The Seduction 4 (2020)

The Seduction 4 Roxy Sloane The Seduction The shocking filthy serial comes to an explosive conclusion Prepare for the most thrilling seduction of all There s not a woman in the world who won t spread her legs for me Admit it you re already
  • Title: The Seduction 4
  • Author: Roxy Sloane
  • ISBN: 9781310951091
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
The Seduction 4 Roxy Sloane The shocking, filthy serial comes to an explosive conclusion Prepare for the most thrilling seduction of all There s not a woman in the world who won t spread her legs for me Admit it, you re already wet, imagining my hands gripping tight around your wrists, holding you down Showing you what a real man s cock feels like buried all the way to the fucking hilt I was theThe shocking, filthy serial comes to an explosive conclusion Prepare for the most thrilling seduction of all There s not a woman in the world who won t spread her legs for me Admit it, you re already wet, imagining my hands gripping tight around your wrists, holding you down Showing you what a real man s cock feels like buried all the way to the fucking hilt I was the Seducer, the best damn night of your life But all that s behind me Now I only want one thing.Keely Fawes My secrets destroyed her My quest for revenge tore us apart But now I know she s in danger, there s nothing I won t do to keep her safe.This girl is everything to me, and I won t stop until I claim her completely Her body Her mind Her heart The fourth and final part of the hottest serial around
The Seduction 4 Roxy Sloane

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    313 Roxy Sloane
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One thought on “The Seduction 4

  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

    The Seduction, part 4 of 4 The conclusion to Vaughn and Keely s seduction These novellas should be read in order Part 1 The SeductionPart 2 The Seduction IIPart 3 The Seduction IIIPart 4 The Seduction IVIn The Seduction, part 1 3 for hire seducer Vaughn had been engaged to seduce recent college graduate and paralegal, Keely Fawes A big part of story was figuring out who was behind it all and why Unexpected news puts a huge target on Keely s back sweeping them both off to New York to sort out Kee [...]

  2. Sandy ღCoffee Addict Booksღ

    Combined review of this series Yeah, there s an art to making a woman scream the fucking house down, and I m the master The Michaelangelo of eating pussy I swear on all that s holy, I never read an alpha male who s as dominant, arrogant, cocky, sexy, dangerous and dirty talking SOB as Vaughn All women look the same on their knees with their mouth wrapped around my cock Meet your G spot, baby Now my dick is going to give you a VIP tour Hell, she s probably going to lock herself in the storage roo [...]

  3. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    FOUR PANTY SOAKING STARS This was a great conclusion to the series.Vaughn and Keely quickly reconcile and I really loved that Keely was able to take control over the sex with Vaughn in the beginning of this one Roxy Sloane has consistently delivered the steam in this series.I promise you, that you will need to take several cold showers or attack your man after reading about Vaughn and all of his sinful and downright dirty ways in all things sex If you want to read a really good and short Erotica [...]

  4. J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    3.5 The Seducer Gets Seduced Stars Can Vaughn dirty talk his way back in to Keely s good graces The final installment in The Seduction series Will the mystery be solved Can Keely forgive Vaughn for his lies I m pleased to say that everything gets wrapped up in this installment Maybe wrapped up a little too pretty Keely and Vaughn have really come a long way since the beginning I enjoyed their story and their journey Vaughn will remain one of the best dirty talkers of all time ARC kindly provided [...]

  5. Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress#

    2,5 3 STARS We re the same, sweetheart You and me Hard and soft Two sides of the same dirty coin TOO MUCH SEX.I got tired of the constant referral to Vaughn s nine inch hard on As usual, a disappointing end to an excellent series But, would Eda still recommend this series

  6. Eliza

    Title The Seduction, 4Series YesAuthor Roxy SloaneRelease Date 14th July, 2014Rating 3.5 Naughty Girl starsCliffhanger NoAll in all I enjoyed series, the saga wrapped up nicely for me if not a bit too smoothly It s nice to see The Seducer seduced but he isn t tamed by all means.My favourite aspect of this was Keeley s transformation, from paralegal to CEO, almost virginal to Dominant She really comes into her own in this one, which is cool to see.Vaughn on the other hand I felt was vulnerable, [...]

