Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy 3 Books Collection Set (2020)

Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy 3 Books Collection Set Robin Hobb Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy Books Collection Set This is a three books collection Titles in this collection are Ship of Magic The Mad Ship Ship of Destiny Robin Hobb was born in California in and majored in Communications at Denver University
  • Title: Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy 3 Books Collection Set
  • Author: Robin Hobb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy 3 Books Collection Set Robin Hobb This is a three books collection Titles in this collection are Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship, Ship of Destiny Robin Hobb was born in California in 1952 and majored in Communications at Denver University, Colorado Assassin s Apprentice was her first novel, and was followed by the equally successful Royal Assassin and Assassin s Quest She lives outside Seattle, WashingtonThis is a three books collection Titles in this collection are Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship, Ship of Destiny Robin Hobb was born in California in 1952 and majored in Communications at Denver University, Colorado Assassin s Apprentice was her first novel, and was followed by the equally successful Royal Assassin and Assassin s Quest She lives outside Seattle, Washington The magic and mayhem continue in this thrilling second instalment of Hobb s new series Althea Vestrit has found a new home aboard the liveship Ophelia, but she lives only to reclaim the Vivacia as her rightful inheritance However, the Vivacia has been captured by the pirate, King Kennit, and is acquiring a keen bloodlust Meanwhile in Bingtown, the fading fortunes of the Vestrit family lead Malta deeper into the magical secrets of the mysterious Rain Wilds Traders And just outside Bingtown, Amber dreams of relaunching the Paragon, The Mad Ship The second volume in this superb trilogy from the author of THE FARSEER TRILOGY continues the dramatic tale of piracy, serpents, love and magic Hobb is one of the great modern fantasy writers what makes her novels as addictive as morphine is not just their imaginative brilliance but the way her characters are compromised and manipulated by politics The Times Assassin s Apprentice A gleaming debut PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Assassin s Quest Assassin s Quest achieves a bittersweet, powerful complexity rare in fantasy LOCUS Robin Hobb writes achingly well SFX Praise for The Liveship Traders series Even better than the Assassin books I didn t think that was possible George R R Martin Hobb is a remarkable storyteller Guardian.
Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy 3 Books Collection Set Robin Hobb

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One thought on “Robin Hobb The Liveship Traders Trilogy 3 Books Collection Set

  1. Linda

    I m reviewing all three together, not only because I read them together in a few days like I was in a fever dream, but also beause it s a true trilogy and everything was intricately plotted out to come together at the end of the last book While there is an overarching plot and various subplots Althea wants her ship back, Kennit wants to be PIRATE KING, Malta wants to be hot, there are these weird migrating snake things, and Wintrow just wants to go home okay , this series is very much built on t [...]

  2. Dlora

    I finished the first book in the trilogy, Ship of Magic, on May 24 and the last book in the trilogy, Ship of Destiny, on June 6 I am in awe of Robin Hobb s creative mind fashioning intertwining worlds in her various books I first read her Farseer trilogy dealing with court intrigue and the magic of Skill and Wit I jumped out of order next and read the Rain Wilds Chronicles dealing with dragons, a lost magical Elderlings civilization, and the genetic mutations of associating with dragons and the [...]

  3. Noa

    I do agree that Robin Hobb s writing style can be long winded a bit I think I started to slowly get into it when I reached page 150 , but by page 400 I found myself completely and utterly engrossed.There were days I didn t do anything other than read, read and read Bye social life It s not only about the fantastic story, you see, Hobb has a way of wording, the story is fascinatingly compelling but she also manages to be philosophical, wise and insightful The series opened my view on a lot of thi [...]

  4. johanna

    De Robin Hobb no puedo esperar menos, debo decir que es una de mis escritoras favoritas de libros de fantas as Este libro como he notado en su otra trilog a, empieza a mostrarnos paso a paso cada uno de sus protagonistas Y lees y lees y lees y sabes que debes estar atento en el momento que Robin empieza a engranar las piezas Y es all donde ella te atrapa Este primer libro de la trilog a hace que te enas de Vivacia El barco rediviva , que sientes compasi n y l stima por Wintrow, que sientas impot [...]

