De onderschilder (2020)

De onderschilder Jane Urquhart Christien Jonkheer De onderschilder Ik wil proberen de liefde te schilderen die ik niet kon aanvaarden Terwijl hij door spijt verscheurd terugblikt op zijn leven werkt de jarige Austin Fraser aan een serie schilderijen Hoewel hij
  • Title: De onderschilder
  • Author: Jane Urquhart Christien Jonkheer
  • ISBN: 9789035119215
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
De onderschilder Jane Urquhart Christien Jonkheer Ik wil proberen de liefde te schilderen die ik niet kon aanvaarden Terwijl hij, door spijt verscheurd, terugblikt op zijn leven, werkt de 75 jarige Austin Fraser aan een serie schilderijen Hoewel hij een beroemd schilder is, woont hij in beklemmende eenzaamheid in zijn grote huis te Rochester, New York Hij herinnert zich de mensen die belangrijk voor hem waren zijn w Ik wil proberen de liefde te schilderen die ik niet kon aanvaarden Terwijl hij, door spijt verscheurd, terugblikt op zijn leven, werkt de 75 jarige Austin Fraser aan een serie schilderijen Hoewel hij een beroemd schilder is, woont hij in beklemmende eenzaamheid in zijn grote huis te Rochester, New York Hij herinnert zich de mensen die belangrijk voor hem waren zijn wonderlijke moeder zijn vriend George, porseleinschilder en verzamelaar, zwaar getekend door de lichamelijke en geestelijke wonden van de Eerste Wereldoorlog de aan morfine verslaafde verpleegster Augusta de bekende Amerikaanse schilder Rockwell Kent en Sarah, een serveerster die zijn model en minnares werd Vijftien jaar lang heeft Austin haar bezocht en geschilderd Toen verstootte hij de vrouw van wie hij hield op vermeend kunstzinnige gronden.De onderschilder is een meesterlijke roman over die ene grote kunst de kunst lief te hebben en het falen daarvan De draagwijdte en zeggingkracht van de onderschilder, en urquharts briljante verbeelding van het landschap en van de geografie van ons voorstellingsvermogen, maken deze roman tot een voorlopig hoogtepunt in haar veelgeprezen oeuvre.
De onderschilder Jane Urquhart Christien Jonkheer

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    270 Jane Urquhart Christien Jonkheer
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  1. switterbug (Betsey)

    Jane Urquhart s fourth novel is a staggering yet restrained portrait of an emotionally cold and withholding American minimalist painter, Austen Fraser, now 83 years old and reflecting on his life Born in in Rochester, NY, around the turn of the twentieth century, his fertile experiences took place in New York, Ontario, and a tiny island called Silver Islet on Lake Superior in Canada.He was influenced by two eminent artists with diametrically opposed views Rockwell Kent, who believed that art and [...]

  2. Roger Brunyate

    The Art of ConcealmentThe strange title of this prizewinning novel is explained gradually over the course of the book Its protagonist Austin Fraser, a highly successful American artist, has adopted an unusual approach to his mature works Although he begins each painting in the realistic style of the landscapes and nude studies of his Canadian model Sara Pengelly with which he originally made his name, he now paints over this underpainting with concealing glazes and even white impasto, so that on [...]

  3. Denis

    I m still wrestling with my thoughts on this novel and I ll use this post to help pin them to the mat, or should I say, the canvasThe Underpainter was a tough read, at times, yet rewarding Tough because the story is told using summary narrative throughout, from the POV of the protagonist, an aging, self centered and rather selfish man recounting his life So there aren t many if any full scenes in this story but rather several half scenes to show what he s telling us.Yet the prose is lyrical and [...]

  4. Jess Van Dyne-Evans

    Beautiful descriptive writing Excruciatingly stupid plotline.The premise is all right a painter is musing over his life, which he spent going back and forth from the city to spending his summers in a tiny town, painting his landlady He muses for a LONG time about how he would be subtly cruel to her enjoying her discomfort, posing her for hours and not letting her move, thinking of her as nothing, having sex with her and covering her body entirely with his own so that she couldn t move, etc and t [...]

