O Conde de Monte Cristo (Clássicos Zahar) (2020)

O Conde de Monte Cristo (Clássicos Zahar) Alexandre Dumas André Telles Rodrigo Lacerda O Conde de Monte Cristo Cl ssicos Zahar Trai es den ncias an nimas tesouros fabulosos envenenamentos vingan as e muito suspense A trama de O Conde de Monte Cristo traz uma emo o diferente a cada p gina e talvez isso explique a raz o de
  • Title: O Conde de Monte Cristo (Clássicos Zahar)
  • Author: Alexandre Dumas André Telles Rodrigo Lacerda
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
O Conde de Monte Cristo (Clássicos Zahar) Alexandre Dumas André Telles Rodrigo Lacerda Trai es, den ncias an nimas, tesouros fabulosos, envenenamentos, vingan as e muito suspense A trama de O Conde de Monte Cristo traz uma emo o diferente a cada p gina e talvez isso explique a raz o de a obra do escritor franc s Alexandre Dumas ter se transformado em um cl ssico da literatura mundial, mexendo com a imagina o dos leitores h mais de 150 anos.No romance, oTrai es, den ncias an nimas, tesouros fabulosos, envenenamentos, vingan as e muito suspense A trama de O Conde de Monte Cristo traz uma emo o diferente a cada p gina e talvez isso explique a raz o de a obra do escritor franc s Alexandre Dumas ter se transformado em um cl ssico da literatura mundial, mexendo com a imagina o dos leitores h mais de 150 anos.No romance, o marinheiro Edmond Dant s preso injustamente, v tima de um compl Anos depois, consegue escapar da pris o, enriquece e planeja uma vingan a mirabolante A galeria de personagens criada por Dumas faz um retrato fiel da Fran a do s culo XIX, um mundo em transforma o, em que passou a ser poss vel a mudan a de posi es sociais As aventuras de Dant s ainda ganharam diversas vers es cinematogr ficas que colaboraram para o sucesso da trama.Com texto integral e a mesma tradu o premiada da Edi o Comentada e Ilustrada, vencedora do Jabuti E tudo com um pre o mais que acess vel.
O Conde de Monte Cristo (Clássicos Zahar) Alexandre Dumas André Telles Rodrigo Lacerda

  • [KINDLE] ✓ O Conde de Monte Cristo (Clássicos Zahar) | BY ✓ Alexandre Dumas André Telles Rodrigo Lacerda
    Alexandre Dumas André Telles Rodrigo Lacerda

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  1. j

    Revenge is a dish best served cold And unabridged And translated from the French by Robin Buss.The greatness of this book can be illustrated by the following simple equations Whereas, the majesty of the Count of Counting added to the deliciousness of a Monte Cristo sandwich from Bennigans still does not overmatch the inherent kickass value of the Dumas novel which is, it can therefore be said, greater than the sum of its parts, both obsessive compulsive The Count and mouth wateringly fattening o [...]

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    Re Read on audio and still on my favorites list ALL THE FREAKING FEELS I never in a million years would have thought I would love this book I never thought I would like something like this book I never thought I would fall in love with Dantes I never thought I would have so much anger, sadness, despair and happiness in this book I never thought, did I SOME SPOILERS Edmond Dantes was a wonderful man of 19 years old He had a woman he loved and was going to marry named Mercedes A loving father And [...]

  3. Cynthia

    Spoiler alert First, make sure you find a copy that is unabridged Most editions in English ARE abridged, but usually don t say they are Not sure if this Penguin edition is, it s not the one i read Readers generally think of this as a tale of revenge For me, it was much deeper I m not a religious person at all, but for me this is a book that makes you question the existence of God or a god Edmond Dantes is without flaw, a truly good person, and his life is ruined because a others envy him and b h [...]

  4. Chris

    Why did no one tell me about this book I mean seriously, I was about a hundred pages in and I wanted to go find my freshman high school English teacher and inflict terrible, intricate revenge on her for depriving me of a great book I figured first I could assume a new identity, perhaps insinuating myself into her life I d make her trust me and put all her faith in me, and then I would UTTERLY CRUSH HER MWAH HA HA HA Seriously, this was an awesome book I am not a big fan of the Classics, really I [...]

  5. Matthew

    Over 1200 pages of suffering and revenge I enjoyed it I did not like it quite as much as some of the other big classics I have read, but it was very good The two things that brought it down a bit for me were It felt a bit drawn out than it needed to be At a couple of points I was ready for Dumas to get to the point Some of the plot was very convoluted While this did lend itself well to the Count s intricate plotting, I would occasionally get to a chapter and say, Wait, what A few times I tried [...]

