Small Elephant's Bathtime (2020)

Small Elephant's Bathtime Tatyana Feeney Small Elephant s Bathtime Small Elephant likes water but not when it s in a bath Small Elephant s mommy tries to make the bath fun with toys and bubbles but he is not fooled He is too busy to take a bath He has said no many t
  • Title: Small Elephant's Bathtime
  • Author: Tatyana Feeney
  • ISBN: 9780553497212
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
Small Elephant's Bathtime Tatyana Feeney Small Elephant likes water but not when it s in a bath Small Elephant s mommy tries to make the bath fun with toys and bubbles, but he is not fooled He is too busy to take a bath He has said no many times He is getting very cross And then he disappears Elephants who cannot be found cannot take baths But Small Elephant s daddy has a way to make tSmall Elephant likes water but not when it s in a bath Small Elephant s mommy tries to make the bath fun with toys and bubbles, but he is not fooled He is too busy to take a bath He has said no many times He is getting very cross And then he disappears Elephants who cannot be found cannot take baths But Small Elephant s daddy has a way to make the bath fun He may look silly doing it but it just might work With spare text and sprightly illustrations, Tatyana Feeney, three time author of gently funny books for the youngest readers, takes on another very important toddler topic bathtime
Small Elephant's Bathtime Tatyana Feeney

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One thought on “Small Elephant's Bathtime

  1. Evie

    Small Elephant doesn t like bath time He wants to play with his toys instead Even when Mommy Elephant tries to offer him toys to play in the bathtub, he says no and refuses to get in the water The she pleads, the the little one gets madder and madder and MADDER It isn t until Daddy Elephant comes around and gets in the tiny bathtub himself that Small Elephant seeing how funny Daddy looks barely fitting into the tiny tub decides to take a bath Now that he got in, though, Mommy Elephant has a ne [...]

  2. Melissa Neufer

    This has potential to be a great story A really great story But I was kind of disappointed that Daddy had to get him in the tub and he was completely disobeying and disrespectful of his mother And even in the end, supposed to be cute, he was still disrespecting her It s just not cool that he will listen to only one parent but not both I know it s only a story but media and what we read do effect how we think and act Kids read this and think they can be mean to mom but not dad whether they realiz [...]

  3. Sara Grochowski

    I m a huge fan of Tatyana Feeney s books and art, so I m thrilled to see a new picture book from her Like her other books Small Bunny s Blue Blanket, Little Frog s Tadpole Trouble, etc , Feeney keeps her illustrations adorably simple and her text minimal Small Elephant s Bathtime follows a little elephant loves water except when it s time for a bath.

  4. J

    This is a fun one I read it to two different groups of preschoolers It s an easy one to make interactive You can ask things like Do you like taking a bath Where s Small Elephant and so on and so forth.

  5. Kenson Dickey

    i hate to take baths too my mom says she liked the black and white illustrations with only spots of blue and red.

  6. Regina L

    The character of Small Elephant is an every child Overall pretty darn adorable, with looks as sweet as apple pie, but pushing the boundaries of how much of a hard time they can give their Mommies In this lovely picture book, Small Elephant does not want to take a bath for his Mommy No No No he shouts before he disappears on her And no matter how she may try to trick him into it, poor Mommy Elephant has no luck But of course, Mommies are the cleverest people in all the land elephant mommies inclu [...]

  7. Samuel Tyler

    I don t know about you, but I love bathtime I will often retreat to the bath to read my book for an hour at a time, only leaving when I am shouted at to get out This is not the case for everyone, some people don t even like to take a bath and this is certainly the case for Small Elephant in Tatyana Feeney s Small Elephant s Bathtime He will do anything in his power to procrastinate and outright defy his mother when it comes to bathtime This is a simple story and one that is suitable to read to 1 [...]

  8. Tasha

    While Small Elephant is happy to play in water or drink it, he doesn t like taking a bath at all His mother tries all sorts of thing to entice him into the bathtub She fills it with plenty of toys She blows bubbles in the air But nothing works Small Elephant tries to be too busy to take a bath and gets very mad when his mother insists on a bath He has a tantrum and then hides from the bath Then his father gets involved and makes Small Elephant giggle enough to try out the bath after all But who [...]

  9. The Library Lady

    I was tempted to give this 5 stars to offset the poor, misguided, doubtlessly childless lady who is alarmed by disrespect , thinks toddlers should show obedience and feels that this will teach toddlers to obey one parent and not the other In the words of my ancestors Oy Seriously, this is a funny little book about a typical 1 year old 2 year old situation, and how parents cleverly tag team to cope with it My own daughter did much the same at this age Fortunately, she s 20 now and has gotten over [...]

