Supreme Ambitions (2020)

Supreme Ambitions David Lat Supreme Ambitions Supreme Ambitions details the rise of Audrey Coyne a recent Yale Law School graduate who dreams of clerking for the U S Supreme Court someday Audrey moves to California to clerk for Judge Christina W
  • Title: Supreme Ambitions
  • Author: David Lat
  • ISBN: 9781627220460
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
Supreme Ambitions David Lat Supreme Ambitions details the rise of Audrey Coyne, a recent Yale Law School graduate who dreams of clerking for the U.S Supreme Court someday Audrey moves to California to clerk for Judge Christina Wong Stinson, a highly regarded appeals court judge who is Audrey s ticket to a Supreme Court clerkship While working for the powerful and driven Judge Stinson, Audrey discoSupreme Ambitions details the rise of Audrey Coyne, a recent Yale Law School graduate who dreams of clerking for the U.S Supreme Court someday Audrey moves to California to clerk for Judge Christina Wong Stinson, a highly regarded appeals court judge who is Audrey s ticket to a Supreme Court clerkship While working for the powerful and driven Judge Stinson, Audrey discovers that high ambitions come with a high price Toss in some headline making cases, a little romance, and a pesky judicial gossip blog, and you have a legal novel with the inside scoop you d expect from the founder of Above the Law, one of the nation s most widely read and influential legal websites.
Supreme Ambitions David Lat

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One thought on “Supreme Ambitions

  1. Howard Franklin

    I identify this novel as important, because while most Americans have some knowledge of criminal trials from books, movies, and television, very few have any idea of how the appeals process works, and little insight into the role of appellate judges, their clerks, and the lawyers who constitute the working blocks of this facet of our Judicial System And by illustrating this esoteric arena via a novel that entertains while it educates, Lat makes a highly valuable contribution to our understandin [...]

  2. Mainon

    Quick read started and finished on a single flight There are some portions that are a bit clunky although the most likely readers of this book are likely lawyers and law students, Lat clearly wants this to be able to appeal to a broader audience Unfortunately, the parts where he over explains legal concepts in order to bring those people on board are also the least realistic and most boring, especially when they are shoehorned into dialogue.On the whole, however, I think it s a great and enterta [...]

  3. Chelsea Rider

    As a law student, my view of this book might be a bit slanted, but that s okay It was still an amazingly good read with quite a few plot twists First of all, a book about a law clerkship might not be glamorous to the non legal reader There are some parts of the book that I can see someone losing interest in, but resist the urge to quit Lat s characters have a good level of depth and a bit a predictability stereotyping, but I think that s intentional Lat is a well known legal commentator and this [...]

  4. Roxana

    Supreme Ambitions distinguishes itself as a sui generis work of legal fiction The plot is nimble and breezy it drew me in from the outset and kept me reading voraciously But it s constructed around sophisticated legal concepts and an exploration of the politics of ostensibly non political jurists which takes it out of the realm of guilty pleasure This may also make it the perfect read for every lawyer in your life, or wonk, or court watcher, or anyone who has ever been a young professional Lat, [...]

  5. Alafair Burke

    As a former Ninth Circuit clerk and SCOTUS clerk hopeful, I felt like I d traveled back to my post law school days while reading David Lat s SUPREME AMBITIONS The book is an expert depiction of federal appellate court chambers and the extremely elite, ambitious lawyers who occupy them It s not the world depicted in Law Order or the Good Wife, but Lat still manages to create drama.

  6. Robert

    I don t often read fiction, but I loved this On the one hand, the book is fun and a pleasure to read I couldn t put it down and read it in a few sittings There are some good laugh moments, and the intrigue keeps the plot moving forward In that regard, the book reminded me of two other fun novels that I enjoyed The Rule of Four and The Dante Club.On the other hand, I found the book powerful and hard hitting for it s treatment of ambition, careerism, and achievement As the title suggests, this is [...]

