Widows (2020)

Widows Lynda La Plante Widows Harry Rawlins had been masterminding robberies for years The hijack of a security van would bring the gang thousands but the job went wrong Harry his team were killed Harry s widow Dolly had thr
  • Title: Widows
  • Author: Lynda La Plante
  • ISBN: 9780751540857
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
Widows Lynda La Plante Harry Rawlins had been masterminding robberies for 20 years The hijack of a security van would bring the gang thousands, but the job went wrong Harry his team were killed Harry s widow, Dolly, had three options She could hand over Harry s ledgers to the police She could hand them over to a bunch of thugs Or she could take the business over.
Widows Lynda La Plante

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    427 Lynda La Plante
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One thought on “Widows

  1. Jenn

    This novel was originally written in the 1980s and hase been recently re released Probably in the wake of La Plante s other series doing so well.I think because it s not as modern as her other series I didn t enjoy it as much I m guessing there is a sequel to it, or there is one in the works because it was left with some unanswered questions This particular novel reminded me of something written by Martina Cole but with less finesse.

  2. Tony Nielsen

    The name Lynda La Plante evokes fond memories of hit TV shows like Prime Suspect and Tennison, both of which drew enormous ratings success, multi Awards, and an almost reverential following.La Plante has recast one of her earlier crime stories in Widows and its a ripper A security van heist goes badly wrong and three armed robbers who were about to cash in when a twist of fate sees them incinerated in their car The boss of the raid, Harry Hawkins, leaves behind widow Dolly After the devastation [...]

  3. Lainy

    Blurb from Three thieves widows decide to continue their late husbands latest burglary .My ReviewWhen you read books like this you really wish there was a and a half rating as I dont think this merits a 3 but didn t want to give it a 2 either.The book starts fabulously well with a great plot of the men doing a robbery and it going horrifically wrong 2 and a half pages and I was hooked However this is a classic example of something that starts so well that quickly goes downhill.The plot is great [...]

  4. Guera

    The story of a security heist in which the gang has an accident during the heist and burns to death Except the one guy with the get away car The widows grieve but then decide to try the heist themselves.It turns out the main gangster did not die He swopped places with the guy who drove the get away car He is alive but his widow does not know He knows she is directing the tea, of widows now attempting the heist He shadows her to rob her of the cash He intended to leave her for a younger woman on [...]

  5. Plum-crazy

    Mmmmdisappointed with this I remember this TV series from the early 80s I think have enjoyed other books by this author but this one didn t have the intensity of those, in fact the writing was pretty flat was a bit like listening to someone recounting what they d watched the night before

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