Electric (2020)

Electric Emilia Winters Electric He made her feel electric Like volts of energy fizzled through her veins racing constantly stimulating It was intoxicating and thrilling And for the first time in her life she felt truly alive Luke
  • Title: Electric
  • Author: Emilia Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Electric Emilia Winters He made her feel electric Like volts of energy fizzled through her veins, racing, constantly stimulating It was intoxicating and thrilling And for the first time in her life, she felt truly alive.Luke Branford.Notorious womanizer.Shameless flirt.Heir to his family s multi million dollar business.His motto No love, no relationships Just pure, carnal sex no strings attaHe made her feel electric Like volts of energy fizzled through her veins, racing, constantly stimulating It was intoxicating and thrilling And for the first time in her life, she felt truly alive.Luke Branford.Notorious womanizer.Shameless flirt.Heir to his family s multi million dollar business.His motto No love, no relationships Just pure, carnal sex no strings attached.When prim and efficient Kate Kennedy is hired on as Luke s temporary assistant, her no nonsense attitude and blatant dismissal of his advances sparks a challenge he simply can t resist But Luke has demons of his own and a tragedy that happened years ago continues to haunt him Once lines are crossed and rules are broken, will past secrets keep them apart or bind them closer together Note Intended for mature audiences over 18 This is a STANDALONE novel and can be read on its own even though it s part of a series No cliffhanger
Electric Emilia Winters

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    Emilia Winters

One thought on “Electric

  1. Anja

    Such a cute story sigh ELECTRIC is about LUKE KATE Luke is this ONE NIGHT ONLY KIND OF GUY until he sees Kate at the coffee shop There s something about her that fascinates him.d for the first time in his life he is too shy to ask a woman out.What he doesn t know is that Kate is also attracted to him When he finally mans up and decides to take the chance to talk to her, he screws it up royally But fate has its own way and Kate ends up being his temporary assistant And this is where the fun begin [...]

  2. axola

    SoWellI don t know I was expecting so much of a book with a 4.13 rating in This book was average No, it won t drive you crazy because the hero heroine are completely nuts, or doormats or cheating asses But I didn t feel the chemistry, the attraction.This is an instant attraction kind of story The hero, described as a player, has spent 3 weeks watching the heroine without finding the courage to go and talk to her yes, I knowaaaaaaat really screams player The day he finally does, she puts a stop [...]

  3. Ruby Madden

    SPOILERS Kate Luke Luke Kate Another fun one by Emilia Destiny, fate, serendipity whatever Has a plan for these two Although they each do their best to deny what is going on between them Or something akin to resistance and self torture It starts out simple enough, they both frequent the same coffee shop in the mornings They re both hyper aware of each other although attempting to pretend otherwise until one of them builds up the courageKate s willful independence, pragmatic but sassy attitude an [...]

  4. Sania

    Standalone Cliffhanger Standalone but part of a seriesAges of H and h In their early 30s Multi Luv n M nages view spoiler No hide spoiler Was There Descriptive Sex view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Descriptive Sex Or Drama Between H h With OW OM view spoiler No hide spoiler If So, Before or After H h Hookup view spoiler N A hide spoiler Contains Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Amount of Sex In The Book view spoiler A decent amount hide spoiler HEA HFN etc Ending view spoiler HEA hide spoiler W [...]

  5. Tiana

    I m glad I read The Fifth Lesson first, even though books in this series can be read separate Had I read Electric first, I never would have given The Fifth Lesson a chance Electric was truly horrible Very poor writing style and plot line Character development was dry as a brick I don t think I ll be reading any of Emilia Winters work, not unless somewhere down the line she brings out a book that captures my attention.

  6. Karen

    I did not finish this book because of the way the hero handles an attraction between him and his subordinate at work In their first physical interaction where he kisses her It was the last thing she saw before his lips crashed down onto her own Kate was momentarily stunned And overwhelmed Luke s earthy, spicy scent invaded her senses making it difficult to process what was happening And when she finally did, she struggled against him.He clasped her arms tightly to her sides to make her stop, his [...]

