The Glittering World: A Book Club Recommendation! (2020)

The Glittering World: A Book Club Recommendation! Robert Levy The Glittering World A Book Club Recommendation In the tradition of Neil Gaiman The Ocean at the End of the Lane Scott Smith The Ruins and Jason Mott The Returned award winning playwright Robert Levy spins a dark tale of alienation and belong
  • Title: The Glittering World: A Book Club Recommendation!
  • Author: Robert Levy
  • ISBN: 9781476774527
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
The Glittering World: A Book Club Recommendation! Robert Levy In the tradition of Neil Gaiman The Ocean at the End of the Lane , Scott Smith The Ruins , and Jason Mott The Returned , award winning playwright Robert Levy spins a dark tale of alienation and belonging, the familiar and the surreal, family secrets and the search for truth in his debut supernatural thriller.When up and coming chef Michael Blue Whitley returns with thIn the tradition of Neil Gaiman The Ocean at the End of the Lane , Scott Smith The Ruins , and Jason Mott The Returned , award winning playwright Robert Levy spins a dark tale of alienation and belonging, the familiar and the surreal, family secrets and the search for truth in his debut supernatural thriller.When up and coming chef Michael Blue Whitley returns with three friends to the remote Canadian community of his birth, it appears to be the perfect getaway from New York He soon discovers, however, that everything he thought he knew about himself is a carefully orchestrated lie Though he had no recollection of the event, as a young boy Blue and another child went missing for weeks in the idyllic, mysterious woods of Starling Cove Soon thereafter, his mother suddenly fled with him to America, their homeland left behind.But then Blue begins to remember And once the shocking truth starts bleeding back into his life, his closest friends Elisa, his former partner in crime her stalwart husband, Jason and Gabe, Blue s young and admiring co worker must unravel the secrets of Starling Cove and the artists colony it once harbored All four will face their troubled pasts, their most private demons, and a mysterious race of beings that inhabits the land, spoken of by the locals only as the Other Kind
The Glittering World: A Book Club Recommendation! Robert Levy

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One thought on “The Glittering World: A Book Club Recommendation!

  1. Brandon

    A group of four friends travel from New York City to Cape Breton Island to oversee the sale of a home in beautiful Starling Cove Blue, the man who inherited the property following his grandmother s death, needs the cash to pay off some shady mobsters who had funded his expanding restaurant in Brooklyn Originally from Cape Breton but having left at a young age, Blue barely recalls his home town outside of a few fleeting memories All that changes when he visits his grandmother s home and visions b [...]

  2. Althea Ann

    Imagine Kelly Link s The Summer People meets Elizabeth Hand s Last Summer at Mars Hill with a bit of the feel of Graham Joyce especially Some Kind of Fairytale.If you haven t read those other stories, go read them now But read this book too Blue is a young New York City restaurateur Recently, the grandmother he never knew passed away, leaving him a cottage in the small community where he lived as a child All he knows is that his mother left the place some kind of hippie commune and hated his gra [...]

  3. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

    Who am I kidding I am never going to finish this It s boring and I don t get the Neil Gaiman comparison however, I admit to not reading enough of it to know that for sure I guess it s really not my thing It could just be me, though, so don t mind this non review Nothing to see here, these aren t the droids you re looking for.

  4. Jenny (Reading Envy)

    I almost bailed on this one, not because of the fairy elements, which has been enough of a reason for previous bailings, but because the writing is so clunky at the beginning Here s an example Elisa settled on her sit bones in the passenger seat She whipped out her vintage Konica her constant companion of late and shot a picture of her husband behind the wheel Jason bopped his head and tapped his square, well manicured nails.I kept scowling at the page thinking, really, she settled on her sit bo [...]

  5. Elyse

    I think I have a Love hate relationship with The Glittering World I basically haven t slept because I was completely swept away in the world of fantasy fiction last night with Robert Levy s storytelling.I read approx 15 percent of this story early Sat morning then didn t return reading until approx 10pm that night, then never stopped until I finished it early this morning I immediately sent my friend an e mail, saying In was mad How could this novel end the way it did without having Blue Elisa h [...]

  6. Leah

    Congratulations, Glittering World You have the dubious honor of being the first DNF I ve ever listed on GoodReads I got maybe halfway and skimmed the rest What makes it worse is that I picked this for book club, and now I don t know if I can show my face there again Sorry, guys If I show up at dinner with a bag over my head, you know why.So why did I choose it I don t know The premise and genre blending sounded interesting Reviews were promising And okay, the blurbs I should really, really know [...]

