The Desire of Ages (2020)

The Desire of Ages Ellen G. White The Desire of Ages More than six billion of us live on this planet now growing rapidly toward seven billion We re separated by many differences sex race religion language customs and geography Nevertheless we also
  • Title: The Desire of Ages
  • Author: Ellen G. White
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  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Desire of Ages Ellen G. White More than six billion of us live on this planet now growing rapidly toward seven billion We re separated by many differences sex, race, religion, language, customs, and geography Nevertheless, we also have some things in common We breathe the same air We all bleed the same red blood We all need food, rest, and shelter Oh, yes, we have one other thing familiar to eacMore than six billion of us live on this planet now growing rapidly toward seven billion We re separated by many differences sex, race, religion, language, customs, and geography Nevertheless, we also have some things in common We breathe the same air We all bleed the same red blood We all need food, rest, and shelter Oh, yes, we have one other thing familiar to each one of us we all want happiness Happiness an elusive, sort of nebulous something that every one of us spends a lifetime pursuing Some of us try to find it in things We think that if only we could be rich, we d be happy When we re rich, we have money Money buys things, and things make us happy Or do they Others of us try to find happiness in becoming well known maybe even famous If the masses adore us, surely, then we would be happy, right Or maybe we look for happiness in being powerful and important, in plunging headlong into pleasure seeking and entertainment, or in trying to find someone else who can make us happy We want happiness We crave it all of us Through all ages of history, we have desired it Nevertheless, this inexpressible desire of all ages cannot be found in things, in fame, in power, in pleasure seeking It can be found only in a Person, and you can probably guess who that Person is This book is His story In Him is the end of your quest for happiness.
The Desire of Ages Ellen G. White

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One thought on “The Desire of Ages

  1. joy in wonderland

    one of best book ever there is in this world i started reading this book for about a year and have this battle, struggle and i cant just finish it sigh just the thought makes me sad, whenever i read each chapter i kinda stop and reflect, there s so much to grasp in it , i want to finish it i would, the next thing you ll know i have it over myreadshelf may God put strength and enlighten my mind with this wonderful book inspired and given by Him In the hearts of all mankind, of whatever race or st [...]

  2. Alexandria Lewis

    I read this book once a year The last time I visited the Library of Congress, I learned that they believe it to be one of the best books about the life of Christ, aside from the Bible.

  3. Joseph Lindsay

    This is one of the most powerful books I have ever read In fact the curator for religious books at the Library of Congress says that this is the best portrayal of the life of Jesus he has ever come across Read it If you don t have the time or money get it listen to the audio book vegemedia audios egw mp3Li Then buy it and read it There is just so much to take in that you ll never get tired of going over it

  4. Amy

    My favorite all time spiritual read aside from the source the Bible Reading this book is like jumping into a time machine and living the years of Christ s life So thankful for this author.

  5. Jimin

    The desire of ages is a book about God This book gave us many means This book said we should prepare for future of us by praying to God This devotional classic tells the life story of the greatest spiritual leader the world has ever known Jesus Christ It does not merely set down a series of remote events it presents the meaning of them so vividly that you will feel like you are an eyewitness to what is being described.I would recommend this book a thousand times over This book made me truly love [...]

  6. Steve

    The version I read many years ago was called The Desire of Ages An amazingly great book The search for truth never ends, and this is a great addition in the quest My grandmother gave this to me when I was very young, and it sat among my books unread for over a decade I promised her I would read it, and I will never regret keeping that promise.

  7. Marna Hand

    After the Bible, this book has been the most important book to me to getting close to Christ You will absolutely get chills reading this book on the life of Christ, you WILL have a deeper relationship with our Savior

  8. Matt

    The whole of sacred history is centered on one individual, Jesus Christ, either through the prophecies and sacrificial meanings of the Old Testament or the good news of His life and message in the New The Desire of Ages is the seminal work of Ellen G White s Conflict of Ages series in which the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is examined in great detail to show the love of God for man Through over 800 pages of wonderful, engaging writing the 33 years of when the So [...]

  9. Christopher

    The 3rd book in Ellen G White s Conflict of the Ages series though actually published 2nd The Desire of Ages takes us from the expectant hope of a Messiah, His birth and how the majority of Israel missed it, his life of ministry in teaching humanity who God is, His passion as he willingly laid down His life to pay the price of our redemption, and lastly his resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God s throne in heaven No other book has so thoroughly and faithfully dealt with Jesus s lif [...]

  10. Peach

    I absolutely love this book I read another version of this book called Man of Peace It took me about two months to read because it was indeed lengthy I would read as much chapters as I can daily as part of my devotions It helped me grow spiritually and I also learned a lot It tells the whole story of Jesus human life but also sharing important lessons I ve learned to be patient, humble, and have a different outlook on my life I definitely recommend this book

  11. Phelicia

    This is at least my third reading of this amazing book, and definitely a blessing every time I read it No other book outside of the Holy Bible reveals to love of God for fallen mankind as well as this book I was touched, amazed, and found myself weeping as I read of my Savior s great sacrifice for me Read this book, fall in love with Jesus again or for the first time.

