Reaching First (2020)

Reaching First Mindy Klasky Reaching First Hotheaded Tyler Brock has one huge strike against him when he arrives in Raleigh as the Rockets star first baseman he owes one hundred hours of community service for starting a bar fight Lost in a new
  • Title: Reaching First
  • Author: Mindy Klasky
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Reaching First Mindy Klasky Hotheaded Tyler Brock has one huge strike against him when he arrives in Raleigh as the Rockets star first baseman he owes one hundred hours of community service for starting a bar fight Lost in a new town with a new team, Tyler can t confide his greatest shame to anyone he can t read When he s assigned to work for Emily Holt, he s in even bigger trouble Emily is beauHotheaded Tyler Brock has one huge strike against him when he arrives in Raleigh as the Rockets star first baseman he owes one hundred hours of community service for starting a bar fight Lost in a new town with a new team, Tyler can t confide his greatest shame to anyone he can t read When he s assigned to work for Emily Holt, he s in even bigger trouble Emily is beautiful, uptight, and ready to shed her secret, unwanted virginity They hit it off, in ways than one But when illiterate Tyler shirks his book bound community service, Emily must hold him accountable Can this mismatched pair save each other by sharing their long held secrets
Reaching First Mindy Klasky

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    Mindy Klasky

One thought on “Reaching First

  1. Maria V. Snyder

    3 of the Diamond Brides and another fun read during my beach vacation I seem to go in sprints and right now I m reading romance.

  2. Christina Montminy

    My only complaint about these stories in this series is they are too short, wish they were a little longer The one thing I really do like is that each one is mentioned at least a little in the next book This story was really good had a different feel to it Dealing with a reading disability for a major league player isn t something that I thought would actually be touched upon The story of a player pushed through school by his father little league coach because he had an aptitude for baseball No [...]

  3. Monica

    Another cute story about romance and sports This time we meet Tyler who is a first baseman for the Rockets and Emily who just happens to be Anna s friend.Tyler was just purchased from Texas and gets into a bar fight before leaving his home town He now has to do community service in his new home Tyler has a secret.Emily becomes Tyler s supervisor with the Community Service Tyler will work on Emily s house to convert it into a place to help with veterans and getting them back on their feet Emily a [...]

  4. Clare Burns

    good b ook, not the best in the series but a good read all the same read the whole series you ll love it

  5. Bj

    A heart warming old fashioned romance mixed with baseball and the tackling and real word consequences of allowing star athletes to continue progressing in school even when they are struggling with their academics This is the second Diamond Brides series book I have read, and I have to say that I really enjoy Mindy Klasky s writing style and the topics that she weaves into her romances When you read and or listen to as many books as I do, it is so refreshing to find an author that brings a fresh [...]

  6. Ellen (more books, please)

    This is really an overview review say that ten times fast for , and , the first four novellas short books in The Diamond Brides series.First let me say I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these The heroes, by series necessity, all play baseball But baseball is merely another character in the books It is not dwelled on, but it is used to drive action and characters Each of these books has very realistic heroines okay, an MLB team owner isn t that realistic, but she is very down to earth, k [...]

  7. Margaret

    Tyler Brock was different, with his devil may care attitude and his laughing contempt for the rules He was a bad boy, and he made her want to be a bad girl, in the best of all possible ways All Emily Holt wants to do is satisfy the terms of her grandmother s will she has one year to come up with a way to help veteran s and their families, or she will forfeit her grandmother s house and bank accounts to a rescue program for cockatiels She has a plan, now she just needs resources to help her get h [...]

  8. Rjlouise

    Damn if Mindy Klasky doesn t write the most fun niche genres that seem tailored to me I love this lady, I do Baseball Romance Teaching to Read Joie bait MMMMMMMMMMMM This is my favorite, thus far, of the Diamond Brides series and I eagerly await the next installment Give me my sexy, sexy infield.And hallelujah for resolved narrative issues D In the first two books, as much as I enjoyed them, there were some moments when the characters were too understanding where conflict SHOULD have been there [...]

