Der Sommer der Blaubeeren (2020)

Der Sommer der Blaubeeren Mary Simses Der Sommer der Blaubeeren Kurz vor ihrer Hochzeit f hrt die New Yorker Anw ltin Ellen Branford in den abgelegenen K stenort Beacon um den letzten Wunsch ihrer Gro mutter zu erf llen Sie soll einen Brief berbringen und hofft
  • Title: Der Sommer der Blaubeeren
  • Author: Mary Simses
  • ISBN: 9783442382170
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
Der Sommer der Blaubeeren Mary Simses Kurz vor ihrer Hochzeit f hrt die New Yorker Anw ltin Ellen Branford in den abgelegenen K stenort Beacon, um den letzten Wunsch ihrer Gro mutter zu erf llen Sie soll einen Brief berbringen und hofft, die Angelegenheit schnell erledigen zu k nnen Doch schon bald ahnt sie, dass sich dahinter viel mehr verbirgt Denn inmitten von Blaubeerfeldern wartet eine alte GeschichteKurz vor ihrer Hochzeit f hrt die New Yorker Anw ltin Ellen Branford in den abgelegenen K stenort Beacon, um den letzten Wunsch ihrer Gro mutter zu erf llen Sie soll einen Brief berbringen und hofft, die Angelegenheit schnell erledigen zu k nnen Doch schon bald ahnt sie, dass sich dahinter viel mehr verbirgt Denn inmitten von Blaubeerfeldern wartet eine alte Geschichte von Liebe und verlorenen Tr umen auf Ellen die ihr zeigen wird, dass man manchmal all seine Pl ne ber den Haufen werfen muss, um das wahre Gl ck zu finden
Der Sommer der Blaubeeren Mary Simses

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    Mary Simses

One thought on “Der Sommer der Blaubeeren

  1. Lisa

    First, this book is nothing like The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and the publisher does the book and the author a disservice by raising expectations when it compares the two in the book s blurb.This book is a well above average, refreshingly clean romance novel and predictable, as the genre is , with a little historical mystery twist I wouldn t be surprised if this becomes a Hallmark movie, and a pretty good one The setting of the Maine village is nicely, if somewhat stereotyp [...]

  2. LillyBooks

    I had a rule that I would only give one star reviews to books that I couldn t finish, but I m giving one here to a book I did finish because I hated it and as I read it actually, I probably just skimmed the last two chapters, so finishing is open to interpretation First, the title and cover photo are totally misleading I know, I know, don t judge a book , this is not a charming School of Essential Ingredients book about cooking rather, the main character seems to have an eating disorder Second [...]

  3. Beth

    This is one of those books that you sit down with on a rainy afternoon with a blanket, cup of tea and, of course, a blueberry muffin This is the book for every person who starts out on the path she thinks she should be on, gets caught up, yet daydreams about a simpler life It is easy to see why this first time novelist is endorsed by the incomparable James Patterson Ms Simses prose is never stilted The story has just the right amount of ups, downs, suspenseful moments, surprises and laugh out lo [...]

  4. Miki

    By the time I d reached Chapter Four in this book, all I could think was What in the world is WRONG with you Ellen is a 35 year old lawyer in a prestigious NY firm and you would think that she would at least have common sense if not above average intelligence Instead, she is a complete ninny.Ellen resists being helped when she falls off a dock into the ocean and IS DROWNING, because, in her family, everyone has trouble asking for help What When a photo of her kissing the man who SAVED HER LIFE i [...]

  5. Rachel

    I really wanted to like this book I did I bought it new because it came up on as a featured book and the premise seemed okay I was going to be in Maine on vacation, and so I thought it would be a good foil for the Stephen King novel I was also bringing.Unfortunately, I was disappointed It wasn t the author, or her ability to tell the story I liked the descriptions of Maine The problem was her protagonist On page 320, the heroine says of herself, What did that say about me That I was erratic Untr [...]

  6. Judy Collins

    Wow, what a fabulous debut novel I found The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Caf by talented Mary Simses, to be totally divine So much than a romantic chick lit depth of a charming historical fiction novel, blending the old and new seamlessly, with generations past.If you are a fan of authors Nicholas Sparks, Mary Kay Andrews, Joanne Demaio, Elin Hilderbrand, Beth Hoffman, Nancy Thayer, and Mary Ellen Taylor this book is for you I was delighted to discover this author especially since I live in [...]

