Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World (2020)

Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World Kelly Starrett Glen Cordoza Deskbound Standing Up to a Sitting World Deskbound
  • Title: Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World
  • Author: Kelly Starrett Glen Cordoza
  • ISBN: 9781628600582
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World Kelly Starrett Glen Cordoza Deskbound
Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World Kelly Starrett Glen Cordoza

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    Kelly Starrett Glen Cordoza

One thought on “Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World

  1. Phoebe

    I didn t read this book I did, however, check it out of the library because I was highly tickled by what I felt was a somewhat unchecked use of hyperbole I perused the very expressive text, looked at the pictures and giggled yes, all at the same time Then I returned the book to the library lugging the enormous tome in my bike panniers Following, a curious thing happened I started using the laptop bars at cafes as standing tables, I discovered ways to stand and do work at my local libraries, I bo [...]

  2. Raphael

    What a bunch of quackery It s been a while since I ve read of page of this, and I ve since learned that most of what is in this book is crap and exaggerated.See the following links for much less biased information backed by non cherry picked sources, and meta studies than what is present in this book painscience articles inscience articles DNF.

  3. Fullfaun Faun

    Clear directions on how to transition to a standing desk, how to help you in airplane seats and driving in a car.The first elementary school that only has standing desks and how much healthy the kids are.

  4. Jamie

    This is a super comprehensive book and was too much to get through on a limited library loan period, but I do recommend it for anyone who is looking to realign their bodies and get healthier from the inside out

  5. Zach

    Certainly worth reading by those of us myself very included who spend most of our time sitting, either at work or at home or both This book does a good job presenting the various negative health effects of that lifestyle, debunks some common myths, and offers useful suggestions to incorporate movement into your lifestyle I d recommend it to other lazy bums.

  6. Mark Gently

    Important stuff I will probably be using this as a reference for years to come My posture has already improved, and I am continuing to make progress, both on my range of motion and on combatting my sitting habits.

  7. Tiberiu Pana

    Found Kelly Starrett through youtube video, than his website and finally this book.Usually health books tend to push some products, some aggressive than others, but most annoyingly they use words like probably, should, maybe and expressions like not researched, but I believe, I m sure that, other stuff is well researched but I don t believe itd so on None of that here.The author gives pure advice from years of experience of working with patients of all ages Nothing ground breaking here, just fo [...]

  8. Kaja Trees

    The book teaches you to stand the right way at the standing desk so you don t hurt yourself It also teaches a series of exercises and tells you to do a set of those each day for 15 minutes but let us be honest, barely anyone beside fitness fanatics will do it that often Rather, it convinced me to put focus on yoga and stretching exercises instead, to balance out the sitting I unavoidably do at work every day which is soon to be changed.

  9. David

    Here s the way I see it most of us spend the majority of our lives sitting yes, we sit than we sleep or do any other activity , so we should spend at least a few hours reading about how to do it.The great thing about Deskbound is that it looks at the whole picture when it comes to our relationships with our chairs posture, body mechanics, risks, exercise, prescriptions I would take it a step farther and say that this book should be titled The Office Worker s Manual for The Body.

  10. Bas

    It s good If you have read supple leopard there isn t much new here, but it s good for the general population and I think every office should have a copy.

  11. Lia

    Lots of good stuff Very big and heavy book, I think to make it seem authoritative, but it also made it awkward and burdensome which seemed at odds with the thrust of the book.

  12. LeviCardinal

    This should be a required book for every business and individual that requires working in front of a screen for multiple hours a day.

  13. Lindsay

    Another great reference book from Kelly Starrett I learned a lot about myself my own sedentary lifestyle I learned a lot about posture and some of the areas I need to focus on.

  14. Ikarus

    Ich habe zum Gl ck einen Stehschreibtisch Und ich habe mir gleich einen Plan gemacht, wie ich noch weniger Sitzen kann.

