The Castle Of Adventure (2020)

The Castle Of Adventure Enid Blyton Juliet Stanwell-Smith Stuart Tresilian The Castle Of Adventure What is the secret of the old castle on the hill and why are the locals so afraid of it When flashing lights are seen in a distant tower Philip Dinah Lucy Ann and Jack decide to investigate and di
  • Title: The Castle Of Adventure
  • Author: Enid Blyton Juliet Stanwell-Smith Stuart Tresilian
  • ISBN: 9780330243193
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
The Castle Of Adventure Enid Blyton Juliet Stanwell-Smith Stuart Tresilian What is the secret of the old castle on the hill, and why are the locals so afraid of it When flashing lights are seen in a distant tower, Philip, Dinah, Lucy Ann and Jack decide to investigate and discover a very sinister plot concealed within its hidden rooms and gloomy underground passages.
The Castle Of Adventure Enid Blyton Juliet Stanwell-Smith Stuart Tresilian

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    437 Enid Blyton Juliet Stanwell-Smith Stuart Tresilian
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One thought on “The Castle Of Adventure

  1. Nandakishore Varma

    The first of the Adventure series that I read I remember loving Kiki the parrot, and Philip s endless procession of exotic pets.

  2. Louise

    I used to read a lot of Enid Blyton as a child and I ve decided to go back and revisit them I do remember reading this series but I don t think I read many of them, not this one anyway I don t think I think this is my favourite series out of the sort of childrens mystery genre I loved this one It just puts a smile on my face and really look forward to picking it up I can t wait to read of this series.

  3. Annerlee

    Good old Enid, a few simple words go a long way A bit dated, but a still a good kiddies adventure Read for a toppler challenge The team needed a book about a castle.

  4. Susieshy

    I love all books by Enid Blyton I first read this book about 35 years ago I still love it 35 years hence The adventures the four children had in the castle on the hill have engrossed my sister and me for a long time The boldness of the children to explore things on their own, the courage to enter a castle which looked scary and overgrown, and their adventurous spirt all fascinated me as a child and still do I loved the character of Philip because I am an animal lover myself My only disappointmen [...]

  5. Julia Draycott

    I think this book is really good because every thing is so excising and adventurous Some books are just straight to the point but this book is so long and steady I that s the kind of book I like As well in this book it explains to different kind of people poor and rich because in this book there is a girl and she went to the rich persons house and there mother said she had to have a bath and some new clothes,shoes.So after she d had the bath the poor person put the shoes around her neck thinking [...]

  6. Sharifah Zaid

    This has become my new favorite series of the Enid Blyton mysteries I won t say much about the story You ll have to read it Kiki the parrot is one of my absolute favorites, as well as Philip and his pets Inspector Cunningham, aka Bill Smuggs was also another favorite, and I was glad to discover his character was used in the other books, too.

  7. cindy

    kenapa juga bikin percobaan top secret gitu di rumah pertanian yg keamanannya cuma pagar kawat P baca free di aplikasi bookmate

  8. Farseer

    Enid Blyton s best known series is the Famous Five but, as much as I love the Five, if we had to say what s her best series, this would probably be it The idea is rather similar to the Famous Five a group of children having thrilling adventures , but the danger here seems real, the situations grittier and a bit realistic as far as a group of children getting into so many amazing adventures can be realistic , the bad guys scarier.This second book in the Adventure series is also very entertainin [...]

  9. Ipeh Alena

    Si Kiki di sini memang masih cerewet Tapi tunggu sampai di beberapa buku selanjutnya Sungguh tak terkira cerewetnya Dalam petualangan kali ini, Jack berhasil melihat burung Rajawali yang sudah hampir punah keadaannya pada waktu itu Dengan berbekal kamera yang selalu dibawanya, Jack berusaha menghabiskan waktu meski hujan, mendekat dan memotret sarang burung Rajawali yang ternyata sangat besar dan dalam Seperti biasa, di balik keinginan Jack untuk melihat burung yang langka itu, ada petualangan m [...]

  10. Aliicia_ readom

    me lo le hace mucho pero es uno de mis libros favoritos de la infancia Fue mi impulso a leer libros de miedo Aunque a veces es un poco aburrido cosa t pica de esta autora

  11. Ana

    Como esperado, Enid Blyton presenteou me com mais uma magn fica aventura, recheada de perip cias, que me fez relembrar os meus tempos de inf ncia, tempos esses em que devorava avidamente os seus livros.A autora reafirma aqui a sua qualidade como escritora, para al m da sua enorme criatividade e imagina o O texto interessante e proporciona uma agrad vel leitura do in cio ao fim Apesar de se tratar de leitura infanto juvenil, dei por mim, imagem do que me sucedeu quando li o primeiro volume desta [...]

  12. A.R. Collins

    An improvement on The Island of Adventure, as it is less formulaic and I found the adventure engaging, but I doubt any of Enid s books will get a five from me we shall see I thought the situation was a bit too contrived which I know is saying something where this author is concerned , I tend to dislike tag alongs in this case Tassie and I continue to find Bill annoying.Even so, this is a gripping and atmospheric adventure story, and I thought the claustrophobic environment was particularly effe [...]

  13. Joy

    Four children are holidaying near a broken down, shut up castle in Wales, which turns out to be the center of nefarious activities They have to get into the castle, because a pair of eagles is nesting in the courtyard What they don t know about, until it s too late, is the bad guys nesting under the castle.The exciting Adventure series is a children s classic CASTLE, second in the series, was written in 1946, so it s historical for today s children, as well The main characters are brothers and s [...]

