Indentured: The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel (2020)

Indentured: The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel Joe Nocera Ben Strauss Indentured The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel For than half a century the NCAA has been one of the most powerful and impregnable institutions in America a cartel that acted to prevent the athletes from receiving any money from their labors w
  • Title: Indentured: The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel
  • Author: Joe Nocera Ben Strauss
  • ISBN: 9781591846321
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
Indentured: The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel Joe Nocera Ben Strauss For than half a century, the NCAA has been one of the most powerful, and impregnable, institutions in America, a cartel that acted to prevent the athletes from receiving any money from their labors, while enriching everyone else involved in college sports The athletes had signed up for indentured servitude to chase their dreams of pro glory, with the NCAA as their oFor than half a century, the NCAA has been one of the most powerful, and impregnable, institutions in America, a cartel that acted to prevent the athletes from receiving any money from their labors, while enriching everyone else involved in college sports The athletes had signed up for indentured servitude to chase their dreams of pro glory, with the NCAA as their overlords Wrapping itself in the mantle of amateurism, the NCAA was ruthless in its application of its rules that prevented players from receiving anything for their talents aside from their scholarships A scholarship that didn t necessarily guarantee an education or a diploma.But in 2000, three West Coast economists decided to take on this cartel, and laid the groundwork for a major lawsuit At around the same time, a former UCLA football player named Ramogi Huma began an organization to help and represent college athletes A college quarterback decided to try to unionize his team And a former sneaker marketer, Sonny Vaccaro, who was the first to pay college coaches to get their teams to wear his sneakers, quit his job and began to crusade against the NCAA Indentured is the story of how this small band of renegades, working sometimes in concert and sometimes alone, took on the NCAA, nearly bringing it to its knees.
Indentured: The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel Joe Nocera Ben Strauss

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One thought on “Indentured: The Rebellion Against the College Sports Cartel

  1. Steven Z.

    In 2011 the Pulitzer Prize Winning historian Taylor Branch wrote an article for THE ATLANTIC entitled The Shame of College Sports that finally blew the lid off of the NCAA reign of terror of student athletes In it, Branch noted that the majority of athletes that played football and men s basketball were African American Further, he noted that the NCAA lets off the unmistakable whiff of the plantation Coming at the same time as a PBS Frontline episode Money and March Madness the NCAA s reputation [...]

  2. Amy

    I was unable to read this straight through I ended up skipping and jumping and then going back to the beginning and skipping and jumping into different sections I think part of my problem with this book is that I don t completely agree with the ideas presented Yes, the NCAA talks out of both sides of its mouth we are amateur, and yet we do everything to capitalize on the names of our talented players We also pay our talented coaches professional grade salaries However, what we do not do is pay o [...]

  3. Perry

    You Asked for Miracles I give you the NCAA Couldn t resist playing off a sarcastic quote from Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard about the FBI.Don t get me started on the blatant hypocrisy I ve watched over the past 22 years since taking a class in Sports Law in law school, a period over which the NCAA has repeatedly violated the precepts of basic fairness forget about due process rights that should have protected numerous student athletes and a few coaches , as the NCAA has run roughshod w [...]

  4. Simone

    I don t even really know what to say about this I think I highlighted about a million different passages I guess, much like I said in my review about The King of Sports Football s Impact on America I m not a person with much loyalty to any specific NCAA team Watching other people get really invested in college basketball or college football, has always felt to me like a language I don t speak, or a country I ll never visit It seems nice for them, but I don t really understand the emotional inves [...]

  5. David Leonard

    While an engaging book, that documents the hypocrisy, hyper commercialism, and injustices that defines collegiate sports, the lack of discussion of race and racism limits its potential A book that invokes the indentured servitude metaphor, that speaks to the abuses and exploitation of student athletes that are disproportionately African American, needed to better address issue of race and racism, the history and current realities of white supremacy and systemically produced white privilege For e [...]

  6. Tim

    Indentured combines history, economics, legal cases, and lots of personal stories to tell how messed up the NCAA system has become as a result of the big money in basketball and football It doesn t try to tell you what the exact solutions but gives the reader the big picture to engage in this ongoing issue on America s campuses.

  7. Nathan Albright

    This book is written with an obvious intent to shock the reader into a horror at the exploitation of college athletes, mostly from minority and unprivileged backgrounds, by the NCAA In my personal case, the big money as well as the exploitation is something I am familiar with 1 , and so the shock value was not really a factor in my reading of this particular book This book boils down to simple justice is the NCAA doing justice by having schools and coaches take the spoils for the efforts of youn [...]