  15. Erin

    Everyone who works at a desk should read this book It s full of informative photos with plenty of information on how best to stand, sit, walk, live.

  16. Claire

    This is the one I ve been following Kelly s work for a few years now piecing together mobilizations from his site MobilityWOD and previous books Becoming a Supple Leopard The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance and Ready to Run Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally, but Deskbound is the one aimed at my non athlete self.Even if you are an athlete, you should read this, particularly if you still spend a lot of your day sitting Everybody who [...]

  17. Ryan Shackelford

    Great book, and many of the same principle included in Becoming a Supple Leopard Has great practical application when it comes to standing desk setup, proper spine organization, and tips to improve mobility.Highly recommended if you are interested in kinesiology, or interested in breaking out of desk jockey posture.

  18. V

    If you read Becoming A Supple Leopard, there s a lot of crossover here, but there s still a lot worth learning about here Personally it was perfect for me because I m recovering from a back injury, and working on the prescriptions at the end of the book every night has really decreased my back pain I also recently transitioned to a standing desk If you ve got one or are thinking about it , Kelly Starrett has a lot of suggestions for different positions you can move through throughout the day at [...]

  19. Greg

    I just finished this book by genius physical therapist Dr Kelly Starrett The book postulates that much of our physical dysfunction is rooted in the fact that we sit at desks or behind the wheel of a police cruiser for too much time The book provides specific prescriptions to counteract the damage of sitting too much It goes beyond that, however If you have random knee pain, an aching low back, TMJ issues, or even tennis elbow from shooting too much, this book has a prescription to fix it.

  20. Roberto Rigolin F Lopes

    We have this fantastic carbon based machine but don t know how to use it Kelly makes emphasis on DO NOTs at office together with recommendations More than that, this is a practical guide full of illustrated exercises meant to ignite a lifestyle change Body s user manual HOW TO maintain a pain FREE body For sure, lifelong homework for us desk warriors Standing for a better life No magic though, master ourselves demand hard work.

  21. Anke

    This book is exactly, what I ve been trying to teach all my clients for years Great pictures wow Mr Starrett your 4 ceps flexibility is impressive and explanations even for ordinary persons or non physiotherapists I like the no nonsense approach and straight forward writing This book should be mandatory for everyone working at a desk, students, teachers, physiotherapists, doctors.

  22. Greg Seguin

    I d recommend this to all my friends with death desk chairs The information is useful and should be treated as a reference rather than a read straight through Here are the parts I found most valuable 1 Posture corrections how to brace 2 Setting up a standing desk 3 Rolling stretching prescriptions for specific body partsNo need to read the narrative, particularly if you re already familiar with Starrett s other book Becoming a Supple Leopard.

  23. Ci

    A very user friendly book on mobility for the modern desk bound people There are useful graphics and photos to show how to exercise and setup one s working and living environments Maybe a good gift book for someone who have poor postures, neck back shoulder pains, or just stiff muscles due to poor mobility A very nicely done book.

  24. Suzana

    Very good book Not groundbreaking work if you are familiar with the authors first book, The Supple Leopard, with yoga basics or with the movement ecology principles i.e Katie Bowman and others However, it s a practical, informative and fun read for everyone.The mobility prescription part is well organized and easy to follow.Could change a desk jockey s life, so it s perfect as a gift

  25. Aaron

    Lots of great information about the dangers of sitting for long periods, as many office workers do Though I m familiar already with these risks and have used a standing desk for many years, I m not as mobile as I should be and have lost some flexibility Dr Starrett gives some great tips for putting mobility back into your workday and to regain suppleness of your spine, muscles and joints.

  26. Zach

    I d recommend this book to anyone with a desk job Getting a standing desk isn t enough You need to move throughout the day Starrett provides a lot of ideas about how to do this I gained a lot of body knowledge working through the mobility exercises and figured out some running injuries that have been plaguing me for years.

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