Leo the Late Bloomer (2020)

Leo the Late Bloomer Robert Kraus José Aruego Leo the Late Bloomer Leo isn t reading or writing or drawing or even speaking and his father is concerned But Leo s mother isn t She knows her son will do all those things and when he s ready Reassuring for other l
  • Title: Leo the Late Bloomer
  • Author: Robert Kraus José Aruego
  • ISBN: 9780878070435
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
Leo the Late Bloomer Robert Kraus José Aruego Leo isn t reading, or writing, or drawing, or even speaking, and his father is concerned But Leo s mother isn t She knows her son will do all those things, and , when he s ready Reassuring for other late bloomers, this book is illustrated with beguiling pictures Saturday Review.
Leo the Late Bloomer Robert Kraus José Aruego

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    484 Robert Kraus José Aruego
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One thought on “Leo the Late Bloomer

  1. Aaron

    Memories of childhood reads bubbling up in my mind This one was a favorite I must have checked it out at the library a bazillion times I remember the kind librarian softly asking me Aaron, are you a late bloomer I didn t know what to say back to her But the book made me feel whole.

  2. Rossy

    I have mixed feelings I HATED the first page Leo couldn t do anything right , what s up with that for a start But I liked the ending SO much, I could have shed a tear or two.

  3. Megan (ReadingRover)

    I always loved these books as a child The illustrations are bright and beautiful and they re simple to read This book is about Leo a young lion who hasn t bloomed yet He s behind all the other animals and doesn t do all the things he should be at his age His father is worried at first but his mother just keeps telling the father to wait and that a watched bloomer never blooms Sure enough in his own time and at his own pace Leo one day blooms He can read, write and speak just like all the other a [...]

  4. ABC

    This is kind of a weird book Leo, a tiger, can t do what the others can do write, read, eat neatly, talk His mom says be patient His dad is a little worried, but is convinced Leo is okay and he watches some tv And guess what Leo learns to write, read, eat neatly, and talk Hallelujah My problem with this book is that it really targets a very specific audience kids who are slightly behind their peers and what s , I don t think it is written for kids, but rather as reassurance for their parents I w [...]

  5. Chelsea

    1 Leo the Late Bloomer2 This book teaches about patience3 I can use this book with children who are having a hard time learning how to do different things It teaches them that if they keep trying and not quit they will get it It also teaches that everyone learns at a different pace.

  6. Brittany McCarty

    Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert KrausGR Level I, Lexile Level 250, Grade 1, Publisher HarperCollins, 1999, Genre Picture Book, Children s Fiction, Pages 32This story is about Leo who is a lion that has some troubles fitting into the jungle Leo cannot write, draw, read or talk while all the rest of the animals in his class can Leo s dad has some trouble adjusting to Leo being a little behind his friends and watches Leo in hopes that he will bloom quick Leo s mother however believes that he is just [...]

  7. Samantha

    This was my first time ever reading this book It was pretty cute I like that it can show children not to get discouraged if they cannot do something If they keep trying, they will get it when they are ready The illustrations in this book are colorful and detailed I also liked how the mother tiger was so patient and knew that Leo would master the skills over time I would have said I would read this to my class at the beggining of the year but I think the end of the year would be better My extensi [...]

  8. Becky

    First sentence Leo couldn t do anything right He couldn t read He couldn t write He couldn t draw He was a sloppy eater And, he never said a word Premise plot Much of Leo the Late Bloomer covers conversations between a mother and father as they discuss their late bloomer, Leo The father worries that Leo will never, ever bloom His mother is confident that Leo will bloom Seasons come and go but Leo hasn t bloomed Then one day, he does And Leo s first word isn t a first word, but a sentence I made [...]

  9. Leandra Cano

    We don t all develop at the same rate, and that is ok This is a series book as well The children can be asked questions if they have ever felt the way Leo does, and what should he do Great book for self awareness.Student Leandra CanoBook Title Leo the Late BloomerAuthor Robert KrausIllustrator Jose AruegoThis Book is AboutA tiger who seemingly can t do anything His mother always had confidence in him, and reassured that one day it will happen One day finally came, and Leo surprised everyone.The [...]

  10. Justin Ferrell

    Picture Book, 1971Leo is a young lion that is having trouble drawing, writing, and reading His parents worry about him, but hope that he is just a late bloomer Leo s dad wants to do all that he can to help, but he is told he will just have to let Leo be and everything will work out He tries to let Leo grow and not hover over him too much Leo continues to have trouble in his subjects, but then one day he just gets it His reading, writing, and drawing get much better His parents are so proud of hi [...]

  11. Anne

    In Leo the Late Bloomer Leo the tiger is unable to do many of the things the other animals can do, such as read and write As the title suggest Leo is a late bloomer and in the end is able to do all the things that the other animas could do, including speaking, as well as reading and writing Although the lesson of the story may seem obvious that children shouldn t worry about learning slower than others because they are late bloomers, it also seems to send a message to their parents Leo s father [...]

