The Haunted Abbot (2020)

The Haunted Abbot Peter Tremayne The Haunted Abbot In December of A D Fidelma of Cashel and her companion Brother Eadulf having completed their business with the Archbishop of Canterbury make one final journey before returning to Ireland At the
  • Title: The Haunted Abbot
  • Author: Peter Tremayne
  • ISBN: 9780451217165
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
The Haunted Abbot Peter Tremayne In December of 666 A.D Fidelma of Cashel and her companion Brother Eadulf, having completed their business with the Archbishop of Canterbury, make one final journey before returning to Ireland At the insistence of Brother Botulf, a childhood friend of Eadulf, they detour from their trip to Eadulf s home village and make their way to Aldred s Abbey Arriving at midnightIn December of 666 A.D Fidelma of Cashel and her companion Brother Eadulf, having completed their business with the Archbishop of Canterbury, make one final journey before returning to Ireland At the insistence of Brother Botulf, a childhood friend of Eadulf, they detour from their trip to Eadulf s home village and make their way to Aldred s Abbey Arriving at midnight on the night of the old pagan festival of Yule, as requested, they find Botulf s dead body his head caved in by a blunt instrument As Fidelma and Eadulf soon learn, however, murder isn t the only danger which faces those in the abbey The ghost of a young woman haunts the cloister shadows, a ghost which closely resembles the Abbot s dead wife Now it will require all of Fidelma s skill as an advocate of the Brehon Courts to unravel the mystery and uncover the truth behind these events before those secrets take yet another life.
The Haunted Abbot Peter Tremayne

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    Peter Tremayne

One thought on “The Haunted Abbot

  1. Nick

    I ve read four of the Sister Fidelma mysteries now I don t read serial novels very much, and when i do I like to be able to read them out of order I read this one after the first one because it was the Christmas offering in the series No 11 in the series, it turned out to be spookier, grittier, and into tho common folk of Sister Fidelma s era 7th century Britain than was the first entry Perhaps the winter atmosphere made it so, but it was much effective, I felt The Christmas attitude was tempe [...]

  2. Mark Stone

    A terrific story with incredible historical accuracy As good as the story was, the writing was even better Tremayne has become one of my favorite authors of all time.

  3. Martina Kovaříková

    Mus m ci, e tuto kn ku pova uji z t ch p r, kter jsem zat m p e etla, za slab , a koli asi pat k t m stra ideln j m, kter jsem zat m v dan s rii etla, aspo pokud se jedn o temn m sta a z hady Kniha nen situovan do Irska, ale do Eadulfova domova, kdy se vyd vaj mezi Saxy Podle toho se tak odv j n kter momenty, kdy maj hlavn hrdinov i na m le Vzhledem k tomu, e Fidelma onemocn , tak prvn p lka knihy je v cem n jen o Eadulfovi a mus m ci, e byly momenty, kdy mi lezl na nervy Nejedn se o patnou kn k [...]

  4. Laura Edwards

    This is one of my least favorite books in the series for a number of reasons The first half of the book really drags because Sister Fidelma is sick and we get no insights from her at all I like Eadulf, but I don t think he is the sort of character that can carry a series At least not one I d read Finally, when Fidelma recovers in the second half, the action seems to pick up Not too bad , I thought prematurely I usually like the endings where Fidelma gathers everyone in one spot like Nick Charles [...]

  5. Ana Elena Romero

    Me reconozco fan incondicional de Sor Fidelma y su compa ero Eadulf Me parece una saga sumamente interesante, bien ambientada en la que la resoluci n de los misterios que se presentan se basan en la deducci n l gica de los hechos previamente expuestos.En esta nueva novela se mezclan fen menos supuestamente paranormales que resolver Sor Fidelma ayudada, como no, por su compa ero.Ficci n hist rica y thriller polic aco, hacen de esta saga todo referente.

  6. Marfita

    As I had hoped, Sister Fidelma is now wrestling with those pesky Saxon names and language and it s her turn to be in danger To begin with, she catches a cold as Brother Eadulf takes her back from Canterbury by way of his home town He has been summoned to an abbey near there by a monk childhood friend who wants him to arrive by a certain day and time midnight It s snowing heavily and the abbey they finally reach is one that admits no women at all ever They have accepted the celibacy rules of Rome [...]

  7. Andre

    This is a fun read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading tales set in the Dark Ages Sister Fidelma is a excellent character who is brilliant and fiery, although in this book her role is a bit subdued for the start of the story, due to her illness I enjoyed reading it and the author clearly seems to have a grasp of Brehon Law, however he seems, as many do, to have confused later period Norman law with earlier period Saxon law and the premise of the novel has a fundamental flaw [...]

