Skin and Blond (2020)

Skin and Blond V.J. Chambers Skin and Blond Gritty Provocative Bloody Blond Ever since blond detective Ivy Stern got herself kicked off the police force she s been slumming it as a private detective mostly chasing cheating husbands In some wa
  • Title: Skin and Blond
  • Author: V.J. Chambers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Skin and Blond V.J. Chambers Gritty Provocative Bloody Blond.Ever since blond detective Ivy Stern got herself kicked off the police force, she s been slumming it as a private detective, mostly chasing cheating husbands In some ways, it s better this way She s free to do as she pleases, and there s no one throwing around phrases like sex addiction or conduct unbecoming an officer Ivy never fiGritty Provocative Bloody Blond.Ever since blond detective Ivy Stern got herself kicked off the police force, she s been slumming it as a private detective, mostly chasing cheating husbands In some ways, it s better this way She s free to do as she pleases, and there s no one throwing around phrases like sex addiction or conduct unbecoming an officer Ivy never figured her sex life was anyone s business anyway.When a distraught brother shows up in her office, claiming his sister has been murdered, Ivy s all over the case The only thing Ivy s better at than sex is solving murder cases And this one is intriguing.There s no evidence that the victim has been killed, but she s gone, leaving everything behind from her cell phone to her credit cards Everything except her bed sheets.And that s not even mentioning the victim s cheating ex boyfriend, her drug habit, and her ties to the Irish mob.
Skin and Blond V.J. Chambers

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    268 V.J. Chambers
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One thought on “Skin and Blond

  1. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI grabbed a ton of this author s books while they were free, because they were FREE and also because they looked spooky, and I needed books to fulfill the Halloween romance challenge I am definitely still committed to, even though it is now November The first book of hers I read was THE KILLING MOON, named after an Echo and the Bunnymen song YAS , and I enjoyed it way, way than I thought I would In fact, I liked it a lot.When I picked up SKIN AND BLOND, I had [...]

  2. Paul

    Total confession, I picked up this book because I was bored out of my mind with the things I had been reading, and thought I could use a return to base as I have always loved detective stories, going back to A.C.D and Raymond Chandler V.J Chambers did not disappoint.What we get in this first book in the Blond Noir series are pretty solid characters, many of the mandatory noir elements in the vein of Raymond Chandler , a killer who actually does not come from central casting, and some dialog that [...]

  3. Richard

    This wasn t your typical noir mystery with a craggy he man in charge of cranking up the V8 engine and driving mercilessly from point A to point B It was of a slow, kind of thoughtful burn that gives us surprising insight into the character of Ivy Stern We learn about her romantic escapades, her exit from the police force, her over drinking, the loss of her parents, etc Oh, yeah, and there s a mystery that she s working on, too and the client is a jerk Possibly not a book for every reader, but I [...]

  4. Tara

    Ivy Stern is so dysfunctional it s almost tragic That s probably why I like her She s brave, she s bold, but she s crazy reckless in her work life and personal life Her assistant Brigit tickles me as the perfect balance to Ivy Sweet and innocent to Ivy s moody and promiscuous I don t see Ivy losing her edge However, I do hope we see of her softer side emerging It s buried deep, but she has one I look forward to see how V.J Chambers proceeds with Ivy s character s strengths, demons and shortcomi [...]

  5. Henk-Jan van der Klis

    Private detective Ivy Stern had been kicked off the police force because of sleeping around True to her nature as nymphomaniac she indeed shares her body with a lot of men throughout Skin and Blond Having sex with total strangers like trucker Ralph at the start of this plot and getting drunk are two habits endangering her life and well being in the long term Ivy with her assistant Brigit is out on a mission to find a missing girl Several suspects and possible scenarios come into the picture, but [...]

  6. Darsie

    This was a really good detective mystery Great character development Ivy Stern is a complicated woman Seems like she d be tough and strong like a male detective might be but instead she s flawed, she has several vices, which she abuses frequently But above all that, she is a solid detective, intelligent, intuative and most of all determined, almost to the point of obsession Once she has a case, she simply cannot let it go until it s solved I admire that tenacity.The supporting cast of characters [...]

  7. Jay Williams

    The story is great and dares the reader to track the clues with the detective to identify the killer The writing is simple an direct, following a timeline through the action The characters are definitely unique, and for the most part completely unlikeable The main character is an alcoholic nymphomaniac with social issues and a background of problem with the local Irish mob Her ex boyfriend is borderline autistic and doesn t like to be touched Her primary client is manic and carried on an incestu [...]

  8. Cathrine

    Adult situations, but nothing too graphicA sex addict detective kicked off the police force for conduct unbecoming is now a private investigator tasked with finding a missing woman The brother is the the person who hired her and is very close to his sister The local mob, unfriendly former co workers police, a sometimes drinking buddy sometimes sex partner, a new administrative assistant, a client one night stand turned stalker and numerous other one night stands, some comic relief and all in all [...]

  9. Isobeil

    The book got off to a good start but stalled after a while At 50% through the book it was still focused on the same topic as in the beginning, with nothing moving in any sort of direction It didn t hook me at all If there s a serial killer then shouldn t there be a hint of that before you re halfway in There wasn t enough pace moving the plot along and I got bored A nymphomaniac protagonist with a drinking problem can only move a book along so far before an actual plot needs to take over.

  10. Larmie Fahrendorff

    An intriguing start to a seriesIdeally I would have this 3.5 I liked the characters I must admit I wish I could have had the occasion to run into Ivy But someone with a police background would, or should be a bit prepared for stressful or dangerous situations It just didn t seem realistic.

