Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice (2020)

Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice Paula Byrne Belle The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice From acclaimed biographer Paula Byrne the sensational true tale that inspired the major motion picture Belle May starring Gugu Mbatha Raw Tom Wilkinson Miranda Richardson Emily Watson Penelo
  • Title: Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice
  • Author: Paula Byrne
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  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice Paula Byrne From acclaimed biographer Paula Byrne, the sensational true tale that inspired the major motion picture Belle May 2014 starring Gugu Mbatha Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Emily Watson, Penelope Wilton, and Matthew Goode a stunning story of the first mixed race girl introduced to high society England and raised as a lady.The illegitimate daughter of a captain inFrom acclaimed biographer Paula Byrne, the sensational true tale that inspired the major motion picture Belle May 2014 starring Gugu Mbatha Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Emily Watson, Penelope Wilton, and Matthew Goode a stunning story of the first mixed race girl introduced to high society England and raised as a lady.The illegitimate daughter of a captain in the Royal Navy and an enslaved African woman, Dido Belle was sent to live with her great uncle, the Earl of Mansfield, one of the most powerful men of the time and a leading opponent of slavery Growing up in his lavish estate, Dido was raised as a sister and companion to her white cousin, Elizabeth When a joint portrait of the girls, commissioned by Mansfield, was unveiled, eighteenth century England was shocked to see a black woman and white woman depicted as equals Inspired by the painting, Belle vividly brings to life this extraordinary woman caught between two worlds, and illuminates the great civil rights question of her age the fight to end slavery.Belle includes 20 pages of black and white photos.
Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice Paula Byrne

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One thought on “Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice

  1. Claire

    This ends up being, than anything else, a short biography of William Murray, Lord Mansfield He was Chief Justice of England for than thirty years, and responsible for some famous rulings on cases that involved slaves, one of which de facto abolished slavery on English soil We don t know that much about Dido Elizabeth Belle so Byrne fills in the blanks by talking about Lord Mansfield and the history of slavery in the British Empire We know that she was the daughter of a former slave and a Briti [...]

  2. Laurel

    Commissioned by the producers of the new movie Belle, acclaimed biographer Paula Byrne aims to reveal the true story behind the main characters in the movie Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate daughter of a captain in the Royal Navy and an African slave, and her great uncle, William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield 1705 93 and Lord Chief Justice of the King s Bench Belle The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice is both a companion volume to the popular movie and a time capsule into the turb [...]

  3. MAP

    This book kind of reminds me of The Italian Boy A Tale of Murder and Body Snatching in 1830s London in that the title is pretty misleading it should have been called The Chief Justice, Sharp, Sugar Plantations, the Slave Trade and By the Way Mansfield raised a niece whose mother was a slave.That said, it was a GOOD book, and it didn t drag, but the fact is kind of like the book Jane Boleyn The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford I m referencing a lot of my other reviews there isn t enough a [...]

  4. Andrea

    It s hard for me to give a low rating to a book that wasn t necessarily bad, but this one was really a disappointment for me Working from an unusual painting showing the illegitimate daughter of a British Navy Captain and a slave woman, I was really hoping the book had some detailed information about the daughter, Dido Elizabeth Belle However, there is not much known about Dido so most of the book focused on her Uncle who raised her As Chief Justice for England, Lord Mansfield was involved in ma [...]

  5. Bronwyn

    Like Hedy s Folly this book was interesting but I felt misled It s supposedly about Dido and the Lord Chief Justice It s not really It s mostly about Lord Mansfield and the cases he oversaw that probably helped lead to the abolition of slavery in England Most of the book, like I said, deals with Lord Mansfield s life and career We re also introduced to others who were against slavery in England Byrne also discusses slavery in the British West Indies, and what slave ships were like She gives us s [...]

