Chess Rumble (2020)

Chess Rumble G. Neri Chess Rumble Three moves is all it takes to change the outcome of the game In Marcus s world battles are fought everyday on the street at home and in school Angered by his sister s death and his father s absenc
  • Title: Chess Rumble
  • Author: G. Neri
  • ISBN: 9781584302797
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
Chess Rumble G. Neri Three moves is all it takes to change the outcome of the game.In Marcus s world, battles are fought everyday on the street, at home, and in school Angered by his sister s death and his father s absence, and pushed to the brink by a bullying classmate, Marcus fights back with his fists.One punch away from being kicked out of school and his home, Marcus encounters CM, an unThree moves is all it takes to change the outcome of the game.In Marcus s world, battles are fought everyday on the street, at home, and in school Angered by his sister s death and his father s absence, and pushed to the brink by a bullying classmate, Marcus fights back with his fists.One punch away from being kicked out of school and his home, Marcus encounters CM, an unlikely chess master who challenges him to fight his battles on the chess board Guarded and distrusting, Marcus must endure hard lessons before he can accept CM s help to regain control of his life.Inspired by inner city school chess enrichment programs, Chess Rumble explores the ways this strategic game empowers young people with the skills they need to anticipate and calculate their moves through life.
Chess Rumble G. Neri

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    G. Neri

One thought on “Chess Rumble

  1. Allie

    Chess Rumble is the story of Marcus, a young kid having trouble controlling his anger in the face of what seems like unending problems His little twin brothers keep causing trouble for him, his principal has it out for him, his former friend Latrell keeps pushing his buttons trying to rile him up He s got nowhere for that anger and frustration to go except into fighting One day instead of sending him to detention for the thousandth time , the principal sends him to the library to play chess with [...]

  2. Kandice

    I checked this out of the library expecting a comic It WAS shelved with the comics and graphic novels after all That s not what I got It s illustrated, and there s an ongoing narrative, but I think it s a poem The naration appeared in verse, anyway, and I found that distracting Not rhyme, just verse, in columns on the pages.Anyone could see where this was going A young man, living in a bad neighborhood, loses a sister and his father in very quick succesion He becomes a discipline problem, and be [...]

  3. Tim

    I work for the St Louis City Family Court as a psychologist 31 years , and as such have been priveleged to meet kids mostly African American from poor, gang infested, drug infested neighborhoods in which life is cheap most are from single parent families and have lots of problems in school Don t get me started on the St Louis Public School System, it ain t pretty I also have loved Chess, been playing since I was nine I ve taught a lot of kids to play this game, and have tried to impart a sense o [...]

  4. Kate

    G Neri s CHESS RUMBLE is appealing to reluctant readers, especially boys, on a number of levels Neri nails the voice of a boy growing up in the inner city in a way that s reminiscent of Walter Dean Myers Neri s main character, Marcus, is a young man dealing with family troubles and fights at school, until he meets a powerful mentor and learns to fight his battles on a chessboard instead.This novella in verse is full of language that s vivid and accessible, and Jesse Joshua Watson s illustrations [...]

  5. Carlos G

    this book is ight ig i mean i kinda can relate to this but its an amazing book the images are good and the details are amazing , alot of kids can be just like this and not have a dad the good part about it is that it shows a lesson to always have a good mind set and to never take your anger out on anyone and possibly ruin there day

  6. Katie

    Short, in verse novel about learning to tame anger and impulse through the game of chess Middle SchoolVerseReluctant ReadersStruggling ReadersQuick Read

  7. Bella

    Read this book to my summer class ages ranged from 11 13 and they were really engrossed It is a very intriguing book and young minds would definitely enjoy it.

  8. Saily

    I m not sure what to make of this book because it has pictures but it s not in a traditional graphic novel format It s also in free verse which made it really easy and fast to read It s such an easy read that I read it in an hour Ironically, because it was so easy to read, I don t know how to feel about it I thought the story was okay, not extraordinary, but good nonetheless The story is a bit predictable but there s nothing about it that really bugged me or surprised me It s obvious the protago [...]