  6. Emily May

    Picture this you are nineteen years old with your whole life ahead of you, you ve just been offered the job of your dreams, and you re about to marry the person you ve loved since childhood when suddenly a couple of jealous men decide to frame you as a Bonapartist a crime which was punished by death or life imprisonment and have you sent away to rot in an island prison Let s just say you d be feeling a touch bitter about the whole ordeal.This is what happens to the young Edmond Dantes when he is [...]

  7. Alex Farrand

    all human wisdom is contained in these two words wait and hope My initial thoughts while staring at this behemoth of a novel were 1 I am going to be reading something very, very descriptive like Victor Hugo s Les Mis rables, 2 it is going to take me forever to finish, and 3 I don t think I am ready for this novel, but I am going to start it anyways Let me state that I LOVE Victor Hugo s work I think his writing style is beautiful and very poetic, but drawn out He could probably describe a blade [...]

  8. Kim

    They don t write novels like this any That s because they make television drama series and soap operas instead To my mind, this novel is the 19th Century equivalent of a long running and compelling television series I can readily imagine being a reader of the Journal des D bats between August 1844 and January 1846, impatiently waiting for the next installment of Le Comte de Monte Cristo to be published, eagerly discussing each installment with my friends around the 19th Century equivalent of the [...]

  9. Joe

    Every soap opera ever produced owes an enormous amount of debt to The Count of Monte Cristo, a sprawling, messy, over the top, gleefully melodramatic bitchslap fest.In fact, I propose that the grandest of bitchslaps be henceforth referred to as a Monte Cristo Bitchslap because of the masterful manner in which Edmond Dant s delivers one colossal bitchslap after another to all who wronged him And to those who wronged him by association Thou shalt also receive a furious bitchslap Clemency shall onl [...]

  10. J

    What does it say about me as a critic when the best book I ve read all year was first serialized in the 1840s From start to finish thoroughly enjoyable, Alexandre Dumas 1200 page revenge epic The Count of Monte Cristo wastes little time in not thrusting the plot along, quite violently so at times, and includes within a brief, sketchy history of the return of Napoleon and his subsequent second defeat, a primer on hashish, and a proto seed for the detective tale that would later blossom under Poe [...]

  11. Celeste

    Full review now posted I finally finished I feel like I ve been reading this forever Not because I didn t like it, of course Au contraire, I loved it It s a wonderful book, and definitely deserves it s status as a classic But it was dense and intricate and long, and wasn t a book to be sped through This tome is meant to be savored, and savor it I did The Count of Monte Cristo is without a doubt the best tale of vengeance I ve ever read, and one of the most intricately plotted books I ve ever had [...]

  12. Brian Yahn

    This book is long Everything about it feels long from the words, to the sentences, to the scenes Given that it was serially published and Dumas therefore made his money by the word, it s obvious why But trust me, this story is NOT a waste of time.What it is is everything What starts as a thriller, becomes a Game of Thrones style soap opera, and finishes as a murder mystery It s a revenge story, in theory, but than anything it s about love It s really an existential coming of age for adults The [...]

  13. Darwin8u

    All human wisdom is contained in these two words Wait and Hope Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte CristoOne of those grand epics like Les Mis rables and David Copperfield that does than create a world the reader temporarily inhabits This is a novel which creates a whole grand revenge myth I would second Umberto Eco s take that this is one of the most gripping novels ever written, and on the other hand one of the most badly written novels of all time and all literatures This is a story of an be [...]

  14. Joey Woolfardis

    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.I have spent the last few weeks ever since finishing War and Peace reading Modern Classics, of which genre I am rather new to and not at all enjoying as much as others have lead me to believe I would, and I have never felt a love for Classic Literature so deep within my heart as I did when I finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo I still retain a hope that a Modern Classic that I enjoy as much as [...]

  15. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    So one of the nice things has done for me is bring me some really cool friends who inspire me to flex my brain a little harder and read classics And the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo, clocking in at over 1000 pages, is a monster of a classic.I was familiar with the Count s story from seeing an old movie or two, but reading the book, of course, is a whole different level of experiencing it The first part of the book filled me with dread as I waited for disaster to strike the se [...]

  16. ❄️Nani❄️

    PERFECTION THE END.12 12 17Is it at all possible to get this excited HELLO, DEAREST BOOKWORMS, THIS IS A GOOD DAY Ever had a book that one book that s stuck with you since the moment you read it The one that holds a special place in your heart I ve been waiting for the perfect time to finally re read yet again one of my all time favourite books and the excitement is getting too much Seriously, I think I m going to be sick I know a re read doesn t sound that exciting but this is a book to which I [...]