  10. Virginia

    I was first drawn to the cover with lots of white space and limited color palette I love the way the color and line art looks like it has a registration issue and that the grey of the elephant s ears has a texture that could be elephant skin texture, but it s very simple.I love the lines, She tried blowing bubbles But Small Elephant was not fooled As if the mother had been trying to fool the little elephant I liked the interactive quality of the page, Then Small Elephant got harder to find And w [...]

  11. Kristen

    This was a very simple book Simple words Simple sentences Simple illustrations Very simple It would be a really good book for those who are learning to read.My daughter loves elephants so she was very engaged in the pictures even though there wasn t much color or much going on in the pictures She also loves bathtime so this book was perfect for her.It s a cute book about a baby elephant who doesn t enjoy bathtime and tries to get out of it any way he can But Daddy elephant ends up using reverse [...]

  12. Barbara

    Small Elephant loves water in just about every form except for the water in his bathtub When he rebuffs Mama s every effort to get him to take a bath, she resorts to last measures and enlists his father s help Because his father is enormous, he engulfs the tub, and Little Elephant finds it so silly that he just can t help but climb in Once again, humor works effectively than reasoning Parents may find this one helpful in handling their own bath time issues, and they want to use this title as a [...]

  13. Jane

    Tatyana Feeney understands toddlers Anyone who s worked with little ones know how suddenly an interaction can escalate into a full blown tantrum, how completely it can engulf a child, and how quickly it can evaporate We have all seen toddlers get crosser and crosser and crosser , as Small Elephant does when asked to take a bath I enjoyed having both parents depicted in the story sometimes Daddys get left out of picture books, and it was nice to see a father figure involved in parenting Of course [...]

  14. Mattathias

    There is a certain type of picture book which exists very much as part of the negotiation of parenting It seems they are written partly for parents, to assure them that they are not the only ones who struggle to get their child to go to bed, eat broccoli, or in this case, take a bath They also seem to be partly aimed at convincing reluctant and defiant children that sleeping and bathing are, in fact, good choices and enjoyable outcomes Small Elephant s Bathtime is this kind of book It s pretty g [...]

  15. paula

    Am I the only parent whose kids didn t mind taking baths I feel like I ve seen a million I won t take a bath books lately.The story is nothing terribly original, but I like these illustrations quite a bit are these monoprints a combination of litho and direct impression anyway they are appealing Cute, easy to look at, and with a herky jerky quality that feels accessible to a small child.

  16. Rhonda K

    Tatyana FeeneyWe ve always loved Tatyana Feeney s books at bedtime Feeney works with pages that are mostly white and a few primary colors to offer up very appealing, simple and fun illustrations In this story Small Elephant does his best to avoid his nightly bath until someone gives him a change of heart.

  17. Clare Rossetter

    Really cut story of an elephant that does not like to take a bath Mom tries everything she can think of to convince him to take a bath Nothing works until dad gets in the tub which is way too small for him and small elephant decides it is in fact his bath The illustrations are done in only three colors, blue, red, and black, with red font The drawings are very simple line ones that really support the light mood of the text Students will laugh at small elephant and his reactions.

  18. Rachel

    I love Tatyanna Feeney s illustrations, so that s why I picked up this book The story was super simple and would be great for a bathtime or bedtime Toddler Storytime Small Elephant does not want to take a bath, and only ends up taking one through some pretty creative imagination on part of his mom For all the parents who have ever struggled with a toddler or preschooler s bathtime, this book is really cute Recommended for ages 2 5, 3 stars.

  19. Lauren

    Baby Elephant loves water, unless it is in a bathtub Simple text and illustrations explores the feelings Small elephant feels towards bath The illustrations accentuate the feelings, and could be used as part of a discussion on author illustrator intentions they make intentional choices with words and illustration styles.

  20. Robin

    Clearly there wouldn t be a picture book about Small Elephant s bathtime if there weren t an issue of some sort with bathtime Not to spoil it but Small Elephant wants to avoid taking a bath at all costs untiloh, I can t tell you everything now, can I

  21. ReadRibbet

    Tatyana Feeney adds to her growing collection of pictures books in her unique style With small graphic illustrations, Feeney tells the story of a resistant elephant who avoids bath time until someone else climbs into the tub.

  22. Kelly Ford

    Another good book for a bath time themed story time I will be using this book at one of my Toddler Times.

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