  12. Jimmy Nyakora

    The Life of Jesus through the eyes of a mother, wife, christian and servant of God.The Love of God through His Son is so vividly depicted as to capture the imagination and the heart Truly, God is Love

  13. Fran

    Insight into the life and thoughts of the Savior Very moving and inspiring I ve read it several times already Definitely one of those books you want to read every year at least once In beholding, we become changed This definitely brings out the life of Christ.

  14. Thyshaina

    The best book I ve read after the Bible It explains the life of Jesus as a total savior and why He s called The Desire of Ages amazing book

  15. Amanda

    This is a lenghty book on the story of Jesus short life and the lessons he taught I loved the concept, but it isn t exactly light reading.

  16. GrachiBooks

    El libro que todo el mundo deber a leer.Sin lugar a dudas este es el mejor libro despu s de la Biblia que jamas haya le do Y no, no estoy exagerando Solo aquellas personas que lo han tenido en sus manos saben lo maravilloso que es entrarse en sus paginas, retroceder en el tiempo, volver a la poca en que vivi Jes s, Recorrer su vida desde su nacimiento hasta su muerte y su triunfante resurrecci n Ahora te dir que es lo que encontraras en este maravilloso libro sin spoiler, por supuesto Veras hay [...]

  17. Dan Walker

    This is the definitive story of the life of Christ The author makes Jesus life come alive in a story format that portrays Him as real in a very believable way However the author does not gloss over the lessons that Jesus sought to bring home to the hearts of His listeners They needed to make dramatic changes if their world was going to survive Jesus wants us to apply those same lessons to our lives, and with the same urgency.In fact, less than a generation later Jerusalem was destroyed violently [...]

  18. Robyn

    I started reading this book around April 2005, took some breaks of setting it aside then picking it up again I finally finished it in March 5, 2014 It was a gift from some friends at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Amarillo, after one of their Prophecy Seminars they hosted with Leo Schreven Am I spelling that right as the featured guest lecturer , which stirred my interest I agree with one of the other reviews that states this book isn t exactly light reading Sister Ellen White did a good th [...]

  19. Adrian

    This book truly breaks down the entirety of Jesus Christ EGW writes in a way that the lessons that Jesus taught both directly and indirectly show his love and mercy for his fellow man Each chapter was packed with biblical insight into the character of God revealed through Christ Personally this book has helped me grow spiritually in ways that I thought weren t possible To say I recommend this book is an understatement If you want to understand who and what Jesus Christ is then this book is an es [...]

  20. Dave

    In my opinion, this book is the 5th best book ever written about the life of Christ After the four gospels, of course I first read it in a New Testament class during my sopho year in high school many years ago It helped draw me closer to the central figure of my life Ellen White wrote this book in the closing years of the 19th century, yet it is timeless I could have easily rated this book 5 stars wish there was a way to go 4 1 2 stars I knocked it down one star because of the scholarly consensu [...]

  21. Cynthia

    This is the third book in the Conflict of the Ages series by Ellen G White and is the longest It is truly a classic about the life and death of Jesus I recommend this to anyone who is new to the Christian faith, or perhaps just in need of a review of why Jesus plays the important role in He does in your life and the world The words are love soaked If you were intrigued by Mel Gibson s movie The Passion of Christ then you are ready to read the Bible centered version called The Desire of Ages.

  22. Daniela

    Un gran retrato de la vida de Jes s Al leerlo paralelamente con los Evangelios encuentras esos paralelismos y esa extensi n necesaria para conocerlo realmente Hay pasajes que son sublimes, no solo por el contenido de ellos, sino por el estilo de escritura Aunque es una lectura densa, vale cada d a pasado Cada p rrafo es como una peque a estructura que puede ser independiente por s misma, al llevar, cada uno, la idea central del libro dar a conocer a Jes s.

  23. Darlene Roy

    This is a great book on the life of Jesus it takes the reader on a journey from his birth to his assension into heaven with the promise of his second coming It is very in depth and you feel like you are there along with the disciples watching and learning This book is also a deep read and it took me time to get through it but is was time well spent I would reccomend this as a must read for anyone interested in the life of Jesus.

  24. Faith Lowery

    I don t have the exact read start and finish dates on many books I have read this year The dates are approximated, as I have been in out of the hospital, and on bed rest, and read 2 5 books a day depending on the book length and my ability to focus All dates are approximated, by month.

  25. Debra Pigeon

    A very good book about the life of Christ I will re read this book It is better than the movie the passion of the Christ she deals with from how Christ was raised to how he got the victory in Gethsemane before the cross to His ascension, it exspounds on the Bible and shows the reader Christ in all His glory Awesome.

  26. Terry

    I have reread this book several times Each time it inspires and reinforces my Christian experience It is without doubt the best book written on the lied of Jesus Christ If you read this book, it will change your life This time I listened to an audio version called Humble Hero It is available in mp3 format and free to download.

  27. Bezi

    An inspiring and insightful harmony of the gospels written to motivate simply by illustrating a one time only situation of an eternal God living the temporal life of a humble carpenter from Nazareth The author portrays Jesus in a beautiful and tangible way drawing hearts and challenging the thoughts of all who behold him.

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