A Dance of Ghosts (2020)

A Dance of Ghosts David Dalglish A Dance of Ghosts From USA Today bestselling author David DalglishTHE UNDERWORLD TREMBLES AT THE RISE OF THE SUNIn book of the Shadowdance series a night of fire and blood heralds Muzien the Darkhand s arrival to Vel
  • Title: A Dance of Ghosts
  • Author: David Dalglish
  • ISBN: 9781478985266
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Audiobook
A Dance of Ghosts David Dalglish From USA Today bestselling author David DalglishTHE UNDERWORLD TREMBLES AT THE RISE OF THE SUNIn book 5 of the Shadowdance series a night of fire and blood heralds Muzien the Darkhand s arrival to Veldaren With him comes the might of the Sun Guild, eager to spread their criminal empire Left blind after being attacked by the Widow, Alyssa Gemcroft struggles to holdFrom USA Today bestselling author David DalglishTHE UNDERWORLD TREMBLES AT THE RISE OF THE SUNIn book 5 of the Shadowdance series a night of fire and blood heralds Muzien the Darkhand s arrival to Veldaren With him comes the might of the Sun Guild, eager to spread their criminal empire Left blind after being attacked by the Widow, Alyssa Gemcroft struggles to hold together the remnants of the Trifect as the Sun Guild s arrival threatens to shatter whatever future her son might have left Veldaren s only hope is in the Watcher, but Haern is no longer there With his father, Thren Felhorn, he is traveling to the Stronghold, an ancient bastion of the dark paladins of Karak Will they find the answers they seek Or will the Stronghold be their final destination Killer or savior the line can no longer remain blurred Fantasy author David Dalglish continues his tale of retribution and darkness in this never before released novel in the Shadowdance series, following A Dance of Shadows.ShadowdanceA Dance of Cloaks A Dance of Blades A Dance of Mirrors A Dance of Shadows A Dance of Ghosts A Dance of ChaosSeraphimSkybornFirebornShadowborn
A Dance of Ghosts David Dalglish

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One thought on “A Dance of Ghosts

  1. Bruna Bellini

    I really like this series and this book, once again, was great Lots of action and finally some mystery cleared to us, readers I mean, now we know who is the real villain behind everything Still, much things to discover in the last book of this series.It was really great to see Haern and Thren working together, even each of them, having different goals.Delysia proved to be a badass She is powerful and fearless Seeing Delysia, Haern and Thren traveling together, it was like seeing the good and bad [...]

  2. Jason ON

    David Dalglish doesn t write the most mentally challenging books Of course, I can t say that with 100% certainty since I ve only read this Shadowdance series and none of his others In this book the author tried to set up the next book, which is the only thing that worked for him.Hearn, the Watcher, I discovered, is Batman I mean, he prowls the rooftops targeting the criminal empires of the capital city wearing a black and grey cloak, hood pulled down to hide everything but his chin If that doesn [...]

  3. Avery (ThePagemaster)

    I cannot believe that this is the penultimate book already I really liked this book, though not as fast and engaging as the fourth book, A Dance of Shadows What I did like was Haren and Thren s relationship Again, not going into detail, due to spoilers as I aforementioned in other reviews Muzien s cunning and the roll of his charming tongue was delightful, almost reminiscent of Sebastian Morgenstern from the Shadowhunter books, only if he were an elf and much older I do like the vibe that David [...]

  4. Jason

    This is a series that started off fairly meh, but managed to build to an incredible degree The blurbs on several books in this series have mentioned Game of Thrones, and the author s note at the end have mentioned his desire to write a Game of Thrones like series, and while the past few books have been fairly good, this is the first one that I would say qualifies as being at Game of Thrones level The book manages to incorporate political wrangling, personal relationships and brutal violence with [...]

  5. William

    Well, I have to say I have mixed feelings about this.I was going to give it a 2 for various reasons but then a few key things happened which made me rethink.I do not intend this to be a spoiler and my apologies if it is interpreted that way but the torture scenes do absolutely nothing for me I do not mind one every now and then on occasion in a series but several times in one book constantly and always the same thing to me is unnecessary It just becomes laborious.Now for the positives, a few key [...]

  6. Ken

    I will leave you with a graveyard of fire and death before I let you pretend to be it s god Thren FelhornDavid Dalglish is back with the 5th book in The Shadowdance Series Unsurprisingly, for the umpteenth time, Veldaren, is once again under siege The Thief Guilds are dead, with the exception of the Ash Guild, and only one Guild rules all over the city, The Sun Guild, led by Muzien The Darkhand This time, neither Thren Felhorn and The Watcher are there to suppress the occupation but rather the d [...]

  7. Ashley

    The Shadowdance series continues in David Dalglishs A Dance of Ghosts Once again returning to the Veldaren, we find the city in the midst of a power struggle Muzien Darkhand, sinister leader of the Sun guild, has arrived and is systematically removing all opposition to his unchallenged supremacy of the underworld Alyssa Gemcroft struggles to maintain her position in not only the Trifect, but her family as well, and Haern and his father, Thren Felhorn, travel to the Stronghold, religious bastion [...]

  8. Gareth Otton

    To date I have been enjoying this series in much the same way as I enjoy a R A Salvatore novel They are good fun, fast paced and always packed with action However, in my mind they are always lessened by their episodic nature where things don t ever really change overly much This novel and to a lesser extent the last as well makes an attempt to improve on that There are some interesting changes, some of the previously smaller characters are expanded upon ready for bigger things to come and story [...]

