You Are Here (2020)

You Are Here Jennifer E. Smith You Are Here Sometimes to find out where you re going you have to discover what you ve left behind Two teens hit the road in this breathtaking novel from Jennifer E Smith author of The Statistical Probability of
  • Title: You Are Here
  • Author: Jennifer E. Smith
  • ISBN: 9781481448529
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
You Are Here Jennifer E. Smith Sometimes to find out where you re going, you have to discover what you ve left behind Two teens hit the road in this breathtaking novel from Jennifer E Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.Emma and her neighbor Peter are both lonely in a way that only bothers them occasionally They both come from families they don t quite understand TheySometimes to find out where you re going, you have to discover what you ve left behind Two teens hit the road in this breathtaking novel from Jennifer E Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.Emma and her neighbor Peter are both lonely in a way that only bothers them occasionally They both come from families they don t quite understand They both feel like something big is missing from their lives and they re both about to search for answers When Emma makes a discovery that shakes the foundations of her identity, she convinces Peter to join her for a road trip Each of them has something to find For Emma, it is a grave a grave that may be her only connection to her family Peter is seeking something harder to define, but perhaps easier to navigate a freedom, a sense of something than what he has Together, they take to the open road, engaging in a universal quest to make sense of who they are and where they come from and learning a thing or two about love along the way.
You Are Here Jennifer E. Smith

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    Jennifer E. Smith

One thought on “You Are Here

  1. Cara

    Marketing can be a wonderful thing Why you ask Well I wouldn t have bumped up this book up on my to read list if I hadn t seen the new cover Shameful, I know Then I made the connection this was the author coming out with The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and so of course I had to proceed with the next logical step read the book.Emma Healy is the youngest member of her genius family Her parents are professors for the local college and she has three older siblings who are just as [...]

  2. Pinky

    I was on a huge reading marathon this week and all the books that I have read so far are books that I love and most of them are rated 5 stars Since I just finished the Archived series, I was having trouble picking up another book After reading the Dork Diaries, I still couldn t stop thinking about the Archived series, it was crazy This is me while I was reading So I decided to pick this book up because I thought it would help me recover But instead, it just made me really bored I was so energeti [...]

  3. Sara

    After Emma discovers a birth certificate for a twin brother she never knew she had, she sets out on a road trip with her neighbor, Peter, heading for North Carolina where her brother was born and supposedly buried a few days later , hoping to find answers about this unknown part of her life Along the way, the two of them get to know each other, and I m pretty sure a romance develops between them, although I stopped reading before that happened.There was nothing particularly wrong with this book [...]

  4. Najwa (najreads)

    A fast and light read SUPER CUTE and fluffy Have I mentioned I absolutely love roadtrip books Yeah this is one of my favs

  5. Patrixia Lansangan

    I don t like giving ratings lower than 4 I swear.But I was really bored reading this story Maybe it s because I don t like reading in the 3rd person point of view But this story was not fast paced and wasn t attention grabbing enough.I did enjoy the friendship aspect but their love relationship didn t really grow even towards the end and that was such a downer for me WellI m sure others will enjoy this much better than I will, I was reading this for fun, but it seemed like a book you read for sc [...]

  6. ♡AnnMatalines♡

    But a small part of him also knew that the reason he d never ventured anywhere was because of the worry that the reality of the world wouldn t match up to his dreams Third Point of view cringe

  7. Anine

    Actual rating 3.5The story wasn t fast paced or action packed but it was still sorta entertaining and a really quick read You Are Here is about Emma and Peter going on a road trip, both with their own agenda and somewhere along the way, they find what they actually need ps it s not a fluffy ya romance I ve recently started using these post it notes things and I have around 8 stuck in the book right now There were a bunch of thoughts mostly Emma s I could relate to and here s two of my favorites [...]

  8. Jen the Book Lady

    Yep This book was a snoozefest And I didn t realize it soon enough to quit.Emma and Peter are two boring teenagers Emma is excessively needy, whiny, and demanding Peter does whatever Emma says They take a really boring trip all the way down the east coast without their parents permission, and everything I didn t care about was resolved really easily I was overjoyed when it was over The end.

  9. ضحى الحداد

    It has been a while since I full on hated a book this much, but this book infuriated me like crazy and I barely finished it the story is about coping with grieve and getting to know yourself better but what I read was all about how bitchy this girl Emma is for dragging poor Peter in her pointless adventure and he has to put up with her bad temper and her lack of trying to be nice despite the fact that she actually asked him to join her WTF Emma are you for real I really hated her so much and Pet [...]

  10. Sam Kozbial

    My heart is so toasty now That was just such a sweet and heartwarming story This was a beautiful road trip story of two teens who felt lost, and sort of found themselves and each other This is a quite book It s not filled with action and adventure, but it is filled with self discovery and some really lovely moments, where the characters mourn their losses I smiled and shed some tears, but most of all, I felt my heart fill with joy.

  11. Martha

    ANOTHER road trip book PI was surprised to find that this book was written in third person I ve gotten so used to the narrative being in first person in YA books but I think it worked well with this story Especially when it came to the different voices of Emma and Peter Both Emma and Peter are loners and both struggle with their role in family life, though for different reasons Emma was raised in a family of odd geniuses and, being pretty average herself, has never felt like she belongs Peter, m [...]

  12. GirlwiththeBraids

    The way Emma Healy thought of her childhood and family changes At the age of sixteen, she finds a birth certificate in the attic of her supposed twin brother And with it, his death certificate dated two days after Emma never felt like she belonged with her scholarly family and now she can imagine that there had been someone else like her, someone ordinary Though she doesn t own a car, she wants to visit her brother s grave, states away in North Carolina Her neighbor, Peter, offers to drive her t [...]

