Când inima dictează (2020)

Când inima dictează Johanna Lindsey C nd inima dicteaz For at s fug de pe continent de naintarea armatelor lui Napoleon orfana Alana Farmer i excentricul ei tutore i construiesc o nou via la Londra Acolo Alana se bucur de toate privilegiile la care poat
  • Title: Când inima dictează
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9786066860291
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
Când inima dictează Johanna Lindsey For at s fug de pe continent de naintarea armatelor lui Napoleon, orfana Alana Farmer i excentricul ei tutore i construiesc o nou via la Londra Acolo, Alana se bucur de toate privilegiile la care poate spera o fiic de nobil, precum i de o educa ie potrivit unei regine ns naintea debutului n societatea londonez , Alana afl secretul ocant al originii saFor at s fug de pe continent de naintarea armatelor lui Napoleon, orfana Alana Farmer i excentricul ei tutore i construiesc o nou via la Londra Acolo, Alana se bucur de toate privilegiile la care poate spera o fiic de nobil, precum i de o educa ie potrivit unei regine ns naintea debutului n societatea londonez , Alana afl secretul ocant al originii sale Poate fi adevarat c , de fapt, este prin esa pierdut a regatului Lubinia ns la ntoarcerea n ara natal , Alana descoper obiceiuri care i se par medievale, intrigi i conspira ii, iar Christoph Becker, c pitanul g rzilor palatului, o aresteaz sub b nuiala c ar fi o impostoare c ci nu ar fi prima care vine s sus in c este fiica regelui sau o unealt aflat n slujba fortelor misterioase care comploteaz impotriva regelui F r s r m n indiferent la farmecele prizonierei, Christoph se folose te de orice mijloc pentru a afla adev rul, chiar dac , n acela i timp, trebuie s i pun via a n primejdie pentru a o proteja de pericole Acum, n timp ce o pasiune arz toare se na te ntre Alana i b rbatul care a ntemni at o pe nedrept, soarta unei na iuni st n m inile i n inimile lor
Când inima dictează Johanna Lindsey

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    449 Johanna Lindsey
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  1. Carrie Huot

    The plot of this book was good The plot, although not unique, was good enough for me to not give this book a completely terrible review The romance, on the other hand, can be summed up with one word atrocious I did not like the hero of this novel at all He alternates between humiliating the main character whose name I have already forgotten and being irritating and controlling Even if a man was really attractive, I don t know how those type of actions could cause anyone to fall in love with them [...]

  2. Lisa

    This could have been a fantastic book The base plot was very good and had all the elements needed to keep tensions high Princess Alana is kidnapped as an infant and raised by the assassin who had been sent to kill her Now she s 18 and needed back in her home country to prevent a war But when she gets there, she finds she has to get through Christoph, the captain of the guard, before she can see her father, the king Meanwhile the person who hired the assassin was never caught and there are contin [...]

  3. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Angeline s review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.5 Stars and a Recommended ReadI read some of the other reviews for When Passion Rules by Johanna Lindsey before I knew I was reviewing it myself They were all over the place What I found interesting is that those that did not rate the book very high wrote very unkind reviews It s those kinds of reviews that are not helpful to readers They are not helpful to authors either Honest, constructive opinions win out over malicious, unhelpful negativity ever [...]

  4. Caz

    Okay So I admit that this isn t a book that would normally have been near the top of my TBR pile I haven t read it before, haven t read any reviews and only had the synopsis to go on and decided that while it sounded okay, I wasn t going to bust a gut when I ve got so many other things I want to read.BUT Then I discovered that Rosalyn Landor had narrated the audiobook, and as I ve been glomming her stuff big time lately, I changed my mind.This is one of those times when I think the performance e [...]

  5. Melanie

    I reviewed this novel for my blog bookworm2bookworm.wordpressI used to await with abated breath for one of Johanna s books It was always a pleasure to open them, be it hardcover or paperback There was never a doubt in my mind that every story she puts out would be devoured, savored and long remembered With years and the avalanche of crop of young authors of romance putting their stamp and feet forth, Johanna s stories kept coming, but to me they were now a bit behind the times Does that make any [...]

