The Coral Island (2020)

The Coral Island R.M. Ballantyne The Coral Island Fifteen year old Ralph mischievous young Peterkin and clever brave Jack are shipwrecked on a coral reef with only a telescope and a broken pocketknife between them At first the island seems a paradi
  • Title: The Coral Island
  • Author: R.M. Ballantyne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
The Coral Island R.M. Ballantyne Fifteen year old Ralph, mischievous young Peterkin and clever, brave Jack are shipwrecked on a coral reef with only a telescope and a broken pocketknife between them At first the island seems a paradise, with its plentiful foods and wealth of natural wonders But then a party of cannibals arrives, and after that a pirate shipwhat is to become of them
The Coral Island R.M. Ballantyne The Coral Island The Coral Island by R.M Ballantyne The Coral Island by R.M Ballantyne is a wholesomely humorous boys adventure stylenovel from Ralph, Jack and Peterkin are three plucky, pious, absurdly well prepared young sailors who wash up on a deserted Pacific island. The Coral Island Wordsworth Children s A juvenile classic in its day , The Coral Island was the springboard for Golding, who took the notion of marooned boys, borrowed the names Jack and Ralph, but The Coral Island TV Mini Series Jan , The Coral Island After a shipwreck, three boys, Ralph Rover, Jack Martin, and Peterkin Gay, become stranded on an uninhabited Polynesian island. Coral island geology Britannica Coral island, tropical island built of organic material derived from skeletons of corals and numerous other animals and plants associated with corals Coral islands consist of low land perhaps only a few metres above sea level, generally with coconut palms and surrounded by white coral sand beaches. Lord of the Flies and The Coral Island William Golding The Coral Island is directly referenced by Golding in Lord of the Flies During the first assembly when Ralph is persuading the boys that they can have a good time on the island, he says It s like in a book The boys shout back excitedly Treasure Island Swallows and s Coral Island The Coral Island Plot Summary LiquiSearch The Coral Island Plot Summary Plot Summary The story is written as a first person narrative from the perspective of one of three boys shipwrecked on the coral reef of a large but uninhabited Polynesian island , year old Ralph Rover. The Coral Island A Tale of the Pacific Ocean charmed my imagination so much as the Coral Islands of the Southern Seas They told me of thousands of beautiful fertile islands that had been formed by a small creature called the coral insect, where summer reigned nearly all the year round, where the trees were laden with a constant harvest of luxuriant fruit, where the Coral Island Phuket All You Need to Know BEFORE Nov , You may book the coral Island trip through a travel agent, including transfers, activities and lunch If you re vegetarian, you may get some of your eatables to get through the day and of course, lots of fresh fruits are available there Take a pair of change of clothes as the sand is very smooth and you ll enjoy it a lot. Coral Sea Islands The Coral Sea Islands Territory is an external territory of Australia which comprises a group of small and mostly uninhabited tropical islands and reefs in the Coral Sea, northeast of Queensland, Australia The only inhabited island is Willis Island.

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One thought on “The Coral Island

  1. Petra X

    I went to primary school at four and a half, into Mrs Whitcombe s class Everything was miniature, including Mrs Whitcombe who was a little person We sat on our little chairs at our little desks and got out our little books Janet and John It was quite glorious except that I had read the whole year s Janet and John primers by morning break a very little bottle of milk and a digestive biscuit The only other books in the classroom were Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson and Coral Island So for t [...]

  2. PirateSteve

    Tis a story of 3 shipwrecked teen aged English lads While the tale is fun for young and old alike, I think it s target readership would be in the tween between childhood and the teenage range As the story unfolds the reader finds them self on an educational journey in the islands of the South Pacific.Strong Christian beliefs are exhibited as the 3 young men display good moral character in their survival against nature, native cannibals and pirates.

  3. Carolee Wheeler

    So let me get this straight.You re a teenage sailor, shipwrecked with 2 buddies on a pacific island You get along pretty well, and are fairly happy with your lot there, but one day you see a big ship arrive and you flag it down, but O NOES it s Pirates The pirate ship captures one of you, and sails away with you, and you are treated to all sorts of horrors including cannibalism Nobody is any good except this one other guy, and then one day you have a chance to fool all the bad guys and you do, a [...]

  4. Rohan

    It s always tricky assessing Victorian youth fiction in the light of our current postcolonial period, and all of the necessary revaluations that has entailed The Coral Island A Tale of the Pacific does have some horrendously condescending views upon the age old moral dichotomy of savagery v civility However, R.M Ballantyne is a relatively unusual author for his period Edinburgh born Ballantyne clearly had a strongly evangelical Protestant morality, but this was also tempered with a clear sighted [...]

