Cockstrut (2020)

Cockstrut Jacques N. Hoff Cockstrut Sebastian Grant a world renowned avian vet is so sure bird shifters aren t real that even when an unruly cockatoo named Louis ends up naked in his arms it s difficult for him to admit he s not imag
  • Title: Cockstrut
  • Author: Jacques N. Hoff
  • ISBN: 9781632164124
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
Cockstrut Jacques N. Hoff Sebastian Grant, a world renowned avian vet, is so sure bird shifters aren t real that even when an unruly cockatoo named Louis ends up naked in his arms, it s difficult for him to admit he s not imagining it all Sebastian has traveled all over the globe only to stumble upon the perfect man in his hometown of Chicago Louis may just be everything Sebastian has been lookinSebastian Grant, a world renowned avian vet, is so sure bird shifters aren t real that even when an unruly cockatoo named Louis ends up naked in his arms, it s difficult for him to admit he s not imagining it all Sebastian has traveled all over the globe only to stumble upon the perfect man in his hometown of Chicago Louis may just be everything Sebastian has been looking for in a partner funny, confident, sexy and genuine But there s one major problem Louis is a captive in a gilded cage With the help of Simon, his blue jay partner Jay and the expanding team of Undercover Peckers, Sebastian is about to find out he s willing to do anything to make sure Louis is able to fly free and cock strut to his hearts content.
Cockstrut Jacques N. Hoff

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    195 Jacques N. Hoff
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One thought on “Cockstrut

  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    Buddy read with my lovely Jen, vodka and drunk texting included This was our second Peckers BR, and it was as good, if not better than, the first His pulsing pecker would just have to wait He was going dancing Gah, this series has no business being this damn CUTE And I don t have another word for it Oh, fine, maybe I do DelightfulEndearingHilariousFUNCockstrut is all kinds of delicious, fluffy goodness If you ve read book one, you ll remember the hot twink with the Mohawk whom Simon and Jay noti [...]

  2. Jenni Lea

    I just now got the author s name snickers like a 12 year old boy Oh yeah, the book was good Cute and funny.

  3. Vivian

    Playful.I don t think I was quite in the perfect mood for this, not sure I d ever be This is adorable, but silly And Puns, one must love puns There s a lot of word play between a couple characters and it s all about birds Cute if corny In fact, I thought about writing the review in bird terms and then thought better Underneath all that if one isn t driven away is a sweet, finding a mate story here Nothing too angsty and all the drama has a quirky edge In the end, it s all about Louis finding his [...]

  4. Jennifer☠Pher☠

    Date night tonight with my bestie Dani L O V E D I T, LOVED IT I am going with better than the first based on my rating of it I loved this.It was perfect timing and perfect TEXTING Texting isn t part of the book Anyway I know Dani will write an amazing review which I will steal.Just know that this is a series that needs to be read.Cockadoodooldooo

  5. Susan

    3.25 starsThis was a bit enjoyable than the first book in this series Louis was adorable and I really liked him Sebastian was an okay character, but not that special He was a bit meh to be honest I liked that there was no push and pull in this story Because that drove me crazy in the first book, but I was happy to say it was pretty smooth sailing relationship wise for these guys.I was a bit confused about how Louis had lived his life so far He was 25, had always been a bird, except for once a m [...]

  6. BWT (Belen)

    Avian shifters and True Mates Cockstrut is fun and funny with a dual POV from both Louis and Sebastian.I enjoyed this a lot than than the first book, Jay Walking but was a bit disappointed there still wasn t any real world building.How do they shift Louis was a bird 90% of the time for over 25 years Do they age the same way in bird form as human Some birds can live to very old ages do do they slow down aging They heal by shifting, wouldn t that prolong life Anyway none of those questions are an [...]

  7. Sandra

    Book 2 of the UC Peckers focuses on Louis Vuitton , a cockatoo shifter, and Sebastian, avian vet extraordinaire If you ve read the first book in this fun series, you ll remember Louis as the dancing kid that Jay and Simon see in the club toward the end.Louis is happy as can be as a cockatoo, living with his mom , Therese, and doesn t feel caged, as long as he gets to sneak out every so often to shake his tail feathers Until Therese calls Dr Sebastian for a house visit after being concerned about [...]

  8. Adrianamae, Marco's fan

    sigh such a cute read This was absolutely, sweetly, endearingly and anything else that ends with ly adorable.

  9. Breann

    Need something light and fluffy Cute and fun Look no further COCKSTRUT has all the things And just look at the title Really, what s not to love Louis is a pretty bird Such a pretty, pretty bird, he is He lives with his owner, Mrs Green, and is really happy with her She, of course, doesn t know what her cockatoo gets up to at night One drunken evening lead to one hungover day When he was sick, Mrs Green called in the vet, Sebastian, to take a look at the sick cockatoo When Sebastian walk into the [...]

