Puckish (2020)

Puckish Wart Hill Puckish Dear Author It s safe to say that if I had picked any other caf that day to stop into my life now would be completely different Different saner less dangerous BY FAR and less less thrilling less
  • Title: Puckish
  • Author: Wart Hill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
Puckish Wart Hill Dear Author,It s safe to say that if I had picked any other caf that day to stop into, my life now would be completely different.Different, saner, less dangerous BY FAR, and less less thrilling, less exhilarating, less intoxicating, less alive less whatever it is that he is The bastard.He says it was random That he just lucked out that the one caf , the one table,Dear Author,It s safe to say that if I had picked any other caf that day to stop into, my life now would be completely different.Different, saner, less dangerous BY FAR, and less less thrilling, less exhilarating, less intoxicating, less alive less whatever it is that he is The bastard.He says it was random That he just lucked out that the one caf , the one table, the one seat that was chosen was mine.I don t know if I believe him though Of the few things that I ve learned in the short amount of time we ve been forced together NOT my idea , it s that there s nothing random about him.In my new turned around world, he has become the most steadfast presence The one thing that, no matter what, I don t want to lose.Maybe if we survive through this Maybe I ll tell him.Photo Description A man is sitting at a table in a caf , working, a book open in front of him He has tea and food as well Another man is walking in.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.
Puckish Wart Hill

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One thought on “Puckish

  1. Nancy

    I really enjoyed this wonderfully fun and quirky story.One guy is quietly grading papers in a caf and discreetly admires a man who walks in All seems normal until the music starts to play Moments later, a haunting, lyrical piece began to play, filling the small caf with captivating, impossible music His life completely changes when he decides not to vacate the table the unusual man is now sitting at, even though he is convinced the man is crazy.I loved Minoru s humorous inner thoughts, their con [...]

  2. Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    A quick little jaunt into the land of the fae.d a good one it is Puckish did leave me wanting of the story between these two Underneath or Above I ll take either PS Reading this made me feel as one of my children has done well I am friends with this authorbut I was friends with him before he decided to write So bite me.

  3. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    Utterly sweet and charming little story, very loosely based on Alice in Wonderland but with a bit of an edge The dialogue was snappy, and Minoru Levinson has to be about the greatest name for a fairy tale MC anywhere ever My name is Minoru Levinson I waited for the inevitable disbelief The amusement Something Instead, Charys only nodded and turned to watch the passing darkness again I suppose when your name is Charys, a Japanese Jew isn t terribly shocking.

  4. Vanessa North

    A short, sweet fairy tale Mr Hill writes with a timeless voice, and he s created some lovely characters here Perfect for cuddling up with a cup of coffee for a quick morning read.

  5. Vivian

    3.5 StarsOh the places you ll go This was a fun mortal and fae worlds collide story A humorous interlude that takes what seems to be the very ordinary and Shazam Extraordinary The wild, fantastical beginning lured me in and honestly, I d have been over the moon if this twisted even towards a Terry Gilliamesque fantasy But nonetheless, it was witty and charming and had a lovely essence of fae fickleness, and the ending is like opening the wrapper on a sweet.

  6. Anna Kļaviņa

    2.5A fairy tale influenced by Alice in Wonderland and A Midsummer Night s Dream Well written but for the life of me, I don t understand when and why Minoru and Charys fell for each other.

  7. Shelby P

    I learned of Wart Hill because of the hubbub that surrounded Playing with Two Edged Swords so I figured I d read both books and judge for myself It s funny how there was a line about puckish in Roger s book I wonder if that was a coincidence This book was well written and I liked the initial interaction between Charys and Minoru Once they got on their way to the Underneath I started to get bored and started to skim pages I really didn t get why Charys had to involve Minoru in the first place jus [...]

  8. Ami

    One thing I can definitely say about this Well, THAT is different Seems to be taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, it combines contemporary with fantasy, as Minoru Levinson yes, that is his name finds himself being whisked away into a totally different world It feels insta lovey due to the actual short time that Minoru and Charys spent together But the fantasy element makes this story memorable Not necessarily stands out since there still be hundreds of this coming but memorable nonethel [...]

  9. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

    After all the discomfort of yesterday I needed to step away from Lolita, for my sanity This was a perfect little holiday I loved Puckish, and I don t say that because I adore Wart, this is a beautiful piece worthy all on it s own Puck is one of my favourite characters in Shakespeare I couldn t help but love this adorable blend of A Midsummer Night s Dream, Alice in Wonderland with a decidedly Austen spin to it Bravo, Wart Just beautiful My only qualm is that I wish there was

  10. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣

    Let me just say, this was enjoyable.It was a very smooth read, the writing style crisp A well built world in such a short time The dialogue was natural.This author knows their characters, no doubt.I loved the references and the bit of humor.Minoru is smart, unpretentious at that, mature, open and took a chance.Charys, aka Puck, is cheeky, strong, noble and took a chance.I liked the main metaphor, it was relayed rather well.I really like the ending, another ode to a classic.Y all, this is a keepe [...]

  11. Meep

    I think you need an appreciation of Lewis Carroll to enjoy this one there s a number references, but his Alice has never been prevalent in my life which left me feeling excluded below a literary bar.Initially the narrator feels very formal with a habit of analysing every reaction action for a paragraph, which might suit his character but annoyance came before fear shock wonder which had me blinking I couldn t connect, but think it s a stylised thing Objectively the introduction to the world was [...]

