Lightning Strikes (2020)

Lightning Strikes V.C. Andrews Lightning Strikes RAIN HAS SEARCHED FOR A PLACE TO CALL HOME BUT THERE S NOWHERE TO HIDE WHEN THE NIGHT SKY LIGHTS UP WITH TERROR Torn from the embrace of her poor but loving family Rain Arnold now lives surrounded by
  • Title: Lightning Strikes
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780671007690
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
Lightning Strikes V.C. Andrews RAIN HAS SEARCHED FOR A PLACE TO CALL HOME BUT THERE S NOWHERE TO HIDE WHEN THE NIGHT SKY LIGHTS UP WITH TERROR Torn from the embrace of her poor but loving family, Rain Arnold now lives surrounded by opulent riches but feels like an outsider than ever before Her heart s true passion the theater may prove to be her salvation, as she embarks on a journey tRAIN HAS SEARCHED FOR A PLACE TO CALL HOME BUT THERE S NOWHERE TO HIDE WHEN THE NIGHT SKY LIGHTS UP WITH TERROR Torn from the embrace of her poor but loving family, Rain Arnold now lives surrounded by opulent riches but feels like an outsider than ever before Her heart s true passion the theater may prove to be her salvation, as she embarks on a journey to unmask a legacy of long buried family secrets Enrolled in one of England s most prestigious drama schools, Rain is sent to London to live with her great aunt, Lenora, of the renowned Endfield family Their estate is breathtakingly austere, filled with antiques and a long, storied history But something isn t right Rain hears footsteps at night, and the high pitched laughter of a little girl She sees strange lights in rooms that are supposed to be closed off And everything about the place the air, the silence, even the somber household staff is as cold and soulless as a museum Behind the icy sheen of wealth and privilege lies something unspeakable Something that could turn Rain s most precious dreams into an inescapable nightmare.
Lightning Strikes V.C. Andrews

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    135 V.C. Andrews
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One thought on “Lightning Strikes

  1. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears

    Epic Fail Alert Part Deux Yes, it behooves me to admit I read Part Two of the so called thrilling Hudson series And than likely, I ll be reading the last one as well.No, I lied I m done I ll let some other poor sap slog through this tripe My brain just can t take any .So, I left off on Point of Fail 9 The characterization of Rain s sister Beni from the first book Why was the darker skinned sister portrayed as the troublemaker I think the Andrews ghost writers need a little sensitivity training [...]

  2. PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*

    Spoiler Alert Lightning Strikes was a good read I have read some of the reviews on this book and I disagree with most of what I have read in them saying that this book is stereo typical and that the author being a ghost writer was not good I don t find this VC Andrew novel to be stereo typical at all This book is the 2nd in the series about Rain, a Black and Caucasian girl who finds herself in let down after let down from everyone around her VC Andrews has plenty other novels in where the charac [...]

  3. Rissy

    Summary Rain made a bond with Grandmother Hudson soon after residing with her in Richmond Latish dies of cancer and Roy an Rain meet in the hospital and he still tells her how much he loves her How he wants her to think of him like any other man and not as a brother but she is still unsure.Rain finds out that a man in charge of a dramatics school of fine arts has seen her in the star lead of her school play and wants her to come to London to attend his school Grandmother Hudson has a sister and [...]

  4. Kaitlyn

    I read the book called Lightning Strikes written by V.C Andrews which is the next book after the other book I read which was called Rain I thought the theme of this book was similar to the theme of the first book because she s still trying to find a place where she s loved The theme I thought of in the last book was money or being rich can t give love or a place to call home Also what I think this book s theme could be about would be to believe and to succeed The reason why I thought of this the [...]

  5. rebellyell666

    Inhalt Die junge Rain Arnold, die in den Slums von Amerika heran gewachsen ist, findet sich pl tzlich in einer Familie wieder, die reich und wohlsituiert in Richmond lebt Die Hudsons haben die unehelich geborene Rain nach ihrer Geburt an ein armes Paar verkauft nun ist sie in der Familie zur ck Als sie von Gro mutter Hudson nach England auf eine Schule f r bildende K nste geschickt wird, ahnt sie noch nicht, wie ihr weiteres Schicksal sich stricken wird Schreib Erz hlstil Die Hudson Saga entwick [...]

  6. Chelsea Gouin

    This is the second book in the Hudson series, featuring Rain Arnold After getting a scholarship to a prestigious acting school, Rain is shipped off to London to live with an an aunt and uncle who don t know she s their half neice In true VC Andrews fashion, Rain gets into some bizarre situations while staying in a mysterious mansion.Rain was a lot whiny in this book than she was in the first She was trying to find herself and anytime she was complimented, she went on a tirade on how she was sic [...]

  7. Laura

    when i rate a vc andrews book, i have to judge it on the vc andrews scale, not by the standards i would use for a typical book with vc, the bizarre florid language and emotionally unpredictable protagonist are just a given and, unfortunately, the doubtably consensual sex and the pervasive racism are as well strange to read a book from the year 2000 that s so shitty in those respects, but i guess VC never really changes.a book with a black protag is better than yet another white as hell VC entry, [...]

  8. Jeanette

    I had planned on reading this entire series The story line kept me reading, even though some of it irritated me The writing is mediocre Then I saw the price to download the next book in this series on Kindle 15 and decided it s not worth it I look at 1 2 price books and the regular book store Couldn t find it It s selling for a penny on from 3rd party sellers, but then I have to pay shipping and that seems silly too for this type of book If the price goes down or I find it cheap somewhere, maybe [...]

  9. Liz

    I enjoyed this installment, and found the plot very interesting but slightly unusual by Andrews standards The plot was very fast, filled with twists and turns that some of were expected, and others were not Although this book was entertaining, it seems to lack the orginial Andrews quality like the De Beers,if you need an example The characters dont have as good of developement as past novels, but thats become expected after reading Neidermans later series I like the drama that this book ended wi [...]