  7. Selenay

    Resume All in all, it was ok The style of writing was good enough that I finished the book even though I wasn t really invested But I m not sure whether I will read something else from this author.DetailsThe first impression we get of Luke in the Prologue is of him visiting his brother s grave and then planning to hook up with a woman whose name he doesn t remember All the while looking forward to seeing another woman, who seems to be special somehow Further I had the impression that he has mone [...]

  8. Jasmine Roman

    This is one of the best book I ve read all year and I ve read over 100 books and this book is in my top 5 so freaking amazing I cried, laughed, and was so freaking hot I love the balance of the book So many writers put a lot of sex but not enough emotion in the characters and then there are the books that are sappy and no sex when it says readers over 21 When I buy a book when it say you need to be an adult I want sex and Emilia Winters did so good I felt everything Kate and Luke were feeling an [...]

  9. Nance

    Such a great read with an electrifying man suffering from guilt as an accident claimed a loved one nine years ago Luke Branford just cannot let go of the grief and pain that has plagued him for years And, so when he s highly attracted to Kate Kennedy, perhaps he ll just have some fun Kate, though, has been hurt before and just does not know how to move past that humiliation from long ago She thinks gorgeous Luke is a player and knows his kind all too well But, as she gets to know Luke in the com [...]

  10. Lucie Lu"s Book Reviews

    I was so happy that this book wasn t your typical hot CEO Billionaire who falls for the poor plain Jane sex kitten Don t get me wrong I love that stuff, but I was happy Emilia was able to mix it up a little Luke and Kate are very much attracted to each other but they don t just jump into bed There is a story and their relationship is built throughout the book Both characters have been hurt through different circumstances and although they want each other, they re hesitant to give themselves over [...]

  11. Tanya Santiago

    ARC provided for an honest reviewG This was such a good read I truly loved how both characters were down to earth average people making their way through life and I thank Ms Winters sooooo much that this was not one of those billionaire meets the poor girl book Both characters were real and had real issues that made the book even better and guess what NO CLIFFHANGER Kate is used to her routine and Luke is drawn to her for reason he does not understand and fates brings them together It s really f [...]

  12. Charmaine Walker

    Received this ARC COPY for an honest reviewOMG.HOT HOT HOTElectric re like Electrifying Lukewhat a MAN phew.Just loved the chemistry between Luke and Kate Combustible Really Kate had no chance First of all those EYES They just draw you in Never have I read a story and I have my favourites that made me go all gooey at the description of his eyes I kept forgetting to breathe at times Loved the banter between them and made me smile Sad times happen in life and wanted to hug them both for their hear [...]

  13. Antonette

    This was a fun and sexy 3.5 4 star read for me.Luke and Kate were really good together They had intense chemistry and whenever they were in a room together the temperature rose They were both very intelligent which made their banter fun and had me smiling throughout the story But as fun as it was, the story wasn t without an emotional rollercoaster both characters were dealing with their own personal pain and it hurt to see them go through it.The story itself was very enjoyable and I look forwar [...]

  14. Ronda

    Complimentary CopyWOW I loved every minute of this book I did not want to put this one down Your heart is going to be ripped out of your chest with this book You re going to love and hate Luke all at the same time His past plays a big part of who he is and what makes him chose the paths he does Kate the one that refuse to let anyone in for fear of getting her heart ripped out The batter that goes back and forth between the two just makes the book even better You will not regret picking this book [...]

  15. Coral

    I m really glad this was an freebie, because eeesh I am generally a fan of the fictional employee boss romance trope, but it has a carefully balance the romance with not breaking the law In this book, the hero s actions were textbook sexual harassment She told him no multiple times and he still persisted Even in their relationship outside the workplace, he refused to take no for an answer I m sorry but that s not romantic, it s wearing her down at best, stalking at worst.The writing in this book [...]

  16. Julia

    This book was almost a DNF for me I stopped at the big conflict scene and decided to just skim pretty much the rest of the book Was hoping it would be a lot better from the description but it just did not do it for me Hero was somehow shy around the heroine when he s a known ladies man, and they know each other so well after a few dates Meh.