  8. Andres Olalde

    This book is an amazing book if you what to get the view of who and how the NCAA as we know it today was made This book starts with the invention of the NCAA and how they started with only four school and now have then 50 colleges Now it wasn t all sun shine and rainbows in the making of the NCAA they used threats and suspensions to colleges from athletics to get what they wanted these guys were down right bullies of the college athletics Every team feared them every team did what they said so [...]

  9. Talia

    Yeesh, not going to have my kids do anything with the NCAA This shocking yet not shocking book outlines the cruel hypocrisy that student athletes deal with while playing sports in college, mainly basketball and football why moneymakers Between each chapter, the authors punctuate their points further by describing terrible real life stories where students and coaches alike essentially have their lives ruined by the NCAA over minute infractions, and in some cases, untrue accusations, and for what [...]

  10. David

    Nocera and Strauss take a hard look at the NCAA and the colleges belonging to the NCAA and their relationship with the athletes who compete for those colleges Special attention on football, men s basketball and Division I Power Conference schools After detailing some of the stranger convolutions the NCAA has gone through to enforce the concept of amateurism in college sports a scholarship athlete is deemed ineligible because his college bought him recommended books in addition to required books [...]

  11. David Ward

    Indentured The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA by Joe Nocera and Ben Strauss Portfolio Penguin 2016 796.043 This is a rant about how the NCAA is mismanaging sports by 1 exploiting the masses of poor indentured underprivileged athletes and 2 failing to police the most powerful schools on a fair and consistent basis e.g The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky that it gave Cleveland State another two years probation Jerry Tarkanian to the detriment of less powerful universities The author poi [...]

  12. Kyle

    I decided to read this book because of the issues currently in the news in regards to college basketball What is happening now and what is outlined in this book is not a perfect, one for one match, but you will gain quite a bit of insight into the inner workings of the NCAA from this book Any fan, athlete, or coach of college athletics should read this book Nocera pulls back the curtain on the shadiest sports body this side of FIFA without holding back It is incredible what the NCAA has been per [...]

  13. Randi

    Solid history of the NCAA s questionable relationship with student athletes There were too many names to keep straight and some sloppy editing seriously, University of West Virginia Come on , but not enough to detract from the book s position The anecdotes about how various college athletes have been treated by the system were the most eye opening and blood pressure raising parts of the whole book.

  14. Mariah

    To sum up the NCAA is a cartel of the worst kind, making millions on the backs of unpaid collegiate athletes If you don t want the full play by play of all the NCAA s misdeeds, consider reading the following summation debunking 13 commonly advanced arguments as to why collegiate athletes should be unpaid sportsgeekonomics.tumblr With the exception of possibly the impact on Title IX, they are all extremely convincing.

  15. Daniel Hensley

    I don t usually write reviews This book is great for any sports administration or, lawyer Having worked with sports all my entire career some of which was at the D1 level, this book caught my eye Some parts were not as fun to read about but, it was well wort the read.

  16. Susan Neuwirth

    As a college sports junkie I couldn t wait to read this book I read half and skimmed the rest Way too many names to keep straight which was too bad Authors should have had a list of the coaches, players and ncca reps so you could figure out who back stabbed who.

  17. Dave

    Indentured is essentially an indictment of the National Collegiate Athletic Association s NCAA treatment of Division I men s basketball and football players Author Joe Nocera is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and long time critic of the NCAA and big time sports universities Nocera is also controversial in his own right, an advocate for fracking natural gas extraction and at times has used divisive language in op ed columns about political groups I bring this up as background to this complic [...]

  18. David

    catalogues in great detail the many absurdities of big time college sports sham course scandal at U North Carolina, profiting off players likenesses for video games without paying them a dime culminating in Ed O Bannon lawsuit, which gets blow by blow coverage here , enormous coaching salaries while claiming it would break the bank to give players full cost of attendance scholarships or adequate health insurance or 4 year guarantees, orn t really dwell on it, but mentions a few times the racist [...]

  19. Sherrie

    I had some immediate trouble with this book when the first person fighting the NCAA was introduced Sonny Vaccaro AAU czar, shoe deal king, and seller of young players to the coach with the right shoe deal is one of the primary people responsible for the mess that high school and college sports find themselves in today In fairness, the authors did at least allude to this, and the author of the book that ripped the mask off Vaccaro and the AAU, Play Their Hearts Out , had a cover blurb on Indentur [...]

