Greenling (2020)

Greenling Levi Pinfold Greenling A modern fable about nature s power from a Kate Greenaway Medal winner Mr Barleycorn picks a green baby growing on his land unleashing the incredible power of nature When zucchinis flower in the kitc
  • Title: Greenling
  • Author: Levi Pinfold
  • ISBN: 9780763675981
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
Greenling Levi Pinfold A modern fable about nature s power from a Kate Greenaway Medal winner.Mr Barleycorn picks a green baby growing on his land, unleashing the incredible power of nature When zucchinis flower in the kitchen and carrots sprout out of their television, Mr Barleycorn s wife insists that the Greenling has to go But the bounty and beauty of nature have a strange power the poA modern fable about nature s power from a Kate Greenaway Medal winner.Mr Barleycorn picks a green baby growing on his land, unleashing the incredible power of nature When zucchinis flower in the kitchen and carrots sprout out of their television, Mr Barleycorn s wife insists that the Greenling has to go But the bounty and beauty of nature have a strange power the power to bring a whole community together.
Greenling Levi Pinfold

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    254 Levi Pinfold
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One thought on “Greenling

  1. Amrit Kandola

    It s almost like they have adopted this child but it s taken a while for the two members in this family have to go through the hurdles to appreciate and find the good in the gift they ve been given An inner message to not almost bite the hand that feeds you Don t take advantage of the gifts unknown people can provide Very interesting book with lots of inner meanings Would be interesting to contact the illustrator maybe If a possibility

  2. paula

    No doubt, the illustrations are amazing, I mean sink into for days amazing.But I found the meter to be difficult to get a bead on, the message to be simultaneously murky and ham handed, and the style to be unlikely to appeal to most kids.

  3. Jim Erekson

    Another book where one moment made the experience About 2 3 through the book, the words say Greenling sits up and speaks an old magic word, long since forgotten, casts an odd spell for weeks The picture shows new flowers on his body, and a raised Buddha hand, but the word is not on the page On the next page turn, the effects of the mystic word are played out This was a brilliant call for readers to bring their own sensory imagery and ideas to the book What was the word Who knows Nice work making [...]

  4. James Benham

    Absolutely incredible piece of work The artwork is gorgeous and the story deep There are so many things to say about this picture book The way Pinfold uses contrasting colour to differentiate between the natural and the modern and the way the food ties them together The quality of the narrative is excellent as well An absolutely brilliant book for inferencing and analysing An instant favourite.

  5. Daisy Toomey

    This took me a second read to fully appreciate the use of pictures and colour in this book Pinfold s use of sepia Barley like tones create a barren and dry existence I felt there were lots of subtle hints of the rigidity in the Barleycorn s life before Greenling from the colour palette, consistency of squares and rectangles around the house and barley based products at the bottom of their stairs I found it particularly interesting how Mr Barleycorn is very paternal towards Greenling, yet Mrs Bar [...]

  6. Savannah-Alicia Lloyd

    A strange but interesting story with lots of hidden meanings and good morals taught Very enticing and unique illustrations.

  7. Kathleen Dixon

    I ve noticed this book several times on the shelf in the bookshop where I work, but hadn t taken it down to look at until today What a treasure A man finds something which is a bit like a baby but isn t really, and he takes it home His wife says it needs to go, but he doesn t listen, and the next morning green things are sprouting in the house Things keep happening and the wife goes from annoyance to despair, but when the community says the baby needs to go after the train tracks become useless [...]

  8. Jess Jackson

    Ohh I loved it The story was beautiful with lots of hidden meanings and the illustrations were lovely A modern fairy tale.

  9. Margaux

    Sure to be a bigger hit with people who are ecologically minded, the story didn t do it for me The illustrations were wonderful.

  10. Cat

    This was an interesting tale The greenlings a little creepy, but over all the story is nice I loved the idea of a garden just growing wildly with fruits and vegetables It s all due to the greenling No body but the farmer likes it, initially, but his wife comes around when the townies say they need to get rid of the greenling Everyone ultimately enjoys the greenlings fruits and vegetables Illustrations were wild and wonderful Not for little children The rhyme scheme and odd use of language is goi [...]