  7. Suzanne

    Excellent treatise on jurisdiction and judicial feeder clerkships, but the characters are one dimensional and the writing didactic.

  8. Hanah

    This was a page turner Excellent plot with lots of very realistic details I really felt for the main character, Audrey, and her struggles The author did a great job of portraying what an elite judicial clerkship is like, especially the way that clerks often try on the ethics and priorities of their judge while on the way to figuring out what their own ethics and priorities are.I had some issues with the writing style The dialog is very unrealistic people don t talk in formal sentences like that, [...]

  9. Nooilforpacifists

    Awful Every character worse than the previous Based on a famous, if short lived, gossipy anonymous legal blog called Article III Groupie, which we all assumed was written by a woman associate at a large firm Turned out to be a gay man who was working for as I recall then Assistant U.S Attorney Christie once out of the closet so to speak Christie wouldn t fire him but suggested his talents might lie elsewhere This novel is proof that his work which I confess previously to enjoying was better in s [...]

  10. Becca

    I read this book mainly because I follow a legal blog that the author also writes I follow a lot of legal blogs, so hopefully they all don t start writing fiction This was an easy read in the style of the Devil Wears Prada, about a law clerk with a feeder judge to the Supreme Court It was definitely written by an insider in the legal industry, and I am not sure how it would have read to me two years ago before I understood some of the ins and outs of the prestige associated with federal judicial [...]

  11. Miguel

    For lawyers who ve been through this race already, the book is a pedantic and sometimes insufferable read but, for the schmucks who love them, it might be informative and entertaining.

  12. Kathy

    Interesting, fun read Enough plot to keep you turning the page Not sure that I love the main character but the story moved along really well.

  13. R.

    Long time blogger and legal commentator David Lat recently published his debut novel, Supreme Ambitions In his first outing, Lat follows a slightly different trail into fictional representation of the law than the typical Michael Connelly or John Grisham legal thriller More accurately described as legal realism, Lat explores the heady heights of the legal community as seen through the eyes of that elite band of young world burners who serve as clerks to federal court judges.Supreme Ambitions, as [...]

  14. Amy

    More like 2.5 The style is a mix of beach read and bar journal The characters made me thankful that I m no longer in my 20s The plot made me realize how tired I am of law snobbery And the way the sole African American spoke bothered me She is the only character who genuinely loves the law and intellectual engagement with it, but her dialogue is like a spoof of a Real Housewives show On the plus side, the story does bring you into the day to day world of appellate court clerking It explicitly rai [...]

  15. Christine

    Excellent novel with insights into the federal judiciary and the competitive process of wanting to be a Supreme Court Justice for one character, and a Supreme Court law clerk for another character All of the characters were well developed, and it is easy for anyone outside the field of law to identify with their backgrounds, desires, and relationships Among the first novels I have read that accurately describes what minority female professionals experience and will hopefully shed light upon othe [...]

  16. Kathy Reichbach

    Somewhat disappointing As a lawyer, I found some of the dialogue and legal jargon unrealistic and not genuine I don t think most lawyers need an overly simplistic explanation of legal principles and I don t think non lawyers would be interested in this book It s not really a tell all account of what goes on behind the scenes of clerking and it s not really a mystery or a thriller The characters are poorly developed and somewhat flat The Supreme Court Justices were so thinly disguised as to be a [...]

  17. Cory

    Given my day job, I m not entirely sure why I d want to read yet about the gossipy travails of a bunch of young, well educated and emotionally stunted lawyers whose main attribute is their blatantly self interested careerism But there we are The dialogue is corny and stilted, but the story zips along with zest and there are three gay supporting characters, which is than usual A book I d only be likely to read on a beach, but that s where I am.

  18. J. Ariel

    From world conquer to jurisdictional restrain A Fun ReadIt s a great and easy read giving insights and real anecdotes on how aspiring SCOTUS clerks mainly from a female perspective and judges see their ambitions.

