Spain for the Sovereigns (2020)

Spain for the Sovereigns Jean Plaidy Spain for the Sovereigns Isabella Queen of Castile and jealous greedy Consort Ferdinand Prince of Aragon dream of a united Christian Spain She brings law order peace the Catholic Inquisition that tortures and bani
  • Title: Spain for the Sovereigns
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780099510338
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
Spain for the Sovereigns Jean Plaidy Isabella 23, Queen of Castile and jealous greedy Consort Ferdinand 22, Prince of Aragon, dream of a united Christian Spain She brings law, order, peace, the Catholic Inquisition that tortures and banishes Jews He conquers Moorish strongholds, in Grenada helped by a Castilian harem slave ambitious for her son Boabdil Columbus finally sails to the New World.
Spain for the Sovereigns Jean Plaidy

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    338 Jean Plaidy
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One thought on “Spain for the Sovereigns

  1. BAM The Bibliomaniac

    Plaidy continues the Isabella and Ferdinand s journey in this tale We see the reinstatement of the Spanish Inquisition to the delight of many Cardinals and priests, and we observe the conquest of the Muslim kingdom in the Spanish lands creating one Catholic kingdom We also are introduced to Christopher Columbus and the new world So although this is what I call a connecting book the one in the middle of a trilogy we have a lot happening It s typicalPlaidy style though, so be ready for the melodra [...]

  2. Tanzanite

    2.5 stars I thought this was just an OK average book It covers the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand from shortly after their marriage through the return of the adventurer, Cristobol Colon Columbus from the New World which includes the installation of the Inquisition, the conquest of the Moors and the expulsion of the Jews Somewhat dry and matter of fact, but nontheless, gives a good basic story I have yet to find a really good book on these two the other ones that are out there The Queen s Cross [...]

  3. Lígia Bellini

    On Spain for the Sovereigns , Jean Plaidy, tell us about how greedy and unfaithful Ferdinand was becoming He never accepted well his position as Queen s Consort For Isabella, it was complicated She didn t want to give up of her position, but she also didn t want to let Ferdinand feel that he wasn t an equal to her I think Ferdinand, being unfaithful to Isabella, was a way for him, to show that he ruled as man Besides that, both were in total agreement when was about unit Spain in one faith Isabe [...]

  4. Ana Luisa

    Ten a altas expectativas de esta parte de la novela ya que era la parte importante de la vida de Isabel y Fernando como soberanos de Espa a Su mayor defecto es resumir muchas partes de la historia, provocando que te quedes con cara de WHAT Qu acaba de pasar , restando sabor a la lectura.En ocasiones Plaidy se estanca con una idea en un personaje, aqu fue Fernando con los ojos que brillaban de codicia SIEMPRE lo repet a, volvi ndose cansado, uno esperar mayor descripci n en sentimientos y reaccio [...]

  5. Sue Law

    The second in Plaidy s early series on Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, this entry takes the pair through from Isabella s coronation as Queen of Castille and the tensions arising from her refusal to cede her crown to him to the unleashing of the inquisition and their triumphal conquest of Granada Through these turbulent years Isabella s calm determination steers her husband and country towards what she hopes will be a glorious future.

  6. Rodrigo

    Despu s de leer el Libro I y el II, sostengo mi opini n sta no es la mejor saga de Jean Plaidy De hecho, creo que es la menos buena.No solamente por los tremendos errores hist ricos, sino por la manera en que est escrita Sabemos que no pretende ser un documento hist rico, que es una novela basada en la historia, pero no deja de sorprender el que, seg n Plaidy, ahora resulta que Crist bal Col n ya sab a que iba a descubrir un nuevo continente, y eso es justamente lo que les ofreci a los Reyes Cat [...]

  7. Phil Syphe

    Spain for the Sovereigns , Book 2 of the Isabella and Ferdinand series, focuses on the holy war that the royal pair declared on the Jews and Moslems who occupied certain areas of Spain In their bid to eradicate anyone who was not a Catholic, they united all provinces of Spain, thus their rule of Castile and Aragon increased until they became monarchs of the whole country.Isabella comes across as a flawed heroine In many respects she is a noble queen and a good person, yet at the same time she ha [...]

  8. An Odd1

    Isabella is Queen of Castile, will never share rule with jealous money hungry Consort Ferdinand, Prince of Aragon, first 23 to his 22 Believable motives fortify their mutual dream to unite Spain, conquer rich Moor strongholds, palatial Alhambra in Granada, Malaga First they must raise allies and money for supplies, soldiers, training When young, she promised her confessor a Christian realm Jews are rich The couple empower fanatic Catholic Inquisitors to torture, burn, and confiscate Personalitie [...]

  9. Gianna

    I ve been enjoying Plaidy s series about Isabelle and Ferdinand Fernando so far It s disappointing that the novels about Isabella a most influential monarch and a fascinating female figure during this era are so few in English If one is expecting Phillipa Gregory s style, she or he may not appreciate Plaidy s Spain for the Sovereigns Gregory is much emotional and sensational, sexier, and these elements have certainly been a key in her success Plaidy appears somewhat reserved in comparison, but [...]

  10. Al

    Sigh I just finished book two and I m feeling obligated to keep going Will it get better with time I m a captive audience I commute and got the e version I can t just waste it I can paraphrase the story telling pretty easily.Isabella was betrothed, she was scared Then she met her husband and she learned he was nervous too And with that shared emotion, they grew to love each other and they were happy Then he died suddenly in a hunting accident and she was sad What What happened when they hunted H [...]

  11. Tina

    En este segundo tomo, ya casada Isabel y muy enamorada de Fernando, se percata de que no es el hombre maravilloso que ella anhelaba es ambicioso, infiel e interesado Tienen cinco hijos, introducen la Inquisici n en los reinos de Castilla y Arag n y vencen en las batallas contra Granada y Sevilla contra los moros, haciendo as de Espa a una naci n cat lica Crist bal Col n, despu s de muchos intentos en Portugal y en la misma Espa a porque alguien lo apoye en sus traves as mar timas por el Oc ano A [...]

  12. Karen Galber

    Describes how Ferdinand and Isabella reconquered Spain and made the whole country catholic Isabella is described as devout but it does not matter to her how many Jews and Muslims are killed in the most horrific ways to make Spain a Catholic country.Ferdinand is after all the money he can get from the Jews and Muslims once they are murdered.A very interesting read and unputdownable and am now looking forward to reading Daughters of Spain

  13. Ana Elena Romero

    Basada en hechos hist ricos, esta novela narra las vicisitudes de un pr spero reinado, donde se yergue la figura de Isabel, una de las mujeres de m s f rrea voluntad que recuerda la historia La autora nos muestra la vida privada de una reina al frente del gobierno de Espa a en unos a os dif ciles Espa a para sus soberanos es la continuaci n de la historia de Isabel la Cat lica, iniciada por Jean Plaidy en Castilla para Isabel, y concluida con Las hijas de Espa a.

  14. Maggie

    This book was ok, but not very interesting, and definetly not a thrill a minute type It was also fictional about many parts of the Spanish Sovereigns lives.

  15. Lucero Gil

    Una muy buena historia sobre Isabel y fernando, enfocada totalmente en la Inquisici n y la ambici n de poder

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