  9. Brenda

    Some secrets are never meant to be shared, Emily Holt, Anna Benson s best friend, muses sadly as she watches Anna and Zach s new found love blossom Anna is the granddaughter of the owner of the Raleigh Rocket s baseball team And until recently, Zach was their veteran catcher who left the team rather than be traded for the player just coming through the door Tyler Brock, one of baseball s best first basemen looked, to Emily s social worker trained eyes, as a man to be avoided at all costs, a braw [...]

  10. Linda

    Tyler Brock has just been told he is being traded to the Rockets baseball team Angry at leaving his home and family, he goes out drinking the night before leaving While at the bar, he gets into an altercation with another customer who insults one of his current teammateshis best friend who has helped him get through his biggest and most private problem that no one else knowsTyler cannot read As a result of this arrest, he is sentenced to hours of community service Anna Benson, granddaughter of t [...]

  11. Zonell

    Tyler Brock s life is turned upside down, first his truck breaks down, then his girlfriend breaks up with him and finally the only baseball team he d ever played for transfers him To make matters worse, he gets in a bar fight right before leaving.Anna Benson, owner of the Raleigh Rockets recruits her best friend, Emily Holt, to supervise Tyler s community service Emily, a trainer social worker wants nothing to do with the hot head ball player, at least until she meets him.But both have secrets t [...]

  12. Lara

    This series of books is light and fun This story is about a young woman who had an upsetting romantic experience in high school that she has allowed to color all of her dating life since She is still a virgin, but dates and fools around so much that her friends this she is much experienced The hero is a really nice man who pays attention and learns his lessons well He has his own secrets, and I thought the way that issue impacted the relationship was really well done This book immediately follo [...]

  13. Nicole

    Much like Catching Hell , I really enjoyed Mindy Klasky s writing, but there were just a few things that weren t working for me in Reaching First I don t want to give too much away, so lets just say One big secret would have been fine Either of them But both slammed together was just a little overkill for me And once again the romance between Emily and Tyler just seemed rushed But, overall, I really enjoy Klasky s writing she s readable, and her characters don t make me cringe and will continue [...]

  14. Ash P Reads

    This is the 3rd book in this series and the 2nd one that I have been fortunate to review for LibraryThing Early Reviewers I really like how natural and down to earth this story was So many people fear the brutal torment that they may have to face because of their weaknesses or beliefs And finding the courage to trust someone enough with your secrets and being accepted for them is even rarer Hope I get to read the next one too.

  15. Medavis66

    Another homerun Emily and Tyler work hard to make Minerva s House meet all the requirements of Aunt Minnie s will Now the veterans and their families will benefit, just as Tyler did when he learned to read The HEA of this book is very sweet I enjoyed it because they belong together after helping each other through so much.

  16. Tricia

    I really enjoyed this one, even better than the 2nd one in the series I just wish it were a little longer, only because I d like to read about Emily Tyler They were adorable realistic, their chemistry was off the charts This romantic story is unique refreshing, I enjoyed it so much Really hoping there will be in this series, they keep getting better

  17. J B

    Are you looking for a unique twist on the all american hero Yes, I m talking about a major league baseball player who doesn t fit into your norm He defies the archetype and makes you love him even for it The grand gesture drove me to tears one of the best baseball stories I ve read this summer

  18. Tera

    Pretty good I have mixed feelings I guess Part of me thinks that it needed just a little substance While the other part is like yeah ok, nice short fast read I ll probably check out by this author.

  19. Shannon

    Tyler Brock, Emily HoltI really liked Tyler and Emily They are cute together and have strong chemistry I think the ending was kind of perfect and very believable for the characters I ve enjoyed this book quite a bit 3.5 Stars

  20. Malin

    Another great book by Mindy Klasky Right away I got hooked and didn t stop reading until the book was finished I could feel the pain in Taylor Brock when he was struggling and trying to hide his problem, and the joy when he found a way to overcome it.Overall a very good book

  21. Cristina

    Shorter than I thought it would be It could ve been a better story if it wasn t for the short length I felt the romance too rushed.

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