Edible Numbers (2020)

Edible Numbers Jennifer Vogel Bass Edible Numbers Juicy apples Plump ripe pears Twisted mushrooms Counting your way through the farmer s market has never been so much fun Discover a world filled with exciting fruits and vegetables in this bright bo
  • Title: Edible Numbers
  • Author: Jennifer Vogel Bass
  • ISBN: 9781626720039
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
Edible Numbers Jennifer Vogel Bass Juicy apples Plump, ripe pears Twisted mushrooms Counting your way through the farmer s market has never been so much fun Discover a world filled with exciting fruits and vegetables in this bright, bold follow up to Edible Colors This simple concept counting book will leave your mouth watering as you count from one to twelve with a kaleidoscope of tasty produce ReadeJuicy apples Plump, ripe pears Twisted mushrooms Counting your way through the farmer s market has never been so much fun Discover a world filled with exciting fruits and vegetables in this bright, bold follow up to Edible Colors This simple concept counting book will leave your mouth watering as you count from one to twelve with a kaleidoscope of tasty produce Readers will learn about counting, variety, and color through the detailed, crisp photographs of homegrown and farmer s market fruits and vegetables
Edible Numbers Jennifer Vogel Bass

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One thought on “Edible Numbers

  1. Amy

    Boy, I sure learned about some weird fruits and vegetables I kiiind of thought the author was messing with readers when I got to things like the Yellow Mortgage Lifter tomato and the Nipple Fruit and also my favorite produce item out of the whole book I definitely feel inspired to try a Blossom potato or a Flavorburst pepper, but I m guessing these exotic selections may be hard to find I guess I m going to have to start growing Nipple Fruits in my backyard

  2. Nicola

    A nice counting book I liked the sheer range of fruits and vegetables being shown it made me aware of just how limited and homogenised the range we have available in the supermarket is

  3. Kirsten

    My toddler daughter LOVED this She loves it when I read the names of the different types of fruits and vegetables, and likes pointing out the different kinds of corn and carrots on the last page.

  4. Katie Fitzgerald

    This clean looking, fresh feeling picture book reminds me a little bit of 1 Big Salad by Juana Medina, but with better execution Each two page spread shows a photo of a single fruit or vegetable on the left hand side, labeled clearly with the number 1, and on the right hand side a number of varieties of the same fruit or vegetable, labeled to show how many there are Miss Muffet age 3.5 loved seeing the many different types of familiar veggies like cucumbers and peppers, and because the numbers f [...]

  5. K

    My two boys loved this book immensely I mean, I am going to have to put it on their wishlist, which I normally do not do for most not including the obvious classics like Dr Suess picture books they may outgrow the ysubject matter But this book was an instant classic in our family We love gardening My two are always asking about the other fruits you know, okra, squash, peppers, eggplant etc which like tomatoes are actually a fruit that people treat when eating like veggies Knowing this, I still h [...]

  6. Samantha

    Numbers 1 12 are illustrated using unique varieties of fuits and vegetables Each spread opens with the number 1 as represented by a fruit or vegetable mirrored by the rising numbers in the sequence 1 to 12 with the rising number displaying different variations on the original fruit or vegeetable i.e 1 apple, 3 apples with each of the 3 apples being a different variety with emphasis on introducing some varieties not often seen at the grocery store.I loved the Edible Colors book by this author, bu [...]

  7. Ro

    Beautiful fruit and vegetable photography with a white backdrop that allows the reader to notice all the details of familiar and possibly never seen before produce The author did an amazing job in presenting on every left page one veggie or fruit, the most common type in its family, and then proceeded to count up on each right page from the number 1 to 12 with a variety of the vegetable or fruit presented on the left side of the spread Each spread presents young readers with the notion of divers [...]

  8. Barbara

    Yummy fruits and veggies highlight the appropriate numbers in this counting book I like how the photos show one food and then several different versions of the food for instance, there is one Cortland apple, followed by three apples, one Golden Delicious, one Granny Smith, and one Golden Russett Readers can note the names of the types of produce under each item as they count from one to twelve The book also introduces the idea of grouping by showing 12 different types of citrus fruits too As lon [...]

  9. Brenda

    This book is designed for toddlers, yet it would be great for preschoolers and primary age children as well The unique format is a basic counting book with a twist each new number set introduces a group of unusual fruits or vegetables with the number 1 and the next number in the overall sequence Some children might be confused by the format and need a bit of guidance The closing pages invite the reader to explore even diverse fruits and vegetables The clear photography and simplistic fonts will [...]

  10. Holly

    The book is set up like this one type of fruit or veggie is shown on the left hand side of the spread, then 2 different species of that same thing on right 1 pea pod 2 pea pods Next page, 1 veggie or fruit, and then 3 different species This continues all the way up to the awkward number of 11 Besides it seeming to go on a bit too long for a read aloud storytime, the photos are terrific and children will get a kick out of seeing all the different types of mushrooms, squashes, peppers and citrus [...]

  11. Kathy

    A lovely counting book that can lead to interesting conversations even with older children already comfortable with their numbers The left side of each page has 1 of a typical variety of fruit vegetable, and the right has increasing numbers of different varieties of that food Why are there so many kinds How are all the tomatoes for instance still tomatoes, even in the rainbow of varieties Would you eat a purple potato

  12. Patrice Sartor

    4.5 stars.I love food and I love attractive photographs of food, so I was destined to like this book What a fun way to help kids learn to count and to learn about different fruit and vegetable types at the same time Many of the varieties I had never heard of myself Did you know there are at least 12 types of eggplants

  13. Kerry

    Traditional counting book but what is really special about this book is the use of atypical varieties of vegetables and fruits On one page you have your typical cucumber but on the following page, you have a Dragon s egg cucumber or an Asian burpless Great to use for counting and vegetable and fruit stories.

  14. Kristen

    Simple counting concept book made sublime with gorgeous photos of fruits and vegetables The coolest part all the varieties For example, we see on the left page 1 familiar looking pear labeled Bartlett and on the right side, we see 6 pears of different shapes and sizes You can take this book to the farmer s market or grocery store, find the different varieties, and compare contrast them.

  15. Kaylyn

    I really loved this one Teaches little ones about counting all while looking at such beautiful unique fruits veggies Along with each picture there is, in smaller font, the fruit or veggies actual name my four year old surprisingly LOVED this Because of this, I now have a very upset four year old asking why there is no nipple fruit eggplant at our local grocery store Haha

  16. Sarah Sammis

    Edible Numbers by Jennifer Vogel Bass is one of the most beautiful counting books I ve ever seen It s also an introduction to fruits and vegetables It s the follow up to Edible Colors pussrebootsir blog

  17. Molly

    GORGEOUS pictures and vibrant colors, with heirlooms and exotic varieties compared with standard veggies fruit Would be awesome for talking to kids about colors, varieties of produce, agriculture, etc.

  18. Mary

    There are some weird looking fruits and vegetables out there I don t know if kids will be inspired to eat some of them flying saucer pattypan or scared of them Buddha s Hand citron Regardless, this is a pretty fun counting book with interesting photos.

  19. Vicki

    Yummy What s not to like in this simple counting book with amazing colorful photographs of real food There are the common foods and types I ve never heard of thanks for labeling all of the names of the unusual foods my favorite is Buddha s Hand citron

  20. Rachel

    This was neat since not only does it use fruits and vegetables to help you count, but it names them too, and there are a lot of unique ones listed, which I appreciated.

  21. Kendra

    Great for expanding food vocabulary Love that she included some common, well known veggies as well as some that might not be as easy to find in many american grocery stores Diversity with veggies

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