  5. Alessandro

    Nautical fantasy and dragons, what s not to like For me Hobbs books are all about the characters, yet her world building is top notch as well Overall I feel the story could have been told in two books instead of three but the journey was well worth it nevertheless On to the Tawny Man series

  6. Zoe

    Huge change from the first person perspective of the Farseer trilogy Beautifully rendered characters I am always so floored by the culmination of events and the inter connectedness of these lives.

  7. Karla

    Spoilers below Overall, I think this trilogy is definitely worth reading if you are invested in Fitz and the Fool I skipped it last time and went straight to The Golden Fool trilogy, but was glad I decided to read it in my reread as it added a lot to The Golden Fool It was an enjoyable read, but had some problems as well.Things I liked Amber anything with Amber I loved seeing another side of the Fool and his her interactions with other characters.The liveships really interesting and unique and w [...]

  8. Rachael Dingman

    As glorious as the first Farseer trilogy is, this trilogy outstrips it by a dragon length I find that with each consecutive trilogy, Robin Hobbs ability to suck the reader into her magnificent Elderlings universe increases I strongly recommend you read the trilogy s in the order that she wrote them, many skip the liveship traders, but I believe that only injures their ability to completely enjoy the story thread that runs through her novels While I will not summarize The Liveship traders detaile [...]

  9. Judith

    I vow to never read a book by Robin Hobb again While reading her Lifeship Traders Trilogy, I miss my bus, take the wrong train, and almost step in front of a car When my skin starts to flake after reading for too many hours in the early spring sun, I expect purple scaling underneath Even though no lifeship ever arrives in my port, let alone a dreambox in my mail my fire remains kindled until the very last page A 4.5 star as I prefer magic over politics.

  10. Leah

    Reading this trilogy was a very different experience from reading the three trilogies centered around Fitz The Farseer trilogy, the Tawny Man trilogy, and the Fitz and the Fool trilogy all broke my heart in their own ways, while the Liveship Traders made me viscerally angry and panicky It s very well done, and I like everyone s character arcs, but man even though I knew who was going to be alive by the time Assassin s Fate rolls around, I was stressed as hell.

  11. mrs a w reeves

    Fabulous Really enjoyed this trilogy I preferred the Fitz Fool stories but as I d read them out of sequence I m enjoying reading them in order and filling in the gaps

  12. Mitchell Jessup

    Im currently in love with Robin hobb and her universe Already finished the first trilogy, and just finished this second one Amazing writer

  13. Mothwing

    Wow, this series left me reeling It may be because I read it while down with the flu and sporting a fever, it may also be because I find myself dragged into this world as though into a maelstrom and now find it hard to get out of it I m marvelling at the amount of triangular love relationships in all trilogies somehow, every couple comes with a third partner either waiting in the wings or spurned view spoiler Burrich Patience Chivalry Fitz Molly Burrich Kennit Etta Wintrow Verity Kettricken Fitz [...]

  14. Farah

    Note that skeletal spoilers follow In many ways, this trilogy shows the pinnacle of fantasy writing It is one of those impossible creations where multiple layers of the fantastic rather than one unfold in perfect pace to increasingly deepen the enchantment of the world Each secret revealed is a key to the mystery of the liveships, and every single revelation brings the characters closer to a nexus of fate that will change the world I personally feel that this trilogy is far superior to the Assas [...]

  15. Claire

    Overall, I ve been very disappointed in this book.The first issue I had is that it seems to me that the book clearly lacked editing Especially because it was very long and not all that length felt needed to me as some of the storylines seemed to drag on forever.My second issue was that the book is very much centered on the characters and I didn t managed to get really involved with any of them They all felt rather real because they were flawed, but also somehow artificial and stereotypical I was [...]

  16. Meredith

    These books are a long, character driven fantasy series, with several, interwoven plots I really liked how all of the books were interwoven, starting with the first one, so they felt well plotted The world created is interesting and the magical features including the liveships ships made of wizardwood that come to life after three members of their human family die on board and blend with them work in the plot.My only complaint is that I found myself skimming sections of the second and third book [...]


    Hoewel ik er wat lang over deed om deze trilogie te lezen vond ik dit wel het beste werk van Robin Hobb in vergelijking met de Farseer en Tawny man trilogie n Karakters en verhaallijnen waren veel beter uitgewerkt hoewel ik me nog afvraag wie Amber nu is Er lijkt een verband te zijn met de White Prophet s maar dat lijkt het dan ook te zijn Wellicht iets gemist want vaak moet ik een boek twee of drie keer lezen Mooi de karakters in het boek te zien groeien en hoe alles uiteindelijk samen komt in [...]

