LAST BREATH Tunku Halim LAST BREATH Tan Sri Ismail Ismail aims to become Malaysia s richest man One day he fires his office tea lady Lani In revenge Lani with the help of a female shaman places a curse on him
  • Title: LAST BREATH
  • Author: Tunku Halim
  • ISBN: 9789670750323
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
LAST BREATH Tunku Halim Tan Sri Ismail Ismail aims to become Malaysia s richest man One day, he fires his office tea lady, Lani In revenge, Lani, with the help of a female shaman, places a curse on him

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One thought on “LAST BREATH

  1. RJ

    T Halim s writing is average He has to read to become a good writer The standard of this book is low The content is dull and lifeless There are good Malaysian writers but T Halim isn t one of them.

  2. Rania Marzuki

    I couldn t finish it This book is all about the bomoh woman and the Tan Sri and his fat wife and nothing The flood scene was ridiculous The bomoh always jeering, cackling and puking Gave me a migraine WTunku Halim, please stop writing novels You don t have it in you to be a good novelist I think your short stories are okay but the bomohs and the shamans are all over your books Horrible P S How many times must you mention the Tan Sri is the Fifth Richest Man In Malaysia 30 40 times in the book N [...]

  3. Jimmy

    This is not a horror book This is a horrible book It was poorly written I couldn t finish it because he put too much emphasis on the bomoh The scene with the bomoh, screaming, and vomiting, is repeated every few pages and then she s in a business suit The story is a poorly made second rate Malay drama at best.I m not sure why he inserted the Apemen in the story What are they supposed to represent Lastly, the book is an overdramatized work with very little content.Stick to Short Stories Halim One [...]

  4. Callie

    This book is awful The writing is bad This book seems to not have been edited at all It rambles on and on and on with the stupid shaman laughing, shouting and puking It was repeated too many times Forget about writing Tunku Halim Your talent lies somewhere else and it s not writing

  5. Shaky

    I don t know what to say Badly edited and the storytelling is boring I had tears in my eyes because it s so dull

  6. Andrea N

    An exhausting book to read The writer s main character, the shaman lady is an overkill She fills nearly every page of the book with her chanting, her screaming and her vomiting Not a good book and not a good writer.

  7. Margaret

    Not sure where this novel was going but readersshould know that it is definitely NOT HORROR not like Halim s other books There s a fine line between Malaysian social parody and racial caricature, so all characters came across as two dimensional and shallow And what s up with the toilet humor Every time the bomoh appears people vomit and by halfway thru the book this joke ceases to be funny and comes across as very childish.There s a simple story of redemption and the occult here but all these ar [...]

  8. bacabuku

    I want my money back i hate this book i am not sure what kind of people would be amused by the story why TH even write this book in the 1st place i wonder everything is overdoneere were about at least, 572 metaphors and similes In a single page poor references because if the writer try to make a joke, apparently i didnt get any of them.

  9. Chicsinred

    I took me six months to read the book because I was struggling to finish it The beginning sounded promising but I got bored and had to force myself to finish it I was hoping for a good scare but this one was not really scary at all And the ending is kind of.oppy.

  10. Pembaca

    This book sucks like hell Mengarut lebih tah hapa hapa Tak habis habis with the bomoh menjerit, muntah Tan Sri pun mcm bodoh Tolong lah Tunku Halim, Stop writing lah Membuang duit aku jer,Apahal la Puan Sri ngan Drebar dia had sex pulak Teruk betul Tak boleh tulis yg tak kotor ke Tunku and then the shaman bomoh lady tak habis habis muntah lah, jerit lah, berguling sana sini lah Apahal asyik si Tan Sri The Fifth Richest Man Line ni je ada lah dlm 20 kali dlm buku bodoh ni Tolong la Tunku Tulis tu [...]

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