  9. Heather Shaw

    Chess Rumble opens with the illustration of a boy extending his hand towards the viewer In perspective, the fist looks life size if the reader is eight to twelve the ages recommended by the publisher and invites engagement Peace as is often said in this reviewer s home.It is certainly not the same fist that s found a few pages later, when protagonist Marcus is smacking his nemesis Latrell for teasing him in public Marcus, of course, ends up in the principal s office Little threat there, however, [...]

  10. Jill

    Eleven year old Marcus is an extremely troubled youth His sister, with whom he was close, died the year before of a heart ailment His father left Marcus is big and gets teased and bullied about it especially by a particularly mean kid named Latrell He copes with his problems by either getting in fights or withdrawing from everyone After yet another fight in school, he is sent to the library to cool off There he encounters CM or Chess Master CM tries to teach Marcus chess, and show him the value [...]

  11. Elaine Bearden

    gr maybe mature 4th to 9th gradeBefore I opened this book, I was expecting a graphic novel However, it is a Novel in free verse form with occasional illustrations done by Jesse Joshua Watson The point of view is a kid maybe 5 7th grade who is getting into a lot of trouble, after his sister dies and his father leaves the family He is convinced that everyone around him is out to get him Lucky for his future, the principal tries something different for punishment and sends him to the library where [...]

  12. Ginta Harrigan

    Chess Rumble is a verse novel written by G Neri.WOW Chess Rumble is a realistic fiction book about a boy named Marcus Marcus has a bad attitude, a very bad attitude He is angry all the time and gets in constant fights and arguments One day his principal took him to the library as punishment It is there he meets CM for the first time CM becomes a person Marcus grows to respect.G Neri did a fantastic job writing characters that were real He never wavered with Marcus, Marcus stayed true to his bitt [...]

  13. Lindy

    The jacket design did not appeal to me, but I opened Chess Rumble and started reading because a I love verse novel format and b the book is thin and obviously a quick read and afterwards I would be able to add it to the pile of library stuff to return today.Eleven year old Marcus has a lot to be angry about His sister died a year ago, then his father deserted his family his younger twin brothers piss him off every chance they get and his former best buddy is now his worst enemy In the end, an ad [...]

  14. Rebecca

    Everyone should read this book I can t remember how I heard of it, but I was doing a chess related online search and I ended up with this book written down, plus I loved finding The Hip Hop Chess Federation hiphopchessfederation This is an illustrated verse novel about Marcus, an African American preteen who lives in the inner city and is having and troubles controlling his anger since his sister died and his dad left He finds it laughable that mentor CM thinks chess can teach him about life a [...]

  15. Holly Squires

    Marcus is dealing with the loss of his sister and abandonment of his father through violent outbursts HIs anger issues get worse and worse as he starts hitting his brothers and classmates CM is a chess master that can beat almost anyone he plays He offers to play against Marcus, and Marcus, not wanting to look like a chicken accepts He is immediately beat CM offers to teach Marcus how to always win at chess.I really liked the message this book taught It taught being accountable for your actions [...]

  16. Michele Velthuizen

    Interest level 7th Reading level easyGenre Realistic fiction, Trial by Fire, Chess, PoetryMarcus is trouble His father left when his sister died, his mother is still in mourning, his sisters annoy him, and a bully at school is driving him crazy So he fights back, using his fists, and this doesn t go down well with the school principal If he can t keep his anger under control he will be expelled from school Then he meets CM, a chess master who challenges him to a game Although Marcus father used [...]

  17. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    This brief novel in verse is about Marcus, a troubled inner city boy who begins to deal with his anger issues and stay out of trouble after learning how to play chess What I like about this story is how CM, the chess master, encourages Marcus to channel his energy into the game rather than getting into trouble Once Marcus has calmed down he can begin to deal with the reasons for his anger his sister s death and his father s absence I like the fact that Marcus then gets his friend Latrell to join [...]