  10. Riina Y.T.

    Aw, aw Cockstrut was so much fun What a charming series I instantly fell in love with Louis Sebastian It was also super awesome to have Jay and Simon pop back for a bit Now, off to Australia

  11. V

    Jacques N Hoff is new author for me and I m loving his new series, the dancing still make me laugh and I found it adorable.I love the plot, how funny and cute it s, looking forward for the next sequel I hope Frenchie is next.

  12. Christy

    4.5 Stars I really needed something lighthearted and very funny tonight, so it s obvious why I turned to Cockstrut , book two in the Peckers series The first installment, Simon and Jay s story, was wonderful and I adored it Now I had an opportunity to see, firsthand, how their new business, Undercover Peckers, was doing I was curious if UC Peckers was getting a lot of business You know, from other avian shifters Get your mind out of the gutter Oh, wait, leave it there, at least while you read th [...]

  13. ☆ Todd

    This series is pretty camp and super fluffy, but I thought the books were a lot of eye rolling fun.If you enjoyed the Lost Shifters series by Megan Derr, I suspect that you d like this series, too, as this series has a very similar feel.Book 1 was by far my favorite, with me connecting a bit less with book 2, then book 3 not really delivering the same feels that I got from the first two books in the series.

  14. MorganSkye

    Fun book 3.5 stars This is funny, light, full of puns, some smexy scenes and a sweet love story Sebastian is called as a vet to help Mrs Green with her sick cockatoo, Louis Louis is really a shifter who had been roofied the previous night and recovering back in his bird form in his cage.Louis prefers the bird form to his human form but is convinced to spend time as a human when he meets his mate, Sebastian.The two have to find a way to break Louis free from his gilded cage with Mrs Green and wo [...]

  15. Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsCockstrut is the second book in Hoff s Undercover Peckers series and it is a fun romp into a world of avian shifters This series is definitely meant to be lighthearted and doesn t take itself too seriously, which makes the stories a lot of fun and a great light read While the first book, Jay Walking, was full of puns and lots of silliness, this one is not quite as goofy, but equally adorable.I think the set up here is kind of clever, making Louis a pampered pet much [...]

  16. Ulysses Dietz

    The second in what I hope will be a substantial series, Cockstrut is silly, sexy and very sweet I think the pseudonymous Jacques N Hoff is having fun with these, and the whole premise of avian shifters and the insta love I m your mate notion Maybe too twee for some readers, but I must say I ve enjoyed both of them and really want to read the third, which will take us to Australia The special quirk in this one is that we have an avian shifter who s been in captivity all his life While Jay Azure i [...]

  17. Tam

    I wasn t sure what I was getting with this book, but it turned out to be really cute I did not read the first book and you can do quite well without, it stands on it s own pretty well But if you like a light option with non traditional shifters, it s a fun little read I do plan to pick up book 1.

  18. Julie scott

    Construct Peckers Book 2 I Liked it I really did I didn t think I would but I did hope there s I can t wait Hope it s soon.

  19. Shelley Chastagner

    4.75 stars Louis made me laugh loud and long with his antics His theatrics to get Sebastian to come back were just over the top It was wonderful to see Simon and Jay again.Adult read

  20. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

    Reviewed at The Blogger Girls.Louis has lived in a gilded cage as a cockatoo his whole life and he s always been content with it except for those annoying urges that make him want to shift and shake his tail feather as a human After a night out leads to a horrible hangover, Louis owner thinks he s dying and calls Sebastian in to look at her pretty bird Little did Louis know he was about to meet his mate and Sebastian s left with an uncharacteristic desire to free Louis But they re completely dif [...]

  21. Cathy Brockman

    This book had me with the first paragraph It is book two of a series and stands alone pretty well but I think you would have a better understanding by reading them in order Plus the first book was just as good and funny Luis is a bird shifter He has no idea why he is different than other birds or has to shift once a month into a man Luis also likes being a bird, and loves his owner a lot He has been getting the itch to dance and shift lately and knows it s time to shift and go to the nearby cl [...]

  22. Rissa

    This was adorable Such a nice read, it made me smile the whole time I was reading it It was so nice to read about Simon and Jay again It made me want to reread the first book And new character alert, lol I liked Louis and Sebastian s story I am also very glad for Therese I can t wait to read of this series

  23. Rachel Emily

    Maybe it s the mood I was in at the time, but this was just a bit too sugary sweet for me, and once again, humor just isn t my thing in a book.

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