Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare (2020)

Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare SteveJackson Bogeyman He Was Every Parent s Nightmare A WildBlue Press original true crime story from the New York Times bestselling author of MONSTER and NO STONE UNTURNED describing in dramatic detail and with heart rending poignancy the efforts of te
  • Title: Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare
  • Author: SteveJackson
  • ISBN: 9780990557319
  • Page: 404
  • Format: ebook
Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare SteveJackson A WildBlue Press original true crime story from the New York Times bestselling author of MONSTER and NO STONE UNTURNED, describing in dramatic detail and with heart rending poignancy the efforts of tenacious Texas lawmen to solve the cold case murders of three little girls and hold their killer accountable for his horrific crimes Absorbing and haunting BOGEYMAN spills crA WildBlue Press original true crime story from the New York Times bestselling author of MONSTER and NO STONE UNTURNED, describing in dramatic detail and with heart rending poignancy the efforts of tenacious Texas lawmen to solve the cold case murders of three little girls and hold their killer accountable for his horrific crimes Absorbing and haunting BOGEYMAN spills creepily across the page with Steve Jackson s hellacious verve and insight, reminding us there are few better explorers of the American berserk Ron Franscell, bestselling author of THE DARKEST NIGHT Steve Jackson s latest, BOGEYMAN, reveals a living, breathing nightmare that haunted parents, as well as detectives Be sure to add it to your reading list if you re a fan of true crime books Aaron Habel, host of Generation Why PodcastFrom the book For years he d stalked elementary schools and playground looking for young girls from low income neighborhoods to abduct, rape and murder He thought of them as throwaway kids hardly missed, and soon forgotten, except by those who loved them He was ever parent s worst nightmare The bogeyman they warned their children about the fiend who lurked outside bedroom windows.
Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare SteveJackson

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One thought on “Bogeyman: He Was Every Parent's Nightmare

  1. Tony Parsons

    Shiny pebbles thrown 1 at a time into the pond determines how many children the bogeyman has abducted Parents can only ponder imagine the atrocities he has done to them Throwaway kids African American, Asian, or Hispanic girls These 2 things highlight what some pedophiles are all about I ve worked with 1,000 s of theses mostly male teen adult correctional, public Females are rare They end up into drugs prostitution Blame it on well the same thing it happened to me OK Is there a mental illness i [...]

  2. Autumn

    I received this book via StoryCartel to give an honest review.The title called out to me I wanted to get my hands on this book to see what this book was about I didn t even read the blurb when I selected this book Then I went to to add it to my books I am reading, and I read the blurb This is a story that takes place in the 80 s and you can tell that the officers have their work cut out for them It is not easy to capture someone so sick and twisted back then as you could almost do it now.Let me [...]

  3. D.B.

    BOGEYMAN He was every Parent s Nightmare, by author Steve Jackson, is a well researched, well written, true crime, non fiction book Author Steve Jackson covers two decades of Detectives who committed themselves, and their lives, to proving the guilt of David Penton as the abductor, abuser, and killer of several young girls in, and near, a small town in Texas.David Penton went on his crime spree during the 1980 s a time when there were no such things as Amber Alerts, Cell Phone, DNA Testing, or I [...]

  4. Deanna

    This is one of the best written books on true crime that I have read Not only is the story fascinatingly disturbing, but, Steve Jackson has a writing style that kept me in the story He included facts about the cases, yet, not to the point of me wanting to speed read through those parts Steve Jackson is now on my list of great True Crime authors and, I hope he writes in this genre I will read them all.

  5. Laurie Spray

    Interestingwhat a sick man I still can t believe that someone can harm and torture children so many lives destroyed because of this animal what could even make someone think of something like that thank goodness for the hard working detectives that kept him locked up.

  6. Katherine McCarthy

    Full review can be found on my blog here The Crime CoveThis book tore me up And I m not that easy to tear up Yetre up in a good way Let me explainThe dedication demonstrated by the police departments to take down this serial rapist of little girls a real life bogeyman was incredibly moving to read about I guess I never really though hard enough about the impact investigating these types of violent crimes would have on our officers and their families Its profoundly brought to light in this book a [...]

