Tales from the Arabian Nights (2020)

Tales from the Arabian Nights Anonymous Anne Collins Tales from the Arabian Nights Penguin Readers Level This series provides a stimulating introduction to the great classic stories of literature and the best in children s fiction The books are easy and enjoyable to read and feat
  • Title: Tales from the Arabian Nights
  • Author: Anonymous Anne Collins
  • ISBN: 9781405855396
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
Tales from the Arabian Nights Anonymous Anne Collins Penguin Readers Level 2 This series provides a stimulating introduction to the great classic stories of literature and the best in children s fiction The books are easy and enjoyable to read, and feature full page, full color pictures and photographs Each title includes interesting information about the authors, and comprehension questions to spark discussion.
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One thought on “Tales from the Arabian Nights

  1. Henry Martin

    The Tales from the Arabian Nights is probably the finest example of what a magical narrative should be If I had to categorize this collection of tales, I would not call them fairy tales, but rather magical tales Since almost everyone is familiar with the premise behind these stories, I shall not go into detail concerning the backdrop for this fine collection Rather, I shall express my opinion about them Aside from the impact these tales once introduced in Europe had on the western literary tradi [...]

  2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    Great book Not one that can be read in one sitting, though I really like the form of narrative, with a story leading into or encompassing another story Most of this book is like onion layers You really do want to have a bookmark handy if you put this one down This was Scheherazade s tactic to keep King Shahryar s attention so that he couldn t have her executed the next morning He was a very insane man who hated women to the degree that he would marry a virgin and have her killed the next morning [...]

  3. Zubaidah

    It can very interesting to learn about the Arabic culture Tales from the Arabian nights by Sir Richard Francis Burton is a book with a lot of stories from the Arabian nights the book has 22 stories In the book some of the stories have very hard words like in the story Aladdin and the magic lamp it has very hard words such as, scapegrace, befel, And much words like that and some of the words come from the Arabic language The dialogue was realistic some of the stories were fiction Like there is n [...]

  4. Erica

    Interesting stories but very dated of course, with male dominated themes and some racism that just make you want to roll your eyes And a few stories have parts that make no sense or aren t really explained But I read it since the stories of the Arabian Nights are considered a classic This edition had a good selection of stories but one story, Story of the Three Calenders, Sons of Kings, and of Five Ladies of Bagdad omitted the last part of the story for no apparent reason and I had to look it up [...]

  5. Maggie

    An interesting compilation of fables Typical of its genre in that they are not exactly happy little tales, though most end well I found it interesting that many of them were connected from fable to fable That made it difficult to put the book down at the end of the story My favorite was Aladdin, though I was surprised that it took place in China.

  6. Stephen Stewart

    An enjoyable compilation of various iconic fairy tales Probably one aspect I enjoyed the most was the use of the initial frame narrative and frequent use of stories begetting other stories Still, I wish the initial frame narrative did come to a conclusion and complete the book.

  7. Mia

    This book has a lot of stories in it They are easy to get lost in, many of the classic Arabian stories are in it like Aladdin and Sinbad the sailor All the stories are translated from Arabic to English Some of the stories start out in Arabia and end up in places like China or Africa All the stories come are told during another story In the story a girl tells a bunch of stories and those stories tell stories It can get confusing And every story they tell has a theme to it like be Honest or be Kin [...]

  8. Nitya Sivasubramanian

    You guys No but YOU GUYS This book is batshit insane Why are we painting it as some bizarrely romantic fantasy story when it s actually the craziest, rudest, most violent series of stories I have read in a long time But god it s enthralling.

  9. Maggie

    This is a book full of magicians, princes and princesses, genies, sultans and vizirs, dervishes, and all sorts of people living in the ancient Middle East Many of the stories are set in Bagdad, under the reign of the Caliph Haroun al Raschid, Commander of the Faithful, but others are set in Persia, India or even China The premise is that Scheherazade, the intelligent and beautiful daughter of the grand vizir, requests to be married to the Sultan Schahriar of Persia, who has married and killed a [...]

  10. Marley

    Note I m reviewing the edition edited by Andrew Lang, which I read at gutenberg.This is obviously a classic and deserves respect for that Some of the stories are quite entertaining in their own right However, the reader needs to be warned that the book is likely to leave you with the feeling that it could have benefited from some editing I ve given it 4 stars for the best stories, but some I would have individually given only 1 star.I understand the reluctance to alter traditional tales, but th [...]