  12. Category Is: Book Review Realness!

    I read this short story a while ago and forgot to write a review because my memory is just amazing as that.Nonetheless I enjoyed it and thought the fantasy was handled quite well Minoru s thoughts are amusing and helped me to engage in the plot, which was also cleverly paced Have I mentioned Minoru Levinson is the one of the coolest character names I have seen I loved Wart s writing style, and saw a lot of promise on his work So go check his stuff out, will you Recommended

  13. Dawn Sister

    I loved this story for so many reasons I loved the Lewis Carroll and Shakespeare references that poor guy gets so much stick for his brilliant plays Now we re supposed to believe that he was a changling and that s why he could write so well The implications that he changed the names in A Midsummer Night s Dream to protect the real life characters they were based on really appealed to my nerd gene.When Minoru first encounters Charys it reminded me very much of The Doctor companion scenario Anothe [...]

  14. Penumbra

    Puckish was written for the M M Romance Group s 2014 Love s Landscapes Event It features Minoru Levinson a human, and Charys a Fae view spoiler This story was told in different narratives Minoru s was in first person, while Charys s was in third I have to say that I ve never read a story in two narratives before and I don t think I like it I m not a fan of first person anyway because usually the author writes the pov in such a way that I feel distanced from the character My first impression was [...]

  15. Tamera

    Okay, this was absolutely adorable and just what I needed to get me through a rough day I love Wart s writing style, verbiage, and I m itching to read now Puckish is the story of a Fae and a human who, by chance fascination, end up in a tricky situation together As their fascination with each other grows, so does the complexity of the situation As this is a short read, I won t give any away but I definitely recommend this touching fantasy romance.

  16. K

    3.5 stars rounded upWell written short and humourous story about a chance meeting between a TA Minrou and a fae Charys which leads to an unexpected trip to Underneath and the Fae Royal Court I really enjoyed the set up and the references to Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare A fun, sweet read.

  17. Pete W

    The prose was elegant and the story was fairly interesting It was, as Minoru was done to in the story, somewhat obscure to make a complete picture It made the story equally good and mysterious and yet vague and insubstantial.The author choose to write the Fae in the classical characteristics, fickle, playful, aloof, and definitely harmful to humans Mr Hill wrote this story in the way that would probably make you want to read the classical to see all the references.However, the story was too shor [...]

  18. Cari Z.

    This was a solid three stars from me, verging on mostly because of the beautiful strange world the author took me to There were new takes on familiar characters and some beautiful descriptions had me captivated at times What lacked for me was a sense of purpose and intensity It felt like the main character was dropped into this fairy world for no other reason than he happened to trip and fall, and both he and his rescuer ended up paying a heavy price that nevertheless seemed simply requisite, l [...]

  19. Verity

    I really liked this story, it had such a wonderful humorous and quirky tone to it that left me with a smile on my face I would love it if Wart was to expand this story or at least write in this world that he has created.I felt that Charys and Minoru had a connection but I didn t quite feel it was strong enough for view spoiler Charys sacrifice to be believable hide spoiler so please write Wart because I want to see their connection become stronger.I did wonder what happened to his bag of paper [...]

  20. Mel

    I did not dislike this book I had, however, a hard time not falling asleep.The literarily references to Alice in Wonderland and Shakespeare werde cute.The world building was all in darkness, which was no fun at all.I wouldn t call this a romance, although there is a kiss and, and a connection Maybe I m just not literate enough to appreciate such a story, because I think it s some kind of homage to literature P Yes, very eloquent, Mel.The writing was quite nice Definitely not bad or bumpy.Yes, I [...]

  21. Cassie Richards

    This was ok, but I think it was too short for the story it was trying to tell There wasn t long enough to get a good feel for the characters and the falling in love just seemed to come out the blue.I think the author has potential though.

  22. Rachel Emily

    I really liked this Loved the Shakespeare and Alice in Wonderland references, and really enjoyed this world that you built I think I wish there was a bit romance in this than just the hint at the end, but still enjoyed this and liked the characters Thanks for a great story

  23. Heather

    I was as lost as Minoru was I even re read most pages twice But, I liked the idea and concept I bet this would be better as a re read, going in knowing what the heck was going on.

  24. Jana Denardo

    I really enjoyed all the Alice in Wonderland Shakespeare references The characters were a lot of fun The end was a tad quick but that was a minor concern I really liked this one.

  25. AGandyGirl

    Need to gather some thoughts but ultimately I just wanted Thoughts processed and ready First let me say that the author is a friend, so I was captivated first by the postings and comments on his most recent accomplishment I am not a writer so honestly for anyone to write something and then have the courage to share it with the world takes guts.As a reader, I found this Love Landscapes event quite intriguing Overall, the biggest complaint I have was the length My guess is that the event potentia [...]

  26. Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    4.5 stars rounded up Wonderful story The writing had wonderful word play and banter the story was really funny I wanted just a couple pages in the middle to help me believe the passion they suddenly had for each other I loved that this was about a grad student which is unusual in romantic fiction Having been a T.A though, I would be worried to death about those papers I can t believe he was sane and rational view spoiler at the end there when he had neglected to bring them home hide spoiler I t [...]

  27. Curtis

    When Minoru pops into a coffee shop to grade papers, he has no idea that he s about to go on an adventure he never even thought possible But that s exactly what happens when the dashing Charys enters, sits across from him, and takes him as an unwitting passenger on a trip to the Underneath, a land of the fae But Charys doesn t know that there are some unexpected things waiting on the journey for him as well.This was a short and sweet story that I found enjoyable I do have a soft spot for fantasy [...]

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