  5. Nancy

    I can t explain why this book fascinated me, but it carried me along with its dark story of self absorption and fear of participation in life Metaphorically, the Underpainter is a part of all of us that part that holds us down, until we look in the mirror and see that we ve grown old Profound.

  6. Nancy

    A friend recommended this book to me as I traveled to Thunder Bay, Ontario for a short trip It was the perfect place to be reading this book staying on the 4th floor of the Prince Arthur Hotel looking out from my bed at the Sleeping Giant each morning and evening.A significant part of this story takes place in Silver Islet, located on the Sleeping Giant peninsula and I was actually reading the part about Sarah coming across the frozen lake on the skiis while in the Prince Arthur Hotel betting th [...]

  7. Skai Leja

    It took a little time to get into this book, as it jumps around in time and introduces characters in brief, tantalizing vignettes with hints that they are related but no clear indications for the longest time where the pivotal incidents of the novel will be The build to the resolution of all these threads is slow but masterfully crafted The main character is not at all sympathetic initially this seems quite intentional and perverse, but gradually I started to feel a sad compassion for him and al [...]

  8. Jennifer (aka EM)

    I m not quite finished yet, but tThis appears to be one ginormous Metaphor stretched like canvas to the ripping point over the rickety frame of a character portrait A portrait, that is, of the artist as a pathologically egocentric, arrogant, callous youth who, despite his dawning self awareness as he approaches death, appears to have lots of regrets but little remorse Unless something unbelievable happens in the next 40 pages which given the pace so far would be shocking indeed , I m not sure he [...]

  9. Paula Dembeck

    Austin Fraser is an eighty three year old artist who is looking back on his life and the mistakes he has made He is a man haunted by the memories of the people he never let into his life One of them is George, a china painter he grew to know as a young man visiting the town of Davenport in the summer Another is Sara, the model he painted in the grand landscapes of the Great Lakes on the shores of Silver Islet where his father once owned a silver mine Austin grew up in a home where affection neve [...]

  10. Sarah

    This book is truely Jane Urquhart there is a very complex main character who lacks emotion His mother died at an early age and he is unable to recover from this traumatic event having also to deal with an emotionless father, whom he says he never really knew in the end As a distraction from his emotional damage, the main character Austin Fraser turns to painting and his profession becomes the focus of his future life.In comparison to Urquhart s pervious novel Away I missed a character whom I was [...]

  11. Kelsey S. Hock

    This was kind of a let down after The Stonecarvers Not to say that I won t read from Urquhart, as she s a very talented writer, but The Underpainter was a disappointment for me.Why I didn t enjoy The Underpainter like I should have The narrator is first person, however several other characters points of views are shown through third person storytelling Urquhart does a variation of this in The Stonecarvers, but pulls it off much better in that novel In The Underpainter it feels almost like the r [...]

  12. Debbie

    This 1997 winner of Canada s Governor General s Literary Award is the third novel I ve read by this talented writer.It s told from the point of view of painter Austin Fraser, living in his old age in his childhood hometown of Rochester NY The setting moves from upstate New York to the northern shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Superior both Canadian locations It s told in flashbacks from Austin s present 1970s to 1914 and the ensuing years I was struck by the different affects that the declaration [...]

  13. Donna

    Beautifully written in spots, this novel has some subtle and heartfelt descriptions of Austin Fraser s life and psyche However it felt, ultimately, empty He was a cruel, selfish, greedy character, who felt regret at the end of his life, but he had many, many opportunities over several years, to change and apologize, but never did So his regret and anguish seems very hollow He ruins the lives of so many and never makes even the smallest gesture of humanity He never deserved the friendships he had [...]

  14. Anne

    Didn t enjoy this one as much as her other books The main character is an old man who wasn t a very nice young man A little forgettable.

  15. Jim Puskas

    Three times I began to write a review of this book, only to discard all that I had written and start over in an entirely different mode.The Underpainter could only have been written by a writer supremely confident of her powers and unconcerned at the risk of rejection by a publisher, readers or both I suspect there have been readers who abandoned it after the first hundred pages or so that would be their loss.I cannot claim to have found it enjoyable reading in the conventional sense There are m [...]