  18. Katherine

    This is for Robyn Dialect, voice, characterization This unique perspective of an inner city kid s hard knocks comes to life in precise print and monochromatic visuals I wouldn t classify it as a graphic novel, exactly It reads like a narrative poem no, really like a rap I don t know it s an enigma Check this out In my hood, battles is fought every day Some on the street corner, some in the park Warriors fall Kings is made Street gangs, chess gangs Don t make no difference It s all a game to me [...]

  19. Bless

    This book is extremely strategical I love it Maybe I could try to play some chess to get life out of my system The Chess Master is a pretty chill guy I am very happy that the main xharacter changed his life and gave Chess a chance without being embarrassed about playing Everyone s their talent that s waiting to be hated with the world He went through lots of trials and tribulations but there is and ways a solution and he did that in three simple stuff and I thought that it was truly amazing Supe [...]

  20. Nancy

    I have to attach this book to Zeta Elliott s BIRD because they are both realistic tales about young Black boys that are needing to reach out to something besides the gangs in the street Our media strongly places little Black boys in one situation and that is faced down with nowhere to go But this book, like BIRD, turn that young male child looking up, getting up and moving on I wish that some of our media specialists, our urban librarians, suburban librarians, rural librarians and our educators [...]

  21. Sally Kruger

    Thank you to Nevercountedout for this book.Marcus s world is filled with negatives his sister died, his father left, the rest of his family struggles every day In the midst of his messy life, Marcus encounters CM and is introduced to the game of chess According to CM, Marcus can learn a lot about life by playing the gameESS RUMBLE is author G Neri s first book Written in verse with illustrations by artist Jesse Joshua Watson, it presents the life of a troubled young man who finds a way to make s [...]

  22. Phil Mitchell

    This poetic short story is great It tells the story of a boy who is a bit troubled He grows up in the hood and lives the life of a kid who knows better but makes poor choices until he is introduced to the game of chess I really enjoyed the theme of anything is possible, if you put your mind to it There are so many other themes embedded too but that one sticks out the most Its a feel good ending leaving you happy.

  23. Diana Begeman

    I teach in a very low socioeconomic school and this book was wonderful I look for books to do as read alouds that I can connect to different subject areas, particularly math My fifth grade students made the connection to math with this book easily I was so much fun listening to them relate chess to math and help each other understand chess, math, and the behavioral and life affirming messages in this book.

  24. Bryan Colin

    This book is amazing because it talks about this kids life named Mark in poem form This book sometimes makes me think about my life, like what would happen if my sister died This book really brings sadness to you I think this book is great because it has some good parts and some bad ones This book ads on metaphors that make the book be sad I would recommend this book to people that like poems of sadness.

  25. Salsabrarian

    G Neri always does an amazing job putting an authentic voice of the streets to paper Marcus fronts as a tough guy and bully in the wake of his sister s death and his father s leaving the family, but there s a spark of humanity in there waiting to be re lit, in this case by the Chess Man who shows Marcus how chess strategies can be applied to one s life for the better Relevant and real.

  26. Debbie Hoskins

    I had a fan woman moment G Neri is my friend I just think this is so cool, plus Frane Lessac is now my Facebook friend A nice example of good book making Well written, interestingly illustrated and produced A good book to just happen to lay on a table around certain youth I do have this on my book shelf by the art table, a place of honor.

  27. Cheryl

    My son s teacher read aloud ghetto cowboy to his end of year 4th grade class So when we went to library recently chess rumble by the same author caught our eye Not our typical bedtime read aloud but we couldn t stop and since it looked like a poem though a novel in disguise, we kept pressing on Thumbs up from the 4th grade reluctant boy reader and his mama.

  28. Nathan

    Chess in the ghetto is hard especially when you are hungry One teen s journey as he craves a sugary snack whilst playing chess Watch as his stomach rumbles for high fructose corn syrup, shattering his concentration If only he had a Twinkie, some Pringles, or even just some Skittles A tale of checkmate, belly grumbles, and feeling peckish

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