  7. Kelly Hager

    As you know, I don t read very much nonfiction This book makes me want to change that.Before reading this, I hadn t heard anything about David Penton, who is the titular Bogeyman I feel like now I know almost too much I don t want to get melodramatic, but he s one of those people who is just pure evil.You should know that bad things happen throughout the course of the book but that Steve Jackson doesn t really go into detail I mean, you know what happens, but it s not gone into in lurid detail.I [...]

  8. Marjorie

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewSteve Jackson has done a fabulous job in writing his book Bogeyman He was Every Parent s Nightmare During the 1980 s little girls were being kidnapped and when found they were killed The cases were unsolved and the case files were boxed and put away This story tells about the tragedies of these children and the effects on their families But, the real story is that of the detectives and police officers who worked hours, days, weeks, months and years to solve the ca [...]

  9. Charlotte

    Bogeyman by Steve Jackson was a great true crime book that I would recommend to anyone.I had the audible version and I have to admit at times I had tears in my eyes This so called Bogeyman preyed upon our most innocent members of society our children.He changed the families lives forever It took a toll on the detective s lives as well Thanks to an informant and a detective that just refused to give up, the monster was finally caught You can go to WildBluePress, or audible to purchase the book It [...]

  10. cc

    Very goodgreat true crime read love how it shows the toll these type of cases can take on law enforcement these detectives were amazing.

  11. Theresa

    True murderThis was a very sad book about child molestation and murder.The man who did this was a coward and was convicted in 4 cases but probably committed man y .

  12. John Ferak

    Bogeyman is a very scary but very real true crime story that tracks the actions of a terrible demon all over the country Great writing and a compelling story line You should read it

  13. Charles Oakes

    This book left me emotionally drained Difficult to put down Had no idea how many personal scars it puts on those officers who sought justice God bless them.

  14. Gina

    Bogeyman tells the story of the almost 20 year search for a man who kidnaps, rapes, and murders young girls It seems redundant to tell you its dark and disturbing after that statement, but it is made darker by sparing no details of the crimes or the frustrations of law enforcement Like Monster also by Jackson a superior example of his true crime work , he focuses on how difficult some types of offenders can be to catch even so to prosecute I didn t think this was as well written as Jackson s ot [...]

  15. Kelly

    I read this book after finishing Jackson s Monster which was also incredible I love Ann Rule, but I must say these two books are the best true crime stories I ve ever read As a mother and grandmother, Bogeyman struck a personal chord with me It truly is every parent s worst nightmare David Penton is every parent s worst nightmare He is pure evil Had it not been for the commitment, dedication, loyalty, passion and faith of Det Gary Sweet, he might have never been caught And that is a fear that is [...]

  16. Patricia

    Well let me just say this The Bogeyman had me reading for hours, even though I had to put it down a few times, not that I didn t like it quite the contrary this book had me rattled and it made me think What these poor detectives did to catch this evil evil man This story starts out in the 80s The Bogeyman is terrorizing the small town in Texas stalking elementary school and parks looking for young girls to take, rape and murder The Texas lawmen that won t give up on these what they called throwa [...]

  17. Lynda Kelly

    This is clearly really well researched and I like the way it s told too for the most part It s the silly mistakes that cost it 5 stars from me And I just looked up my review of Monster and I pretty much said the same there word for word Again, the mistakes cost it that extra star So that s pretty disappointing.Right at the beginning he refers to Molly Robertson although a later photo credit was attributed to Molly Richarson think he meant Richardson but either way it s wrong He used fisherman wh [...]

  18. P J Crawford

    Thank God this monster is off the streetsWell written tale about the long search by a group of Texas lawmen for justice for several innocent little girls terrorized and murdered by a soul less monster Steve Jackson writes with the same attention to detail as Ann Rule However, he manages to avoid injecting his subjective personal opinions into his stories far better than Ann Love her though I do, Ann has gotten pretty bad in later years about over telling us readers over and over which characters [...]

  19. Anne M.

    In Some true stories the author allows you to forget this is true, Steve Jackson did not do that.This made the story horrific as you felt you entered into the pain and anguish not only of the parents whose children had been abducted, but also of the police who had been unable over many years to solve this case One detective lost his family because his life was taken over by the need to find the killer of these girls Others only held on due to their Christian Faith.Many lives were destroyed by t [...]