  11. Steve

    I read this without too many expectations I was filling up my Nook tm with easy books to take on a long flight It s a teenage boy s wet dream wrapped in a mystery which does have it s tension I figured it out before the pretty blonde detective did But it was enjoyable enough to get 3 stars.

  12. Danielle

    At times Ivy sounded like a stereotypical American teenager rather than someone in their 30s She was irritating at times because of that.

  13. Wanda Hillis

    No moralityI did not like the beginning too much sex, alcohol , incest ,idolatry, and crummy characters As the plot thickens you sympathize with the characters.

  14. Quillracer

    I like strong female protagonists But it has to be done deftly.Too often, it isn t In an effort to make their female protagonists appear tough and strong, authors frequently go so far overboard, the characters come across as crude, rude, and lewd This book is a perfect example Ivy Stern is a foul mouthed, nearly alcoholic, sleep with anything in pants protagonist When she s not being one or of those, she spends much of her time wallowing in angst over the lousy person she is but doing nothing t [...]

  15. Will Decker

    Okay, if I feel a connection with the MC of this story am I also damaged Or does this author just know how to develop a believable character, flaws and all I m going with the latter Raw, edgy, on the edge of your seat moments of suspense A plot that keeps you guessing almost to the end, and then I felt the anticlimax The story was too conveniently wrapped up by a huge stroke of luck on the protagonist s part There are clues dropped along the way that give you a hint at a possible ending, but you [...]

  16. Nicole

    It was okay A blonde with a sex addiction for sleeping with random strangers or nor random , corner cop turned P.I with a taste for Miller High Life This book starts with our illustrious P.I On her back with a trucker she just met, not something I was expecting She s not a good girl and never claims to be Her life is screwed up and she likes it just fine This was different than the books that I normally read It took me a few tries to get into it I m still not sure how I feel about the book I fin [...]

  17. Cheryl Earle

    A free novel I downloaded but left right to the end of my pile as I didn t think it would be to my taste.Was I wrong Gritty salacious, as shocking as a punch to the throat, this novel was like watching a car crash with it s host of dysfunctional characters it made your gut churn but you couldn t stop watching A psychiatrist would have a field day with the people described.It was a real page turner held my attention to the very end with a host of WTF s Definitely one for noir fans.

  18. Ann

    I really like this book About Ivy whose parents were murdered so she decides to be a detective or a cop Well she end up being a private eye with her own business But she always seems to get side tracked with sex and alcohol at times She takes a case of a missing woman Ends up to be much much like a serial killer She is a tough lady gets beat up a couple of times She solves a big case on her own after being lucky to be alive I didnt like the ending because there was no Miles I will read of thes [...]

  19. Lou Williams

    Fast and FuriousIf you like a smart, funny and very flawed main character then this book is for you Ivy is a nymphomaniac and disgraced former detective who has set up shop as a private detective You will enjoy the roller coaster ride that is Ivy as she over indulges in drinking and hook ups with random men while she tries to solve a murder Ivy is too real Really enjoyed this book.

  20. Ruth Caves

    Never dumb, just hornyBeing blonde doesn t mean that you are stupid, or any of the other cliches that are associated with that hair color Being a PI causes strange bedfellows, and so does being a nymphomaniac Stir all those ingredients together and you get a very interesting story Lots of angst and if only but you probably won t figure out the bad guy until the end Looking forward for of these.

  21. Michelle Rahn

    Wow I think the author may have crawled up in my head and dug out my innermost secret bad side We should really be friends I don t think you can write about things you don t know about first hand I LOVE that this female lead isn t ten foot tall and bullet proof She is extremely flawed and knows it She also doesn t try to play the game that she is as strong as a man Looking forward to of Ivy Stern.

  22. Maria Corrado

    Loved this dark mystery so much I had to read in one day The main character is dark, deep and tortured We only scratch the surface of this character and her deep conflicts I love the details of this writing You really feel like your in the characters head There are multiple twists in this story that keeps you on the edge of your seat The writing is incredible.

  23. Michelle Pearson

    Was an easy read with diverse charactersWas an easy read with diverse characters I liked that none of the characters were perfect and each seemed to have a quirk about them I must admit that Ivy s obsession with the Irish mob felt a little flat and could ve been to it than just getting away with murder.

  24. Jana Gundy

    Different and engagingI love mysteries and this one definitely lived up to it The female lead was completely different than any other I ve read about before She sleeps around, drinks a lot and doesn t deal with her problems She has a love interest that isn t interested in the physical, so it makes for a weird dynamic It was unusual but the author really made it work.

  25. Amber Johnson

    I honestly just downloaded this book after watching a sketchy criminal t.v show, and ended up really enjoying his book Each chapter had something that keep you wanting to know constantly The ending was insane Totally would have never seen it coming Not my usual preference of books, but will continue reading about the detective, Ivy Stern.

  26. Mjuneb

    Sex, sex and sex then a serial killerIf you like reading about a sex addict, this is your author It is only in the last 30 percent of the book that there is real mystery story work Drinking and sex are not my idea of a good read, but the ending was worthy of four stars I will not read any of these books.

  27. Joshua Booher

    This was an acceptable entry into the noir genre, which I love My main complaint with the book was that the ending was way too contrived It was like the author had a great idea for a main character, but no idea how to end the book Maybe the next one will be better.

  28. Heather

    I liked this book despite the fact that the main character, Ivy Stern, is a total train wreck I can somehow relate to that train wreck This was an enjoyable, easy read and I look forward to reading the next book s in the series.

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