  5. Yuki

    Starts off as a sweet children book, ends with too abrupt of a didactic tone along with mildly annoying instances of casual racism.

  6. Deborah Ideiosepius

    This is a quintessential boys adventure story Ralph goes to sea as a cabin boy, almost as soon as they round Cape Horn and enter the Pacific ocean a storm sinks their ship marooning him and his two friends on a coral island on which they have wonderful adventures before escaping the island.This book is in fact a prototype of several story genera, Ballantyne was a prolific writer of stories for young people, publishing over 100 between 1847 and his death in 1894 The Coral Island is considered his [...]

  7. Rick Silva

    I don t tend to reread very many books, but this was one that I loved when I read it as a pre teen I decided to try reading it to my son in chapters.First half was great Classic adventure story with three teenaged boys shipwrecked on the iconic deserted island in the South Pacific Their story of survival together is perhaps a bit overly optimistic, but it s still great fun.When the book moves into its second act, and pirates and Pacific Islander natives become involved, it takes a turn into some [...]

  8. Micaiah

    MIGHT UPDATE THIS REVIEW we shall see The Coral Island was truly a masterpiece I now understand why it was one of the most well loved Ballantyne books of its time and even today The characters were impeccable I fell in love with them immediately The storyline was fascinating and well written All around, it was fantastic.Another add to this wonderful book is the Gospel message that R.M Ballantyne skillfully wove throughout the novel and the character s lives Ralph s in particular.It was a rivetin [...]

  9. Lauren Fidler

    man, i love adventure stories s fascinating to reread this one after reading Lord of the Flies, our narrator is Ralph, his dad is in the navy, and he is shipwrecked on an island with two wise, true friends, Peterkin and Jacks, Jack.Jack is elected captain, he espouses the importance of reading books, and is measured a philosopher by the wily Peterkin there are pig hunts a sow is killed , an angry savage marked with red and white paint attacks, and Jack gets described as being shark like in his b [...]

  10. Victoria

    Bug nlerde okudu um kitaplardan ger ekten ok memnunum seri kitaplardan sonra ger ekten iyi geldiler Bence ok g zel bi kitapt Macera ,deniz,ada hayat , gemi vb Sevenler i in kesinlikle tavsiye ederim

  11. Joey

    This adventure novel is perhaps Ballantyne s best work With R.M Ballantyne being a Christian Presbyterian this novel is explicitly so It is a tale of three lads, Ralph, Peterkin, and Jack, who get isolated on the Coral Island after their ship is wrecked and they the sole survivors They must struggle to make their way and survive in this island They learn to hunt, fish, and get their own food Their friendship grows stronger.It all seems like they are the only ones on this island until one day, ba [...]

  12. Pramod Nair

    I still remember the glow i felt as an eleven year old boy while i sat mesmerized reading this tale of wonderful adventure A Classic

  13. Jeremiah

    The Coral Island was a great book It was exciting, funny, and intriguing And the characters well, I really like all of them Jack was the oldest, the leader of the three, and the tough one Peterkin he was the funny one and the youngest And Ralph was in the middle and was the philosophical one They could not have made it without each other.Overall I really liked this book, and highly reccomend it.

  14. Aslı M.

    K kken macera kitaplar n ok severdim.2017 Reading Challange maddelerinden biri de k kken okuyup seni g l mseten bir kitapt.O maddeyi g r nce akl ma direkt Mercan Adas ve Define Adas geldi.Hangisini okudum ya da ikisini de okudum mu hat rlam yorum.Ama i eri inin benzer oldu unu d nd m ve uan benim i in Mercan Adas ula labilir oldu u i in onu se tim.

  15. Ebookwormy1

    It s an interesting thing to read a book written in 1857 and see how much the world, and our perceptions of it, have changed.Ballantyne s style is typical of the time, with loquacious description of the environment and characters Modern readers can find this tedious, but at the time, UK readers had no videos and few black white photographs of south pacific islands Ballantyne s thorough research and detailed descriptions of banyan trees, mangos the plum like fruit not named , penguins, the growth [...]

  16. Leila

    I read this book as a child lots of times and really loved it I read it again when I bought it during 2014 and finished it some time later that year, I cannot remember it well enough now to write a worthwhile review except to remember the magic in the story that lifted me and transported me into another world A boy named Ralph and his two friends Peterkin and and Jack, were shipwrecked and managed to get to a coral island After that there had many adventures The book always transported me to ano [...]

