A Secure Heart (2020)

A Secure Heart Charity Parkerson A Secure Heart What does it take to secure a heart For the Smith Security Services team it s Flowers Chocolate Wishes and Sparks Secured Undercover Fashion Designer Flower Calloway s next big show could make her
  • Title: A Secure Heart
  • Author: Charity Parkerson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 402
  • Format: None
A Secure Heart Charity Parkerson What does it take to secure a heart For the Smith Security Services team, it s Flowers, Chocolate, Wishes, and Sparks Secured Undercover Fashion Designer Flower Calloway s next big show could make her famous all over the world, but she ends up uncovering a few secrets that could break her heart instead Secured Secret A quick trip to the store for some chocolate therapWhat does it take to secure a heart For the Smith Security Services team, it s Flowers, Chocolate, Wishes, and Sparks Secured Undercover Fashion Designer Flower Calloway s next big show could make her famous all over the world, but she ends up uncovering a few secrets that could break her heart instead Secured Secret A quick trip to the store for some chocolate therapy, and a fateful encounter with a few gorgeous men, shakes up F.B.I Agent Genie Cook s once secure life Secured Wishes For Jacob and Gracie, it is love at first sight, but it will take than a few wishes to hold them together when Jacob s career threatens to tear them apart Secured Sparks Twin brothers Weave and Bob are hardened fighters, but two special women are going to have them throwing off sparks instead of punches.
A Secure Heart Charity Parkerson

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    402 Charity Parkerson
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One thought on “A Secure Heart

  1. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    I was first introduced to Charity Parkerson s novels when I went hunting in February 2012 for unread Werewolf Shapeshifter books, for a group challenge on that enormously creative site, I found Ms Parkerson s Society of Sinners, and I was floored If I could have awarded 12 or 13 stars instead of 5, I would have So I m enormously pleased to have he r request a review of A Secure Heart That subtle humour that makes me chuckle at the same time I m smiling over the characters those delicate brush st [...]

  2. Helle Gade

    This is the second time I ve read this book and I loved it as much as the first time I read it in 2012 I ll NEVER forget it I can t rember the last time a book made me laugh and cry A Secure Heart has it all, love, passion and tears.This book consists of four stories Secured Undercover, Secured Secret, Secured Wishes, Secured Sparks I highly recommend this book as well as the authors other books You won t be disappointed.

  3. Regina Puckett

    A Secure Heart had my heart from chapter one right to the very end It made me laugh and cry, which I think are very important elements to a good story It had some very quirky characters that made you fall in love right along with them Everyone needs to mark this as a must read.

  4. Pickapairbooks

    Will tug your heartstrings while making you laughParkerson blends her fictional world of MMA fighters with her Safe Haven project to make A Secure Heart.Smith Security Service is run by Shannon Smith Bryant and Parker Smith son from A Fighting Chance , and Bob and Weave Sparks Ace and Lucy Sparks s twin sons from A Fighting Chance I don t feel like I could do a synopsis without including spoilers and I don t want to do that Half the fun was guess who would end up with whom Since this is a Parker [...]

  5. Marla Blowers

    Charity Parkerson author of A Secure Heart did a wonderful job getting her audience to relate to each and every character in her novel Parkerson was able to combine love, death, suspense and yes lust into the mix No time to get bored with this book, no grass will grow under your feet while reading this novel She brought us into the lives of couples who had known each other their entire lives before falling in love, and couples who experienced love at first sight There is a touch of psychic abili [...]

  6. Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥

    I received this ARC copy free of charge in exchange for an honest review.See my full review at foreverbkloverI have never read any previous books from Charity, so I wasn t sure what to expect It has four different stories that intertwine with each other I was pleasantly surprised at the depth she was able to give her characters in this novella.

  7. Shirley

    A fantastic book Loved the way so many stories are intertwined with each other with such brilliant skill There is so much of depth in each character, unlike what you get to read in usual romances I loved it the moment i started reading it Charity has done a brilliant job and i would like to read her other books as well I would highly recommend this books to everyone.