  6. Ceri

    This review was first posted on Babblings of a Bookworm babblingsofabookworm.A while ago I saw the film Belle which tells the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle The inspiration for this film was a portrait, showing Lady Elizabeth Murray and what was originally thought to be a black servant girl However, in the 1980s it was realised that the black girl in the picture had much higher status than that In fact, she was Lady Elizabeth s cousin, daughter of Captain John Lindsay Dido s mother was a slave Di [...]

  7. Anne Rioux

    I really enjoyed this After visiting Kennwood House in Hampstead, London last summer and learning about Dido Belle and seeing a copy of the famous portrait of her and her cousin , I was intrigued We watched the movie when we got home and then I read this book Although Byrne was asked to write it by the film s producer, it s not a movie book It s a fascinating history of the real people in Dido s life, particularly her adoptive father, Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of England Not much is known di [...]

  8. Alisha

    So, a good reason to pick up this book is that you have seen the exquisitely crafted 2014 movie Belle If you haven t, do Anyway, the movie is based on the true story of a mixed race girl being acknowledged and brought up by the aristocratic white half of her family In 18TH CENTURY BRITAIN Kind of a big deal.Unfortunately, all we factually know of her today comes from a lovely and intriguing painting, a few legal documents, the household account books, and the diary of one acquaintance The story [...]

  9. QNPoohBear

    This book is touted as a companion to the movie Belle, about a mixed race girl who was adopted by her wealthy white relatives and raised as their daughter The actual book is less about Dido Belle and about the history of slavery in her lifetime Not much is known about Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate daughter of a British Naval Captain and a slave woman What we do know is gleamed from a portrait of Dido and her cousin adopted sister Elizabeth Murray and one highly prejudiced, negative acc [...]

  10. Caroline

    That I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in less than a day is testimony to the skill of the author It s also testimony to the fact that it s a relatively short book and very light on detail In truth, there is not enough here to justify calling this a biography This is not a book about Dido herself there is simply not enough trace of her in the historical record to write little than a paragraph on her And that s a shame, a real shame, because a full biography of this woman would be fasci [...]

  11. Charlene

    True history of who Belle was.I have read some of the other reviews and realize that if you didn t want an accurate account of the time surrounding Belle than this is not the book for you I personally enjoyed this book The author writes about the times and the happenings surrounding Belle The reason she does this she tells us is that there really is not a lot of actual written history of Belle Her family lord Chief Justice her surrogate father natural great uncle shields her from the public eye [...]

  12. Andrea

    This is a history book, not a novel, and unfortunately, little is known about the woman called Dido Elizabeth Belle There is lot of information about the time period, the slave trade in Britain, the industry of sugar production, and Lord Mansfield Particularly his judgement in a number of legal cases involving the rights of slaves.

  13. Abbie

    Interracial issues and racism in history I thought this would be an actual story but I still enjoyed the facts and information presented.

  14. Cora Lee

    3 and 1 2 stars Well written and researched, and very easy to read Definitely worth reading But I have to agree with other reviewers that the title was something of a misnomer Dido Belle was only a small part of this book The bulk of it was about her great uncle the Lord Chief Justice and other prominent people of the time involved in the slave trade and its abolition.

  15. Tina

    This novel was informative, well written and Byrne presented her facts in a way which flowed extremely well My only criticism of this book is the title, which is extremely misleading This is not a novel about Belle but rather a story about the road to abolishing slavery in England during the latter part of the eighteenth century For anyone interested in this topic, it was well worth the read.

  16. Liralen

    Byrne was tasked with fleshing out the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, who appeared in a 1779 double portrait Little is known of Belle, though, and so she is a peripheral character here, in her own biography.Given the limited information available, Bryne settled instead for putting this portrait into context the context of time and place and slavery the context of Lord Mansfield, in whose household Belle was raised I certainly can t fault Byrne for the paucity of available information, but the re [...]

  17. Roisin

    Want to know lots of information about Dido Elizabeth Belle Forget it However, if you are interested in knowing what is known about her, her world, Britain and the slave trade and the legal cases that were pivotal in bringing about a change in law in Britain, this is an excellent place to start.This readable account examines the life of Dido, a mixed race slave who had been adopted by the Earl of Mansfield in Britain in the 1700s, who lived at Kenwood House, London.Byrne explores what it was lik [...]