  14. Brett Howe

    This is the second book in the series and my 10 year old and I read it together So I guessed we skipped the first book which is kind of a bummer since there are several spoilers for that first book in the Castle of Adventure But still, what a GREAT book with kids as the heroes I would have given it 5 stars if I had been a kid But for my adult readers there are perhaps other books to read You won t be upset if you do pick up this book to read though It is old school in the sense that kids get to [...]

  15. Samantha

    The second in the Enid Blyton Adventure series this time the story centres around a castle The timeline is the following summer brother and sister Philip and Dinah, Jack and Lucy Ann and parrot Kiki are now living at Spring Cottage by the sea But this time they are joined by local wild girl Tassie and a fox cub called Button.Someone who saw me reading this on the train said it was their favourite book of the series And it is a cracking good story, lots of nice detail He crouched down like a toad [...]

  16. T

    This was the first book I read in this series as a child I must have read it close to 25 years I got to revisit the book recently after close to 2 decades Having read it so many times, even after such a long gap, the entire book was embedded in my mind scene by scene It is a lovely book and all the characters are in their elements Jack who is mad about birds is photographing Eagles, Philip works his charms on humans as well as animals, Lucy Ann the loving younger sister and Dinah the sensible on [...]

  17. ms bookjunkie

    Another old childhood favorite All I can say is Oy and ai yi yi and headdesk facepalm cringe and SRSLY Of the many, many cringeworthy moments found all over the book, all I m going to mention ask is silver doesn t rust, right It tarnishes, right This one doesn t stand the test of time Note even close But in true Blyton tradition, it made me hungry Also, I read it in Finnish, and they haven t updated the language at all Charmingly archaic, it was But the reread did give me the warm fuzzies becaus [...]

  18. Kathy

    One of my childhood favourites, I have always loved Enid Blyton and the Adventure series has always been a great fave of mine I don t know how many times I have re read these over the years but even as an adult I go back and re read them once in a while Reliving childhood innocence I suppose These are of course light and easy reads, the children are fun and curious people who find adventures where ever they go.I sometimes wish that Enid has written thoroughly on Bill and Mrs Mannering over the [...]

  19. Priya

    The four children and their mother stays near Wales for their summer holidays in the mountain cottage The curious children came to know about the a Castle nearby and wishes to explore it With the help of a mountain girl who was wild and knows all routes when they entered the Castle Peter founds an eagle nest and wishes to stay there and explore it Mrs Mannering agrees with Peter They found some antisocial group was using that castle as hiding place and were caught They were caught but Peter mana [...]

  20. Jake Collins

    This is one of my absolute favourite Enid Blyton adventure stories The castle itself is the perfect setting for an adventure like this, in terms of the brooding atmosphere surrounding it as well as the wonderful physical locations such as the fusty, musty, dusty old rooms, the not quite unused kitchen and, of course, the hidden room it brings to the story.The nesting eagles are some of the best used and most vividly realised guest animals in this series The regular characters, meanwhile, are jus [...]

  21. Gerry

    A rip roaring mystery adventure with suspected spooks in the castle that is visited by four friends, their parrot, a friendly fox and a gypsy girl Lots of mysterious goings on and the children get locked in the spooky place with, semmingly no hope of escape.But that is not the case as, with the help of some older, and wiser friends, one of them manages to get out and bring help so that the mystery is eventually solved but not before lots of heartache for the children.A pleasant out of the ordina [...]

  22. Chrissy

    Does anyone remember the Bobbsey Twins Reminiscent of them, I absolutely loved this book The horrid thing is,my 9 yr old son hated it I had a hard time figuring that out and can only attribute it to not enough video, and too many words.As for us old people, I think this book is great It s written for kids but is a great adventure story that adults will love as well Its not easy or cheesy, and it draws you in.I hope to try again with my son another year

  23. Tom Seward

    Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author, bestselling in the world Although almost undiscovered by Americans.This series The Adventure Series is 8 books long Features 4 friends who fall into adventures with counterfeiters, gunrunners, treasure hunters and the like Jack, Philip, Diana, and Lucy Anne and their crazy talking parrot, KIKI, are a lot of fun to follow through their adventures This series is top notch reading introduce your children to Enid Blyton today

  24. Lorraine

    The first of the Adventure series that I read, and my favourite The four children and their mother take a cottage on a hillside and explore the abandoned castle at the top of the hill, which contains suits of armour and a locked room I ve loved stories with castles in them since I read this book.

  25. Tita

    Tal como Enid Blyton j nos habituou com os livros OS Cinco, ou As G meas ou at mesmo O Col gio das Quatros Torres, temos uma hist ria com jovens adolescentes cheia de aventuras Sim, s o hist rias algo irreais, tendo em conta as situa es em que os jovens se envolvem, mas de vez em quando sabe bem ler e imaginar que gost vamos de ter dito uma aventura assim

  26. Valerie

    Just as exciting as it was 45 years ago when I first read this book As with the rest of the series that I ve revisited many times throughout the years,I often imagined I was the fifth kid in the adventure, not just reading the words on the pages but being part of the action.Oh the magic of Enid Blyton

  27. Kirsti

    I love the Adventure series, and this is another fine example of Enid s work The usual feasts and fun, mystery and danger I give five stars to all her work, but this series is a really good one if you want to start reading Blyton Kiki is my favorite animal of all the books, perhaps with the exception of Timmy the dog from Famous Five.

  28. Christine

    One of the best books in Enid Blyton s Adventure series 8 volumes for kids This time Jack, Lucy Ann, Dinah and Philipp and their parrot Kiki spend their vacation in the mountains next to an old mysterious castle on a hill

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