  19. Lily

    I was told this book would be an easy read, and it was It took me three days to finish after all English is my second language, and I have LSAT to think about.Judge Posner s name is in the acknowledgment, which I thought quite interesting.

  20. Lia Silva

    To be a successful professional woman, you need to be a little mostrous David LatPassed my expectations I truely enjoyed this book.

  21. Ari

    IQ to be a successful professional woman, you need to be a little monstrous Judge Stinson, pg 136The law and legal profession is something that interests me but I m not a lawyer However the audience for this novel may be too much of a niche audience I didn t mind the legal jargon but rather was distracted by the standard writing It wasn t exemplary, it wasn t awful but it sometimes made for painful reading as the book dragged on or a character explained something that you would not normally expl [...]

  22. Christina

    I m familiar with the author s legal news gossip blog Above the Law and read this book purely out of curiosity to see how he did with fiction, which I suspect was 95% of the marketing plan in publishing this book put out by an imprint of the ABA As fiction, it s not great The characters are like wooden stick figures to represent certain stereotypes and the exposition in the beginning of the book is painfully clunky long conversations between characters speaking purely for the sake of exposition [...]

  23. Eric Van

    Supreme Ambitions is fun The language is sharp But if you re a law student or young lawyer having just experienced or having deigned to watch your friends experience the judicial clerkship search, this book is entirely predictable and exactly what you think it will be And it s not appropriate for general readership because most of its charm, like a 1990s Brady Bunch movie, is rooted in some combination of allusive mocking and shivering nostalgia So it s not entirely clear who gets much out of th [...]

  24. Queezle

    This was a good, fast read for anyone interested in law Truly an amusing read It gave me great insight into the lives of circuit court clerks and SCOTUS clerk wannabes I was so happy when I got this book for Christmas, and once I got around to reading it I finished it in a day When I was about a third of the way through the book I was interested in the law descriptions but despaired that the plot would tie in any of its random themes or characters by the end, I was pleasantly surprised With that [...]

  25. Anthony Maddela

    When I was assigned by Positively Filipino to interview David Lat I admit I was out of his normal orbit since I m not a lawyer and haven t followed his blog But I did have high expectations for Supreme Ambitions based on the author s storied background and popularity Though the novel was brought to print by a law publisher, I assure prospective readers that regular citizens will also relate with loathing or admiration for the cutthroat ambitions, the importance of being good and a chamber view o [...]

  26. Athul

    As a novel, this book is amateurish as best Wooden prose, coarse exposition, on the nose characters, transparent pseudonyms at first sight, there s not much to recommend it But I found myself unable to put it down The plot plods along in the first half, but picks up substantially in the second half It s driven by a problem of legal ethics that s actually quite difficult And the protagonist s meditations on the interaction between ethics and ambition are well, actually, quite good In the end, I a [...]

  27. MichaƂ

    A very pleasant read, in particular for someone with familiarity experience, interest in Ivy League law school setting It s not a great novel about grown up lawyers, bitter and disillusioned with how life turned out to be i.e any Turow s book , but rather a witty, ironic tale of naivety, growing up pains and ambition of a young law school graduate playing big time politics out of her windowless office in a federal court of appeals, where she got a clerkship with an influential federal judge What [...]

  28. Wendy Hearder-moan

    Some interesting inside info on the role of a judge s law clerk in the US judicial system and on the nomination procedures for Supreme Court positions, but I found the writing somewhat stilted and the plot rather unbelievable.but maybe I m just naive.

  29. Al Menaster

    Only OK Well written Pretty dead on description of what it s like being a law clerk for a federal appellate judge But the actual plot starts awfully late and isn t very substantive Also, bad ending.

  30. Gordon

    Very inside baseball, but Lat pulls off a great story based in the usually unassuming world of the federal judiciary in his debut novel A must read for a litigator, or law student looking to clerk or practice in a firm.

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