  7. Christopher

    Robert Levy s The Glittering World is that rare and wonderful kind of book that takes something old and makes it new again Like those who disappear into the woods in this novel, once you step into these lush and mysterious pages, be prepared to return to your own world altered.

  8. Talk Supe

    I can t rate this because I don t know wtf I just read It s a changeling story, it s creepy, atrocious on certain parts, and told in an alien abduction kind of way The style is very literary fiction, suspenseful and mysterious This is jut one strange cookie.

  9. Frank Errington

    Review copyThere is a lot to like about Robert Levy s debut novel There s the seemingly idyllic location of Starling Cove in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the writer s strong character development, and frequently stunning prose, to name a few.The Glittering World is the story of Michael Blue Whitley and his closest friends, Elisa and her husband Jeremy, Blue s young and admiring co worker, Gabe, who all travel from NYC, to the place of his birth, essentially to facilitate the sale of his late grandm [...]

  10. Josh

    Robert Levy s debut novel is a difficult one to classify Billed by the publisher as a supernatural thriller which it unequivocally is , it also sporadically plunges headlong into contemporary fantasy, mystery, fairy tale, and what could be described as rural noir There s much going on here, but it works, and at its core The Glittering World is really a love story that s fantastic in every sense of the word.Michael Whitley also known as Blue and three close friends have left New York to go and se [...]

  11. Davey

    This had such a promising start, but it just never delivered for me I didn t care even slightly about any of the characters The writing was totally bizarre the metaphors were genuinely often distracting, and would jar me out of the narrative But the thing, I think, that really killed it for me was that all of these characters are in thrall to The Other Kind for reasons that I just never felt The way The Other Kind are described is unremittingly disgusting, and we are told repeatedly that their s [...]

  12. Jack Haringa

    Robert Levy s luminescent debut novel defies easy categorization It possesses elements of contemporary fantasy, but it s never twee it has horrific moments, but they are always tinged with wonder it contains mysteries, but they are Dionysian than cozy or hard boiled Levy deftly straddles the realistic and fantastical realms, offering psychological authenticity to his diverse characters and a transcendental sense of the Romantic sublime to the world they inhabit His prose is effulgent though not [...]

  13. Sheila

    When I saw that the blurb for the Glittering World compared it to Neil Gaiman, I knew I wanted to read it Neil Gaiman is amazing I adore everything of his that I have ever read and I adore him I may have a wee bit of a fan girl crush on him HOWEVER, that is not the point of this post This is about The Glittering World by Robert Levy Which, so far, is a good book quite good in fact When I requested a copy of this book, I didn t know anything about it, other than its comparison to Neil Gaiman swoo [...]

  14. Puddlyduck

    The Glittering World is a book with a very different take on the fae I could go on for hours about the uniqueness of the author s vision, but I think that s better discovered by the reader What I will say however, is that I found the method Levy chose to use to communicate the story extremely interesting Told from the point of view of four different protagonists, you ll find yourself wondering whose story is it really How is it possible to really tell Arguably, Blue goes through the largest chan [...]

  15. Dan Poblocki

    A damn cool novel Scarier than advertised Very interesting to discover that the book is divided into 4 parts of totally equal measure 4 different POVs Makes the story even mysterious Strange thing I finished reading this book at a cafe in my neighborhood and then looked up the author on FB One of the first pics is of the author standing in the same cafe about 4 feet from where I m currently sitting.

  16. M Griffin

    A very engaging, character focused story that hooked me right from the beginning There are four main characters Blue, Jason, Elisa and Gabriel and about a quarter of the book follows the perspective of each The Glittering World is the first thing I ve read by Robert Levy, and I enjoyed it so much I ll definitely seek out his work in the future.

  17. KT

    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The marketing compared it to Neil Gaiman, so I was intrigued I can see where the comparison comes in for sure It s a modern day fantasy in which an ex club kid turned chef returns to his roots only to discover that he is not the person he s always thought himself to be I wasn t really sure what to expect, since the author was unknown to me, and urban fantasy isn t typically my thing Robert Levy is, luckily, a skilled writer A H [...]

