Avengers separados (2020)

Avengers separados Brian Michael Bendis David Finch Avengers separados La tragedia planea sobre los Avengers qui n los humillar Una aventura que transformar el equipo formado por los mayores superh roes del mundo Recopila Avengers y Avengers Finale
  • Title: Avengers separados
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis David Finch
  • ISBN: 9788447125159
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
Avengers separados Brian Michael Bendis David Finch La tragedia planea sobre los Avengers qui n los humillar Una aventura que transformar el equipo formado por los mayores superh roes del mundo.Recopila Avengers 500 503 y Avengers Finale.
Avengers separados Brian Michael Bendis David Finch

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    360 Brian Michael Bendis David Finch
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One thought on “Avengers separados

  1. Sr3yas

    Well, the day was uneventful untilApparently, it s not just X Men s Mansion that can blow up.The silver lining isHouse blowing up builds character.But it s not just the house.Avengers are having an extraordinarily bad day.The members of the team will either be dead, injured, uncontrollable, betrayed or defamed by the end of the day The problem is, they have no idea who is doing this to them.The 1 issue of Avengers Disassembled is one of the best marvel issue i have ever read It is explosive, act [...]

  2. Terence

    Everyone and every group has good days as well as bad days Well when you are a team of super heroes the same applies, but to a much larger scale This is a story of the Avengers worst day.Tony Stark threatens to kill an ambassador from Latveria, Avengers die, and the Avengers Mansion is destroyed all in a few hours No one can seem to figure out what s happening as the day gets worse and worse Avengers Disassembled is sad in a real and poignant way Everything that happens and the way the team resp [...]

  3. Jonathan Terrington

    The comics of Marvel have always strayed to the supernatural and science fiction side than to any side of reality We are talking about superheroes after all, and yet I ve personally found Marvel comics grounded than DC for DC s main roster consists of Gods, aliens and the odd extra powerful human why Batman is so special Marvel on the other hand has the occasional god, alien and a majority of powered up humans or mutants in their lineups For all of that, nothing beats the quirky weirdness of A [...]

  4. Aaron

    To be such a monumental event in both Avengers and Marvel history, this story sure doesn t pay off Overall, it s fine Bendis does a great job building tension from the beginning, weaving together an unsettling series of events, and the action when it happens is big and exciting But once we get to the heart of what s really going on here, it s too late There isn t enough time left in the book to really delve into the consequences of the book s revelations, and the big climactic battle is essentia [...]

  5. Aaron

    One rapid fire bad day for the Avengers Jack of Hearts blows up on one of the first pages, apparently killing Scott Lang Vision crashes a shuttle into the mansion and releases a bunch of Ultrons as he melts down She Hulk flips out Tony Stark drunkenly rants in front of the United Nations despite not having had a drink and is fired from his position as U.S Secretary of Defense A Kree fleet shows up and starts blowing up the block, and view spoiler Hawkeye sacrifices himself hide spoiler just befo [...]

  6. Alex Gherzo

    I decided to go back and make my way through the past several years of major Marvel stories and I determined this would be the best starting off point Damn, was this a great story Lots of action, real drama, some hysterically funny moments and a tragic ending that sets up the big story for years to come.A wave of attacks leaves the Avengers in turmoil, with several members not making it out of combat alive Meanwhile, Tony Stark who, apparently, is the Secretary of Defense clearly I ve missed a f [...]

  7. Sud666

    A crazy and powerful story It starts with the WORST day in Avengers history First jack of Hearts, who was presumed dead, reappears in front of Avengers mansion and then explodes killing Ant Man and leveling the Mansion At the same time Tony Stark, who was Secretary of Defense of the US, was giving a speech at the UN when he becomes drunk and threatens the Latverian ambassador with death, causing him to lose his position after being forced to resign Then, as the UN revokes the UN charter for the [...]

  8. Kyle

    When superheroes are forced to confront their human fallacies and debate their own good intentions, I simply can not look away.In Avengers Disassembled , a panoply of super folk are pushed to their physical limits as well as their mental limits when the Scarlet Witch suffers a cataclysmic emotional breakdown while coming to terms with the loss of her children Events spiral out of control placing all of New York at risk and ending the lives of several of the Marvel Universe s most beloved heroes [...]

  9. Teresa

    Joder, vaya final Me he quedado a cuadros con todo, sobre todo con que Wanda estuviera tras de todo Me da pena que los Vengadores se disuelvan, aunque espero que vuelvan a reunirse en alg n momento.Por Scott, Clint y Wanda.

  10. Stephen

    One morning like any other, the Avengers are shocked by the sudden reappearance of their deceased teammate Jack of Hearts But things soon take a turn for the worse, and the events that follow shake the team to the core.I m just going to say it I loved this story And I loathe the Avengers But after reading a brief summary online, I instantly wanted to read it, and I was not disappointed Avengers Disassembled is fantastic.A host of classic characters return in this story Ultron, the Kree, and almo [...]

  11. Brian Poole

    After Chuck Austen, Marvel had nothing to lose by bringing in Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch to burn it all down and start over A series of surprise attacks devastated the team, destroying the mansion, killing several members and leaving others gravely injured All roads led back to the Scarlet Witch and a stunning breakdown Several members of the team regrouped a couple months later at the wrecked mansion After facing some memories both good and painful , the team emerged to find a crowd o [...]

