The Saint (2020)

The Saint Madeline Hunter The Saint Nationally bestselling author Madeline Hunter has captivated fans with unforgettable romance novels filled with suspense seduction mystery and love Now meet the Saint in this sizzling tale of a mys
  • Title: The Saint
  • Author: Madeline Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780553585902
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
The Saint Madeline Hunter Nationally bestselling author Madeline Hunter has captivated fans with unforgettable romance novels filled with suspense, seduction, mystery, and love Now meet the Saint in this sizzling tale of a mysterious aristocrat, a high spirited American beauty, and an affair that begins with an innocent temptationd leads to the most exquisitely dangerous of seductions.VergiNationally bestselling author Madeline Hunter has captivated fans with unforgettable romance novels filled with suspense, seduction, mystery, and love Now meet the Saint in this sizzling tale of a mysterious aristocrat, a high spirited American beauty, and an affair that begins with an innocent temptationd leads to the most exquisitely dangerous of seductions.Vergil Duclairc was a man used to getting his way And as the newly appointed guardian of Miss Bianca Kenwood, he was determined to find her and bring her back to live with his family The last thing he expected was to find his new ward scandalously costumed and employed as a theatrical singer Bianca had no interest in giving up her independence, but there was something compelling about this handsome and brooding viscount who seemed to think he owned her and her inheritance As she allows herself to be swept back to his country estate, she discovers that Vergil is a man of secrets and sensuality, and that she is not immune to his inscrutable charmr is he to hers Suddenly, in a moment that would change everything, they are thrust into a world of dangerous intrigue, where enemies abound and only the passion that ignites between them can save them or prove their glorious undoing.
The Saint Madeline Hunter

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    Madeline Hunter

One thought on “The Saint

  1. Amanda

    I should be ashamed to even list this in my books, but seriously I got on this whacked out trashy romance novel kick in January and this was one of the first few I read As soon as I was done, I went on to read all 19 trash novels by this author because she rocks my romance novel world As cliche as it probably sounds, she really is a good writer and weaves history and mystery throughout all of her books with characters lives being entwined from one book to the next My husband is thrilled that the [...]

  2. Keri

    I loved this book The overall theme appealed to me Vergil was a man who was as straitlaced as they come Not because he wanted to be that way, but he had a family that was depending on him to make the right decisions after his older brother passed away So when he finds out he has been named guardian of an American young miss, he is very surprised Color him even surprised when he finds Bianca in the situation he did after she gave his brother the slip Bianca has dreams of her own and those dreams [...]

  3. Raina The LUV"NV

    The UST, the mystery, the characters and their motivations I loved it all until the near end The reveal and climax didn t fit well with me The surprise of it and the third accomplice crossed into unbelievable, and the resolutions came abruptly, with a complete 180 of people who were so wonderfully stubborn until they just weren t But this is my first Madeline Hunter read, and I ll definitely be picking up .

  4. Amarilli Settantatre

    Secondo episodio ancora pi bello Pi lieve, pi divertente, ma sempre con l intrigo in sottofondo.E non riesco a provare simpatia per il povero Milton, il fratello maggiore che non compare e di cui si avverte comunque tutta la solitudine.

  5. Ana Maria

    Me gust mucho Hist rica pero con intrigas, secretos, sexo y algo de humor.Por ah al principio cuesta engancharse pero despu s va sobre ruedas.Vergil, Vizconde Duclairc, se convierte en tutor de la heredera de un viejo amigo que no es de la nobleza Para peor, la muchacha es americana y con aspiraciones a cantante de pera Bianca es independiente, con mucha personalidad y muy decidida No se adapta a las costumbre brit nicas del decoro y s lo piensa en c mo huir de este tutor para iniciar su carrera [...]

  6. Annika

    The Saint, I m afraid to say, was the so far weakest book I ve read yet by Madeline Hunter I adore her for her very intricate and clever storylines and intense emotions Unfortunately this book did dissapoint me in respect of the storyline which is all in all not bad but not excellent like other efforts from her This is Vergils story who unexpectedly inherited the title after his brothers suicide and with it also the duty of guarding his brothers ward Bianca a young girl with ancestors in England [...]

