The Afterlife of Stars (2020)

The Afterlife of Stars Joseph Kertes The Afterlife of Stars In the waning months of while Russian tanks roll into the public squares of Budapest to crush the Hungarian Revolution brothers Robert and Attila Beck flee with their family to the Paris townho
  • Title: The Afterlife of Stars
  • Author: Joseph Kertes
  • ISBN: 9780143191483
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
The Afterlife of Stars Joseph Kertes In the waning months of 1956, while Russian tanks roll into the public squares of Budapest to crush the Hungarian Revolution, brothers Robert and Attila Beck flee with their family to the Paris townhouse of their great aunt Hermina As they travel through minefields both real and imagined, Robert and Attila grapple with sibling rivalry, family secrets, and incalculable losIn the waning months of 1956, while Russian tanks roll into the public squares of Budapest to crush the Hungarian Revolution, brothers Robert and Attila Beck flee with their family to the Paris townhouse of their great aunt Hermina As they travel through minefields both real and imagined, Robert and Attila grapple with sibling rivalry, family secrets, and incalculable loss to arrive at a place they thought they d lost forever home.In beautifully crafted writing that burns with intensity and humour, Joseph Kertes explores displacement and uncertainty in a dark time from the perspective of two boys filled with wonder at the world around them.
The Afterlife of Stars Joseph Kertes

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    291 Joseph Kertes
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One thought on “The Afterlife of Stars

  1. Diane S ☔

    3.5 When the Russians arrive in Budapest to stop the Hungarian Revolution, there is much terror and bloodshed Men hanging from lampposts, shot in the street Young Robert 9.8 years as he points out and his 13 year old brother Atilla, with their family, leave their home, taking a train to their Great Aunt s house in Paris Along the way they will meet many different people, experience a family heartbreak and separation, until they finally make it to Paris Once there family secrets are exposed, sett [...]

  2. Magdelanye

    Some books draw us in immediately, and of these, not all retain the initial zest.Some books seduce us and only at the disappointing finale do we realize a lack of depth, or resolution, or satisfaction There are books we abandon for various reasons, in irritation or disgust or boredom perhaps, an inability to connect,even if we plough on to the end, as a tedious chore Then there are books that take longer to assert their character Books that rattle us, that force us to sit up and take note Books [...]

  3. El

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for review.The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 began as a student demonstration against Soviet imposed policies and turned into a nationwide revolt which resulted in the collapse of the government.Next time someone tells you that being a part of any demonstration won t lead to anything, remember the Hungarian Uprising as one amongst many examples of how a few voices can quickly grow into a nationwide revolution.The author escaped Hungary to Canada dur [...]

  4. Christopher Farrell

    I really did not enjoy this book While the story was well written, I found the two brothers very unlikable The relationship between the two of them seemed very odd not as much brothers as friends, and the way Attila spoke to Robert weirded me right out The story felt like I had read it before exile during WW2 combined with confusing family secrets and the constant annoying questions and observances by Attila Leave this on the shelf.

  5. Ken Ballen

    This is one of the most poignant, funny, poetic and gripping novels I have read in the last ten years The harrowing yet hilarious tale of two brothers escaping Communist Hungary will make you laugh and make you cry It will transport you as only the very best novel can Here s what two of my favorite authors, Anne Michaels and Tim O Brien, have to say about this extraordinary and exceptional book The Afterlife of Stars moved me than any novel I ve read in recent memory It hypnotizes It delights I [...]

  6. Jessica

    I won this book in a Giveaway I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend people read it This book is a beautifully told story centering on two young brothers and their family escaping a tumultuous Hungary as the Soviets invade and Their journey to a better life The story is told with heartfelt poignancy and was extremely thought provoking The heavy subject matter was very well written and lightened by occasional humor Worth the read

  7. Candice

    There are not all that many books dealing with the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and this was one of my reasons for reading it That and the fact that when I was a Girl Scout, we had a young Hungarian man who had escaped from his country speak to us While I don t remember the specifics of what he said I do remember being impressed with his bravery So on to the book I wasn t crazy about it and almost abandoned it a couple of times The narrator, Robert, was just over 9 years old His older brother, A [...]

  8. Suzy

    I gave up on this book about half way through as I didn t like it I usually enjoy World War Two fiction but this novel starts in the middle of the story when a family are forced to leave their home We don t know anything about the family and it s not put into historical context so if you don t know about Hungary and the war, you ll be confused It is a micro focus on family and the minute by minute things they go through as shown through the eyes of a teenage boy I realise a young narrator can t [...]

  9. Patricia Monger

    There is a great story to be told here, but unfortunately the author doesn t really tell it Instead he focuses on what ends up looking like the typical testosterone attack that is inflicted on the typical teenage boy by his own body There are glimpses of the great story, but they are overwhelmed by the uninteresting.

  10. J.S. Dunn

    4.5 for literary skill 3.5 for short shallowIt is difficult to decide if this work was cut short on purpose also if the awful realities of what the hero s parents survived are made incidental on purpose The latter seems the better explanation A child s perspective on awful, grownup horrors, the better to contrast innocence with hyper reality.In any event, the writing is superb Not a word out of place or superfluous.