  6. Elle

    This one gets three stars because it s a decent story Lots of intrigue, adventure, a whodunit and a HEA that, while you expect it, doesn t really seem that easy to reach at times But the story also loses a couple stars because there were things I tripped over Start with the fact that while this is a historical romance, the country the heroine comes from is fictitious I m enough of a history wonk that I m disappointed when the story isn t based on actual history Then there s the fact that we re t [...]

  7. Lynn

    This was an interesting book because it is set in a completely fictional country of Lubinia some cross between Latvia and Lithuanian maybe with snow and mountains and lakes with thin ice cover.Alana is a young woman raised in civilized London by Poppie, a man she calls uncle When she is 18 years of age her uncle reveals that despite the fact that he has started orphanages and helped dishonored genteel ladies he hasn t always been such an impeccable gentleman There in lies the start of an adventu [...]

  8. Isa

    Me lo he le do en dos d as, pero no por bueno, sino por todo lo contrario He pasado las p ginas con una rapidez asombrosa y me he resistido a dejarla por ser quien es la escritora Me duele el dinero, la verdad.Ha llegado un punto en que parec a actual en lugar de hist rica Tambi n me ha liado tanto traidor y no he empatizado con con ninguno de los protagonistas Ni chispas, ni pasi n, ni nada En fin, que no la recomiendo Qu decepci n m s grande, por Dios.

  9. Pamela(AllHoney)

    Not her best but not her worst either I liked it but wasn t overly wowed over it I liked the characters Though for a few pages I had my doubts about the hero There were some interesting twists that kept the story moving at a good pace.

  10. Romance_reader

    this book is just meh no sign of the usual spark found in other JL books and the characters weren t very exciting either I found myself skimming over most pages due to sheer boredom, so it s definitely not something I can recommend to anyone two stars

  11. Wendy

    Pretty good I think I would have finished this read sooner, if I hadn t spent so much time at ogling the beaufiful man on the cover

  12. Zulqa'ida Rizha Rizha Vahlevi

    Tentang siapa pemimpin pemberontak belumlah terungkap Tentang siapa yang Braune sebut sebagai mereka belumlah tersibak Karena Auberta hanya mengakui kejahatan delapan belas tahun silam, tidak dengan kejahatan yang dikemukakan Braune.

  13. Lover of Romance

    After reading Let Love Find You, I was pretty disappointed Johanna Lindsey is one of the first authors I read from and loved when I first starting reading romance.cially historical romance I have always enjoyed the majority of her books, especially her earlier ones and the Malory series So I was a bit anxious when I got When Passion Rules from the library Even though I just LOVED the cover I knew I might not love the story It started out a bit slower than I expected, but once it picked up, it st [...]

  14. Debbie

    I m a little surprised at all the negative things I heard about this book While not up to par with her Mallory books I still enjoyed it a lot I loved Poppie, the man who raises Alana, and I wish we could have seen of his character and there was also an orphan, Henry, that I also wish we could have seen of because he was the cutest thing Alana gave me mixed feelings because she had this awesome, unconventional education from Poppie that included weapons training which I loved but I wish we coul [...]

  15. Chumchum_88

    This was one kind of book that even through the characters it made me feel that it s so far fetched a bit, but I loved every second of it, ok some moments it made me feel annoyed and frustrated.The whole idea of a long lost princess raised by an assassin wasn t an original but I liked it her, cause Poppy was the character I liked the most, of course I liked Alana too But mostly I felt sorry for her, suddenly being told that she s a princess and she must travel thousands of miles to claim her pla [...]