  12. Jose Valadez

    Robert Kraus picture book Leo the Late Bloomer, is about Leo a young lion who is falling behind because he yet does not understand how to read, write and draw The book first shows how Leo struggles to stay with the class and watches others around him excel in all that he cannot do Leos father who is worried that his son may not be a late bloomer but something else follows and watches Leo for signs of blooming Then Leo begins to blossom near the end showing everyone how he was able to do everythi [...]

  13. Chantal

    Leo the Late Bloomer 1994 , by Robert Kraus with illustrations by Jose Aruego, is a memorable tale of a young learner s delayed development, the frustration and disappointment that are often accompaniment, and the important role that caregivers can play by supporting and accepting each learner s unique progression The story is set in a fantastical, yet improbable jungle, with lots of vines, flowers, and an occasional snow The characters are comprised of personified animals commonly found in chil [...]

  14. Karly Kovac

    I didn t think this book was that great I have read a lot of children s books and I usually think they are cute and have a cute plot to them but I just thought this book was boring and didn t have a whole lot to it It s about a tiger named Leo who is a late bloomer and can t do anything right The dad is asking his mom what is wrong with him and she says that some kids are just late bloomers and to give him time Then one day LEO BLOOMED and he could all of a sudden read and write and do everythin [...]

  15. Suzanne Kunz Williams

    A beautiful story about a tiger who took a little time to learn how to do things that most of the others around him Talking points Leo s mom has faith in him Who has had faith in you and encouraged you In the end does it matter how long it takes you to catch onto things Why or why not

  16. Tamara GTC

    A must read It is a reminder for ourselves as teaching professionals and parents, our children will develop at different stages and times We must wait for each individuals personal awakening Children will be encouraged and enjoy this book as well as adults.

  17. Sylvester

    3 art4 story Leo couldn t do anything right A perfect beginning to an encouraging book both for Squirt AND for me.

  18. Simon Jongekryg

    This book is a really feel good story The story is about a young animal named Leo who is developing a lot slower than the rest of the animals At the end of the story Leo finally blooms and develops all the other skills his peers have This would be an especially good read for a younger reader because the words are easy to handle, the illustrations are colorful interesting, and the concept is interesting and relatable While reading the story I was drawn into the illustrations and the mystery of wh [...]

  19. Christina/ The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life!

    3.Leo the Late Bloomer Written by Robert Kraus Pictures by Jose AruegoHarper Collins Reissue Edition 1999Lexile Measure 120Ages 3 8USA Grades Pre K Grade 2Leo the Late Bloomer is the enduring story about a young tiger that is developmentally behind the other jungle animals He couldn t read, write, draw Naturally, his father is concerned, but his mother reassures him that Leo will blossom soon Eventually, over time, Leo is able to do all the things the other animals can do He was just a late bloo [...]

  20. Verna

    Loved the illustrations The book is about a young tiger that couldn t do anything compared to other animals his age He couldn t read, write or draw even his father thought something was wrong with him but the young tiger s mother knew that he just needed a little time than others A great book for parents and teachers to help children comprehend that everyone develops at their own pace.

  21. Amanda Hughes

    I disliked the sentence Leo can t do anything right on the first page Other than that, I love that this book is a lesson for children who do not work at the same pace as other children It shows children that they should not be discouraged if they cannot do the same things as others like them I adored the simple illustrations

  22. Marissa Estrada

    Children and their relation to books I thought this was a good book to read to a child that feels they are not ever going to get there The children that seek encouragement This book is filled with beautiful colored pictures and realistic looking images of the animals It is a beautiful sight to the eyes I have read it so many time, and I still find joy in it each time.

  23. Betul Kilinc

    This is a really sweet book about growing up and maturing All children develop and grow at their own pace and some slower than others This book can be read for children who are late bloomers themselves to show them that it s okay to not be able to do everything your peers are doing and that everyone blooms at their own pace.

  24. Anna

    Drawings were a bit muted I expected much bright amd vivid colors, I LOVED that mom tiger was like well will happen We have to just watch and wait for people and tigers to be able to do the thingswe all want to do Some of us are short and get tall later some of us write later or read later.

  25. Autumn

    This book bothers me Won t it make children think that one day that they will be able to wake up and do everything Hope is a good thing, but this story is so unrealistic that it could make children feel worse about themselves.

  26. Sydney Crisp

    This books is very straight foreword It is kind of sad at first and the illustrations of the tigers are kind of scary lol but besides that I like this book because it shows that everyone s pace is difference and their is nothing wrong with that.

  27. Alexis Cohen

    I think this book is a great book for a child s growth It shows that not all children grow at the same pace, some are faster or slower then others However it shows that eventually they will all get where they are supposed to be.

  28. Molly

    I wasn t really into this one I guess it has a positive message not everyone moves at the same speed, so just be patient but something felt a little weird about it and others have written that better than I can I also don t like the sort of squiggly illustration style.

  29. LaurenRiviere

    This book had some wonderful colors and a great concept to teach the children patience It s also a good book to show that everyone develops at different times, so no one should feel left out or sad the just haven t bloomed yet and need patience.

  30. Natalie Greaves

    This story has good social emotional elements It can be used to teach individuality and diversity in people I would use this book in a class to teach that everyone learns differently and at a different pace It also teaches patience and how important it is to have it.

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