  10. Dorothy Presnell

    This is second of the Hudson series Rain found out that the parents that raised her were not her real parents She now is living with her real grandmother in her mansion but still needs to keep secret her real identity Her mother had her very young with an African American man.e If her real family found out there could be a scandal Now she is being sent to England to live with her grandmothers sister.The reader can feel the agony she goes through keeping her secret The horror of the secret she le [...]

  11. J.N.

    In this second installment of the Hudson series, Rain goes to London to enroll in a famous acting school She lives and works at her Great Aunt and Uncle s house, but they are unaware that she is related to them In London, Rain finds new friends, a boyfriend, and even begins a journey to find her real father But at her Great Uncle and Aunt s house, she will discover a horrifying secret I liked this book than I remember liking it As usual, Rain is an easy character to like and relate to and I fe [...]

  12. Stephanie Tuell

    this is the second book in the hudson series this book was just a tiny bit better than the first in this book, rain is sent to london to study acting at a prestigious drama school rain finds herself in a few bad situations she finds a few secrets that are hidden in the house of which she is staying the secrets are so wrong, that if they were found out, the family would be ruined when rain is called back to the states for a death in the family, she finds that war is set to begin a war that she ne [...]

  13. M.M. Strawberry Reviews

    This book was one of the most laughable I have ever read It wasn t nearly as bad as any of Mr Neiderman s newer works April Shadows, Secrets in the Attic, etc and had SOME traces of VCA elements in it But still, this book was rather subpar, as was the rest of the series Mental illness is made light of, and Rain s grandaunt and uncle are just creepy, and what great uncle does with a servant well, given the campiness of this book, it shouldn t be surprising The secrets in this book fall flat, and [...]

  14. Brandi Bates

    I cannot fully express my adoration of reading V.C Andrews And this book has reminded me why these series were some of my favorites, while growing up Rain Arnold is a very likeable character, and Andrews a very reliable narrator I love how she delves into the mind of a bi racial girl and what it could have been like being raised in the ghetto of Washington D.C but still be able to interweave life in the Old Country with its tea and crumpets and high society.

  15. Laura

    In this book, Rain goes to live with her creepy great uncle and her lovely great aunt I really liked how Andrews used the peculiar cottage to really prove the strangeness throughout Rains family and how one little tragedy can change your world forever.When in London, Rain meets Arnold They develop a close relationship he helps her find her real father I loved this book

  16. Anne Marie

    Again, this book is very similar to other books by this author Most of the book was uneventful, and slow moving It was no surprise that Rain s great uncle has mental issues and that she gave into having relations with Roy Of course I want to see what happens next, though, so hopefully the story line will pick up for the next book.

  17. Jackie

    The second book in the Hudson series Rain is in London studying to be an actress Her great aunt and uncle think she is a charity they are housing for her sister Rain meets her real father At the end her grandmother dies and Rain inherits quite a bit of money.

  18. Patricia Atkinson

    the story continues with the second book in the series as she starts to live with her great aunt and uncle who have no idea who is ise finds her real father and works towards becoming an actress and still everyone is disowning her.

  19. Sarah Malone

    It was good but in one scene Rain sees her great aunt in cottage acting like a little girl yet when she finds out that Mary Margaret is pregnant Rain said it was her she saw Did anyone else catch that

  20. Debs

    Second in a trilogy and although it would stand well on its own a great progression of the amazing, powerful story of a young girl thrown into a storm The characters are well explored as is their relationship to one another There are some lighter moments too All in all a fantastic book

  21. Michele

    OK story about a girl who finds her birth family and goes to London to study acting She encounters some strange people there.

  22. Erleen Alvarez

    Full of mystery, misery and anomaly Love the way V.C Andrews choice of words and his use of metaphors.

  23. Nicole Mathias

    v.c andrews books are all absolutely amazing and very easily distinguishable from any other authors i love the darkeness, secrets, lies, very addicting, i have almost every single book

  24. Mags

    This book had the same writing style as the first book, but the author did a better job describing settings and characters This book is a little bit better than the first book in this series, but it s not my favourite I enjoyed reading about the odd noises in the mansion and the odd characters Rain s grandaunt and uncle are just creepy Also, it had a twist that I wasn t expecting I found Rain to be whinier in this book Between her finding herself and going on rants about how she was sick of peop [...]

  25. Zuzana Zet Ľudviková

    tala som knihu u sk r, rala som ju, no asi som sa stala prive k m snobom D Dvojka je bola ako oby ajne ove a slab ia, ne prv diel s chabou, takmer nevidite nou dejovou l niou a cie om a autorka si za pochodu vym ala Aj cez to tam v ak dok zala vtesna ve a srdcervucich, v ivote d le it ch momentov a my lienok, ktor mi osi ur ite dali a pomohli mi Zase nabud ce pri trojke, ktor je, zd sa mi, lep ia a zauj mavej ia.

  26. Emma Donaghy

    Just like any V C Andrews book this was a fast paced read with the most addictive characters Some you love and some you absolutely despise I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book, plus the ending just made me want to hurry up and pick up the next novel in this highly entertaining series

  27. Diana Cosgrove

    This is my favorite VC Andrews collection Although terrible things happen to the protagonist, there are also good people and good things instead of a constant stream of misery.

  28. Hannah Misselhorn

    I loved this book I am emotionally attached to Rain, and this book tore my heart to pieces when she left Grandmother Hudson The storyline kept me reading to the end, and I really thought that the Enfields were creepy I hate what happened to Rain and Randall because I was really rooting for them I am reading the whole series and I can t wait to find out what happens next.

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