  7. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

    Well, we ve finally get to the finale of The Seduction and we finally get some answers Vaughn and Keely have to figure out if they can trust each other and if what they thought they had was real Vaughn is still the dirty talker that we ve come to know and love buthe s come to terms with some things I enjoyed getting to know his softer side and seeing him having to work to get Keely back Keely has really come into her ownt only with her business side but with her kinky side I love how she was abl [...]

  8. Michelle

    A great nine inches What a book Keely could stay with out Vaughan 4 long but they had something in common findin out how was behind al the shit goin on an who was helpin the slim of the yr Brent they needed each other an after a lil talkin an a lot of dirty talk an steamy sex thing were getting hard they could find where 2 look This was a great end 2 the series I do wish Keely made Vaughan beg a lil but god did she show him what she could do that part of the book was pantie meltin just thinkin [...]

  9. MELISSA *Mel Reader*

    4.5 I m Yours, Vaughn All Yours Stars BR with Sharon Keely is now living in New York on the Upper East Side in a brownstone apt she inherited from her father She is recovering from a fall she took when someone made an attempt on her life She is trying to figure out who tried to kill her, and at the same time trying to stay a step ahead of her new brother Brent who is always secretly plotting behind her back, trying to blackmail her, wanting to take over her company She is crazy busy as the CEO o [...]

  10. TORI

    In this final installment Keely and Vaughn set out to save the company from Brent and solve the mystery of what happened all those years ago once and for all They re also forging a deeper bond in their relationship New rule no lies, just honesty I really enjoyed this series This book was even better than the rest It was fast paced and their was always a new development Not to mention the sex wasAnd Vaughn s dirty mouth is in full effect as well If you re looking for a super steamy series with a [...]

  11. Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘

    It s a littleo much sex in this series It s hot and all, but not when it s happening constantly.

  12. S.M. West

    3.5 SEDUCED STARSThe final installment in this series was good For me, Book 3 lost some of the something something that I had liked so much and it kinda carried over into book 4.Yes, I ll admit, I love a good chase and for the most part, the chase was over but some of it was very predictable One thing that did not disappoint was the hot, dirty sex Overall, the final book answered the remaining questions and gave us a HEA This series was entertaining.

  13. Karéz

    4,5 Vaughn makes you scream Stars Let me start and say, this book was better than the other 3 for me it was intense for me because simply two can play this game It start where book 3 left off, We all know the Dom in this equation Mr Vaughn the Sexy , dirty mouth talker The Michaelangelo of eating pussy who knows how to bring woman to their knees just for the taste of his nine inch But the tables turned around for our sweet Vaughan Ms Keely who we all know she is the innocent and greedy for Vaug [...]

  14. YaYa

    4.5 the way it all unraveled Secrets all came out Karma payed her visit and what a sweet HEA Well whatever sweet comes out of Vaughn s filthy mouth That Bag of Tricks Window sceneYummy Oh and Keelyyou took it like a Woman o.O Backstage I ve recommended the previous 3 and if you ve been following the series you re going to love how it all ends I wonder what else Roxy Sloane is going to write up Can I make a suggestion Like I have to ask Cam Isabel I think that was her name spin off Bec [...]

  15. Jamie

    3.5 pretty much Each installment was good I think I enjoyed the first one most It was very hot but very very far fetched But hey, it s fiction One thing that annoyed me was the constant referral to his 9 inch s OK, I get it he was seriously packing I don t need to be reminded a kazillion times how seriously HUGE he was.

  16. ~ Cariad ~

    Another 5 star read from Roxy Sloane OMFG I ve adored this series, Vaughn is the man I ve loved this series so much that I ve done a spotlight review for it AND we re having a giveaway So come on over and join in please there s an Gift Card to win too Just out The Seduction 4 EPILOGUE Join us after Book 4 it s beautiful

  17. Erika

    Well that ending was kind of a letdown And after all of that build up Vaughn would not approve Okay, so it wasn t that bad It was good, but in comparison to the rest of the books, I was left feeling a littleunsatisfied Spoiler alert, yo No real bad guy caves that easy Dude was supposed to be some kind of mastermind and he blabs Nope Killed my buzz I don t dig things wrapped up with a pretty bow Maybe that s just me though Anyhoo Overall, this was a great serial, with the exception of this one Th [...]