  11. Lesley-gail

    As a child, I read another edition of the Arabian Nights, however I don t think I really appreciated it until now Maybe it was the selection of the tales, however this time I really enjoyed the adventures Many of the tales were humorous, in particular Sinbad s various exploits The stories had the lure of the ancient worlds of Bagdad, Persia and China with lots of mystique and magic tied with a morale to be learnt at the end They are not fairy tales as they don t always have happy endings, but de [...]

  12. Tim

    I read this on my Kindle, so I was cheated of seeing the illustrations I enjoyed the book a lot, though It s a cultural literacy imperative to read the original Aladdin story, etc, etc, but it s also a joy Some of the stories are familiar, but others were completely new to me I think the story of the flying wooden horse actually qualifies as the earliest sci fi I ve read Like the Iliad and the Odyssey, these stories are from a time when life was pretty cheap A person could be executes or murdere [...]

  13. Eis

    just by reading this title you feel that it s something inresting , someting special , some thing magical it tells you to read it.well, that s what this book told me it whispered in my ears telling me about it s adventures which is really touched my heart telling me the sadness the unfaithfulness of people sufering it tells me happily ever after and love stories that i could never imagine and with its marvelous words it took me to a place i never been to a place when i saw everything with my eye [...]

  14. Meghan Sutherland

    A delightful, vaulting pilgrimage through eastern mythology The frame of the work sets it aside from other collections of fantastic lore and suggests a weave of subversion, not only from a feminist perspective, but also via allegorical, cautionary warnings against greed, hubris, bigotry, and anything else which might inspire karmic retribution In the Afterword, Pete Hamill suggests these stories have survived through the centuries because they contain that human emotion that has been most damage [...]

  15. Saya Nakata

    1.level2 Penguin2.5 16 30minutes, 5 18 30minutes, 5 20 30minutes3 Sultan, Sheherezade, vizir, wife, clever, story, night4.a Then, I can never cut off your head But I don t want to kill you I love you , Sheherezade.b First, Sultan hates all women, so he was going to kill Sheherezade But finally, He loves her It s happy ending.5 My favotite character is Sheherezade because she is clever She also knows many kinds of story Night after night, she tells them to Sultan She always stops in an exciting p [...]

  16. Akari Suzuki

    Publisher PENGIN READERSTime 11 14 30minutes 11 16 40minutes7 word summary woman clever tell man stories lamp happyQ1 woman told man the story that is about one boy If you were the man, would you believe the story A1 Maybe yes Because she is clever so I think she know many interesting stories.Q2 If you saw a genie of the lamp, what would you do A2 I want to go somewhere we can t go.I ve watched Aladdin that disney movies before, but different to this book so I enjoyed reading.

  17. Joe

    Interesting because I m finally reading all these old classic stories I originally choose these to see if I wanted to read or give them to my young nephews These are NOT childrens stories even though most have been toned down and used for cartoons etc since I was a kid But in their original versions I wouldn t give to kids.

  18. Lashette

    I need to find a better version It started off okay then, I m guessing because the editor cherry picked which storied to include, went all over the place Some of the longer stories were very convoluted for no reason that I could see I don t know, maybe I m over thinking this but I can t help it.

  19. Sigurd Magnusson

    Interesting insight into eastern literature, having only ever had a disney view of Alladin Found the stories using very similar plot devices Enjoyed the unusual and antiquated language Worth reading a couple of the stories.

  20. Yaqeen Sikander

    very interesting book as we all knowThe arabian nights even after centuries is adored by allIt s stories and continuity are splendid and so is the literary style

  21. Francis

    I quite enjoyed the tales, I ve read them between books.I only would ve liked to read about scheherazede again at the end of the book.4 stars

  22. Lindy

    It is interesting how stories can be so perverted from their original by pop culture I am glad that I finally read this collection to know their true value and history.

  23. Ilearnenglish

    I love this adaptation, it was a little easy but you can feel the spirit of the original book I was seduced by sherazade and her beautiful stories It made me want to buy the original book.

  24. Emily

    This is a collection of a few really good stories Some with good morals and some with not so good ones.

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