  8. Greg

    The writer has done it again.I thoroughly enjoyed the way she mixes humor and seriousness.We get to make some new friends and run into some old ones.I couldnt put it down.Looking forward to see what she does next.

  9. Nada

    Review first published on my blog memoriesfrombooks 2011 10 secure heartmlA Secure Heart is a collection of stories centered around the men of a security service company The characters in the different stories do interrelate The relationships continue from one story to the next However, each section of the book focuses on the love story of one character.A Secure Heart falls into the adult fiction genre, a fact I did not realize when I requested the review copy I normally do not read this genre H [...]

  10. Melanie Adkins

    What do four women who come from very different walks of life have in common They are each searching for a man to spend their life with They want unconditional love, friendship and have it wrapped in a nonjudgmental person Each has her own issues to deal with and finding that special man won t be easy When love hits though, they know it without a doubt All of the women are looking for someone with a secure heart Someone they can count on forever Now, if only their knight in shining armor will st [...]

  11. Julia

    A Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson is written in a unique way, as a collection of four separate but linked stories Each of the stories centers on a woman s yearning for love, friendship, acceptance, and unconditional love In each of these quests for a secure heart, there are heartbreaks, joys, suspense, sensuality, and humor I loved all the unexpected plot twists The characters are well developed and believable, their flaws making them even realistic and easier to relate to The connections bet [...]

  12. Quentin Stewart

    I enjoyed reading Charity Parkerson s book This is my introduction to the author I look forward to reading of her work The story is several stories woven together around a security company and their contacts with FBI agents who at the beginning of the book are involved in a sting operation The story evolves into a variety of love stories as the characters find their one true love as they continue to work around each other The reader can laugh and cry with the characters in the book as the autho [...]

  13. Melissa

    A Secure Heart written by Charity Parkerson is a brilliant book that involves hot security men and FBI agents and the women they meet, fall in love with I rate this book 5 stars as I found myself smiling, laughing, giggling, crying, shocked, surprised and I was left yearning for I hadn t heard of author Charity Parkerson before, but I am sure to pick up one of her books again I like the way she writes as its very easy to understand and of course the men are so hot and wow Jacob, Shannon are hel [...]

  14. Lori McD

    3 3.5 starsNot sure where this cover came from, cuz it doesn t match my cover Regardless, this is really 5 interwoven love stories in 4 books all wrapped up into one If you think you know who ll end up in each pairing, you re wrong The book will keep you guessing OR simply throw you a curve ball, telling you that after a quick introduction of one of the two, that they re married Yep, just like that.But it s fun and heart warming There s tragedy, sorrow, pain, and heart break but there s also lov [...]

  15. Lynn Hallbrooks

    Ms Parkerson blending of four interwoven stories put me in mind of Dee Henderson s O Malley Chronicles The major difference being that Ms Parkerson s characters have steamy sex and not necessarily inside the boundaries of marriage, either The first such scene almost gave me heart flutters However, like Ms Henderson s work, Ms Parkerson has both strong female and male lead characters At first glance, these characters seem to be superficial and stereotypical Reading further, you discover the chara [...]

  16. Kathryn Merkel

    I did not read the blurb before starting this book, so was surprised when I hit a HEA only of the way through, but once I caught on to the interwoven quartet of stories, I was hooked Author Charity Parkerson, manages to blind side you in each of the tales, with the revelation of secret after secret Just when you think you know where a story is going, it veers off in a totally different direction I laughed, I cried I wouldn t have missed it for the world It is a hard call, which of the 4 stories [...]

  17. Kim

    This is my one of my favorite reads from this author The way she weaves each character with the next story kept me turning pages Smith Security services ,Smith Brosght club and Safe haven are where all of the delicious men in this book are from They all connect throughout the book in the different stories of their life Some are related and those that aren t are friends These men and the ladies that come into their lives help each other through their good and bad times They connect in so many way [...]