  7. Cinthia Ritchie

    I brought Mary Simes The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Caf on vacation, expecting it to be a fast and interesting chicklit read for the plane ride and while lounging by the pool.The plot is predictable Big city girl Ellen Branford returns to small town Maine to deliver a letter left to her by her dying grandmother She almost drowns and is saved by a hunky local, and they kiss But wait Ellen is also engaged to a high powered attorney with his eye on political office.Yet while the plot isn t the [...]

  8. Brandi

    I was very excited to read this book based on the synopsis I quickly realized that the main character is a shallow, snooty woman who is coming to this small town to fulfill her Grandmothers dying wish She spends a majority of the book telling us the name brands of her clothes, complaining about cholesterol in the local food and just looking at everything from a view that is down her nose It does get somewhat better through out the book, but by then, she is just so disliked by me as a reader that [...]

  9. Ena Hasečić

    4 ivot njujork ke odvjetnice Ellen se mijenja kada joj baka na samrti ostavlja pismo i zadatak da ga odnese u gradi Bacon Njen prvi susret s Baconom i ljudima nije pro ao slavno, pala je u ledeno , a spasio je nepoznati mu karac Potraga za osobom kojoj treba dostaviti pismo traje du e nego to je planirala, a Bacon joj se sve vi e dopada Lijepo, bajkovito, romanti no, preporuka Pitam se pomisli li ikada kako smo sjedili ispod onog hrasta, kako su cvr ali cvr ci, a no u zrikavci Ili kako je led zi [...]

  10. Penny McGill

    A sweet romance set in Maine The main character is visiting a small town to deliver a letter her grandmother wrote before she died While trying to find the supposed recipient of this letter she starts to have feelings for a resident of the small town Their relationship develops as she finds the letter taking her deeper into the early life of her beloved grandmother I ve been reading a lot of grandmother stories lately and they are always populated with someone wonderful someone you wish was the [...]

  11. Meredith

    Loved it GiveawayIt started out fast paced, which grabs me every time You have your big city girl, Ellen, who was very close to her grandma who passes away and her dying request was to have Ellen deliver a letter for her, in a small town in another city state, where everyone knows each other to a man she onced loved many years ago In trying to deliver this letter, Ellen finds things out about her grandmother that none of them knew about Her first day, she falls into the ocean and is saved by a h [...]

  12. Priscilla

    Put a picture of food on a book cover and I will read it Plus, it s summer, and summer reading should be light and fun think slow, hot days, quaint seaside towns and family secrets Toss in a handsome local and a few laughs, and you have the Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Caf by Mary Sims.The story takes place in Beacon, Maine, where the neighbors don t miss much and where Ellen Branford s grandmother grew up High powered Manhattan attorney Ellen finds herself in a bit of culture shock when she [...]

  13. Aimee

    I picked this up from the library, thank God because it basically said if you liked The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society you would like this book How wrong THAT statement was This book is is nothing like the other book I kept thinking as I started this book, the Potato Peel Society was much, much better than this, wasn t it I was questioning my own good taste Ha I kept reading it for the turn towards wonderfully charming and then it became quite clear that the turn wasn t coming and [...]

  14. Kittie

    I have to say this book was oh so much than I originally thought it would be Such an adorable, subtle read for any type read day Good for a rainy day, a sunny day, a blizzard day, etc Mary Simses really makes her characters loveable the reader can very easily immerse themselves inside the story If a reader is looking for hard packed action, paranormal or erotic romance, a mystery thriller roller coaster ride, then this is not the book to check out This read is a wonderfully quiet, clean, subtle [...]

  15. i.

    There is nothing new in this typical romantic story and you know from the very beginning what is going to happen but it is still entertaining A light read to take to the beach on a sunny dayeleisurediaries

  16. Dianne

    This was a great example of why sometimes I need to put a book down and then get back to it in a few days It started off slow, and I found in the beginning that I did not like Ellen very much I am really happy I kept reading after the first 20% the book it started to turn into a great debut novel and Ellen was not as self centered as I felt she was in the beginning of the book I would consider this women s lit or romance and not a foodie book at all It has no recipes and very little mention of f [...]