  20. Nathan

    In the Big Short, a motley crew of misfits discover a major flaw in the housing market that others missed Bad subprime loans propped up the entire system and the basic foundation was faulty By the end of the book, the financial crisis wrecks havoc on the American economy and the American taxpayers these misfits become very rich In Joe Nocera and Ben Strauss s excellent new book, Indentured, there is a similar story arc a diverse group of ex players, controversial economists, status quo challengi [...]

  21. Tim

    Great read for sports fans Nocera argues strongly against the status quo and explores options for the future I love watching college sport, but the model is broken and it is simply unfair The treatment of the athletes is inconsistent, silly and wrong Change will come, it is just a matter for time The future does not have to be crazy, there are better ways to treat everyone fairly.

  22. Rebecca

    This was so eye opening What a corrupt organization the NCAA is In truth the current NCAA system for the top men s basketball and football programs is a major cross subsidy, a highly regressive redistribution of income, where revenue generated by a small group of relatively low income minority athletes is given to predominantly white, higher income coaches, athletic administrators, university administrators, faculty, and the rest of the university community a study in 2012 showed that than 80 p [...]

  23. Christopher Fox

    A devastating, passionate, exhaustive condemnation of the NCAA as the governing body of U.S College Sports Nocera and Strauss are unflinching in their wide ranging exposure of the harm done to student athletes and to a lesser degree the schools and their programs for which they play Over the years, the NCAA has been dictatorial, arbitrary and inhumane in its relentless and often vindictive pursuit of those who break, in their singular judgement, any of the frequently arcane, nonsensical myriad a [...]

  24. Tim Jin

    When I think about NCAA, I always assume it s college basketball and football I hardly ever think of it as other sports, such as fencing, lacrosse, rowing, or even golf These sports are not market to the mainstream because there is no money NCAA is another brand as NBA and NFL Why shouldn t college athletes be paid They are going on the courts and fields, risking life long injuries and only a few makes it to the next level, and as far as I m aware of, there is no pro team for cross country Inden [...]

  25. Eugene Ricker

    While I commend both authors for their strong investigating as well as fluid writing the book left me shrugging my shoulders I knew before reading this book that the NCAA and those in power can be petty, stubborn and reticent to change, but what does all that mean to the average reader To me, I still feel defeated about the process For what change is made to better the athletes there is still a long ways to go Some of my disinterest in the book is rooted in my waning interest in college sports I [...]

  26. JR Smith

    I want to be clear that even with a 3 star rating I would definitely still recommend this book However, it definitely comes with some flaws In trying to covering a very broad swath of the NCAA, Nocera struggled to get into a good rhythm until about 1 2 or 2 3 of the way through the book Put another way, it was not readily apparent what was going to tie all the disparate stories together My base comparison for this was reading Flash Boys by Michael Lewis earlier this year HFT is at least as compl [...]

  27. Joseph Jupille

    I am glad I read this As I wade deeply into intercollegiate athletics, I realize what a huge and complex set of issues it really involves The case that the NCAA is a cartel seems pretty irrefutable to me, and I find myself quite persuaded by the argument that the current student athlete model is massively regressive, transferring money from disproportionately poor and African American folks to disproportionately rich and white ones The Andy Schwarz essay addressing 13 NCAA myths, which is inclu [...]

  28. Eric

    The book was well done, although what possessed me to read about college athletics now escapes me The story seems to be one which merely proves that we don t seem to get much smarter over time The NCAA was founded in response to college football players being injured and some dying The book explains much of what goes on in the realm of college sports rules, recruiting, etc , ending up, it seems to me, right back where it started with athletes being injured in playing their sport and the system s [...]

  29. Christine

    This is a dense book with many references to figures in the world of sports and many, many acronyms In my house, it led to some spirited discussions between my husband a sports fan and me not a sports fan Should college players be paid Which is loathsome the NCAA or the regional conferences How should university athletic departments handle their budgets Is it unethical to buy tickets to a college sporting event knowing how much profit the university makes Why can t college players have jobs Who [...]

  30. David Barney

    For me this book is a reminder that the NCAA is not good I appreciate the authors efforts to show what a bunch of boneheads and cheats run and have run the NCAA The documentation of athletes and families lives screwed up from their decisions to not be understanding and helpful is heartbreaking Those that have run the NCAA are and were hypocritical It is unbelievable that they can live with themselves The justification they give is awful This book once again shows how powerful is Money is the roo [...]

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