  17. Lisa

    When you compare the sorrows of real life to the pleasures of the imaginary one, you will never want to live again, only to dream forever How on earth are we going to get students to concentrate on learning That was my colleague s frustrated question some days ago They are just so easily distracted, spoon fed entertainment all the time Where do we find time and place for them to absorb the knowledge they need to become persevering, educated, focused and determined grown ups My spontaneous answer [...]

  18. Algernon

    Why read the classics asks Italo Calvino in an essay that I know about, but I haven t yet read My own attempt at an answer is that they are the foundation our current culture and worldview are based on In another approximate quote that right now I am unable to source correctly we are able to look further into the world because we are standing on the shoulders of giants Alexandre Dumas is one of these giants, often mischaracterized as a simple adventure peddler or as a young adult oriented author [...]

  19. Carol

    5 Stars I do not know how to express the excellence of this amazing story I do know I will never forget it, and that reading it as a buddy read made it all the enjoyable great powwow book DO NOT miss this remarkable novel Highly recommend and bring on Alexandre Dumas Update March 18, 2016GOD WILL GIVE ME JUSTICE carved into the wall in the memorable prison scene Really enjoyed the 2002 version of the film with Jim Caviezel playing Edmond Dantes, and although the novel is much better and will r [...]

  20. Paula W

    I decided in January to spend a year reading classics that I never wanted to read I joined a classics reading group and carefully chose books that I thought I would like, and am thrilled to say that I have read some wonderful stories I gave books like East of Eden, Wuthering Heights, The Odyssey, and The Master and Margarita a solid 4 stars because I thought they were fantastic I gave books like Hamlet, Bleak House, and The Idiot 5 stars because they are those rare books that change lives They d [...]

  21. Lizzy

    Life is a storm, my young friend You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes Sometimes I just feel like going back to a great classic, who doesn t love them The Count of Monte Cristo is everything that I wished for when I decided to revisit it it s a tragedy, a story of lost love, a psychological thriller, but it s above all a revenge novel Alexandre Dumas s masterpiece is not to be missed Some other great [...]

  22. Richard Derus

    Rating 3.5 of fiveThe Book Report.Edmond Dant s is truly on top of the worldhe s handsome, young, successful, and about to marry a woman he loves His boss promoted him, his lady love s family beams approvingly at their wedding feast, ande police arrive and arrest him for treason this takes place in the Napoleonic War era, so this was a hot button topic , he s sent to the Chateau d If, tortured, held despite protestations if innocence, and finally escapes with the terminal assistance of the Abb F [...]

  23. Yukino

    LETTURA DI GRUPPO Dusty pages GDL ClassiciEcco l ho finito Non mi sembra vero Mi ero ormai affezionata ad Edmond Dantes, alias Conte di Montecristo e a tutti i personaggi Mi mancher molto andare a dormire solo dopo aver letto qualche capitolo di questo meraviglioso libro.Non ho mai voluto leggerlo prima, perch ho sempre avuto il ti che mi potesse annoiare e lasciare libri in sospeso proprio non piace Invece con mia grande sopresa mi sono ritrovata a leggere senza mai alzare la testa dal libro, s [...]

  24. Jayanth

    One of the best books I have ever read I am speechless after reading this novel This is one of those books, which after you finish the last page, you just stare into the wall for hours on end, contemplating all the things you have read in the book, all the things it has taught you, all the things you promised yourself to remember Oh, this book has a soul and it has taken mine on an unforgettable journey Literature such as in this book moves me to tears, both while I read and when I have finished [...]

  25. Cheryl

    Like Edmond, pain can physically or emotionally harm a person for decades Pain can sting and burn, just as it s done to me for the past few weeks and years neuralgia pain sets my cranial nerves on fire, even as I ve had to read and grade research essays from my students, and take them through midterms Pain has lived by my nephew s bedside for the past weeks, as he tries to walk again, and overcome the bullet from a gunman who made his living robbing college students Pain digs a gulf between us a [...]

  26. Flannery

    Ahhh, life is good on my private island It s nice and quiet I ve got my copy of The Count of Monte Cristoand a bottomless cup of refreshing water Don t worry about me though, because if you look carefully, there is a hole on the island But it isn t just a hole it s a portal like the wardrobe in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that leads to a cute little cabin in the woods with a library, a bathroom, and a huge comfortable bed And enchiladaslots of enchiladas I guess Conor Larkin from Trinity [...]

  27. Maddie

    link below kindle price 1.13 The Count of Monte Cristo Kindle EditionMovie tailorThe Count Of Monte Cristo movie Trailer 2002 Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures Merc d s Dant This may not be for everyone as the book was published 1844 1845 this is one of the classics romance novels that new romance novels are built upon, but this is still a classic winner for readers of historical fiction and romance, The novel base line is Love lost and found.Betrayal Revenge Being a pauper [...]

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