  11. Lydia Duncalfe

    A stunning book with a wealth of hidden meanings Implied readers may include parents, adopted children adults and people that can empathise with not feeling accepted Also, the idea of not taking people or things for granted is apparent I loved how the male took on a maternal role from the beginning, and the wife was concealed in frames before she let down her wall and warmed to the creature The colours increased in vibrancy as the Greenling grew But what was the real purpose of the Greenlings vi [...]

  12. Cheryl

    I can t rate this yet I ll have to let myself think on it The blurb says it s a fable about nature Ok But I think it s also a fable about how a baby can change your life and your perspective And I do not know which one word was said by the Greenling baby I mean, Pinfold probably left it open to the reader s choice on purpose, but I can t come up with any interpretation that I like.Very vegan friendly

  13. Nadine

    Luscious book about a greenling and it s transformative power over the people it comes in contact with Eco message.

  14. Nate LaPrairie

    I very much enjoyed this story The concept is quite unique and the artwork is simply gorgeous I would say that the text might be a little too involved for a group storytime however, I would say that it would make great story to start before either a nap or bedtime

  15. Roben

    There was lots to like about this book The illustrations are lovely It s a book that you can easily read than once discovering new things in the drawings I liked that Mr Barleycorn was the one who found the baby Greenling and wanted to keep it and nurture it And it would be interesting to ask children what word they think the Greenling uttered In short an ecological fable best suited for elementary aged children, methinks.

  16. Hannah

    I have mixed feelings about this book I m going to get the negatives out of the way first I think it s painfully obvious that this story was written from the white, male perspective The gender dynamics between the husband and wife in this story follow an age old stereotype that I wish would stop being perpetuated particularly in children s literature If the personalities of the characters were simply reversed, I would feel much comfortable with the marital tension However, that follows another [...]

  17. Lisa

    When Mr Barleycorn finds a strange baby in a giant flower in a culvert on his property and brings the baby home, things are never the same at the Barleycorn home Mrs Barleycorn does not like the green baby from the start, and after the first night, when her kitchen is invaded by vines and fruits and vegetables and greenery, she insists he be sent back to the earth where he came from But by the next day, when the train is stopped due to all the vines on the tracks and the passengers are angry, Mr [...]

  18. Annette

    GREENLING by Levi Pinfold is a beautifully illustrated picture book fable Designed for the middle grades, this thought provoking ecological fantasy features a mysterious green baby who stimulates plant growth and the power of nature wherever he goes This story of the connection between people and the natural world will promote lots of student discussion.Librarians will want to add this title to their growing collection of picture books for older youth.To learn about the author illustrator, go t [...]

  19. Cathy

    We need green in our lives We need to share green and earth and sun and rain with out friends We need to walk in it and live in it and roll in it This picture book for older readers gently, tenderly encourages getting our green on Pair this with Rainbabies and The Root Children Wake Up for a perfect Earth Day story time and that s just the first of many ideas from someone who kinda misses being a children s librarian right now.

  20. Angela

    Mesmerizing I would have LOVED to have this in the youthful era I discovered other haunting picture book gems like THE GIVING TREE Hauntingly wonderful Good for young people with old souls, adults who appreciate the fine art of children s picture books and fans of Jon Klassen s illustrations.I recommend you read it slowly for the the best rhythm and allow plenty of time to absorb the illustrations.

  21. Rebecca

    The illustrations are remarkable in this fable of a foundling or Greenling who changes the lives of the older couple who take him in When Mr Barleycorn brings home a mysterious green baby, his wife isn t happy especially when green, growing things start taking over the house The lesson gets a bit muddy, and the language here is not the best rhyme, but the double page spreads have a surreal realism reminiscent of Chris Van Allsburg.

  22. Alice

    So I get an appreciate the fable part of the book Sure Do I get it Sure Do I love it No It is creative and unusual with unique pictures, and if that is what you are going for success But, no one is going to pull this book off of the shelf and and say Oh this looks good It is only going to appeal to very small group Maybe farmers, or people who need help with their gardening I would like a greenling in my garden

  23. Samantha

    Reads like a fairytale in which a farmer picks a baby growing out of a flower on his land The child brings nature to land that was previously barren, but the arrival of the child is not a welcome sight for the farmer s wife or the other residents of the area who fear the bountiful harvest that sweeps in with the child.Text makes for a nice read aloud and the message makes this a book worthy of many rereads.Mixed media illustrations PreK 2.

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