  13. Jana

    While I wasn t much of a fan of Jennifer E Smith s other books, I m still very glad I picked this book up It wasn t the most unique, emotional or amazing one, but it was really good and really fun, strangely enough, since this is about a girl who finds out she had a twin brother who died only two days after being born and that fact has been kept from her for all of her life She ends up stealing her brother s car, breaking down with it and then embarking on a tour to visit her brother s grave on [...]

  14. Elevetha

    This sounded way improbable and silly, and it is And that s okay But it didn t do as much for me as some of Smith s later books For whatever reason, this ended up being mostly dull and not worth my time Smith s other books, barring Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between, are much enjoyable.

  15. Melanie

    You Are Here was just as I expected a great contemporary YA read I ve read several of Jennifer E Smith s novels and have yet to be disappointed with any of them I think I can say now that she is a definite favorite YA author of mine I loved this book and cannot wait to read even of her novels The characters in this story were great and I loved the dog felt so bad when it got injured.

  16. Serah

    Wow I never expected to actually like this This is one of those coming of age stories that is damnably relatable During our teenage years, we try to do silly or rebellious things whether the sense of curiosity is too high or you just want an escape of the mundane everyday life In this story, our protagonists embark on a roadtrip without telling their parents Along the way, they got to know each other better as even if they were neighbors for 8 years, their relationship has never reached anything [...]

  17. Caly ☯

    Well obviously it was a good easy read because I finished it in about 4 hours 8 Good story though, and not really all that juvenile for a post that is considered YA Has some good things to say and while I only picked it up for a challenge I am glad I read it.

  18. Jennifer Girard

    2.5This book had a lot of potential to be a 5 stars for me but it was boring the last half of the book was WAY better than the first The dog was amazing tho

  19. Hafshie

    Yeah, another J Smith Be ready to be taken on a roadtrip To go on a trip is something, to go on a trip alone is another thing, but to go on a trip alone in a stolen car with the company of a stray dog is completely a different thing, not to mention scary, specially when you re just 16 turning 17 But to Emma Healy, it s something that she needed right now, something that might take her to find the missing piece in her life Peter Finnegan on the other hand, just wanted to get away from home a home [...]

  20. Meaghan

    And for the first time in his life Peter understood what the opposite of lost was that it had nothing to do with maps or directions or staying on course that it was, in fact, nothing than being found Stars Out of 10 9 10Overall Thoughts Jennifer E Smith s books are always a nice break from the tension and seriousness a lot of other books and series have It s always nice being able to pick up one of her books noncommittally, thinking I m going to feel something while reading this, and it s going [...]

  21. Angela

    I don t know what to say other than that this was really really boring.I didn t expect much out of this because, well, it s written by Jennifer E Smith The Comeback Season was a DNF for me and I only sort of liked The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Even if I never read any books written by her, I d still be hesitant to start because it doesn t seem like a book I d like The main reason I wanted to read this was because Emma and Peter go on a road trip I ve never actually been on a [...]

  22. ALEXA

    Review originally posted on Alexa Loves Books There is nothing as lovely to me as a beautifully written book, and You Are Here is definitely a prime example I was eager to start another book by Jennifer E Smith and this was the first one I stumbled across in the library, so I took the opportunity to read it I m glad I did, as this book features some of my favorite things road trips, self discovery and a little romance.I adore road trip books This one is pretty special because it picks out states [...]

  23. Haley IsabellaBellaTheBibliophile

    This book was a pretty fast read and I enjoyed it, a lot.See my full review here bellathebibliophile.c

  24. Hamster

    This may be an amazing book At least my friend, Krista liked it a lot I ll never know, because I couldn t get past the wretched prose Renni Browne has ruined me forever for authors who overuse the present participle I used to LOVE Brandon Mull Back to You Are Here I ll try not to say anything about her name But if my parents had called me Michael Johnson or something equally forgettable you better believe I d be using a pen name Would you rather read a book by John Jones or Jolt Beckencragg I ca [...]

  25. Morgan

    This is by no means my favorite of Jennifer s books, however, it did have me getting teary eyed and smiling at the ending Jennifer is a master of weaving geography and travelling into her books You Are Here is no exception I loved Peter s obsession with maps and how he wanted so badly to just go SOMEWHERE I get the travel bug so often that I can imagine reading about so many places just to feel like I ve been there My issues with this book were the ways Emma siblings just happened to live conven [...]

  26. Eve

    Emma comes from a family of high achievers but has always felt lost.Peter has his alcoholic police sheriff whilst being a high achiever.Emma concocts a plan to travel to North Carolina arriving just about on her seventeenth birthday as she wants to find out about a brother she never knew, Thomas her twin.After a break down and a pick up, Emma and Peter become travel buddies along with their companion of a stray three legged dog As the two travel to Gettysburg, have a run in with the police, make [...]

  27. Stephanie A.

    I latched on to both main characters and their families and houses and awesome small college town even their getaway car as soon as they were introduced, which really surprised me with Peter, because male narrators in YA are not known for being awesome I came for the road trip, and I quite enjoyed it despite its general lack of planning beyond the endpoint, but it actually became secondary beneath how much I loved just seeing these two quiet, withdrawn loners reflect on their lives and spend tim [...]

  28. Izabella (pagesfullofstars)

    Some of the most interesting people I know are a little bit nuts Having read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight I expected a fun, quick read but instead I was surprised to get an engaging story that touched upon some important issues Sure, it had some romance elements and the two main characters had their ups and downs, but I related to certain aspects on a personal level, so I connected to the story really quickly and enjoyed it The side characters were as well written as main o [...]

  29. Amy C

    Not my favorite Jennifer E Smith book but also not my least It took a long time to say very little and left me just wanted of a conclusion.

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