  11. Katherine Potvin

    The author uses the ignorance of a 9.8 year old narrator to disguise the fact that he doesn t know how to actually explain complexities This book was so miserable I couldn t even get near halfway through Don t even bother picking this up.

  12. Dave

    A great story taking place during the 1956 Hungarian uprising against the Russians From the point of view of a young 9 1 2 year old you get a clear picture of life in Europe at this time and his close relationship with his older brother

  13. Joy (joyous reads)

    Short and sweet, this is the story of a couple of brothers who found themselves fleeing the Russian occupied Hungary They trudged through minefields along with their family to get to the Austrian border They planned to head to Paris, where a relative awaits them Through equal parts humour, horror, and refreshing wonder, the brothers would discover the importance of home as they struggle to accept immeasurable losses brought on by the war.Incongruous humour.For some reason, I can t seem to move a [...]

  14. Karen

    Lyrical, tragic and life affirming are the elements of this novel In 1956, as the Russian quash the Hungarian revolution, the Beck family escapes The parents, older son, Attila and grandparents survived WWII due to the protection of Rauol Wallenberg and his assistant, Paul Beck, their cousin As they travel from Budapest to Paris by way of Vienna, the boys, Attila, almost 14 and Robert almost 10 learn about the family history during the war and its aftermath Very well written and interesting

  15. Rachel

    Told from the perspective of a 9 year old boy whose family was saved by Raoul Wallenberg during World War II and who are now desperately trying to escape Hungary after the 1956 revolution The narrator was good and the writing was lyrical and moving at times but the plot was slow moving and rather strange Though I was compelled to finish it.

  16. Ariadne

    This was weird Slow and meandering and if there was a plot in there I couldn t find it or care about it Basically two weird brothers go on a not so interesting ride through Europe I expected it to be a lot interesting.

  17. Becca

    4 to 4.5 stars Two young brothers 9 and 13 try to make sense of the world as they flee Hungary in 1956 with their family.

  18. Raymond Rockwell

    Mark Twain and I like this book because it has no weather in it But it does feature Mark himself when one of the doting relatives gives the brothers a set of Huck and Tom This is a fine book for me, a one sitting It s the story of an extended Beck family fleeing foreign oppression, some from Hitler and, later, some from Stalin Escape, adventure, mystery, discovery,loss a welter of questions and dubious outcomes Where are we going How How long How will we survive Young Robert queries older brothe [...]

  19. Julia

    Afterlife of Stars is a story of a Jewish family escaping the revolution in Hungary after narrowly escaping imprisonment and death during the Holocaust Robert, born after WWII, narrates the novel, and he is an observant, thoughtful boy His older brother, Attila, is impulsive, determined, and possibly mentally ill Attila drags his younger brother on questionable adventures as their family prepares to leave Budapest, via Austria, to an aunt in Paris There are many family secrets, mostly about how [...]

  20. Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥

    Done with it At last When I first saw this, I was excited as it was about brothers, but I ended up hating it It seemed to be promising at first Sadly, the rest turned out to be all so stupid It was so boring Also, most of the chapters seem too long, which I m not a fan of When I read a book, I like chapters to be not too long and not too short And the paragraphs were too long, which bored me to death Plus, the characters were not interesting to me The older brother, Attila was very immature aski [...]

  21. Sylvia

    I m so sad about this book The first 90% was well written The characters are fascinating, a Jewish family in Hungary that has survived the Holocaust, but must flee when the Russians take over It especially focuses on 2 brothers, Robert 9.8 years old and his older brother Attila It was compelling as you read of their current escape and the horrors that the family dealt with during the war They make it to Paris, where a branch of the family lived And then everything changes Attila, who s precociou [...]

  22. Susan

    This is just the kind of story I typically like reading a young Jewish boy is whisked from Hungary with his parents, older brother and grandmother early in the 1956 Hungarian uprising The family has the money and means to get out, stay with an aunt in Paris briefly and go on the Canada, where there is also family What a contrast to anyone trying to flee a war zone now The contrast was definitely one of the interests of the book There is humor, a family history of miraculous survival of the Holoc [...]

  23. Klr

    The story fascinated me Hungary was the home of some of my ancestors, and to see the life of Jews there in the 50s was eye opening to me I loved the characters The older brother was very strange, he talked to his brother almost as if they were lovers, but at other times the interaction between older and younger sibling was very believable Their situation, as refugees, is very timely, given the the current issues facing the United States The mysteries around their family s past were realistic to [...]

  24. Geoff Greene

    I won this book in a Giveaway I enjoyed this book and thought it was well written and intriguing The author explores some interesting ideas through out the Beck families journey from Budapest to Paris I was especially interested in the Aunt they stay with in Paris, her story would be fascinating The scenes from the Hungarian uprising were vivid and shocking Another place I would have enjoyed spending time.The motivation of the brother Attila seemed spontaneous and random, his fire to learn abou [...]

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