  9. Jerry Pinkard

    Yayeeeah Excellent read, as was every book in this series I really tried to spread this one out as to avoid the long wait before the next book, but once I would start reading I couldn t put it down So, here I am anxiously awaiting Book Six.Having read the authors self published versions of the previous books, I admit that I did not re read the current editions However, I didn t have any trouble following the story with the changes that were made All the characters received adequate page time to [...]

  10. Jennifer

    I was flying right through this one, it just had a nice natural flow.The plot in this one gives some answers, but leaves you with just as many unsolved questions Since the flow was so natural as it was, there wasn t any big surprises for me What I was most interested in was Haern and Thren, and I m still not satisfied.What really stood out, for me, was the character development There were a lot of character development, some of it was great and some of it I didn t like.Thren It was interesting a [...]

  11. Don Priest

    Decent action, and some interesting surprises A new, even dangerous foe appears, and upturns everything that the Watcher has worked for Unfortunately, Haern and Thren both leave Veldaren, and every time the action moves away from the city, the story suffers It s clear that this volume is meant to set everything up for a final showdown in the next, and to get some major characters out of the way so the plot can happen Unfortunately, I can t really see most of the set up as necessary, or needing [...]

  12. Scott

    Excellent bridge book for me.What a way to bring the series to higher standards And A LOT of questions are answered related to the following relationships Hearn ThrenHearn DelsyiaGhost Ms Gemcroft MelodyDaverick PelarakZusa HearnVery interesting read and what a setup for the next book And a true villain emerges in Muzien.Lots of references to the other series, the Paladins and the Half Orcs series Lots of hints and items are explored in great detail here If you have read Weight of Blood I believ [...]

  13. David H. Millar

    This is the fifth book in the Dance series by Author David Dalglish, the previous being Dance of Cloaks, Dance of Blades, Dance of Mirrors and Dance of Shadows My review is a comment on the series to date rather than any single novel The series is centered around an assassin with a conscience and the people that interact with him The interaction generally ends badly for those he does not like Dance is a solid adventure series and is well written The characters generate sufficient interest that y [...]

  14. Riki

    This was a strange book in the series, because it s really the only one where there wasn t really a clear resolution to the conflicts Aside from Alyssa s storyline, I m honestly not even sure what the conflicts were It was still a fun read, and it s pretty clear that things will be wrapped up in the next book, but honestly I m pretty much ready for this series to be over That s not really a good feeling to give a reader when you re at book 5 out of 6, but anyway I ll just combine the review for [...]

  15. Derek

    A Dance of Ghosts, the first Shadowdance book where previous minor characters are developed and a villain survives throughout the whole story, thrives even This is evidence of Dalglish evolving as an author, providing information his fans have been craving for Ghost, Delysia, Thren, Brug, Zusa, Melody, and Nathaniel are all characters which become much understandable What started as a single storyline had become a web, perhaps as strong as the Spider Guild we all know and love The previous book [...]

  16. Jacob Cipriano

    It was by far my favorite yet It really went into a deeper level in character relationship It expanded on Delysia and Thren quite well and introduced the new bad guy Muzien, and he s awesome, smoothly It also expanded on the odd wizard Tarlak with a little bit of Brug Zusa also had relationship development with Haren,but it was kind of just thrown at the reader near the end to add some flare to Zusa and Haren s relationship Also the reintroduction of Ghost seemed rushed and sloppy, but all in al [...]

  17. Alisa

    In the previous book, the author s note centered around how it was his least favorite to write Having read both books I find it disappointing that after Dalglish critiqued himself so thoroughly he could turn around and produce well, what feels like a half finished piece at best There was nothing that gripped the reader, and what surprises were included was just vague innuendo about future events I felt sorely letdown when I finished this one and I genuinely hope the next one can stand by itself. [...]

  18. Keith Meehan

    I was so happy to pick up, and summarily blow through, the continuing untold adventures of Haern and his father That any of this happened in between the stories we already know is amazing, and in some cases, a bit tough to swallow though the reprinted older stories with edits will of course make that simpler Dalglish keeps his characters on their path, while equally allowing swells of growth without taking them away from what you know Can t wait for 6.

  19. Tabitha Tomala

    A slow read I felt like this was mostly about family drama, which to me was boring Around the 200s it moves away from the soap opera to become filled with action and plotting, but even then it takes breaks and I found myself skimming instead of reading I m beginning to lose interest in the series, as it seems to be drawing further away from the original writing style.

  20. Travyce Varnum

    Fun continuation of these adventures DD folks will lime it Lots of action My only critique is that the supporting characters seem to be growing than the protagonist Overall, though, it s a fun read.

  21. Mike Turner

    the watcher rulesI ve been waiting for this book This series is one of my favorites and I could not put it down I d recommend this series and this book to anyone who is a fantasy fiction fan.

  22. Susana789

    3,5 Shadowdance series is not counted among the most mentally challenging books that I have ever read,but once I would start reading I couldn t put it down.Decent action, and some interesting surprises Pretty qood adventure series with solid narration Love the author notes.

  23. Daniel Ferguson

    Such a great way to keep the series alive Love the author notes David Dalglish is definitely an author who takes a lot of pride in his work

  24. Tanja

    I ended up almost hating some characters in this book Good thing or bad Can t really tell One thing I do know is I m dying to know what happens next.

  25. Tony Fecteau

    My favorite line in the book Bruh, we are f ed This book was much better than the last one The cloud hanger is leaving me want to start reading the next book now.

  26. Jason Gill

    A nice addition to David s work I always look forward to reading David s work and this book is no exception.

  27. Cathy S

    this book was the best of the series by far Finally the author goes into character detail and story lines, while still fast paced and interesting.

  28. Gregg Steven

    AMAZING Best book in the Shadowdance Series yet I can t wait for the sixth book You should definitely start this series

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