  18. Julie

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Chef, Michael Whitley known to his friends as Blue, inherits his grandmother s cottage in a bucolic community in Nova Scotia His friends Elisa, Jason and Gabe accompany him to Starling Cove in the Cape Breton area to see the house one last time before Blue signs off on the sale of the property.The community of free thinking, aging hippies and artists warmly welcome the New Yorkers As th [...]

  19. Kristen

    2.5 stars I requested downloaded this book from netgalley because of its comparison to Neil Gaiman s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which I loved This book had some of the fairy tale aspects of Gaiman s but didn t really live up to the comparison The story revolves around Blue and his friend Elisa, her husband Jason, and Blue s puppyish hanger on, Gabe Travelling to Nova Scotia for Blue to sell his dead grandmother s house and take a little vacation, Blue begins to uncover hazy memories of gr [...]

  20. Brittany (Brittany's Book Rambles)

    2.5 5 StarsThank you Netgalley and Gallery Books for my ebook copy of this book Although I think that this book has a decent writing style, I found it to be trippy and unsatisfying The plot itself is unique and it held my attention but the details were too psychedelic for me to fully understand anything The Other Kind are described to be like huge Praying Mantis that can take the form of people but I can t say I have a full understanding as to what they are or what their purpose was exactly The [...]

  21. Paige

    I received an e copy of this book from net galley I loved this book, at first I was worried because I thought that the plot was moving too fast However, this was just me guessing at where I thought the book would go, but I was wrong I found all of the characters enthralling, none of them seemed to have bad points, yet I found myself loving them all There aren t too many characters within the book, so it feels self contained, and it really adds to the feel of the book The atmosphere of the novel [...]

  22. Wendi

    When a publishing house decides to market a book and it often seems to happen with debut novelists by comparing it to the works of well known and beloved authors, I have a tendency to cross my arms and stamp my foot and declare a general intolerance for such buffoonery.And I tend to fall for it pretty much every time Which is, of course, what the marketing department is hoping for When Gallery Books offered Robert Levy s new novel, The Glittering World up for early review with the claim that it [...]

  23. Bibliophile

    Fairies are the dullest of supernatural creatures Pale, haughty supermodels who are soo above it all Levy makes them stranger and creepier and interesting, though they re still pretty haughty Told in turns by the four main characters, this is a pensive tale about The Other Kind and the people who can t resist their allure I really enjoyed the fascinating first half of the novel, where the characters explore an old hippie commune in Nova Scotia This part is told by the enigmatic Blue, who was bo [...]

  24. Lynn

    The first half of The Glittering World was a lovefest for me, I was devouring it Number one, it has a road trip Blue has inherited a house in Cape Breton from his grandmother Against his mother s wishes, he and three friends head to Nova Scotia for a look at the place before the sale is finalized Number two, in chronological order, the narrator shifts from one main character to the next This was an interesting literary device that worked well Three, and this was the most exciting thing, there we [...]

  25. Rebecca McNutt

    I don t understand why this book has such low ratings Maybe I m a little biased since I m a long time resident of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton is my favorite place in the world, so this book brought back a lot of memories of childhood nostalgia, those wonderful times in the backseat of my parents van while we drove to beaches, green fields, the steel mill museum and North Sydney, those days when I still thought that life would always be one perpetually glorious, yellow tinted Kodak moment but I t [...]

  26. John Jr.

    Call it a haunted island mystery a visit to the Nova Scotian island of Cape Breton, where nothing is as it seems, brings this novel s four characters to confrontations with their past, their attachments, even their nature The novel is rich in sensory descriptions of the physical world but soon takes on elements of fantasy and horror As I m not, overall, a fan of either I read this at the suggestion of a friend who s married to the author , the novel sometimes seemed overworked, especially in its [...]

  27. Barbara

    I adored this book It s compelling, wonderfully written, and ingeniously plotted I m a sucker for a well done shift in point of view and it s masterful here Most importantly at least for holding my interest , I immediately wanted to be friends with these characters A great story on so many levels Enthusiastically recommended

  28. Megan

    This one started out really strong but grew steadily worse until I was just skim reading to the finish Unlikeable people doing horrible things and making stupid decisions I will say that the characters were well crafted, but like good actors in a bad movie there wasn t much for them to do.

  29. Florencia

    Thank you to Gallery for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review Don t mind my review I haven t actually gotten it yet but I didn t want to have it as unread any I ll review it for real as soon as I get it update I ll get it June yay

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