  18. Michelle

    I feel BAMBOOZLED Warning if you re expecting an interracial historical romance, unfortunately this is NOT itI m very thankful I borrowed Belle The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice by Paula Byrne from the library, but if I had purchased this book I would definitely have BUYER S REMORSE.Hands down the title is misleading As a reader I assumed the title of the book meant I would be reading a loosely based historical romance involving Dido Elizabeth Belle Instead what I read was a historic [...]

  19. Carolina Casas

    I wish I had known about Belle, her story is so vital to understand Abolitionism and I do believe her presence in her uncle surrogate father, Lord Mansfield s home influenced him for the famous Somerset and Zorg case Yet I think he always remained a moderate at heart, while his love for his surrogate daughter did influence him in some cases, he remained the same in others, conforming himself to the long held racial views of the time As for Dido, she was a well educated, articulated woman who af [...]

  20. Shaunaly ~(A Book Away From An Episode Of Hoarders)

    While perusing through an art history book, I stumbled upon a painting that I found intriguing which led me to this book by Paula Byrne It is, by all accounts, a very quick read complete with very light detail on Dido Elizabeth Belle herself I was hoping to understand the woman who played a pivotal role in the abolition of slavery in 18th century Britain however, the story leaves the reader with many unanswered questions about her personal life Because of the beautiful and enigmatic painting of [...]

  21. Sarah Bierle

    A beautiful story shining against a gloomy background While the actual details about Dido Elizabeth Belle are few and far between, Byrne has done a fabulous job reconstructing the history, using details about Belle s family and the society she lived in This seems to be a well researched historical account and I really appreciated the care the author took to separate fact and conjecture.A prequel to William Wilberforce s fight in Parliament to end the slave trade, this book emphasizes the experie [...]

  22. Sarah Duggan

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that what looked like a movie novelization of a movie was actually a well researched, engaging biography that crafted 18th century sources into an exciting story Despite the cover image, this book is mostly about the Lord Chief Justice who was Dido Elizabeth Belle s adoptive guardian This is the fault of limited historical records, not the author William Murray s legal career and anti slavery actions make a fascinating story As an American, I m much familiar w [...]

  23. Bleu

    I watched the movie yesterday and I found the story of Dido very interesting As always movies tend to be romantic than reality, I really wanted to know about Dido and her story It is a pity than no much is known from her The book is describing the events and the society the XVIIIth century when Dido was living at Kenwood House adopter by Lord Mansfield.It is really well describe and explained how the world was really as that period, not only well dressed woman looking for husband, but the odio [...]

  24. Kathleen Nightingale

    I expected this book to be the same different from the movie I found the movie exceptional and thought that there would be even to the story so I recommended it as my book into movie choice for my book club Instead this book took a totally different avenue and told the reader about society, culture and expectations around the time which Belle was being raised.I have always known in the back ground somewhere that slavery was practiced in England, however to a lesser extend then the southern Unit [...]

  25. Jo

    Byrne pieces together information from various sources about other people to write an entertaining and informative biography of Dido Belle Belle was the illegitimate daughter of a white sea captain and a black slave who was adopted by the Earl of Mansfield and raised as gentry I found this a fascinating story although there was a lot of supposition and it will undoubtedly lead me to read related to the time and subject.

  26. Gaile

    I thought this was a novel but it turned out to be a biography based on the movie, Belle Very little is written about Dido Belle herself She was raised along with a white niece of the family Most of it is about the dynamics and politics of the times They thought Dido could not marry but she did

  27. Casey

    Not a novel But a history book I got to chapter 5 wondering when the story would begin then read some comments on this site and indeed it s not a novel but a history of slavery.

  28. Amanda

    Not what I was expecting I haven t seen the film as yet, and I guess I was expecting about Belle herself However, I did enjoy the book It was about the issue of slavery at the time.

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