Père Goriot (2020)

Père Goriot Honoré de Balzac P re Goriot This outstanding French realist novel contrasts the social progress of an impoverished but ambitious aristocrat with that of a father whose obsessive love leads to personal and financial ruin The mode
  • Title: Père Goriot
  • Author: Honoré de Balzac
  • ISBN: 9781306637244
  • Page: 392
  • Format: ebook
Père Goriot Honoré de Balzac This outstanding French realist novel contrasts the social progress of an impoverished but ambitious aristocrat with that of a father whose obsessive love leads to personal and financial ruin The modern King Lear Leslie Stephen.
Père Goriot Honoré de Balzac

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  1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

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  2. Ahmad Sharabiani

    920 Le P re Goriot Old Goriot Old Man Goriot, Honor de Balzac 1978 1341 329 1382 280 1389 9789646207219 1391 295 9789640014943 1341 359 1393 9786001216343 1347 444 1368 408 1388 352 9789642130566 .

  3. K.D. Absolutely

    No doubts on my part This novel deserves a 5 star rating Challenge my rating if you want and I know I can defend it, tooth and nail.At first, this seems to be just a story of an old man, Pere Goriot and how he ends up in the pupper s grave despite being a rich businessman when he s still strong His fault is that he loves and cares for his 2 spoiled uncaring ungrateful daughters who get all his riches and in the end don t even care going to his deathbed However, that plot seems to be just seconda [...]

  4. Riku Sayuj

    The Importance of Being CynicalRastignac s education is the theme of the novel provided at the expense of P re Goriot, who built up a fortune from nothing, married his daughters into wealth and was duly ignored and left to die a lonely death This clear tragedy tells Rastignac, and perhaps France itself, what it takes to succeed in a Capitalist World ruthlessness and a complete apathy to moral sentiments As Vautrin explains to Rastignac, it is illusory to think that social success can be achieved [...]

  5. J.L. Sutton

    Pere Goriot 1835 , Honore de Balzac s novel centered on French society after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo and subsequent restoration of the Bourbons is impressively exhaustively detailed Through an analysis of families, marriage and institutions, Balzac presents fully realized characters from diverse backgrounds When reading this novel, you do feel immersed in the upheaval of French society That immersion extends to the characters, so many characters their motivations, social climbing here [...]

  6. Mon

    Years ago my mum was an English literature professor and my dad a linguist at an university Ever since I could read beyond the alphabet books I was spoon fed serious classic literature Mum had a particular passion for all things French, and I read things like The Red and the Blackand Madame Bovarybefore Harry Potter was even published Like most normal children, I did not enjoy anything over 200 pages with dense text about poverty and woman s fashion and instead resorted to large amount of seriou [...]

  7. Manny

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  8. brian

    many pre 20th century novels have the nasty habit of presenting their author s beliefs as hard, solid fact y know what i mean sentences which flatly state that Women believe such and such or, as per balzac pg 51 , Young men s eyes take everything in their spirits react to to which i d argue no young men s eyes don t take in shit and if i was gonna write either or i d find some elegant means to qualify it now, wishy washy apologetic sentences deserve destruction by sharpie and a knuckle punch to [...]

  9. Carmo

    Se casar por amor bom, ser , casar por amor com algu m rico pode ser a cereja no topo do altar E se casar s por dinheiro, ser o vil metal compensador do frete E que escr pulos se ignoram, que limites se ultrapassam pelo reconhecimento social, riqueza, fama, gl ria O pai Goriot, o exemplo m ximo de abnega o em prol de algu m As filhas, s o o rosto do ego smo e da ingratid o.Cada personagem, cada cen rio, uma pe a do puzzle social que Balzac montou de forma impiedosa.A leitura n o das mais f ceis, [...]

  10. david

    I am seventeen.There are a bunch of us in a non descript classroom within an office building in the industrial northeast.It is our final day of Transcendental Meditation class and we are about to receive our mantra One of the mentors, an old man probably thirty years or less leans over and whispers in my ear a short, unfamiliar sound.We are to fixate on it, repeat it, over and again, for eighteen minutes We are instructed to rid ourselves of all other thoughts that attempt to creep in, and to re [...]

  11. Gautam

    A very accessible novel with too much melodrama Balzac had clearly expounded in his seminal work the vanity and selfishness of the Parisian community of 19th century But the veritable theme Fatherhood is indeed a subject that touches your innermost self I m glad I have read Balzac.

