageous people Several interesting plot twists I d recommend it.

  25. Lisa

    I really like her books Like other Kindle ones I read, there s some grammar punctuation stuff but they don t interfere with the book This one was probably my favorite out of all the 4 in this series Well worth the read imo if you like suspense type stuff.

  26. Sarah

    Josie wakes up chained to a near stranger and Archer and Hannah must find her Liked this until the reveal of the villain, which didn t logically or emotionally feel right to me Separately, I read it as I was flying to California, and I think it really vividly captured that SoCal beach culture.

  27. Sarah

    Loved it Love this series I must say I did figure out who the perpetrators was in this book so there was no twist for me this thine but I still loved the book I can honestly say I am addicted to to series and I love each and every one of the main characters in these books.

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