  18. Alison Gow

    I read these greedily in as near a back to back session as I could for they are not short The first novel was a 99p BookBub punt and it was so so good I bought the other two immediately Liveships are such a wonderful concept in themselves, and there are many separate story strands brought together dragons, lost cities, family struggles that although the reader moves around the geography of Hobbs world rapidly it s never as complicated as, say, Westeros I wasn t sure what to expect from these nov [...]

  19. Willow

    I love the world that Robin Hobb created The main characters are overly pensive, tortured or trod upon souls for my tastes I read 13 Robin Hobb books in a row because of the world and its history and tales, despite the characters In a discussion of writing style, my sister and I determined that I don t like characters that are too touchy feely or self reflective, particularly ones that are put upon, used and abused by others This is entirely subjective Despite feeling that the plot dragged on wi [...]

  20. Jennifer

    I love Robin Hobb This is a different storyline from FitzChivalry Farseerer trilogy but set around the same time Tells the story of ships from Bingtown that can talk and the treasures they get as they can sail through waters ordinary vessels can t The Liveship traders trilogy tells of of one family s liveship and the quickening awakening of the ship It is also linked then to the Rain wild chronicles in a way as well Fabulous trilogy If you have read about Fitz and his tale then you will definite [...]

  21. Vickie Andresen Sedillo

    I m treating these all together since they were my least favorite of all the series in the Realm of the Elderlings books They re necessary, however, and you do get attached to the characters and what happens Hobb is a master at twining destinies, and many of the characters we meet here will turn up later in other places Likewise, the events build to the Rainwilds trilogy, and a lot of what Fitz and Verity accomplished in the last trilogy influence what happens in this one And if you like a reall [...]

  22. Victoria

    Robin Hobb s World Comes to LifeI absolutely loved this series The characters are diverse and believable I love all of the perspective characters even those that are very hateful There are no two dimensional characters The story in these three novels centers around Bingtown, which is a city state south of the Six Dutchies This series is just as wonderful as the first series.I read the books in the order of series 1, series 3, and then series 2 I would encourage others to read them in order.

  23. Halima

    After months of waiting after reading this masterpiece of a trilogy, I now have my hands on first edition copies Dying of wonder and at the excitement of placing these gems onto my bookshelf.TEARS OF JOY In regards to the actual novels themselves, they are without a doubt gemstones of the Fantasy genre I thoroughly enjoyed reading this trilogy, a shed a few tears, laughed outrageously and was kept on the edge of my seat constantly Brilliant Hobb I m aware I ve shelved this trilogy twice, but you [...]

  24. Laura

    Love Love Love Robin Hobb I m not usually one to base any review on the demographic of the author but it was really refreshing to read a fantasy series written by a woman First regardless of her own sex, she writes amazing characters I loved and hated and loved them all in turn as they developed throughout the story, but in particular I think that she writes incredibly relatable female characters with all their strength and their flaws intact This is a book series I found really hard to put down [...]

  25. Tracy

    Not a word too long or out of place Robin Hobb offers characters that evolve in a world that is consistent with her story I appreciate being able to enter the villages such as Bingtown and the Rainwilds with their traditions, histories and puzzles all the while traveling with the variety of characters sailors, traders, young and old, scarred, marked, slave, dragon and sentient ships A story well woven and well worth reading.

  26. Leann

    Could not put it downI have a new favorite author All of the characters in these books are well developed and vivid I mourned their losses and exalted in their triumphs I was sad when the trilogy was over I will be reading anything I can get my hands on that Robin Hobbs has written or writes.

  27. Mark Haydon

    I am a bit conflicted I read all three books back to back, enjoyed reading them very much, but was left feeling disappointed at such a contrived or convenient ending Hobb develops interesting, likable characters with ease For the most part does a wonderful job of story telling, but some parts just didn t seem to ring true at the end Will read Hobb for sure.

  28. Claire Wood

    I have just finished this wonderful trilogy I thoroughly enjoyed them, I could hardly put them down The writing is superb, the characters are so well drawn I feel they are old friends, the world they live in is both intriguing and delightful I recommend this trilogy to all my friends young and not so young

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