  18. Tracy Jones

    As always, I am positively entertained and inspired by Charity Parkerson s books It never fails for me to feel like I am returning home to old friends as well as meeting new ones with every novel she writes Thrilling is not word enough to describe her amazing talent, and I recommend her, not only as a friend, but also as an up and coming indie author who is destined to be considered one of the best.

  19. Ben Ditmars

    Too often stories about relationships don t feel real Charity Parkerson, however, has wove characters you could swear you know There s a gritty eloquence and realism to her writing, in A Secure Heart A must read for anyone and everyone

  20. Janet

    Fascinating continuation of the Danger Within This one cover the next generation.A little less development of the plots, but the personal interactions were so believable I thought I was there.

  21. Stephanie Dagg

    A Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson is a clever and entertaining series of four interwoven romantic stories Not only does the Smith Security Services team of Shannon Smith, and twins Bob and Weave Sparks feature in each of the four vignettes, but the other characters that appear are connected in various ways Gracie and Jacob are brother and sister, but they bump into Flower and Genie and Kera along the way You look into different people s lives on the way and see how they interconnect and influe [...]

  22. Adrianna

    I received A Secure Heart through the giveaway program In four distinct sections, the book follows the intertwined stories of several main characters, who confront love and loss in their own dissimilar ways as they learn to cope with the situations life has dealt them When I entered to win a copy of this book to review, I failed to realize that it was of an adult nature, which is a genre of book that I never read.I can say that Charity Parkerson has created sympathetic characters with nice, tigh [...]

  23. Bill Thibadeau

    I won this book through LibraryThing in exchange for a review so here it is.Let s get the only negative out of the way first The author would benefit from a good editor There were times when I had to stop, and reread sections to really understand what was happening Fortunately the lack of great editing did not really hurt the story.This book was a bit of a love story but in an interesting way I enjoyed the way in which the author took a set of characters and created four consecutive stories She [...]

  24. C.K. Raggio

    I ve read some really spicy novels in my time, and I have to say most don t include interesting or even halfway decent plots and story lines That was not the case in Charity Parkerson s A SECURE HEART Not only did Parkerson have one story but four, and they all intertwined each other Which in my opinion is very difficult and very cool.I enjoyed getting to know each character, although I do wish she hadn t had two of the main characters names Genie and Gracie so close together That did get me pre [...]

  25. Stephanie Wolf

    This is not your typical love story, this is a love story with another love story, with another love story with another love story.Rather than a story about a couple, this book has different couples with their own story about their meetings, paths, relationships and their ever afters.One couple about a security detail meets fashion designer, 2 brothers needing to overcome their past and the women that they met, an FBI agent and his job dangers versus a special woman in his life Different couples [...]

  26. Weisser

    I liked the book but it felt like an anthology The stories were tied together but the transition was very disjointed Interesting group of characters but the stories were pretty much the same to me Big strong silent hero saves the damsel in distress Although Parkerson did try to make the women in the stories strong they were all pretty much the sameaves to their hearts I think each story should have tied better together or they should have been completely separate in a series Maybe the author wi [...]

  27. Laurie Franco

    Really great stories and completely enjoyable I unfortunately do need to mention that there were an unbelievably large amount of punctuation errors that were extremely distracting as I read the book Each story in itself however was good, although it would have been great to have a bit in each story since all of the characters were very likable A great book which definitely would have gotten five stars were it not for the awful punctuation.

  28. James Ross

    Although famous parents raised Shannon Smith, Bob, and Weave Sparks, they are determined to make it on their own with their parent s backing Using the knowledge they gained through their MMA training, they start up a personal security business Their crazy gigs land them in the center of an F.B.I investigation, and uncover a few of their secrets along the way.Funny, hot, and revealing, A Secure Heart is a must read.

  29. Michele Minor

    This collection of short novellas focus on the staff and friends of a small security company The men meet women in interesting circumstances The ending does have a paranormal twist to it There are explixt sex scenes in the book.

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