  17. Naomi

    It s a nice book about three boys who were shipwrecked on a Pacific island It s a wonderful coral island I liked very much the descriptions about the island, the trees, the valleys, the mountain and some specific sights which were named by the three boy the Water Garden, The Diamond Cave and the Spouting Cliff I just imagined myself in this wonderful paradise It s a very nice story although I don t liked so much that part of the book when Ralph is taken by I pirate schooner and they go to the Fi [...]

  18. Bettie☯

    re reading.opening Roving has always been, and still is, my ruling passion, the joy of my heart, the very sunshine of my existence In childhood, in boyhood, and in man s estate, I have been a rover not a mere rambler among the woody glens and upon the hill tops of my own native land, but an enthusiastic rover throughout the length and breadth of the wide wide world.

  19. Daniel Garrison

    A great little adventure story One that anyone who likes to read, should read Ballantyne has many worth reading Martin Rattler, Sunk at Sea, The Young Fur Traders, and The Dog Crusoe and His Master, just to name a few.

  20. Deborah Pickstone

    A re read of a childhood favourite Somehow, children s lit from that era never reads as childish Still enjoyable for an adult.

  21. Michelle

    NOT a waste of time Fist Ballantyne book I read at my little brother s recommendation My little bro did not let me down.

  22. Enoch

    This is my favorite book right now I love stories about the sea and ships Each chapter is filled with adventure and new words and ideas I haven t thought of before.

  23. Colin

    I was presented with this book as a Sunday School prize in 1965, and I think it has laid untouched in my mother s drawer since then Nothing over the years enticed me to read it, until the time came to clear the drawers, and I thought it might pass a few moments, and give me an insight into the style of the period Gosh, what a strange book Unlike the curates egg, somewhat bad but some of which was excellent, this ranges far along the range, from quite sweet to absolutely appalling Who would give [...]

  24. Grace Wong

    Read an abridged version I guess I ve always been a fan of these castaway stories Enid Blyton s Secret Island, Robinson Crusoe and this one was great I wished this version included a map 4 stars, minus stars for after pirates came I would have preferred if these stories were just about how they lived, descriptions of plants building boats hunting etc It seems like every time authors try to bring it to a climax with arrivals of strangers, I cease enjoying the book, and start hoping to reach the e [...]

  25. Stephen

    This is an enjoyable and interesting tale of three young sailors shipwrecked on a coral island and while not a literary classic it is a pleasant read.

  26. Caroline

    The Coral Island by R.M Ballantyne is a wholesomely humorous boys adventure style0novel from 1857 Ralph, Jack and Peterkin are three plucky, pious, absurdly well prepared young sailors who wash up on a deserted Pacific island They explore, make shelter, find food, battle sharks, storms, tidal waves, pirates, cannibals, while making innocent quips They also become accomplished boatbuilders, hunters, butchers, naturalists, carpenters, shoemakers, and ropemakers Eventually they escape to another is [...]

  27. Ivy-Mabel Fling

    Living in post Brexit Britain, the incredible smugness of this story was hard to take One could have laughed it off if it had not come back to haunt us Rule Britannia And thank goodness the gods are on our side and wear our type of clothing

  28. David Brown

    I ve always wanted to write a story to do with a shipwreck and a desert island A tried and tested formula you would argue and I would agree with you I still harbour thoughts of this type of story but not until I ve come up with something a bit different which may never happen R M Ballantyne s The Coral Island is your traditional shipwrecked sailors on a remote island with many exciting adventures thrown into the mix.The novel focuses on three teenagers Ralph Rover, Jack Martin and Peterkin Gay w [...]

  29. Mathew

    Written in 1858, when the Empire was still at its height and a few years before the American Civil War, Scottish writer, R.M.Ballantyne wrote what appears to be one of the first novels for children try not to think of children in its modern conception which featured only teenagers or young adults It is, without doubt, very much of its time and could not be read seriously within the classroom setting It could, perhaps, we read and analysed as a cultural artifact and as a lens from which to view B [...]

  30. Sam

    A classic adventure story that follows the exploits of Ralph, Jack and Peterkin after they survive the lose of the vessel on which they were deck hands and the disappearance of the rest of the crew over the horizon in the deck boat they managed to salvage in the midst of the storm At first Ralph, our narrator, and Peterkin, the comedian of the trio, are very much dependant on Jack, who is the quintessential leader of the bunch, but as the story progresses both Ralph and Peterkin develop their ow [...]

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