  17. Jennifer

    I was really looking forward to reading this when I brought it home from the library I was disappointed though, and that makes me sad because I really wanted to love this story The idea is great, some of the characters are great, I just don t feel the characters were fleshed out enough, or the story itself was as good as it could have been The epilogue was a great chapter The whole story we learn about the main characters love of photography, never her love of baking Yes there were sweet memorie [...]

  18. Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)

    A cute book, very much superficial chick lit Slightly different from the Hallmark film, but not by much It was made into a Hallmark film for a reason, very light easy, but of a one time read than anything honestly.

  19. Ivana

    Iskreno, podsjeca me na Sparksa I inace stvarno nisam ljubitelj ovakvih knjiga, ali ne znam sta mi se dogada hahah Odmor za dusu i tijelo definitivno Mali, kratki roman, lak za citanje, sve sto bi covjek pozelio nakon napornog dana D

  20. Miriam

    A charming read about figuring out what you really want in life Emotional and inspiring Highly recommended.

  21. Mason

    The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Caf is just that irresistible.The story pulls you in and you don t want to leave Narrator Erin Bennett does an excellent job bringing the characters to life Her cadence and mannerisms add to this delightful tale Her vocalization enhances the author s words and her expressions of the emotions adds to the characters depth.The story begins on a sad note with the death of Ellen Branford s beloved grandmother Just before she died, she asked Ellen to deliver a l [...]

  22. Chelsey Wolford

    Ellen Branford thinks she is on the way to Beacon, Maine to grant her grandmother s dying wish She has no idea that from the moment she steps foot in Beacon her life will change forever Ellen was very close to her grandmother and wants only to honor her by delivering a letter she had written before her death The letter is written to a Chet Cummings, and it is Ellen s job to locate Chet and get this letter in his hands She thinks it will be good closure for her, and wants to see the place that he [...]

  23. Megan Readinginthesunshine

    I was very interested in this book from the first moment that I laid eyes on it I absolutely LOVED the title, and the cover was beautiful too even if it did make me feel rather hungry When Ellen Branford s grandmother passes away, Ellen is devastated Determined to fulfill her grandmother s dying wish, Ellen sets off to Beacon, Maine in order to deliver a letter to the hometown boy who her grandmother loved Although Ellen is only planning to be in and out of Beacon as quick as she can, this doesn [...]

  24. Shannon

    Very good first book from Mary Simses The novel starts out with the main character Ellen Branford falling through a rotted dock in Beacon, Maine, after being sent on a mission by her grandmother to fulfill her dying wish of apologizing to her high school love Ellen was saved from drowning by a local carpenter, Roy This event affects much of the events throughout the book While I found the book highly enjoyable, the plot was very predictable and the main character could be rather annoying at time [...]

  25. Joanne Moyer

    When high powered Manhattan attorney Ellen Branford s beloved grandmother dies, she promises to deliver a letter to Gran s old love in Beacon, Maine, which once she arrives, of course thinks is a horribly primitive place She expects to be there only one night but after an accident makes her a local celebrity she finds herself staying longer to find Gran s old love and discovering that Gran had a life in Beacon that the family never knew about there is that possible attraction to local carpenter [...]

  26. Norelle

    Bija jauki Es grib ju kaut ko jauku, viegli las mu un is t ds bija Beig s par d j s mazliet tas cukurs, kas atg din ja, k p c es da veida gr matas nelasu daudz un bie i Bet reiz m pras s un reiz m vajag DViss gan b tu pavisam, pavisam jauki ja autore b tu lietojusi v rdu iem l jies , nevis m lu eit ierun jas mana re listes puse nu neticu, ka k ds k du var m l t p c ned as Iem l ties tam es v l var tu notic t, jo welll man b tu ko teikt, bet ne eit un ne tagad to izkl st t Anyway tas mazliet nosi [...]

  27. Cheryl Kravetz

    Mary Simses show an extraordinary talent in her first novel, The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop Cafe I rank her right up there with two of my favorite authors of this genre, Sarah Jio and Patti Callahan Henry Mary tells a believable story, set in beautiful surroundings, and brings to life very interesting people I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can t wait to see what Mary Simses does next

  28. Cory Nevill

    Pretty predictable romance, I was most interested in the grandmother s past abd the town if Beacon, but the book did not go into that very deeply Not a very satisfying read, kind if like fast food instead of a real meal.

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