  16. Sally Seymore

    A beautifully written novel by Jane Urquhart It is heavy reading but she is a master at storytelling Austin Fraser, a successful American painter, is the narrator in the story He reflects on his life as he tells his story and those of the people close to him He however never really connects with anyone, least of all to his model of many years He is cold and cannot show emotion but his friends pick this up in his paintings Although highly talented, he is poor in feeling He misses many chances of [...]

  17. Judith Rich

    This would have got stars had the main character been sympathetic, rather than a monumentally selfish git Was I meant to feel sorry for him because he chickened out of his only chance of happiness Because frankly, all I could think was how mean of him to make the poor woman ski all that way through the cold, only to turn round and f k off home when she was in within sight.Oh, and the English Riviera is in Devon, not Cornwall Don t know what edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica he was readin [...]

  18. Okidoki

    verm lningar, Utgivnings r 1999 ISBN 9113005227 Jag fr gar mig sj lv Vad har ditt liv varit En 80 rig konstn r ser tillbaka och minns n gra personer han bem tt Jag ber rs starkt av Sara, Georg och Augustas den Inte snabbl st, mycket att fundera p Berikande.

  19. Joyce

    Had trouble finishing this book I just could not get into the main character He is very cold, unemotional and distant yet his perception of the colour light around him is so vividly described you almost see his paintings.

  20. Al

    Based on the brief synopsis on the cover, I was looking forward to an enjoyable read Sadly, this was not to be as I found the narrator to be quite insufferable and this I am ready to admit was nobody s fault but mine His character is only partially drawn, no doubt intentionally On occasion, credibility was stretched beyond limits Sara as a model holding a pose on tip toes for 20 minute intervals, a 4 hour brain operation in a field hospital, soldiers dancing on crutches.

  21. Mae

    This author has an amazing power with words unfortunately her subjects seem to confuse and befuddle meI always feel as though I am missing something not due to her lack of skill, but due to my lack of comprehension The story of the underpainter Austin Fraser is amazingly descriptive and I have a clear visual, but I cannot somehow believe that I was supposed to be impatient and almost angry as I read the book I found Austin to be completely self centered to the point of narcissism, indifferent to [...]

  22. Rachel

    The woman s winters are long and bright and silent Just before nightfall the landscape blossoms into various shades of blue p 4 There is no differentiation, in this season, between water and land p.5 There is nothing in passion, really, except the sense that one should open one s self to it p.9 a stylistic change caught my mind, pulling me from realism towards the concept of formal ambiguity This freed me, or so I thought, because, unlike a figure or a landscape, a concept can be carried anywher [...]

  23. CasualDebris

    For my complete review, please visit Casual Debris.Like many a modern painting, The Underpainter grew on me steadily At first I was a little disinterested, dulled by the cold, distant narrator, Austin Fraser Though I did like the few early scenes featuring Fraser s friend George and some other supporting characters, it wasn t until after a hundred pages, when Augusta was telling her wintry tale of youth, play and the cold winter farm, that I became wrapped up in a cloak of interest.Contrasting e [...]

  24. Vanessa Ratjen

    I blame the novel summary for making this book sit on my shelf for ages my mom gave it to me for my birthday at least five years ago Mind you, I have many such books I have bought for myself, the reading list is only getting longer, but it s unlikely that so long passes before giving it a go However, after reading the book, I m not exactly sure how I would adjust what s written on the back cover to make it seem worth your while it truly is a story in which the world of art collides with the rea [...]

  25. Reid

    It is difficult to pinpoint precisely why this quite well written, well crafted, well plotted book is in the end unsatisfying This is the story of a fictional painter in an all too real world of art, love, war, privation, and plenty who keeps himself aloof from it all in order to be the objective artist He is a great success in his chosen field, but ends up with little but grief, regret, and pain.I suspect that part of my uneasiness comes from the fact that a man this disconnected from feeling [...]

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