  18. Sabrina

    3 Nine inches stars If I read 50 times about his wonderful, amazing, hard, silky and drool worthy NINE INCHES dick, thats not enough It was still an enjoyable read and someone please wash his mouth with soapjust kidding But mandid he like to dirty talk I was not prepared for that but wow did I enjoy that D

  19. Ashley

    The first series I read from Roxy Sloane was The Invitation series and it was very meh so I was very surprised when I read this series I LOVED IT

  20. Naughty Books

    I received this book with a request to offer an honest review.My summary This is the 4th and final installment of The Seduction story A story about Vaughn and Keely.At this point in the story, Vaughn is really struggling with some discoveries that have been made and what they mean He doesn t know if his world is what he always believed it to be.Keely is struggling too She s trying to make sense of the world she has in front of her now.Will they fight through the struggles and come out on top My [...]

  21. Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews

    Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin This is the fourth book in the Seduction Series and finally Vaughn opens his tortured soul completely to Keely He promises her that there will be no secrets between them They had overcome the attempt on her life and the fact that Vaughn had not told her about Brent hiring him to seduce her to prove immorality They were together and working as a team to prevent Brent from selling the business out from under her because there was no way she could ever do without Vaughn K [...]

  22. 1-Click Addict Support Group

    The dominator becomes the dominated I believe Roxy Sloan describes it bestSubmission Freedom Shutting off the mind, giving in to the desire, until I m nothing but sensation and hunger That s what you should find in Webster s dictionary with a picture of this author.I believe this was the best of the four books I love reading sex, don t get me wrong but I like a good plot to go with it This book gave us not as much sex and story Trust me, you get soooo much dirty in the first three books that it [...]

  23. Liz ~ Liz's Reading Life

    OMG This is the conclusion to the Seduction Series and Roxy does not disappoint At the end of book 3, someone pushed Keely down the stairs and we do not know who it was the options are endless.As book 4 starts, Keely is back at work playing off the incident since she need to get to the bottom of all of this but a part of her is still hurting over Vaughn s betrayal She has been avoiding his calls and has security protecting her at all times But you cannot stop Vaughn when he is on a mission and o [...]

  24. Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog

    This was an amazing conclusion to an epic series If you loved Vaughn before, you will love him even after this book This book was naughty, dirty, hot, sexy, sweet, and totally unraveling All of your questions will be answered In this final installment, Keely is trying to figure out the mysteries behind the company, the secrets, and the step children She is trying to gain control of the company but someone is black mailing her And we can t forget someone tried to kill her so they could still pos [...]

  25. Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

    WOW what an ending After 3 HUGE CLIFFHANGERS in a row it was great to have an HEA Part 4 starts off shortly after the stairwell incident Keely is fine , she knows someone pushed her but is unsure who it is , she has sworn off Vaughn after finding out Brent had hired him and she is throwing herself into Ashcroft working to keep the company Vaughn is devastated , he wants Keely and is convinced to get her back , doing just that by showing up at her place and telling her the whole truth Vaughn is s [...]

  26. Jodie Champ

    I was extremely lucky enough to receive an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review.Well well wellt what I was expecting Part 4 starts off with a bit of Vaughn and his filthy mouth as a prologue, and chapter 1 starts off from Keely s POV a short time after where Part 3 ended.The plot continues with the Ashcroft company take over, some steamy hot sex and a growing relationship between Keely and Vaughn.A must read Sad to see this series end but I did send the Author a message to say I would l [...]

  27. Nikki ღ Navareus

    I m probably going to get my ass kicked on here for being totally in the minority, but I really didn t care for this story Sorry It just felt like the story had I cannot believe I m going to say this too much sex in it, and had to hurry to cram in a bit of story in, here and there, and rush to get it all tied up, way too easily That is saying something because I LOVE sex in my stories, but this was a bit too much for this short of a story I loved the first 3 from this series, but sadly, this one [...]

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