  20. Charissa Wilkinson

    I received this book for a fair review.Overview This book shows us how Detectives Sweet, Bradshaw, Meeks, and Phillips joined forces to bring the killer of Christi Meeks, Christie Porter, and Roxann Reyes to justice.Likes Mr Jackson did a great job of focusing on the victims, their families, and the police with their families, and the police with their families instead of on the murderer Some things just should take precedence Dislikes I don t understand Mrs Penton s thinking She ignored any al [...]

  21. Michele

    I almost never read non fiction I made an exception with this book I can honestly say this true story disturbed me then any fictional murder mystery I have ever read It is the story of a psychotic madman one who enjoys abducting young girls, abusing then killing them Thankfully the author did not go into details This is mostly the story of the police officers who would not give up until this murderer was caught and behind bars for life Some of the officers lives were ruined because they could n [...]

  22. Rose Mclaughlin

    Great storyThis was a extremely easy read for me,usually true crime is not something I read because a lot of it is about the trial This was about solving the murders of 3 girls in Texas The detectives and the victims were brought to life in this book I couldn t put it down I only paid 99 cents for it , and didn t expect to get drawn into it This starts before DNA testing gets going.if you like true crime or a good detective novel this is a must read I got it off digital spot which also has free [...]

  23. JoyAnna

    Good true crime book that covers the murder of several little girls in the Texas area in the 80 s Because of their skin color Asian, black, Hispanic this monster called them throw away and claimed no one would bother much with finding them The book is very disturbing but not graphic about what this monster did to them The main storyline is about the detectives who never gave up and finally nailed this creep I would have liked photos of the detectives, victims etc to relate to the characters in [...]

  24. Mary Daniels

    Powerful, and heartbreakingIt was well written It made you feel what was happening, and how the families, and detectives felt Parts made me angry, then horrified, and I cried a time or two To even imagine what those poor little girls went through at the hands of this Monster Thank you, to all the dedicated law enforcement who never gave up on finding the Bogeyman and putting him away Steve thank you for a well written book, and telling this story.

  25. Rebecca

    Excellent, readable storyA lover of true crime, this was certainly one of the better ones I ve recently read Not a boring moment I ve sometimes skipped bits along towards the end of books but not this one In fact, I was surprised when I reached the end My only complaint is that there are grammatical and spelling mistakes I ve read others from this publisher with similar errors I hope they will improve over time.

  26. Robert

    excellentwell done a book about people and not details of horrible actse author did a good job of sticking to things that matter.

  27. Newbee (JoAnn) Brown

    This book is what nightmares are made of Once I started this book I found I couldn t put it downWarning not for the faint of heart or any one with a weak stomach Extremely well written This author was able to tell you all the important facts so they are understood, there were so many, while drawing you into the story.If I d read this book when my children were still small I d have hid them away in a closet till they turned 21.What makes this book so hard to fathom is that you know this really ha [...]

  28. Cynthia Gunnels

    I won this book in a giveaway As disturbing as it is to read about such horrors committed against small children, I am glad that I got the opportunity to read this The author did a great job detailing the hard work that these law enforcement officers put forth to make sure that this sick person would never have the opportunity to harm another innocent child Having 5 children of my own, I just can t fathom what the parents of the murdered children have gone through, but I know that I would have w [...]

  29. Mr Stewart

    Repetitive writing, sometimes almost to the point of being patronizing Jackson will devote paragraphs to reiterating the same piece of information revealed in a previous chapter repeatedly It gets very annoying in back half of the book when investigators are just making the rounds reinterviewing witnesses to prepare the case for the DA The same information is presented three or four times.Jackson also tends to be overly heavy handed in making sure the reader knows that he thinks that the suspect [...]

  30. Kristin Zilch

    A look into a cruel mind What I appreciated most about this book is the focus Jackson takes on the these crimes impacting not only the victims family s lives, but also the impact these crimes had on the law enforcement officers who came into contact with these awful cases So much negative media for police officers recently that this book shines a light on the sacrifices some men women take to find justice for others I truly enjoyed this aspect of the book than your run of the mill true crime bo [...]

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