Good Enough for a Princess (2020)

Good Enough for a Princess Carol Moncado Good Enough for a Princess Crown Princess Adeline of Montevaro has her life planned out for her get her Master s in international relations marry nobility produce an heir inherit the throne There s no room for romance with t
  • Title: Good Enough for a Princess
  • Author: Carol Moncado
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Good Enough for a Princess Carol Moncado Crown Princess Adeline of Montevaro has her life planned out for her get her Master s in international relations, marry nobility, produce an heir, inherit the throne There s no room for romance with the single father she meets when their cars collide on an icy winter night Parliament and her father would never approve Charlie Brewer grew up without roots The son oCrown Princess Adeline of Montevaro has her life planned out for her get her Master s in international relations, marry nobility, produce an heir, inherit the throne There s no room for romance with the single father she meets when their cars collide on an icy winter night Parliament and her father would never approve Charlie Brewer grew up without roots The son of an archaeologist father and anthropologist mother, he either traveled along or lived with his aunt and uncle in the States He s determined to give his daughter the stability he never had He also wants to give her a mom, but the beautiful European he s falling for refuses to move to Serenity Landing, Missouri permanently He won t move She can t stay What will happen when they try to forget each other by dating someone acceptable They find themselves drawn together by one of the girls in the after school program Addie supports a girl who happens to be Charlie s daughter How will Charlie, and his daughter, feel when they find out the woman they ve both fallen for is a princess A trip halfway around the world shows Charlie and Addie how much they long to be together and how impossible it is Is there any way he can prove he is Good Enough for a Princess
Good Enough for a Princess Carol Moncado

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    224 Carol Moncado
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One thought on “Good Enough for a Princess

  1. Jeffrey

    Good grief, still another improbable romance involving royalty and a deserving nobody Well, this incurable romantic cannot get enough of this genre, especially if it is as well crafted and charming as this Cinder fella love story.Crown Princess Adeline from the small Southern European country of Montevaro is studying, very incognito, for her masters in a small university in southwestern Missouri Everything is going well until her car collides on a wintry road with one driven by Charlie Brewer wh [...]

  2. Joleen

    Present day time frame, this is story of a princess who meets a young man in the small American town where they both attend college She sees no future with him because, if she were to be queen one day, her country wouldn t allow her to marry someone untitled who had a child out of wedlock He had been 16, made a mistake, repented, took responsibility, had been given custody of the child, and the mother left the scene.The attraction was unintentional, but since they both knew she wouldn t be in th [...]

  3. Susanne Timpani

    When Crown Princess Adeline leaves Montavero to study in the US, she keeps her identity hidden When she meets Charlie, the pair could not be mismatched Charlie is a single dad, struggling financially Raised by transient parents, his one desire is to provide his young daughter with a stable home When he falls in love with Addie, he can see no way forward in their relationship She has made it clear that she will never move from her homeland Addie knows there is a far greater barrier to their rela [...]

  4. Katherine Coble

    This book was free, and it was written by a friend of a friend Since Royal Incognito is one of my favourite tropes I was interested in giving the book a try, although I normally give religious fiction a wide berth I guess I can only suspend my disbelief to a point I can buy that there is a tiny European monarchy most people have never heard of I can even buy that they d send their princess to the US to study International Relations I can t buy that all of this would go down at a _Mizzou Sattelit [...]

  5. Susan Snodgrass

    Carol Moncado does it again Her very first book was just amazingly good and she s written another Her first book was the first in a series This one is first in a series also.Charlie has a fender bender with a beautiful young woman one night Addie just seems to grab a place in his heart right off the bat But there s these 2 guys always hanging around her What s up with that Addie is not used to dating American men but Charlie just strikes a cord in her heart She knows nothing can ever come of it, [...]

  6. Brenda Morgan Weakley

    Good Enough for a PrincessWhat a BEAUTIFUL love story that I could not put down Charlie is a single dad raising his daughter Lindsey They have a wonderful relationship Addie, a Crowded Princesses studying in USA in disguise Here she is just Addie, but doing good deeds to help others Addie meets Charlie, and Lindsay then meets Addie, neither knowing they are the same people Lindsey wants a mom They each have to trust God to work everything out Psalms 121 1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, [...]

  7. Amanda

    Good but too religious for my tasteThis is an okay book I liked how the author took the time to develop the characters relationship before just falling completely for each other It got a little repetitive towards the end though How many times can 2 people tell each other they love one another but it can t work How many times does a person have to leave and then come back for emotional torture Apparently, quite a few times according to this book Lastly, it seemed to go through phases where it wa [...]