  7. taita

    I liked this story much than the first book in the series Vergil s story was much real and rich for me I didn t want it to end My heart wrenched several times for Vergil and his difficult choices And I struggled along with him in weighing and managing all the responsibilities he had to assume as head of the family I m glad he was strong enough to let Bianca make her own decisions about their relationship though As for Bianca, while I applauded her ambition I also cursed how she had to shun the [...]

  8. Ilze

    When I started the book I was sceptical about the American heiress who wants to be an opera singer but is being held captive by her starchy English guardian , which seemed like a sure fire formula for a TSTL heroine and histrionics But Bianca was actually an engaging and interesting heroine, and I liked her desire for independence and her strength in the face of Vergil s initial obtuseness and everyone s pooh poohing her ambition, even if she was a little stubborn and thoughtless on occasion But [...]

  9. Eileen

    As with the first book in this series, I almost didn t keep reading I thought the female too headstrong and the male to stuffy and stubborn About halfway through, however, things got much interesting and made the book a worthwhile read.

  10. No One Is Home

    Headstrong American beauty Bianca Kenwood has dreams of becoming a world renown opera singer much to the horror of Vergil Duclairc, whose aims for his young ward is not in the total destruction of her reputation and future life amongst the British nobility The consulate gentleman, Vergil always says and does the right thing but in Bianca, he finds his opposite and an unexpected attraction that no saint could ignore As he struggles to handle his stubborn and determined ward, and manage her inheri [...]

  11. Babette Brown

    Ma qualcuno aveva voglia davvero di ritrovare questo romanzo Un infrazione a tutte le regole del romance La prima e pi choccante l a appassionato fra un tutore e la sua pupilla, che si esprime addirittura in una relazione sessuale E se qualcuno ignora cosa prescrive la legge in proposito, ancora oggi, figurarsi nel 1823, sufficiente fare riferimento ad una delle bibbie del genere, cio Il dandy della reggenza di Georgette Heyer, per capire quanto sia inammissibile Inoltre Bianca una delle protago [...]

  12. Poschina

    In breve la storia torbida e sessuale che si innesca tra il bel Vergil lo abbiamo conosciuto come uno dei corteggiatori di Diane nello scorso libro e anche come aspirante amico di Daniel nonch membro del club dei duellanti e la stupidissima e cretinissima Bianca Kenwood, giovane americana che sbarca nella nostra adoratissima Inghilterra per cercare di fare carriera come cantante lirica e, cosa forse pi importante, per ereditare una fraccata di soldi dal nonno vecchio e stronzo che si levato dall [...]

  13. Nancy Brooks

    A new to me author has turned into a favorite Hunter s characters are well developed and always put into the historical context of their times Vergil is not exactly a saint as he appears, especially in regards to his American ward, Bianca Bianca has come to England to claim her inheritance from her grandfather and then to go to Milan to further her operatic career Much intrigue before the HEA

  14. Emanuellen Trizi

    I never saw a strong headed character all my life Oh boy, how annoyng and delicious at the same time I think that was exactly Vergil feelings for Bianca And the plot twist at the end got me open mouthed A really good one And I dont know how Im supposed to like Dante now, because he looks like a shallow man, all rake grace but a lot of prejudice in it.

  15. Elis Madison

    Next in the Seducers series is The Saint image error This one features Viscount Vergil DuClaire, who gained his title when his older brother Milton committed suicide Verg s new obligations include trying to keep the family afloat when the estates aren t adequate to sustain them, and guardianship of young American Miss Bianca Kenwood, the orphaned granddaughter of a neighbor who was friendly with Milton Bianca is not keen on being under anyone s authority, as Verg discovers quickly when he arrive [...]

  16. Rita L.

    Capa Hmmm Nem aquece nem arrefece.Personagens Isso foi o que tornou este livro mais complicado para mim A certa altura j n o consegui distinguir as v rias personagens Quando elas voltavam a aparecer mais frente no livro eu fiquei algum tempo a tentar lembrar me, mas afinal quem esta pessoa N o sei se foi falta de aten o da minha parte ou as personagens foram mal introduzidas na hit ria.J o casal principal da hist ria, posso dizer que gostei bastante A Bianca por vezes irritava me com a mania da [...]

  17. Anna

    I have enjoyed reading many of Madeline Hunter s books, including this one ViscountVergil Duclairc has been named guardian of the American Heiress Bianca Kenwood, who inherited her English grandfather s fortune Vergil has recently inherited the title after his brother s death, however he has been raised in the nobility, so being the straightlaced Viscount Laclere is not difficult for him He strives for order and respectability and is flummoxed as to how to control the unusual and unorthodox Bian [...]