  12. Fehiman

    Yorumun asl ve devam Yorum Cad s nda.Avengers Da ld ile Marvel evrenine sert ama etkili bir giri yapt m Ayr nt l izimleri ve y ksek aksiyonu ile Avengers Da ld , bana biraz fazla gelse de nceki olaylar toparlamas a s ndan iyi bir ba lang kitab B t n bunlardan sonra kahramanlar ve d nyay nelerin bekledi ini ok merak ediyorum Avengers d nyas na giri yapmak isteyenlere, Avengers Da ld yla birlikte okuma s ras ndaki ikinci izgi roman olan Gizli Sava da almalar n tavsiye ediyorum Zira b yle bir sonun [...]

  13. Drian Nash

    Great Story Could have done with a couple issues perhaps view spoiler mainly to give some insight into what was going on with Wanda, I always loved how Wanda in her history walks the tightrope between good and evil esspecily now after House of M hide spoiler the art is mostly amazing, but a few pages were awful I don t know if they were rushed or what, but on a couple of pages the faces were really badly out of proportion.It does give you the urge to go back and read all the avengers storys I m [...]

  14. Logan

    WOW Brian is a excellent marvel writer So you should defiantly read this before you watch Avengers Age Of Ultron, next year because i heard it will have elements from this book So this is basically the original avengers team that broke apart, a lot like a band that breaks up after one member messes up The story was very good the art was very good Done by David Finch a lot of action as well The story is well done making it a great avengers story Highly recommend it

  15. Gavin

    Wow Just wow That is how you make an impact Serious implications from the events here Major characters die A fine send of to the greatest team Obviously they get together again, but I can imagine reading this at the time, it would have been even intense.I also like how many characters show up but actually are involved.The art is great, and the dialogue from Bendis is great.This is a classic.Essential.

  16. E.S.

    Jenni, look, I finished it To be honest since I m still a Marvel newbie, a great deal of this went right over my head The ending got me in the feels, though Love that vigil scene.

  17. Fernando Rezende

    Let me warn you that if you are a fan of the Avengers like I am you may be shocked with some things that happen in this comic The comic is GREAT, but it really wants and has to be shocking, specially because of it s name and premisse That Brian Michael Bendis knows how to do really well I love his writing style and how he can make such simple, but really deep, dialogs that makes you feel compelled by the characters and the hole story in such an unique way It s difficult to stop reading a book he [...]

  18. J'aime

    After reading the Marvel event Siege, I decided I wanted to read of the large scale Marvel events I had heard great things about the House of M, but decided to start with Disassembled because it lays the foundation And like the building of any great structure, you start by bulldozing the site to make way for the new Disassembled wipes the slate clean for the Avengers.The story opens with an attack on Avengers mansion by Jack of Hearts whom all the Avengers thought dead He explodes, taking an Av [...]

  19. Hrishi

    I really rather enjoyed this TPB, which collects Avengers 500 503, and as the title suggests, describes the disbanding of the original Avengers team Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Yellowjacket Hank Pym , Wasp Janet Pym , Ant Man Scott Lang , She Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and The Vision There are also cameos from nearly all the ex Avengers in this continuity most notably Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange I didn t call who the big bad was which was a nice twist, nor did I expect the body count to b [...]

  20. Mike

    Re read this 7 8 years after this very early re introduction by Bendis to my long absence from the Avengers If half of what was hinted at in this takedown was true, I can t imagine slogging through years of the drudgery and soap opera that must ve been the 90 s My god, all the second rate oddities and the terrible plotsBendis disruption would ve been a welcome clearing of that house of cards Or so I imagine So why on second glance doesn t this feel satisfying There s a lot of serious happenings [...]

  21. Tays

    After House of M, I thought it would be great to back read this arc Some bits of the arc was a bit boring on the build up it aims to get I dint quite get the whole point of the Thor Ragnarok stories, I m still not sure whether that was a manifestation of Wanda s powers or not even after reading the whole arc Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable read and it s quite a tearjerker on the last few bits of the story The end of the Avengers or as how I would like to quote Tony Stark, The Beatles of the [...]

  22. Matt

    Collects Avengers issues 500 503 and Avengers FinaleThis collection marks the beginning of Brian Michael Bendis run on the Avengers, and he completely breaks the team down to one of its lowest points The end of this book feels like it could be the end of the Avengers all together, but with hindsight we know that this storyline led directly into such events as House of M, Civil War, and Secret Invasion I m most moved by stories when the stakes feel high, and that is exactly how I felt when I was [...]

  23. David

    Heart breaking but a good tale Destroyed the classic Avengers for good or bad is likely and they have yet to reappear which is sad for this life long fan Gone are the glory days of old with the standard teammates It s all been a hodge podge ever since Perhaps it is telling that the best loved stories are nearly all from before Disassembled Avengers Forever still tops most lists I ve seen.

  24. Shannon Appelcline

    This is a story where I can understand why some people don t like it, but I generally disagree Yes, this was a notable change in the Avengers status quo and some well loved characters died during it I actually have problems with the roll backs of every single one of these deaths in the years since However, this was also an exciting and shocking story that concluded with a moving remembrance It set the path for years of interesting, innovative, and different stories that wouldn t have been possi [...]

  25. Caoimhin

    The Thor storyline was excellent A much better take on the character and supporting cast than a lightning version of Hulk smash I enjoyed Thor than I have in a long time.The Captain America part was gritty and gave him some fine personal dimension.I ve never particularly liked thew character Iron Man, but his story in this was well told with some good depth.Though his villains were only a small shift from the chattytype and into which didn t make them all that different same difference.

  26. Rickey

    When I first read this book as it came out, I was angry with Bendis for killing my favorite character in Hawkeye and just destroying the Avengers Now that I have seen what this lead to and the results of it, Bendis is a genius He has always played the long game and sometimes he can write a character incorrectly but, for the most part, he builds a character up and adds to them This was the lead up to House of M which was a fantastic story arc in Marvel and built a Marvel story and timeline from t [...]

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