  8. Cayla

    While I enjoyed the read, I had trouble believing how it was possible to go from one point to the next with very little problems But I guess part of the fun of writing is making what seems impossible possible I feel that the Crown Princess has a great heart that is in the right place, but I also felt that she was too much of a problem solver You can t solve everything No one, not even a princess, is that perfect.I really felt that this book needed some wit, humor, etc Just a little comedy to lig [...]

  9. Leslie

    This is a clean, romantic Christian story The crown princess of an imaginary European state is attending college in the Ozarks no really In her minor fit of shaking off her body guards she has a fender bender with a nice single guy Charlie He doesn t know she s a Princess and she doesn t know his secret after a few dates they realize that neither is willing to relocate and their in person potentially long distant relationship is over But fate has other plans and they keep finding one another Whe [...]

  10. Rachel

    This is an adorable, feel good story designed to be well outside of the realm of believability The author extends her Christian faith to every major character, which seems to cheapen it somewhat in the context in which it is given The climax of the story continues to defy logic as the characters continue to get second and third chances for the storyline to resolve It was a fun read, but I wouldn t continue it if it were part of a series.

  11. Cammie Klaskin

    Good Enough For a Princess is one of those books that you can t put down but don t want to end I m so glad this is a series I loved the characters in this book and the message that God always comes through if we just trust and follow This is a real feel good story that will leave you smiling I recommend this highly.

  12. Megan

    This was a fun story and I enjoyed reading it It had a predictable ending, but that isn t a bad thing The characters were all likable and kept me interested even when I was pretty sure how it was going to finish Addie was such a sweet and caring person and so was Charlie I got this for free on and would recommend if the book sounds interesting you should give it a try.

  13. Bhriv

    Yet another 5 star rating for this amazingly talented author, Carol Moncado Addie and Charlie crash into each other She is the Princess of his dreams literally and he is the her knight in shining ar has a royal title, he does not Will it ever work out for them to really be together This book shows how God can work things that seem totally impossible out A Must Read

  14. Linda Rainey

    Good enough for a Princess by Carol Moncado is an enchanting romance between Crown Princess Adeline and Charlie Brewer, a single father , with no noble pedigree We learn that we need to look to God for help for life s troubles.It s another wonderful read by Carol and I look forward to .A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.

  15. Joyful

    A great Christian romance that is a can t put down until finished The main characters learn to trust and follow God as they find a love that seems impossible I was given this book for an honest review.

  16. Missie Twitchell

    This was my first experience with Carol Moncado, but I look forward to reading from her I had come up with several possibilities in my head about how this would eventually work out I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

  17. Jessica

    Beautiful,intriguingOverall I loved the characters, loved the surprises, twists and turns Heart felt, faith filled,beautiful story Cannot wait to read the next one.UPDATE Read the next one and loved it just as much

  18. Brianne Whitley

    This clean, Christian romance took me a while to get into, but once I did it was great It kept you on your toes wondering what was going to happen next I loved reading in both Addie and Charlie s perspectives Good book

  19. Katherine

    I got this book as a free ebook For that price definitely worth it I think I would read additional books in this series It s very real the whole way through about honest dilemmas for this relationship In the end, it all works out, perhaps a bit too easily, but it is a pleasant turn of events.

  20. EKP

    Purchased w an open mind because I didn t know what to expect for the story line.It was well written, good plot development, fell in love w some of the periphery characters hello, story line on her dear friend just a really good read.

  21. Phyllis Stinson

    Fun ReadIt was predictable but fun Modern day kings and queens and princesses made it interesting Looking for a light, fun but predictable read, this is for you.

  22. Jennifer C

    This is a fairy tale book and I love fairy tales it is such a sweet story and lovable characters I look forward to reading the next 2 books.

  23. JoAnn

    Another fantastic book by a great author Good clean romance I highly recommend it I was given a copy for an honest review.

  24. Jolyn

    Love vs dutyBeing royalty is not always easy You do not always get to do what you want nor love whom you want Is it possible for there to be a relationship between a future queen and a sweet middle class dad I very quickly got drawn into this story and started rooting for the possibility of a relationship between Addie and Charlie since I really liked both of them and they seemed to deserve to be together The chances looked pretty bleak as the story progressed though You are going to have to rea [...]

  25. Christie

    I love the series but I must say I adore Adeline s character by far I feel that Ana did not know what she really wanted so I trouble me The first book is a must read if you have not done so already As usually you should do you understand the roles of the characters and the overall story It s not called a series for nothing.

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