  17. Heidi Ryan

    This was an interesting book about love, loss, and the baggage we carry I liked the way destiny seemed to bring these two people together, my only drawback was the many times things went forward one step and then backwards two The gal, Kate, flew off the handle a little too easily, but all in all, its an enjoyable read.Kate, a twenty something girl living on her own while paying for her Grandmothers nursing home, is a spitfire who does not have any friends close Her mother died a while back, and [...]

  18. Caroline F

    4.5 stars Luke desired her than he d ever desired another woman And he intended to have her Consequences be damned Lucas Branford is haunted by a past tragedy He blames himself and has lived his life accordingly trying to atone for his past mistake In spite of being a practiced womaniser and king of hook ups, he has developed a slight obsession with the serious girl who sits at the same table in the local coffee shop He s been going to the same shop, every morning for weeks, but has failed to w [...]

  19. Michelle

    I really thought I was going to have a five star read on my hands with this one Sadly it didn t go that way for me Kate a women with no friends and hardly no family She was raised by her grandmother after losing her mom at an early age After Kate s grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer s she had to put her in a nursing home Kate is a romance book writer but is having a hard time trying to get her career going She works for a temp agency and work is very slow She s having money problems She sp [...]

  20. Jo

    I had to google what a BART was I ve never heard of it before probably because I m Canadian and don t live in San Fran

  21. Amy Beth

    For those of you who have read The Rebound Series, you would have already met Luke Banford.Well let me tell you about Electric, it s hot sexy heart breaking emotional alpha tastic yeah i think i made that word up but it speaks volumes oh and yes one very sexy Luke Banford with his dimple smileLuke Banford is anything but shy when it comes to women, although he wouldn t be able to tell you their names as he doesn t know They are stored in his phone as HOT BLONDE 2 etc However a certain young lady [...]

  22. A Risque" Affair Book Blog

    We were given a complimentary copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review I need to say this, I am so happy that Emilia Winters contacted the blog multiple times The first 2 times she contacted us, we said we were backlogged with reading Once I caught up, I reached out to her.In this book, you have Kate and Luke Kate is very relateable She s been hurt in the past, so she now makes it a habit to just keep to herself and work on her book The problem is that she s writing a r [...]

  23. Skip

    Kate leads a pretty full and stress ridden life A closet novelist, she despairs to receive her 14th rejection email from literary agents for her romance novel One wonders whether it is because she has had only a single, disastrous sexual encounter in her life Her finances are in a shambles, as she needs to cover the care home fees for the beloved grandmother who raised her, even though that grandmother no longer recognizes her, due to the ravages of Alzheimers Every morning, Kate retreats to the [...]

  24. Samaris Creech

    I received a gift cop of this book in exchange for an honest review Kate has always been the serious type Never had many friends and never really dated except for once and let s just say that ended badly With no income at the moment Kate begins to despair on what she is going to do Suddenly she gets a call from her temp agency for a working interview Luke has always been able to charm the ladies it was like a gift Yet somehow he can t seem to get the courage to speak to the one woman he wants to [...]

  25. Lisa

    I was given a complimentary copy of this book from the author I am so happy Emilia Winters reached out to me about reading this book Once I got to about 20%, I couldn t put it down I walked around all day with my Kindle glued to hands Kate is a little like all of us, I think She s been hurt in the past and is afraid to put herself out there If she just keeps to herself, she doesn t have to worry about letting anyone into her broken heart Then Luke comes into the picture like a tornado and squash [...]

  26. Jacquelyn

    SPOILERS AHEADThe synopsis sounded pretty standard Rich playboy who doesn t do relationships meets girl and bam she becomes his everything What appealed to me was the boss employee dynamic I like forbidden relationships What I will say though is I actually was a little put off by that element in this book Luke pursued Kate so boldly relentlessly that I wanted her to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him I know the synopsis lists him as a shameless flirt but his seduction was too much in t [...]

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