  8. Denise

    This was a very dark read as it dealt with ghosts, a suspected suicide, the massacre of women and children and an accusation of witchcraft by a member of the Church Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf ah dulf brave the cold, near death sickness and a tortured mind in their quest to find the truth.All of these stories are very tightly written with non stopping plots but I rated this 3 stars only because the relationship between Sister Fidelma and Eadulf was not fleshed out enough IMHO And the detai [...]

  9. Ann

    In 666 AD, Sister Fidelma is in what will become Great Britain with her Saxon husband Brother Eudolf They travel to Aldred s Abbey to meet Eudolf s childhood friend, Brother Botulf, who begged them to come to the abby for a midnight meeting They travel in a blinding snowstorm and arrive to find Brother Botulf murdered Fidelma becomes ill and the Abbot Cild doesn t want a female in residence When Cild sees the ghost of his dead wife, he locks up Fidelma because he thinks she s a witch When she re [...]

  10. Carmen

    Always of interest, another chronicle in the life of Sister Fidelma She is back with her friend, and together they are in Saxon England visiting his homeland There it doesn t go well Sister Fidelam is very sick, Eadwulf discovers that the friend he had meant to visit has died just that morning, and then Sister Fidelma is accused of witchcraft The story is full of who is fighting against whom, but it all makes sense Typically the books are set in Ireland during the 600 s, so it was a real treat t [...]

  11. Carole Moran

    Sister Fidelma does it again Even after a brief illness, she puts together the clues and testimonies Brother Eadulf has collected and makes sense of the chaos Another great mystery by Tremayne, and this Signet paperback includes a pronunciation guide to the Old Irish language used in names in these books Also includes a historical note regarding the theme of this story These are very educational mystery novels and give insight to the great system of laws the Irish had while the rest of Europe la [...]

  12. Argum

    Our duo have gone to Canterbury since we left them and are now off to visit Eadulf s homeland planning to stop and see his old friend who sent a mysterious note at a nearby abbey Upon arrival they find that friend murdered Fidelma has taken ill from a storm and being in Saxon lands her gender does her no favors Consequently, Eadulf takes the lead for much of the story which was a nice change The abbot is a nasty man with a dead wife who appears to be haunting him Outlaws are in the woods As usua [...]

  13. Jessica

    Brother Eadulf gets to take center stage for once Fidelma and Eadulf travel to the land of Eadulf s birth to seek out a friend from childhoodbut arrive a day too late As usual the mystery is multi layered and was impossible for me to figure out.Spoiler I do wish, now that Fidelma and Eadulf have proclaimed themselves an item, they d show a bit oh, affection No hugs No quiet touches of the hand No playful glances Come oneeeease

  14. Leah

    my copy of this is the UK edition from 2002 I am a HUGE fan of Peter Tremayne and Sister Fidelma I m a total Fidelma nerd who went to Ireland just to see locations from the books These are A 1, better than the best, don t talk to me while I m reading them books I even go so far as to order the books from the UK so I can get them a year in advance.

  15. Dale

    I read this latest Fidelma mystery in less than 9 hours As usual, Tremayne s series grabs me from the first page of the introduction right through to the end As with the Owen Archer series by Candace Robb, where I gained significant insight into Medieval England Wales, I am learning and about Ancient Ireland, the early British Isles and the beginnings of the Catholic Church.

  16. Chriss

    This is a great book with strong characters set in a dark, historically accurate setting My introduction to Sister Fidelmas was through the author s short stories, though, so I found the pacing of a novel with these characters too slow for me.I passed the book on to my sister who loves historical mysteries and I m sure she ll love it.

  17. Kelly

    I didn t like this one as much as some of the others I think I ve read to many Sister Fidelma s too close together this summer I m a bit irritated by some of the stock phrases that I might not have noticed without proximity.

  18. Sunsy

    Das zweite Buch meiner Urlaubslekt re stammt wieder aus meinem SuB In fast einem Rutsch weg gelesen und f r sehr gut befunden 09 10 Punkte.Meine Rezension k nnt ihr hier nachlesen sunsys blog 2014 0.

  19. Geri

    I have to admit that I wasn t sure I wasgoing to like this book.I really felt that I was there, seeingthe hardships that Eadulf and Sister Fidelmahad to endure.

  20. Aleta

    This was very interesting I d like to pick up some of the earlier books in the series sometime to read.

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