  12. Nelson Zagalo

    Foi o meu primeiro Balzac, apesar de n o ter sido a minha primeira escolha Comecei com Ilus es Perdidas mas ao fim de pouco mais de 50 p ginas, a falta de din mica associada ao n mero de p ginas que me aguardavam 736 fez me ir procura de uma obra mais acess vel Segui para O Pai Goriot , uma vez que vinha rotulado de emblem tico e simultaneamente tinha sido o seu maior sucesso de p blico, logo teria que ser mais acess vel Enganei me, foram precisas quase 80 p ginas para surgir uma cena de envolvi [...]

  13. Michael

    Balzac is like that lusty, life loving guy who sits in a bar and regales his audiences with stories Sure, they re messy and could use editing, but there s no denying the sheer life force behind them It took me a few pages to get into this book, but then I loved it By the way, I read the Burton Raffel translation in the Norton Critical Edition and found it to be marvelous.

  14. Alex

    Lord, this world of yours is so badly made GoriotSupremely melodramatic, fierce, sweeping, lurid, and a little gay, Goriot is a kickass novel The most famous of Balzac s encyclopedic Com die humaine, a series of linked stories and 91 novels that I m not sure has ever been paralleled, this installment crams into 300 pages about six different stories and a view of Parisian life in the early 1800s that swoops from bird s eye to microscopic detail, excluding nothing Paris is an ocean, says Balzac He [...]

  15. David Lentz

    Balzac was a most enthusiastic participant of high society in Paris in his heyday principally because it yielded so many characters for his human comedy Despite the artifice of glamor, wealth and nobility, a young attorney named Rastignac learns that it is shallow, materialistic and vain beyond all sense Aspiring to make a name for himself, Rastignac stays in a bording house where he meets old Goriot, a vermicelli merchant with two daughters prominent in Paris society Like King Lear, Goriot love [...]

  16. Chrissie

    ETA I simply must add something How to do this without giving a spoiler Below I have only hinted at what made this book move from three to four stars Something happens about 2 3 of the way into the story It has to do with the hidden criminal, also mentioned below One of the boarders leads to the discovery of that criminal It is the behavior of the other boarders toward the criminal and the betrayer that made me love the book The book doesn t have a rosy ending, so that makes it real, but neither [...]

  17. Sandy (CA)

    April 16, 2017I am still reading but these excerpts that I wish to record will not fit in the progress status box Love in Paris is a thing distinct and apart for in Paris neither men nor women are the dupes of the commonplaces by which people seek to throw a veil over their motives, or to parade a fine affectation of disinterestedness in their sentiments Love is above all things, and by its very nature, a vainglorious, brazen fronted, ostentatious, thriftless charlatan Love is a religion, and hi [...]

  18. Alan

    Cheering for a father of daughters to read this book or any father The daughters only write to ask for funds, as they make their way up the social ladder well above where they can even acknowledge their father.Who but Balzac writes of a proud French General, simple as a child, or of professeur, essentially a prep school teacher, at Coll ge de France, pay pour tenir a la hauteur de ses auditeurs 56 He writes of youth, and its contagion des sentiments The wonderful, pathetic ending features a Fren [...]

  19. Esma Tezgi

    Balzac ad n s k duydu um ama hen z tan abildi im bir yazar oldu Okunacak o kadar ok kitap var ki Goriot Baba, 19 yy Paris inde ge iyor ve t m soysal s n flarla ilgili bilgi edinebilece iniz kadar da geni ve iyi bir kadrosu var Asl nda kadrosu ok geni de il ama yazar karakterleri ok ince bir hesapla se mi ve bu da okurun her kesimden insanlarla tan mas n sa l yor Ben kitab okumaya, kitapla ilgili hi bir fikrim olmadan ba lad m ve beklenti ya da herhangi bir bilgim olmad i in her sayfay ve her kar [...]

  20. Maria

    I expected to like this book , and I didn t absolutely love it perhaps because this is a precurser to the works of Hugo and Zola whose novels I really love, and somehow less refined in short, I was kind of disappointed, and I know this author and love him but haven t read him in a while so this may be something too Here s what I did love the translator, Ellen Marriage portrayals and utterances of Vautrin and Eugene despite a slow start, the author s eternal truths interspersed throughout and Bal [...]

  21. Lynne King

    A beautiful classic that everyone loves but not for me.I loved the Peau de chagrin by Balzac my best essay at university A true shame in this respect and I must confess it bothers me All I can say is that tastes change with time

  22. Morena

    Shpirtrat e brisht nuk mund t q ndrojn p r nj koh t gjat n k t bot E si mund ndjenjat e larta t bashkohen, n fakt, me nj shoq ri meskine, t ul t dhe sip rfaq sore

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