  16. AstriNasthasia Videlia

    Reallyy Any protest if I gave this book 5 stars hahahhaBuku ini bikin gw melek sampe jm 4 pagii seseru ituh iyaaaaak itulah Gw tersepona sama sosok Si Captain Christopher inih hoooaaaahhh Christopher Christo Christ whatever how he called He is Awesome hahhahha melele ngebayangin Paul Marron di Cover cucok bener jadi Christo meleleh lagi Mimisan Pingsan yang bersangkutan sedang masa pemulihan PecintaPriaNakalBersaksi Christopher nan Seksi memaku hati

  17. Blanca P.

    Me ha sorprendido muy gratamente, es una bonita historia, que aunque al principio me result un poco densa, despu s consigui engancharme Creo que la Lindsey es casi una garant a para que sus historias te gusten

  18. Marie

    Bintang 3.Nama aslinya Leonard Kastner, di dunia gelap lebih dikenal sebagai Rastibon Karena suatu keadaan yg tak menguntungkan, harus kehilangan istri dan anaknya dalam waktu yg bersamaan Untuk melampiaskan kemarahannya ia membunuh semua orang yg berhubungan dengan kecelakaan yg menyebabkan kematian keluarganya itu Masih dalam kemarahan yg tak terbendung jadilah ia seorang pembunuh bayaran yg paling terkenal tak pernah gagal dan ditakuti di negaranya Lubinia Banyak order yg telah diterimanya sa [...]

  19. Anita

    GENRE Adult RomanceFORM AudioBookNARRATOR Rosalyn LandorSYNOPSIS Alana thought that the most important decisions in her life was who to marry and when, and whether she wanted to continue to teach at the orphanage her Uncle Poppie own and ran Her life is instantly turned upside down when Poppie reveals that he was once an assassin who was given the assignment to kill the heir to the throne of Lubinia, which was her Now she has to deal with the fact that she is not an ordinary girl, but a princess [...]

  20. Beatrizz1983

    Johanna, D nde est s Johanna Por qu ya no te encuentro entre las p ginas de tus libros Por qu , antes era capaz de encontrar tu pluma inconfundible, y ahora pienso que cualquier autora podr a estar firmando novelas en tu nombre.No es s lo que la novela me haya decepcionado, que sencillamente pueda ser calificada como una novelilla de segunda de cualquier autora de rom ntica que conozca unos cuantos clich s Es que me ha aburrido, y defraudado Siempre empiezo las novelas de Johanna Lindsey esperan [...]

  21. Gavin

    Just like Once a Princess this book is set in a fictional European country where the princess and heir of that country was raised elsewhere with no idea of her true identity I m sure the similar plots will annoy some people Luckily I m not one of those people and since Once a Princess is my favorite Lindsey book, I was looking forward to of the same here I was not disappointed The book was a fun read and both the main characters were likable enough Christoph was one of the tamer Lindsey heroes [...]

  22. Seffra

    4 stars Meet my Christophe Meet my Alana I haven t read a Johanna Lindsey book in quite some time and can I say, I MISSED HER AND I STILL LOVE HER This book started off slow for me but then when we met Christophe it really picked up Johanna Lindsey really loves writing asshole like guysbut we, her readers, fall in love with them Christophe was such an ass but then he grew as the book progressed He was such a sweet guy when it came to Alana s wellbeing which totally contradicted who he was before [...]

  23. fleurette

    Didn t finish it Gave up at about 33%.This was not my first book by Johanna Lindsey I have already read some of her older and one of her newer books As far as I didn t really enjoy her older ones, I was positively surprised by her new one Let Love Find You So I decided to give a chance to When Passion Rules.I absolutely adore the cover of this book I think it made me read it Unfortunately, the cover is probably the best part of this book.I didn t like the characters I found Alana somehow boring, [...]

  24. Christine

    One of Johanna Lindsey s best, I think Alana finds out early in the book that she is really a princess of some tiny European kingdom, secreted away by her own assassin who couldn t bear to kill her as an infant She returns when she turns 18 to try to stop the rebels from undermining the throne Of course, she can t just walk up to the king and say she s his long lost daughter First, she has to get vetted by the captain of his guards, who doesn t believe her for a second I actually found myself en [...]

  25. Viana Lazo

    I love it This book really made me love the characters I thought since this was a book that the settings had taken place at the 18th or 19th century it would be once again, a book that has beautiful ladies with the dilemma of finding a husband Thank God Johanna Lindsey had once again led me to believe that she is far by one of my favorite authors I had read her book which is The Loving Scoundrel and I was than happy to read about a girl that was clever and stunning In this book the main charact [...]

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