  18. Indiana

    Meh As far as I know, this is the first book by Hunter that I ve read I stumbled across it because I was looking for some guardian ward romances this was on a list of them I enjoyed it in the beginning But there is a fine line with guardian ward romances It s a very fine line And this one crossed it It s one thing for the guardian to seduce the ward but he can t regret it And this one not only regreted it but he didn t want to do it to begin with but couldn t stop himself rolls eyes Give me a wi [...]

  19. Olanrewaju Olarinde

    A very good story Worthy of 4 stars but lost a star simply because it felt too much like a copy of the first book in the series.Both Heroes were the Heroines guardians initially Both Heroines had other plans for their lives The Hero s had plans to use the Heroine s for some gain and tried o set them up with someone else There was a duel I said, too similar It is like reading the same story from another slightly different angle.While I liked Vergil Hero , I almost hated Bianca She started out act [...]

  20. Gayathri Jayakumar

    Th Saint started with the story of a naive girl handed over to the custody of a wealthy gentleman renowned for his powerful character The girl who loves freedom wishes to fly away from his guardian s grip and waters her passion for singing But her guardian has a different plan for her He and his elder sister wish their younger brother, a rake to seduce the young lady into marrying him simply to bring with this arrogant freedom loving young girl a huge amount of wealth But this story line highlig [...]

  21. Cherie

    I am re reading this series This is actually my third time through Even so, I still do not get a good picture of Vergil Duclairc in my mind I think I have difficulty picturing a handsome man named Vergil Sorry He is a second son who has become Viscount after the death of his elder brother There is a story of intrigue because the brother died of suicide for an unknown reason and looking for answers to his brother s suicide in a thread throughout the story Bianca is an American who has inherited a [...]

  22. Theresa Brandt

    Just okayThe second book in The Seducers series didn t hold my attention as closely as the first book It s not badly written and the characters are likable enough but I couldn t help feeling that a good heart to heart between the H h would have gone a long way to resolving their differences Had that happened it would have freed the author to better develop the secondary mystery plot which fell kinda flat, in my opinion There was also a lack of interaction and involvement of the members of the Du [...]

  23. Mell

    The titles in this series are cringe worthy But I did promise to give them a try I have to say that I am not a fan of books where men are in some kind of guardian position for a woman with whom they are having an affair relationship It seems like just another powerful man scenario, and this is the second book in the series to use this plot device THunter s characters in The Saint were pretty well fleshed out, and I thought the parts about the mill don t want to give it away and women acting on [...]

  24. Kim

    I love Madeline Hunter s work, but this series appeal to me is in fits and starts I LOVE The Romantic and Lady of Sin, but this book and the first are ho hum.Incidentally, you can read them out of order there may be a few HEA spoilers for earlier books but, you re reading a romance is it really all that surprising The plot lines from book to book are relatively independent of one another.

  25. Nessa

    D.N F I was expecting because I love guardians who falls in love with their hellion wards stories but this one was fell short, appallingly so It was a promising story but nonetheless, it was a bit boring I would have to agree with some of the readers that this was a weak story, compared to some others in the series, not that I have read all yet Despite the heroine being bold and brazen, she didn t incite those kinds of crazy emotions from The Saint as our hero is labeled as WISH I COULD HAVE LI [...]

  26. penelopewanders

    Second in this series, story of Vergil and BiancaFor the first half, this would fit in the explosive couples category between the unconventional American and the Saint there are a lot of sparks but Hunter does have a way both with words and her characters, and again, this one works I for one was not entirely sure who the bad guy s really was were up until the end, although I did have some suspicions.

  27. Miyanomori

    The mystery of this book and the main guy is what keeps this book from getting a 1 The main heroine was one of those Strong Female Characters who rubbed me the wrong way with her childish independence and I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU AND YOUR CULTURE attitude that I kept having to put the book down in frustration.

  28. Lmoore

    3.5 starsBianca and Vergil make a good couple, I just wish had happened with them They spent lots of time apart There were lots of other men in the story, all with similar names, I almost felt like I needed a cheat sheet to keep them all straight The ending fell flat There are books in this series, but I will be taking a long break before I read the next one.

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